Pokémon to look out for throughout Metropolis Safari Seoul 2023

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers. We're near experiencing the first-ever Metropolis Safari occasions in Pokémon GO. The Metropolis Safari is a brand new kind of ticketed stay occasion that may happen in particular cities all through the world. Conceptually these appear to be much like the Metropolis Expertise throughout GO Fest, with related bonuses resembling elevated shiny charges obtainable. With that being stated, we as soon as once more ask the ever-popular query:

What are the very best Pokémon to catch?

Effectively, to not fear fellow coach, I'm right here to assist slender the sector! However earlier than we get to that it's price noting that this information solely accounts for these Pokémon that we all know for positive will probably be obtainable through the Metropolis Safari in Seoul, South Korea in accordance with the data shared by Niantic. If you wish to be taught additional concerning the occasion, right here's every thing that we all know will probably be happening.

With that out of the way in which, Which Pokémon are really price getting? 

Let's start and discover out!

For Gameplay

Whether or not it's for PvP, PvE, or grinding for Stardust and XP, these are the Pokémon to look out for to amp up your gameplay potential:



Beginning the listing off sturdy with Clefairy! Maybe among the finest attainable poster kids for the mono Fairy sorts, its evolution Clefable could be very strong for PvP. It's first rate within the Nice League, having the ability to defeat the likes of common picks resembling Medicham and Umbreon. However its true usefulness lies within the Extremely League, the place its mono Fairy typing and added bulk make it sturdy towards most of the mainstays of the Open Extremely League meta. These embody the likes of common Darkish sorts resembling Scrafty and Obstagoon. Together with cumbersome monsters resembling Giratina (Altered) and Walrein. 

You actually have a selection between the way you wish to play Clefable. You can prioritize quick assault injury with Appeal. Or be spammy and pressurize your opponent to make use of shields with the quick energy-generating Fairy Wind. So when you don't have a good one already, positively preserve your eyes open for an excellent defence-weighted Clefairy for PvP!

Vulpix (Each Varieties)

  • Vulpix

  • Vulpix (Alola)

Each variations of Ninetales, Vulpix's evolution are very strong for the Nice League and might even be used within the Extremely League. Although they're normally most well-liked of their shadow type. However I'd argue their Non-shadow kinds are strong as effectively, particularly within the Nice League the place common Alolan Ninetales may truly be higher within the present meta. And truthfully, Alolan Ninetales outclasses Kanto Ninetales generally, as IceFairy is a way more fascinating typing than mono Fireplace. Particularly since there's various Water sorts hanging round within the Nice League.

There's a case the place Kanto Vulpix shines brighter than the Alolan one although. And that's in Restricted Little League metas as an unevolved Vulpix. Notably within the Little Ingredient Cup, which has been on rotation for 3 GO Battle League seasons again to again to this point.



Let's transfer away from PvP for now and discuss PvE. As a result of Electivire is an efficient raid attacker, the truth is, in its shadow type Electivire is de facto actually good! Being the third finest total Electrical kind raid attacker even counting in Legendaries and Mega Pokémon with a complete injury output of 485.94. And common Electivire isn't a lot of a slouch both, being ranked 14th total and beating out most Pokémon that aren't Legendary, Mega, or Shadow.

You wish to run Thunder Shock and Wild Cost no matter which model you wish to use. And also you can positively use a daily variant as it might be cheaper to construct up in comparison with a shadow variant. Particularly if in case you have different good Electrical kind raid attackers to go with it. So positively preserve a watch out for an Electabuzz with excessive IVs!



Transferring from one strong raid attacker to a different, we have now Murkrow. Its evolution Honchkrow is excellent each as a Flying kind raid attacker and a Darkish kind raid attacker. And its finest moveset makes use of each typings operating Snarl and Sky Assault. Although I can't consider a Pokémon that has each darkish and flying as weaknesses so that you may need higher luck operating a pure flying or pure darkish moveset. And fortunately, Honchkrow does very effectively below these situations as effectively. As in its shadow type, it's the sixth total flying kind and eleventh total darkish kind raid attacker.

