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  1. Join us tomorrow at 8:00 AM for our next Developer Chat with Psycheout, Jihoz, and Zyori! - Origin progress ⚔️ - Ronin Bridge 🌉 - Land Staking 🏛️ - ??????????? 📺: https://twitch.tv/axieinfinity View the full article
  2. Axie Infinity: Origin is live on Android mobile devices! With 3 free starter Axies and this mobile release, Axie Infinity is now more accessible than ever! Remember, Origin is still in an Early Access testing phase. Today, we’ve taken one step closer to our full global launch which will include token rewards, crafting NFT runes/charms, and the first Origin leaderboard season with AXS prizes. The timing of global launch will depend on the feedback we receive over the coming months. Download Origin for Android Axie.Tech’s Origin GuideOur allies at Axie.Tech have put together an awesome getting started guide for Origin. Check it out if you need some help learning the new mechanics! Axie Tech Origin Guide Alongside the mobile release, we’ve also deployed a patch with a flurry of updates and upgrades. ✨What’s New: We’ve upgraded 16 aspects of the player interface. Details: Origin UI Improvements Bloodmoon will now start during round 15. All status and rune effects will activate simultaneously. This will make matches faster-paced. We’ve added a "Full HD Graphic" option in Settings. 🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes The opening sound that signals the start of a match has been reduced in relative volume. Scry can't be canceled anymore. This bug allowed people to look at their next drawn cards without spending energy. Download Origin for Android View the full article
  3. We’ve deployed important updates to the Axie Infinity Marketplace! New Axie: Origin Art ✨ Updated Dark Theme 🌌 Refreshed Land Item Art 🌵 Bug Fixes 🐛 New Axie Marketplace! New Origin Axie Art ✨ FINALLY! The new Origin art is here! All Axies on the marketplace have been updated to include the awesome new art from Origin. We also added new animations to bring your Axies to life. VenomYou can now easily save a powerful, high resolution image of your Axie directly from the marketplace. Perfect for content creators and Axie profile pics 🔥 Shop For Mystic Axies Updated Dark Theme 🌌 We’ve updated the color scheme of the marketplace to a darker dark theme. This is in preparation for a bigger marketplace redesign coming soon. You’re welcome, eyes 👀 Refreshed Land Item Art 🌵 All land items got a visual refresh to make them more consistent with the art style of land gameplay! The road to land continues. Browse Land Items 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit 🥚Open Positions View the full article
  4. We're planning to release a patch for Origin in ~4.5 hours at 3 AM EST. Download Origin ✨ What’s New - Balancing updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12b8MKZVqnDo6UEDy2IW5H6Qgj9rbfLFCYXkIV_JbTlM/edit?usp=sharing - Bloodmoon will now take effect from turn 12 instead of 20 🛠️ Improvements and Bug Fixes - Sturdy Fighter Rune no longer applies its effect to AoE attacks 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit 🥚Open Positions View the full article
  5. This post will give an overview of the progress around Land Staking. Land Staking is an initiative designed to increase ownership of AXS among our landholders. Our vision for Land is immense and while our land holders patiently wait to get their hands on Land, we want to make sure that their long term outlook is rewarded with more ownership and influence over our collective ecosystem. So far we have: Progressed in the design and development of the user experience for land staking. Started development of land staking smart contracts in collaboration with Owl, a devoted community member and world-class smart contract developer. Modeled out an emissions schedule for Land staking. We have allocated 337,500 AXS per month for this initiative. You can find a detailed breakdown of the emission structure below. Buy Land Moving Towards More Active Staking Within the ecosystem, our goal is to incentivize the community to work and play with each other and alongside Sky Mavis to create shared value. We intend to roll out a number of programs that reward community members for doing anything from bringing members into the community, building tools, enhancing our game experiences, creating content, or any of a number of activities we believe will grow and sustain our ecosystem. We want those who contribute their time and effort to the community to own AXS, as we want those who contribute to be rewarded and have influence over future Community Treasury decisions. Given our longer term aspirations above, we intend to add engagement and gameplay requirements to the claiming of rewards in our ecosystem over time. In other words, Origin, Land, AXS staking, and any other future experiences will evolve towards requiring active gameplay and contributions to receive rewards, to better align incentives and make sure that rewards are encouraging actions that are beneficial to our digital nation. As it specifically relates to Land, once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to be rewarded through active gameplay. This program is an interim solution to ensure that distribution of ownership of the Axie universe continues while key gameplay features are being built out. 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit 🥚Open Positions View the full article
