Pokémon Sleep: Mr. Mime & Mime Jr. Debut!

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For the primary time since Pokémon Sleep was launched, new Pokémon have been added to the sport!

Evidently Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime have been noticed close to Cyan Seashore—possibly that is because of the sleep analysis you’ve all been conducting! Quickly, it could be doable to come across them throughout sleep analysis.

Cyan Seashore is the second Island you possibly can journey to, after getting unlocked 20 Sleep Types. It's described as ‘This shore of advantageous white sand stretches to the horizon, kissed by a mild sea breeze. Many Water sort Pokémon reside right here.'

With new Ghost sort Pokémon additionally teased for an upcoming Halloween occasion, it seems to be like Pokémon Sleep is basically rising and creating their in sport occasions!


  • Begins twelfth September at 7:00. Sadly we can not verify which timezone that is, or whether it is native time.

  • Pokemon Encounter icon

    You may now have the ability to encounter Mime Jr, and Mr. Mime.

  • Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. will seem at Cyan Seashore.

  • Mime Jr. will seem with the Slumbering Sleep Sort.

  • General icon

    Mr. Mime will seem with the Snoozing Sleep Sort.

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