Pokémon to look ahead to whereas watching the Pokémon GO World Championships 2023

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! The Pokémon GO World Championships are simply across the nook. And whether or not or not you've been ardently following this yr's Pokémon GO Championship collection or it's your first time watching an official Pokémon GO event, there has by no means been a greater time to start out!

In my effort so as to add to that pleasure, I needed to make this piece to focus on a few of the extra thrilling and attention-grabbing Pokémon we'd see on this yr's World Championships.

Some Stuff Value Noting

As the perfect Pokémon GO gamers on this planet might be competing for the celebrated title of “World Champion”, this can be a good alternative to discover ways to play a few of these Pokémon successfully your self. As such, the purpose of this text is to shed some gentle on a few of the extra attention-grabbing Pokémon exterior of the commonest meta-picks which will have a major presence within the World Championships. 

However with a purpose to do that, there are some variations between the official Pokémon GO tournaments and the “GO Battle League” which you could play anytime your self that I consider are value highlighting:


The official Pokémon GO tournaments use the “Present Six Choose Three” format, in distinction to the GO Battle League's “Blind Format”. What this implies is that in contrast to within the GO Battle League the place you don't know which Pokémon your opponent is operating till you see it, in official tournaments each coach brings 6 Pokémon to decide on between. This slight distinction does end in some Pokémon being higher for GBL versus official tournaments and vice versa.


In contrast to the GO Battle League which is host to numerous PvP codecs, the official Pokémon GO tournaments solely observe the Open Nice League Format because it's probably the most accessible and permits for the best pool of Pokémon to select from.


Numerous this text is predicated on my expertise with the English-speaking, primarily USA-focused a part of the tournaments all through this event season. So there may very properly be trainers taking part in with fully totally different methods and Pokémon than what I do know of after they make their look on this planet championships. As such this text is under no circumstances the be-all and end-all of what distinctive Pokémon may seem within the World Championships. I'm definitely anticipating to be pleasantly shocked.

And Lastly,

I might be omitting probably the most prevalent meta-picks equivalent to Medicham and Registeel from this checklist and deal with the much less used Pokémon that might doubtlessly seem through the event.

Regardless of these caveats, how these Pokémon are used and their ideally suited matchups do stay the identical in GBL. So with that out of the best way, let's begin speaking in regards to the stars of the present, the Pokémon:

Shadow Dragonair

Dragonair (Shadow)

Beginning with the wildest of untamed playing cards. Dragonair is under no circumstances a very prevalent Pokémon within the official Pokémon tournaments within the present meta. But this Pokémon and its coach TontonBatteuse had a fully unmatched look through the European Worldwide Event this yr. The place TontonBatteuse received your entire event with aptitude. Close to the top of the event, folks had been cheering each time Dragonair entered the sphere. The joy could possibly be felt even whereas watching on-line.

However I digress. A good portion of Shadow Dragonair's success can positively be attributed to TontonBatteuse's talent in battle. However whenever you're battling towards the perfect of the perfect, you possibly can't anticipate to win with subpar Pokémon. So I consider Dragonair positively has stable untapped potential and I've been attempting to catch an excellent Shadow Dratini ever since I noticed it at European Internationals. TontonBatteuse used Dragonair as a better with protect benefit together with the following Pokémon on the checklist:

Shadow Charizard

Charizard (Shadow)

Ever the fan favourite. Shadow Charizard was very outstanding through the European Internationals. Taking a spot in many of the prime minimize groups, together with that of the aforementioned champion, TontonBatteuse's. Nevertheless, the regional tournaments afterward noticed so much much less Charizard motion. This all modified through the North American Internationals, the place Shadow Charizard as soon as once more discovered itself in 5 of the sixteen trainers' groups. Together with that of each of the grand finalists, Wdage and Reis20cassion.

So with regards to greater tournaments, it appears trainers have grown to depend on this fiery beast. And why wouldn't they? Being a HearthFlying pseudo dragon, Charizard has so much to supply in a complete host of matchups. Together with beating the likes of Medicham, Registeel, Noctowl, and Sableye on even protect situations, a few of the most outstanding Pokémon within the meta proper now. And that isn't even mentioning Shadow Charizard's success in beating different shadows in these tournaments, even beating Shadow Swampert a couple of instances. All in all, I might positively maintain an eye fixed out for extra Charizard motion through the World Championships.



This lovable sea canine was already a good decide for restricted metas. With even its pre-evolved type Seel being a mainstay in Little Cup metas. And with the present Pokémon GO season giving Dewgong the much-appreciated transfer Drill Run, Dewgong began wanting stable for the Open Nice League as properly.

Regardless of this, nevertheless, there weren't that many Dewgongs going round within the regional tournaments even after the replace. This all modified but once more within the North American Internationals. With the fittingly named MountainDewgong having a formidable run on the primary two days of the event. After which on the ultimate day, Wdage received your entire event closing up the grand finals with none aside from Dewgong. Proper now it's troublesome to say if we'll have the ability to see extra Dewgongs swimming round within the World Championships, however I'd definitely like to see extra of this lovable WaterIce sort.

About to throw fins

Who Desires to be a Trevenant?