  6. Greetings Trainers! With May approaching, we are rapidly coming to the final sprint of our second Axie Esports Grant, leaving many wondering what’s coming next- especially given the recent launch of the Axie: Origin alpha. We won’t have all of the answers you seek in this newsletter today; however, there are a few key topics we’d like to address and unpack a little bit. But first we’d like to say thank you to everyone that has participated in Axie Esports over the last three months. Through this grant we’ve seen a number of new stars rise to prominence, including players, commentators, tournament organizers, and coaches. We’ve been keeping close tabs on the events in our ecosystem- working with those that need help and observing those that are continuing to do well on their own accord. It’s great to see so much personal and professional development already! And now, onto the big stuff! 1. Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council (AECIC)On March 30, 2022 the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council (AECIC) was formed by Sky Mavis to ensure that Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field for all competitors. The purpose of this council will be to ensure Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field, by investigating and ruling on integrity related matters like: win-trading, cheating, throwing, etc. To start, the council will be centralized around Sky Mavis and become more decentralized over time as we add more members to the council. We will do our best to be transparent and clear with our rulings and investigations, as we are building in view of the public eye. At its beginning, the council will have 7 members: 4 from Sky Mavis, 1 pro player, 1 tournament organizer, and 1 elected- appointed by Sky Mavis and set to serve a 1 year term. Re-election details will be decided in the future. Council Members: Andrew ‘Zyori’ Campbell, SM Program Lead Esports Stewart Love, Axie Esports Manager Oxaciano, Axie Support Specialist Pos2, Axie Support Specialist Bill Elafros, BEAT Esports Indes, Axie.gg Een Mercado, YGG Please make sure you are in the official Axie Esports discord server and tagged appropriately to receive regular updates about the activity of the council. You can access the announcements channel directly from this link: Axie Esports Announcements! Soon there will be a public form where esports participants can report unethical behavior for investigation; stay tuned for that in the near future! 2. Governing Rules for Axie Infinity EsportsAs the first order of business, the AECIC created a global ruleset for Axie Infinity Esports that applies to all parties involved in any aspect of the competitive Axie Esports space, including but not limited to: players, coaches, managers, tournament organizers, administrators, and team owners. The three-page Governing Ruleset can be found here and will eventually be moved to a more permanent fixture on the Axie Infinity website. As a quick reminder, this basic ruleset is an addendum to the terms of service for Axie Infinity, which still apply. Similarly, all official Axie Esports tournaments are expected to have their own, detailed ruleset beyond this specific information about registration, format, administration, and conduct. This document is living and breathing, meaning it will be updated as needed, with updates dated and logged for transparency. AECIC will have the power to punish those breaking the ruleset with: Forfeiture of prize earnings Temporary ban of in-game assets used in violation Temporary suspension from official Axie Esports tournaments Indefinite suspension from official Axie Esports tournaments Tournament Organizers are also expected to take reasonable efforts to enforce the official Axie Esports player ban list. 3. Axie: Origin and Axie: ClassicWith the launch of the Axie Infinity: Origin alpha, there has been a lot of feedback from players with concerns about how competitive it will be moving forward. We hear you loud and clear, and continue to take that feedback into consideration as we add more layers into Origin. There will be many more balance patches to Origin during this alpha period, before Season 1 begins with SLP rewards. Please continue to submit bug reports and balance suggestions as you test Origin- the data really helps our quality assurance and balance teams! Origin Feedback Form: https://skymavis.typeform.com/to/wQPVMDmr Originally we offered tournament organizers on the current grant the opportunity to run their events on Origin after its launch; however, there is currently no delay on the in-game spectating in Origin. Spectator delay will be added towards the end of this testing phase, closer to when Season 1 starts, which will allow for us to start supporting official, online tournaments in Origin! 4. Competitive Esports ModesThanks to all of the tournaments that have been happening on Axie: Classic, we have collected some great feedback regarding optimal tournament modes and formats from players. It’s quite clear that player pools need to be limited for tournaments, usually a maximum of 13 or 15 Axies that are locked in for an event lasting a few days. Some events have experimented with simplistic ban systems, where players are able to remove 1 or 2 Axies from their opponents’ pools at the beginning of a new series. One of the more popular configurations has been the “10:1”, where players bring 10 Axies to a tournament and are able to remove 1 at the start of every series. Although it must be tracked manually right now, this system has worked very well for smaller, invitational tournaments. When it comes to Axie: Origin, we are still experimenting and collecting data on the optimal competitive game mode. Eventually we plan to implement an esports mode directly into the game client; however, that is still a little ways away. This is an important layer that will help to unlock the full competitive potential of Origin. 