Although as soon as once more Honchkrow may be fairly first rate as a raid attacker in its common type as effectively. So try the IVs for an excellent one!



Going again to PvP once more, we have now Heracross. This BugPreventing kind could be very first rate for the Extremely League. The preventing typing with entry to the transfer Counter provides Heracross strong floor towards Darkish sorts resembling Obstagoon, together with what I are likely to seek advice from because the mineral sorts (Ice, Floor, Rock, Metal). And it has some range with some bug and rock-type charged assaults as effectively.

It's a reasonably cheap Pokémon to construct. Even a rank #1 0/14/13 IV Heracross will solely take about 90 candies and a bit greater than 100,000 Stardust to completely energy up for the Extremely League.



And we now lastly arrive on the ultimate Pokémon price being attentive to on the gameplay facet of issues. Galvantula, Joltik's evolution is a strong spice/restricted meta decide for the Nice League and a good decide for the open Extremely League as effectively. And that's regardless of it being comparatively attack-weighted. For the Nice League the common variant performs higher, whereas for the Extremely League, you desire a shadow variant. 

It's fairly costly to construct one up for the Extremely League so even when you don't have a good one for PvP but, it's price catching as many of those that you could find to avoid wasting up on candies for while you wish to construct one.

For Assortment

Moreso than any gameplay advantages, these Pokémon make for excellent collector's gadgets as a result of their new or restricted availability to this point. Together with the likes of:


Carrying an Explorer Hat

Whilst you'll obtain this occasion unique Eevee as a assured reward for the analysis that will probably be obtainable for ticket holders, it's nonetheless price noting. As a result of this Eevee will also be shiny and may have the Explorer Hat no matter which Pokémon you evolve it into. So you've got the possibility to get a reasonably distinctive and customized Pokémon when you're planning on taking part in any of the three Metropolis Safari occasions occurring this 12 months.

Helioptile and Noibat

  • Helioptile

  • Noibat

I'm lumping these two Pokémon collectively as a result of each of them acquired their shinies considerably just lately (Late 2022 for Noibat, early 2023 for Helioptile) and are comparatively tough to search out or are usually unavailable within the wild. So Metropolis Safari Seoul is offering you with an excellent alternative to hunt for these shinies when you haven't already. 

Helioptile is of explicit observe. As not solely is the shiny very cool wanting (in my humble opinion), however it's evolution Heliolisk could be very strong for the Extremely League as effectively.



Cutiefly is a Pokémon solely just lately launched on GO. So when you haven't had your probability to catch one but, this can be a good alternative. Nonetheless, the shiny model of Cutiefly isn't obtainable but, nor will it's obtainable through the Metropolis Safari occasion both. As such, when you're pressed for time and/or Pokéballs, I'd advocate catching only one for the dex entry.


  • Unown (S)

  • Unown (E)

  • Unown (O)

Unowns S, E, and O will probably be obtainable together with their shiny kinds through the Metropolis Safari at Seoul. So when you're attempting to catch each kind of Unown. Or have taken up the much more daunting process of catching each shiny Unown and haven't acquired these three but. Effectively, right here's your probability at getting them.



And we attain the ultimate and latest Pokémon for this entry. Skiddo will probably be obtainable for the very first time within the three Metropolis Safari occasions going down this 12 months. And its shiny is accessible as effectively. If you happen to're planning on taking part in any of those occasions, you've got the possibility to be one of many very first to catch this new shiny!

General icon

As said earlier than, Metropolis Safari is a brand new kind of occasion for Pokémon GO. So when you're one of many fortunate members who will probably be in one of many three cities they may happen on this 12 months, you've got rather a lot to look ahead to. I hope I managed to assist slender down what to give attention to through the occasion with this text. However both approach, hope you've got a blast and keep protected on the market!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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