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  1. That awkward moment when you dont have someone to share your favorite song... and it's all about love. Forever alone lvl ?? lawl ©

  2. some parents must learn how to chill - -" Cmon as if i'll be gone forever and be a Pokemaster, it's a just an overnight swimming for goodness sake!

  3. says I Spit on your Grave protagonist, Y U FLAT? But doesn't matter had... (ninja)

  4. When I get gold, i get sh1t. When i do not, i could have had an epic item. GOLD BOX Y U SUCH A TROLL?!

  5. That feeling. OH OH OH YESS! A FLYING UNICORN!

  6. 7 Days and counting. Achievement achieved!

  7. Stupid weather is stupid. Home alone, actually no; if my right hand counts. lol

  8. Ay mga koya. Iba po ang "LOG" sa "LAG". You sayin' "ANG LOG!!!" Ano un KAHOY?! *Freddie Mercury ultimate FACEPALM!*

  9. Everyone can be happy alone, just happier with someone along. ©

  10. Ayt!! Ayt!!! Tapos na ang putukan sa labas, sa looban naman! haha-ha! Cheers twenty-twelve!

  11. Mga tao ngayon prang na-mamaalam lol. "Huwag kumuha ng naputukan na, baka mapikot ka." Mahirap na ;D

  12. Pa-lvl again! LFP> DOTC GRIND fast LOAD here! No sh!ts please!

  13. Thanks for the Greetings derp-derps! *Hugs and Rapes* cause kissing is too mainstream.

  14. So it has started. XD 1 day of FAME? Cheers!