5. FutureThe road might feel a little bumpy right now as we transition from Axie: Classic to Axie: Origin; however, our future plans and roadmap remain bright- especially for esports. Unfortunately we’re not quite ready to spoil the announcements of what we have in the pipeline, but there are several esports activations underway that will be revealed before long. And as you’ve probably noticed, AXS emissions through regular season rewards have increased dramatically- we plan to also utilize esports and competitions to increase the amount of AXS being distributed to the community. Our future esports grants will expand the offerings beyond a one-size-fits-all style approach, and open up the doors for scaled events, ranging from regional scholarship cups to physical majors with live audiences. The stage is being set. Over the last quarter we've been having very constructive conversations with traditional esports teams, event organizers, and influencers about what it would take for them to enter our competitive ecosystem. As we start to deploy more tournament infrastructure and increase prize offerings, expect to see more recognizable gaming organizations dip their toes into our pond. A lot of well-connected and influential people in the esports industry are watching! The next six months will be key to continue battle testing Origin and taking steps towards a larger esports ecosystem. This is a pivotal moment for our game and community; one that will define our future and our mark on professional gaming. We also have plans to start building out an official esports portal on the Axie Infinity website that will house key information about league, tournaments, competitive news, hall of fame, AECIC, and more. Consolidating all of that information into one place will be another key aspect of scaling our ecosystem. 6. General Notes & Guidelines for TournamentsAs a final note, we’d like to close with some general advice for running successful esports tournaments, both for Axie and in-general. Our incredible esports manager, Stewart, has been listening and collecting data on common pain points many of our event organizers are experiencing and organized them into a single list for us. As we enter the final stages of our second Axie Esports Grant, let’s continue pushing to deliver the best possible experiences for our participants and viewers at home! General Guidelines based on feedback from the community There is a strong preference for the avoidance of Best of 1 or 3 formats where possible. With ideally Best of 5 being for the majority of rounds with Best of 7 finals Where feasible the use of double elimination brackets is requested,.even if, Example: Round of 256 to Round of 16 is single elimination then moving into a double elimination bracket. Keeping clear rules on lateness and penalties that will be received for being more than a reasonable period late Clear rulings for situations where players draw in matches. Consider using wording such as “first to 3 victories” over “best of 5” as this could lead to confusion over drawn matches and rulings; in the case of draws, players start fresh and have the option to redraw Axies like they would after any other match in a given series. Consistent game version between stages of the event, i.e. no switching between Axie Infinity: Classic and Axie Infinity: Origin between qualifiers and the main event. Axie usage, if you are having a format that allows for the swapping of Axies between rounds etc, make sure rules avoid any ambiguous wording. Communication is critical, whether this is pre or during the event. Keeping communication as clear as possible to avoid any possible grey areas, confusion and or contradictions in rulings. If a change of ruling occurs during the course of the event’s duration. The Axie Esports team are willing to advise on queries, concerns and reports, we’d rather you come to us directly or via the Axie Esports server than open posts on social media. Acting as professional as possible in situations like this is key. In games names when competing in tournaments / esports events should be matching social media handles to allow for players to be easily identified by administrators, production and casters Sponsorship and branding rules apply to players as well as tournaments You’ll be hearing more from us soon… now back to your battles! View the full article
  7. The Axie Community produced over 800 submissions for the Origin Education Challenge! The entries ranged from educational video tutorials, detailed infographics, web applications, translations, and gameplay trailers. We were impressed by the quality and depth of the submissions, it’s clear that you put immense effort into your work. The Sky Mavis team rigorously reviewed every entry to ensure that each entry was viewed fairly. The judging was based on three equal categories: educational value (33%), originality (33%), and quality (33%). We took into account some other more nuanced concepts as well like aesthetics, energy, editing skill, media use, and creativity — to name a few. The 1000 AXS prize pool is allocated as follows: 1 Grand Prize Winner — 180 AXS + Axie Hoodie 4 Runner-up Winners — 80 AXS + Axie Hoodie 50 Honorable Mentions — 10 AXS each Now, without further ado… Congratulations to our Winners! Grand Prize WinnerRyan created an amazing video to share with all your friends and family. From explaining the game’s history, the intricate game mechanics, and how to onboard correctly, he packages it all into a snackable 5-minute clip. Ryan | MT8 @Ryan_METAT8I know "Intro to Axie" videos already exist but with the Origin launch and all the changes to the ecosystem, I feel it's time update our onboarding videos. 😁 Share with any friends or family wanting to learn about @AxieInfinity!