  • Trevenant

  • Venusaur (Shadow)

  • Victreebel (Shadow)

  • Lickitung

  • Cresselia

  • Whimsicott

  • Cofagrigus

Now right here's a million-dollar query. What do you have got if Seed Bomb will get nerfed to require extra vitality for extra energy within the present season? The reply: A really unhappy Trevenant. Being a GhostGrass sort Trevenant was a mainstay for many of this yr's official event season. Being the go-to counter, to properly Counter customers like Medicham. However with Trevenant out of the image because of the nerf, trainers have been experimenting to see what can take its place. Together with:

So far as Grass sort protection is anxious there was a good variety of Shadows Venusaurs, and fewer so Victreebel. Although each are extra assault weighted and glassier than Trevenant. For those who're searching for tankier grass injury you may wish to take a look at Lickitung and Cresselia. Whereas neither is a grass sort, they do play like pseudo-grass sorts because of their charged assaults. Whimsicott can be value mentioning, because it instantly advantages from the change in how Seed Bomb works. Although I personally don't anticipate to see an excessive amount of of it in worlds.

Stay Trevenant Response

As for Ghost sort protection although, there hasn't been a lot to take Trevenant's throne. Cofagrigus has had restricted success. However maybe the truth that Sableye remains to be a continuing presence in tournaments means trainers aren't too involved about ghost protection. It must be famous that the one to exchange Trevenant can probably be properly, Trevenant. It's nonetheless not a totally horrible Pokémon. Although it at all times obtained fully walled by Noctowl leading to each battle being closely skewed in the direction of the coach with the higher lead having a better probability of profitable. So some trainers may very well be fairly completely happy to have the ability to half with Trevenant.

Deoxys (Protection Forme)

Deoxys (Protection)

Whereas I discussed earlier than that trainers is probably not feeling strain to discover a good Ghost sort substitute for Trevenant because of Sableye. It must be value noting that as a cumbersome Pokémon with solely a single weak point, Sableye's position is finest suited as a protected swap. As such it typically avoids matchups it'll dominate in favor of matches it's solidly impartial towards. This leaves the door open for Psychic sorts to take the sphere with a comparatively calm thoughts.

I've already talked about Cresselia, however a way more noteworthy candidate in my view is Deoxys. Not solely is it a Counter person like its fellow psychic-type Medicham. Entry to each Rock Slide and Thunderbolt means Deoxys can way more cleanly take care of Flying sorts than Medicham as properly. To show Deoxys's viability, Kimisui one of many youngest and most gifted trainers in these tournaments already had a formidable win within the Fort Wayne Regionals together with his Deoxys. And this was earlier than the Trevenant nerf. And in accordance with Kimisui, with Trevenant gone, Deoxys (Protection Forme) is wanting higher than ever. I for one, can't assist however agree. I positively anticipate to see a couple of Deoxys roaming round within the World Championships.

Shadow Alolan Sandslash

Sandslash (Alola Shadow)

That is one other case of the meta shifting as a result of nerf of Trevenant and I promise this would be the second to final time I point out that tree. Between the Ice sort Alolan type duo, it was Ninetales that was getting all of the love within the tournaments earlier. However with Ninetales's finest matchup gone, Alolan Sandslash turned the brand new star.

That is in all probability because of the truth that Alolan Ninetales has to decide to specializing in being a Fairy sort with Appeal or Ice sort with Powder Snow. Nevertheless, Alolan Sandslash, or A-Slash as it's lovingly known as, has much more selection. Because it runs Shadow Claw, Ice Punch, and the brand new weapon to its arsenal Drill Run. Giving it nice selection and touchdown it a spot within the profitable staff in three Regional Tournaments earlier than the North American Internationals. So it's very seemingly we are going to get to see extra from A-Slash within the World Championships as properly.

Further Choose: Chesnaught


And at last for the final Pokémon on the checklist, We have now an additional decide from different members of the staff. The Pokémon of alternative: Chesnaught. An attention-grabbing spice decide to make certain, and never one which has been a stable presence within the official tournaments thus far. But it has a robust probability to make an look in worlds as a possible Grass various to sighs as soon as once more, Trevenant. Whereas on paper Chesnaught shares the identical downside because the tree. Being a GrassCombating sort which in concept ought to do poorly towards Flying. But it may go away extra lasting injury in even protect situations towards Noctowl, as its Regular typing is weak to Combating.

In actual fact, I'd examine Chesnaught extra with Shadow Venusaur fairly than Trevenant. Each are extra attack-weighted grass starters. Besides Chesnaught's Combating typing offers it stronger matchups towards the frequent metal sorts equivalent to Galarian Stunfisk. Versus Venusaur's Poison giving it a bonus towards frequent fairies equivalent to Azumarill. I personally lean a bit extra in the direction of Chesnaught myself as combating sorts in my view are a tad extra helpful than poisons. The commonest Fairy sorts within the Nice League codecs are usually Azumarill and Alolan Ninetales. And each Pokémon's Grass typing ends in a win towards Azumarill and a loss towards Ninetales. So in my view, the combating typing brings extra to the desk.

“I'll have my time to shine quickly sufficient”


And that concludes my checklist. Just a few days earlier than the World Championships begin and I can't be extra hyped. Whether or not you'll be collaborating in particular person in Yokohama, Japan, or watching from residence I hope you have got a blast! As for me, the monsoon season's lastly hit the place I reside, so I'll be cozying up on the weekends and watching the tournaments in my room with the calming sound of rain.

Perhaps maintain an eye fixed out for a few of these Pokémon to your personal staff. And sometime you may simply be on the market on the stage as properly. And I'll gladly be ready to jot down in regards to the greatness of your staff!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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