👇 #OriginEducation youtu.be/Bo9vdt50FfA👀 April 21st 2022 35 Retweets184 LikesRunner Up WinnersKiyowya put together a super cool interactive way to learn about Origin! Gamifying concepts is a great way to disseminate knowledge. kyoya.ron || Q3 #OriginUniversity @kiyowya🧵1/: Welcome to Origin University! A VN game that I developed which is centered about #OriginEducation. @AxieInfinity @axiephofficial @Jihoz_Axie ⚔️This thread will include a full in-depth documentation about my entry. Let’s dive in!— April 18th 2022 84 Retweets260 LikesIn search of elusive leeks, Chuck gives a great detailed walk through of the current and future developments of Origin! Amazing job! Chuck Fresco | Axie Infinity @ChuckFrescoAXIE ORIGIN ROADMAP 🔥 We look into the @AxieInfinity Origin roadmap to discover any leaks for the game. The roadmap helps to educate ourselves on what is in development at the moment and in the next few months 👨‍🎓 📺: youtu.be/TTPbWU2KDZo #AxieOrigin #origineducation April 20th 2022 79 Retweets347 LikesA really well put together overview of Origin’s new mechanics and the changes from v2 to Origin. Nice! Gugus | PlayNity @gugusaxie#OriginEducation Submission Let's help onboard players in mass. 5 Minutes of Axie Origin in a nutshell, runes, charms, mechanics, gameplay tips, crafting all in one. Let's goooooo youtube.com/watch?v=b9FM-y… April 9th 2022 33 Retweets152 LikesFrom showing how to create an account, walking through an adventure battle, and demonstrating the crafting process, Azarian provides a great resource for Spanish speakers looking to get into Origin for the first time. Azarian.eth || Perion @AzarianTVAqui teneis un video que hice con mucho amor explicando como empezar a jugar #Origin y todo lo que tienes que saber para jugar tus primeras partidas Espero que les guste y les ayude #OriginEducation❤️🚀 @AxieInfinity @AxieInfinity_ES @AxieLima youtube.com/watch?v=1ksTBF… April 21st 2022 46 Retweets164 LikesHonorable Mentions6. 🛸 @jorgeelopeezdI leave here my entry for the #OriginEducation. A new look at the Axie Infinity Origin trailer. Several days of work that are totally worth it after seeing the result. We keep building and improving! 🤙🏽😍 April 10th 2022 38 Retweets208 Likes7. SEF 🚀🇵🇭 @ItsameSefMy #OriginEducation entry Category: Art/Design Infographics AXIE 101 And yeah, beginners can use this to OwnBoard (On Boarding on their Own) Right click on the image > Open Image in new tab so you can zoom in some parts SLP 🚀 #AxiePH #AxieOrigin #AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie April 13th 2022 64 Retweets192 Likes8. yazp ♦️ @yazpMagicHola hermosa comunidad esta es mi participación en #OriginEducation espero les guste, fue hecha con mucho cariño para todos ustedes... Si te gusto no dudes en apoyarme con un Like o Rt. @AxieInfinity @AxieInfinity_ES @Jihoz_Axie @ZyoriTV @AxieLima @Psycheout86 @SkyMavisHQ April 20th 2022 6 Retweets46 Likes9. EduMock 🧪 | Q3 | PGG (💸, 💸) @ItsEduMockMy submission for #OriginEducation challenge. @AxieInfinity, tried to make an in-depth intro guide for anyone that wants to start playing Origin! AXIE INFINITY: ORIGIN | GETTING STARTED IN ORIGIN!A quick guide on how to start in Axie Infinity: ORIGIN. Submission for #OriginEducation Challenge Twitter: www.twitter.com/itsedumockTwitch: www.twitch.tv/ed...youtube.comApril 20th 2022 18 Retweets73 Likes10. blaumitz @blaumitzAn overview of things you need to know about #AxieOrigin✨ Let's propagate #OriginEducation together, plz share it to your families, friends & anyone you want for them to experience this joy of gamified blockchain thru @AxieInfinity💯 Special thanks to @axie_tech @Jihoz_Axie❤️ April 21st 2022 59 Retweets247 Likes11. Nabil Khan @Nabil_Khan_Olek shares 9 TIPS on ORIGIN! youtu.be/zHExq-MuK_0 ( My entry for #OriginEducation contest! Made a tutorial video for the first time! :D ) @AxieInfinity #AxieInfinity9 Origin TIPS! Olek Teaches Axie Infinity!Olek shares 9 tips for Axie Infinity: Origin!This video was made for #OriginEducation contest.youtu.beApril 16th 2022 1 Like12. AL. | Q3 @Aliiiianna_Hi, Lunacia! @AxieInfinity Goodness, I finally finished my simple entry for #OriginEducation Tried my best and am happy to present to you my take on this challenge. I hope manage to catch up. 🙌 Enjoy! I hope you like it🥰 @AxieInfinity @axiePH drive.google.com/drive/folders/…Liaanna’s Axie: Origin Submission - Google Drivedrive.google.comApril 21st 2022 12. 13. carlooo @cowwoooHours of work put into this, hope the community likes it😁 Art/Media #OriginEducation #AxieOrigin @AxieInfinity April 21st 2022 1 Retweet2 Likes14. Chel Koby @chel_kobyA special Interactive experience for anyone to learn about Axie Origin, the most popular Blockchain #NFTs based Game in the #Gamefi space Learn fast, with ease, and have fun. My entry for @AxieInfinity : Origins #OriginEducation experience link: bit.ly/origins-notebo… April 21st 2022 1 Retweet4 Likes15. Greccys Escorcha @GreccysEMi explicación educativa un poco en el vídeo, buen ritmo invitando a nuevos jugadores a unirse a esta aventura #OriginEducation @AxieInfinity @SkyMavisHQ Educando con música | Educating with music #OriginEducation @axieinfinityyoutu.beApril 21st 2022 1 Like16. Axieology.eth @axieologyGit ‘em coach! AxieUp is LIVE on applestore! Free to download and enjoy for everyone. I know it’s really simple but hope you all enjoy it and share the passion for axie together even IRL!! apps.apple.com/us/app/axieup/… #AxieOrigin #AxieInifinity #OriginEducation April 23rd 2022 23 Retweets56 Likes17. axie psyche @axiepsycheAxie Infinity Magazine✨ Hello I'm Puffy!! 👋🐟 #OriginEducation April 16th 2022 2 Retweets51 Likes18. TFx Metalfoes 🦊 @metalfoes_kenjiE o primeiro projeto tá saindo do forno!! Estreia do canal com a inscrição para o #OriginEducation , um In-Depth sobre Runas! Axie Infinity: Origin | In-Depth sobre Runasyoutu.beApril 22nd 2022 3 Retweets8 Likes19. Juan Elías @imeliasinfinityDespués de un arduo trabajo éste es el resultado, ésta canción la hicimos mi equipo y yo pensando en inspirar a todos a lograr sus metas y mostrarles las cosas emocionantes de Origen: Una Nueva Historia #OriginEducation @Jihoz_Axie @SkyMavisHQ We love you Axie Infinity🌟 April 22nd 2022 12 Likes20. Plexus Slim with Deb @PlexusSlimWDebAxie Infinity Origin. Media Streaming Entry #OriginEducation Axie Infinity Origin #origineducation MEDIA STREAMINGAxie Infinity Origin #origineducation MEDIA STREAMINGyoutu.beApril 22nd 2022 21. Rico Nobin 🌸| Rolling-kai @rico_nobinnnHere's my Axie Origin: Buff and Debuffs 💓 feat. Robin! 🐦 Here's the full guide 👉ricobin-axie-origin.notion.site/Buffs-and-Debu… (1/5 ) #Origineducation #AxieInfinity #AxieOrigin April 11th 2022 16 Retweets77 Likes22. joshuakurl @joshua_madronioOur official entry to #OriginEducation challenge! We made a series of educational mini-games to learn about v3's new mechanics. PLAY HERE: joshuuu.itch.io/my-lunacian-pa… @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie @Peeeeejey @axiephofficial April 22nd 2022 20 Retweets83 Likes23. Exnal | EXFAM @ExnalPHExcited to reveal what @HeyItsThiiird and I have been working on for the last week: our entry to the #OriginEducation challenge! Card/Reveal & Theorycrafting for 10 more Free Axies that are not yet playable! @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie ▶️ youtu.be/a-sB4G7NPD4 April 22nd 2022 8 Retweets22 Likes24. Veldroda @veldrodaMy entry for the @AxieInfinity #OriginEducation Challenge! Our beloved Arco Beast is not playing games anymore. April 22nd 2022 11 Retweets18 Likes25. Solyta @solytagamerLittle time to make it but was really fun 🥰🥰 My second submission for #OriginEducation @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie April 22nd 2022 3 Retweets3 Likes26. Tropical Thorns @TropicalThornsStill here, still building! 👷💪 Here is our #AxieInfinity #OriginEducation participation @AxieInfinity! 🤓 We hope our wonderful Axie Community will like it! 💖😘 🌴 TTS Axie Infinity Origin Guide 🌴 🧵Thread: 👀👇April 21st 2022 4 Retweets8 Likes27. zabdiel.eth💜🛠️ @beau_zabdielMe and my friends decided to come up with a music video that aims to educate and evangelize people about Axie Origin⚔️ And this is how it turned out👀 Full video: youtube.com/watch?v=sGT5K_… Thread🧵 #OriginEducation @Jihoz_Axie @nixeniego @AxieLima @AxieInfinity @axiephofficial April 21st 2022 275 Retweets389 Likes28. Tan @tantanantannhello! This is my Entry for the #OriginEducation I made this for almost 12 days. 6 days of learning how to animate and 6 days for creating everything. Here is the link, I hope you learn from my Entry 😁 youtu.be/U_HomLHH6lYAxie Origin Education | In-Game New Mechanics and Functions Discuss | full VideoHello guys! this is My entry for #OriginEducation. This is my First time doing an animation. and its soooo very exhausting, tho I’m still shy on my voice whe...youtu.beApril 21st 2022 29. The Biku @TheRealBikuAfter a week of recording and editing, finally done! Please enjoy! #OriginEducation Axie V1 to V3 Origin History - Battle System and MechanicsHere’s a deep dive into Axie Infinity’s Battle system from Version 1 to Version 3 Origin. This is also my submission for Origin Education Challenge! #OriginE...youtu.beApril 21st 2022 1 Retweet4 Likes30. AnnoyingMeatboy @AnnoyingMeatboy#OriginEducation This Video went super well! Had a fun time making this with @TheRealBiku. Hope you guys like it! OP Budget Team for Axie Infinity: Origin OP Budget Team for Axie Infinity: Origin#OriginEducationMy take on the Axie Orgin Education Challenge!This video went super well! I was hoping to make this last week creating my voice lines suddenl...youtu.beApril 21st 2022 2 Likes31. Madfish001 | save V2 @Madfish001My #OriginEducation video entries! A guide on starting Origin in Thai🇹🇭 and a basic rundown of runes & charms crafting! youtu.be/JFNmKEcz-Ks youtu.be/gl5EE8haAkgเล่น Origin กันยัง?Madfam ดิสคอต: https://discord.gg/madfam001ลิ้งค์ต่างๆของเรา: https://linktr.ee/madfam001Highlight จาก live เล่น Origin วันแรกyoutu.beApril 21st 2022 1 Retweet5 Likes32. 33. TooOPLive @2OPLiveHey everyone! This is my @GdonkeyE comic-themed submission for the #OriginEducation challenge. I hope that this comic is easy for anyone to understand! Let me know what you think of it! #OriginEducation #AxieIndia @AxieInfinity @axie_india April 18th 2022 47 Retweets163 Likes34. Daryl Kervin Sanchez @daryl_darcmediaThe ultimate @AxieInfinity: Origin guide is here! Read up on vital info that will help you get a better grasp of version 3.0! #origineducation “Axie Infinity: Origin” The Ultimate Beginner’s GuideAre you new to the Axie Infinity world or just need a refresher? Check out this Axie Infinity Origin beginner’s guide and start playing and earning today!nftgamingx.comApril 20th 2022 32 Retweets92 Likes35. Alvin Aragon.eth @alvinaragonethMy Official Entry for #OriginEducation. My analysis and breakdown of Origin Gameplay and Strategy. Turn-point tracking, shield denials, and more... #AxieInfinity @AxieInfinity @axiephofficial follow my YT channel for future vids. A Breakdown and Analysis of Axie Infinity: Origin. With Foundational Strategies!My goal ever since Axie Infinity: Origin is announced is to create a mathematical model that will help us determine if the game is balanced or not. A journey...youtube.comApril 20th 2022 3 Likes36. Wagsalak @wagsalakThis is my entry for #OriginEducation. I made an animated "Origin Roadmap". Need to cut the video in half because of file size. Check the full video here: drive.google.com/file/d/1aW4N1X… @Jihoz_Axie @AxieInfinity April 19th 2022 1 Like37. daniquest.ron | daniquest.sol @daniquest_I am proud and happy to show everyone my submission to the #OriginEducation challenge! This is an original idea, a short film, adding fun and great information for the community and newcomers! "What if Olek himself invited you to join Lunacia?" @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie April 19th 2022 61 Retweets198 Likes38. Yunit @YunitGuild✨Yunit Guild #OriginEducation Challenge Entry✨ We made an ALL-OUT educational course to help enthusiasts learn everything about @AxieInfinity Origin 🎮 JOIN HERE yunit.io/Axie-Infinity-… Our goal: push P2E forward thru education🎓and here’s how we’re doing it 👇 A thread 🧵 April 21st 2022 66 Retweets101 Likes39. D4R3K. @_D4R3K_📔 AxieInfinity Origin E-Book Guide 📔 Just finished my biggest project for @AxieInfinity. The project took me a few days, but I'm glad I managed to finish it and I'm looking forward for more interesting projects in the future. #OriginEducation #AxieOrigin @Jihoz_Axie April 18th 2022 2 Likes40. ivan ⚙️ @ivnmarcWith all the new and exciting features of Axie Infinity: Origin, I am happy to present to you my take on #OriginEducation challenge. Let's take a closer look to one of the unexpected features of the game: the Revenge Cards. @Jihoz_Axie @AxieInfinity A thread 🧵 April 18th 2022 75 Retweets236 Likes41. ThatCrazyDuude @ThatCrazyDuude4 months ago I created #AxieEducation to teach people about Axie Infinity and NFTs. Today, I'm excited to submit our 9th episode to #OriginEducation!! Hope the community finds this helpful :) Axie Education Episode 9 - Intro to OriginThis episode of Axie Education covers Axie Origin, a new game mode introduced to Axie Infinity that is currently in Alpha testing. We cover the changes that ...youtu.beApril 18th 2022 15 Retweets18 Likes42. Blank_𓆏 @guanjie70579366#OriginEducation @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie Hello guys! Here is my submission for axie infinty currently open for freelance/comission work too hope to get connection through this competition! So for this submission is targeting audience new to axie or joining from v2 to v3. April 17th 2022 1 Retweet22 Likes43. Mark James @blacklistmj📝Axie Education Challenge📝 And here's a minimalist video I made about 'The Basics' of Axie Infinity Origin. PS: All the personal Axies in the video are mine.😉 #origineducation #AxieInfinity #AxieOrigin April 17th 2022 38 Retweets187 Likes44. NoSugar | MT8 @NoSugar_9147Start Playing Axie Infinity Origin In 9 Minutes : youtu.be/HpQ5jaX43TA English sub! #OriginEducation #AxieInfinity #AxieOriginเริ่มเล่น Axie Infinity Origin ใน 9 นาที?Axie infinity Origin เริ่มเล่นอย่างไร และทำการดาวน์โหลดอย่างไร มาดูได้เลยที่คลิปนี้ใน 9 นาทีครับสมัครเป็นสมาชิกของช่องเพื่อเข้าถึงสิทธิพิเศษต่างๆhttps://www....youtu.beApril 14th 2022 3 Retweets17 Likes45. Noah Alejandre ♪ @NoahAlejandre#OriginEducation So here's a short song and a Music Video I made introducing Lunacia and Axies! Psyched to showcase my own axies in this video! Yikes! @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie @Psycheout86 @AxieLima @SmallLovePotion @SkyMavisHQ April 14th 2022 34 Retweets107 Likes46. Natsumi @NarkesiaaaTo easily navigate all the slides, here’s the mp4 version of my entry in Origin Education Challenge! #origineducation April 14th 2022 3 Retweets40 Likes47. Kornfinity @Kornime1 of 5 This took me 6 days, full swing to complete. And as I watch it, I believe it's worth sharing to the community. I'm willing to edit the subtitles in different languages if you find this very helpful. 😘 #OriginEducation #AxieOrigin #AxieInfinity April 14th 2022 39 Retweets183 Likes48. Poorboycrypto @[email protected] Just finished and published my video for #OriginEducation . Hope it helps people understand origin better! youtu.be/khQUYJs_528 #PlayAndEarn #BlockchainGaming #CryptoGamingEverything you need to know about Axie Infinity Origin** Watch my videos on Odysee and earn crypto while you do it!https://odysee.com/$/invite/@Poorboycrypto:8 **Early access to the Yarbano App - https://play.go...youtu.beApril 14th 2022 2 Likes49. AxieOwl.com @AxieOwlGuildThis is my submission #origineducation challenge Play OLEK, while learning the Origin Roadmap at the same time If you can finish in under 200 Seconds, a special code will come up and will pay you 1000 SLP. (one time only) Play through the link below construct.net/en/free-online… April 13th 2022 2 Retweets7 Likes50. AbuNFT ⛩ | MTTM @AbuNftWe are submitting the MTTM Hub as our application for @AxieInfinity Resources & tools for #OriginEducation! Our Current Content: - Origin Card Database - Guides and Content for Axie! - P&E Pieces from our Contributors! hub.mttmofficial.xyz/axie-infinity April 13th 2022 23 Retweets114 Likes51. Nardo - Antena 42 @Nardossauro#Origineducation Axie Infinity Origin! LANÇOU!!! Vou te mostrar todos os novos recursos!Salve Antenados, tudo belezinha?Hoje finalmente vamos poder conferir a nova atualização de Axie Infinty, a tão esperada versão Origin!Vem comigo conhecer tod...youtu.beApril 9th 2022 52. Andrei | CGC @andrei_clemeniaHere's our entry for #OriginEducation @AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie Hope you can learn something in our creative music video See below #AxieInfinity #AxieOriginApril 22nd 2022 5 Retweets7 Likes53. Jose de los Ríos Soto @JosedelosRiosTwAquí dejo mi 🎁REGALO🎁 para la comunidad que se quiera iniciar a esta gran aventura llamada #ORIGIN. Espero que os sea de utilidad. Un abrazote ! ! ! youtube.com/watch?v=ZE8D8R… #origineeducation #AxieOrigin #axieinfinityorigin #AxieInifinityGuía Primeros pasos Axie Infinity ORIGINTe muestro las cartitas de peces y doy mi opinión sobre ellas.¿Aun no eres de la familia?Pincha aquí: https://acortar.link/6Lk3R0 ✔️ 👇⏩TWICH⏪👇Si quieres ec...youtube.comApril 9th 2022 1 Retweet7 Likes54. King Kits @KingKitsAxieI made a website with the translation of Buffs Debuffs Charms Runes and Amulets from English into Russian. Welcome! #OriginEducation youtu.be/kRm1l_xXOYc kingkitscup.com/origin April 9th 2022 13 Retweets61 Likes55. YBK_DE @YBK_DE#origineducation youtube.com/watch?v=yO4CSA… I am a one-person creator who continuously produces educational materials.Thank you.AXIE 오리진의 새로운 시스템 총 정리!!!관련 링크https://welcome.axie.tech/Axie오리진 시작하기https://axie.substack.com/p/axieorigin’axieinfinity’ 관련 정보를 전달하는 ‘양반김’ 채널 입니다.한국 공식 블로그 https://m.blog.naver.com/P...youtube.comApril 9th 2022 1 LikeView the full article
  8. We’re excited to announce that we are soft-launching Axie IRL, our community meetup program where qualified community members can host their own Axie Infinity meetups! We believe in the power of community and physical gatherings that bring Lunacians closer and more united. Scaling physical events and meetups is key to ensuring that our community continues to grow stronger and that collectively, we are also able to introduce more people to Axie Infinity and the Web 3 ecosystem. With this, we’re launching the Axie IRL community meetup program so we can support more local meetups to happen at scale globally. Axie meetup in Buenos Aires, December 2021.Interested in hosting a local meetup near you? Here are the details! Qualifications to Host a Community Meetup Must be an outstanding Axie Infinity community member (no bans, sanctions, bad behavior in the community) Community member must have been in the Axie Infinity ecosystem for at least 3 months Community member must accomplish the Community Meetup Application form and undergo a 20-minute interview with the respective Regional Lead if qualified Responsibilities of Community Meetup Organizer: Ensure the safety of the event, attendees, and COVID-19 compliance Must ensure that the event is overall positive in nature and not a venue for negativity or forum for anything that may damage Axie Infinity’s reputation Must be reachable via email, social media messaging, or phone call as needed for coordination with Regional Lead Professional photos (videos are very much welcome too!) of the event to be emailed to your Regional Lead The meetup must not promote the use of prohibited drugs, guns, weapons, pornography, or anything that may be damaging to both the attendees or Axie Infinity Adhere to the Axie Infinity Code of Conduct Sky Mavis Event Support: Retweet of main event post and custom community announcement post on the official regional social media channels (including Regional Leads) Financial Support for the event; fully covered, dependent on scale of event, quality of the proposal, and region Giveaway Sponsorship of up to $500 worth of Axie Infinity assets (Axies, Land Items, AXS, etc.) Optional: Depending on availability, Regional Lead or other Sky Mavis team members may be available to attend the meetup Apply to host a meetup 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit 🥚Open Positions View the full article
  9. Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the update is complete. ✨What’s New: Removed bots from matchmaking in arena battles for Boar and higher ranks Reworked the matchmaking algorithm Updated the amount of Victory Stars required for each tier and rank. Details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d5cj3Kh5aCgfGxfyIulUbGF25Bbu497d6IPBRL-O328/edit Updated the amount of Victory Stars received at Boar and above ranks. Details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d5cj3Kh5aCgfGxfyIulUbGF25Bbu497d6IPBRL-O328/edit#gid=860716917 Reset the leaderboard ranking 🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes: Leaf effect is no longer activated during opponent's turn. Calcium Armor Rune effect is no longer activated during opponent's turn. Burn/Scorch effects now accurately deals 8 DMG per card in hand at the end of opponent's turn. Larva card no longer provides Energy after discarding a Secret card. View the full article
  10. Season 21, the final season for Axie Infinity: Classic, is here! There are no balancing changes. To end Classic with a bang, we’ve increased the prize pool to 130,171.90 AXS! 300,000 players will receive prizes from Season 21, with higher rewards across the board. To reward our top players, the rewards have been increased dramatically for the top 10. The first place prize has been more than doubled to 500 AXS! You can view the full prize pool breakdown here. Season 21 will run until June 24th. The potential for Axie’s competitive scene is infinite and we will be steadily increasing AXS prizes over time. This will accelerate as Origin is rapidly patched and upgraded over the coming weeks and months! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit 🥚Open Positions Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  11. Updating the TermsWe were overwhelmed by the quality of submissions for the Builders Program. Our initial expectations were moderate, but we expect some of these games to get really big and generate significant value down the line. Given the potential scale, we have updated and expanded on some of the terms of the program before accepting participants. Our primary considerations as we think through these updates include: Ensuring Builders will be rewarded for their efforts in creating value within the Axie ecosystem Structuring the system so value from these projects will accrue back to the Axie Infinity community and AXS holders Eliminating friction for Builders to be able to build, put experiences out there, and figure out what works Requiring more structure and due diligence around projects that players may invest significant effort, time, or money into, to reduce risk to community members Protecting the Axie Infinity intellectual property from being used in ways that may negatively impact the ecosystem It is not a trivial task to balance all of these considerations, but we’ve come up with a framework that we believe is a strong foundation to iterate on. In standard game intellectual property (IP) licensing, developers would need to pay millions of dollars a year to the IP holder to be allowed to use it at all. On top of that there would be significant revenue splits that go directly to the IP holder as well. In our case, we are completely removing the multi-million dollar barrier to entry to use the Axie Infinity IP, as well as having the revenue split go to the Treasury (which of course is owned by the Community) instead of Sky Mavis. This is a new way of letting a gaming brand proliferate and spread. We’re ecstatic to see what comes of it! We all own Axie Infinity together as a community and it’s important that we protect this ecosystem from bad actors. We want to minimize situations where community members may spend (time / money / effort) on a projects with no intentions of adding value and creating amazing experiences for this community. At the same time, we know there is infinite potential with Builders in the Axie Infinity community to build amazing experiences for everyone, and we want to make sure we encourage, allow for, and reward that! It’s not easy to build out quality new gaming experiences and we have the utmost respect for every Builder. This is also why we have doubled the minimum AXS grant for teams who make it into the program to 10k USD. Some Builders have indicated they are not interested in charging players or generating revenue. They just want to create awesome new experiences for the community to use their Axies in and develop open-source tools for other Builders to use. That is strongly encouraged too! Creating a collection of community tools for each other will help everyone’s success. Here are some details on what is allowed and not allowed for various community developers depending on if they are in the Builders Program or not. Terms around Community Development*Builders Program - Terms and Conditions Expanding on some of the requirements outlined here: $10,000 Monthly Revenue limit if not in the Builders Program: If a project not in the Builders Program exceeds 10,000 USD in monthly revenue they should contact Sky Mavis to sign an official agreement if they wish to continue to generate greater than 10,000 USD in revenue a month. Upon evaluation by Sky Mavis, the team may be inducted into the Builders Program, sign a separate agreement, be asked to remain below the 10,000 USD limit in revenue (with any overages going into the Treasury), or be asked to shut down if Sky Mavis discovers any issues that may negatively affect the Axie Infinity community. Generally, if there is an experience that is overall positive for the community, players love it, and we can trust the developers, we will likely support it and roll them into the Builders Program! Sky Mavis will also be actively looking to invest into and support teams who have shown the ability to build value. Revenue Treasury Split: Ensuring a % of project revenues (whether AXS or SLP) go to the Community Treasury guarantees that we are able to retain value within the community. There is no longer a requirement to burn SLP. As per the table below, if more funds are going directly back to the players the amount going to the Treasury is minimal. Ultimately, all funds in the Treasury are community owned as per our recent post. To expand on it as well, everything that is funded by AXS emissions currently (e.g. P&E rewards, Staking rewards, Ecosystem Fund) will need to be funded by the Treasury at some point if AXS holders want to maintain those in some capacity so it is essential that all activities in the ecosystem are set-up to accrue value there. The goal of these percentages here is to balance it so that Builders will not be limited as they get started, get rewarded for their successes, and protect significant value from being extracted from the ecosystem. As Builders become successful and are generating more revenue that was unlocked by building on top of the Axie brand and community, they will contribute more back to the community directly or via the Treasury, while still maintaining a large amount of revenue going to their team. Revenue Treasury Split examples: To further clarify how these work, here are some examples - If a Builder’s game makes $40k in a month, and the percentage allocated for player prizes is 0%: the Builder can keep all $40k of the revenue. If a Builder’s game makes $70k in a month, and the percentage allocated for player prizes is 20%: The Builder first takes 80% of $50k as revenue - then for the remaining $20k, 50% must go to the Treasury, and the Builder keeps 30%. If a Builder’s game makes $70k in a month, and the percentage allocated for player prizes is 50%: The Builder first takes 50% of $50k as revenue - then for the remaining $20k, 20% must go to the Treasury, and the Builder keeps 30%. If a Builder’s game makes $1.5M in a month, and the percentage allocated for player prizes is 50%: The Builder first takes 50% of $50k as revenue - then for the next $950k, 20% must go to the Treasury, and the Builder keeps 30% - finally, for the remaining $500k, 25% must go to the Treasury, and the Builder keeps 25%. Gambling: Gambling is a sensitive industry with varied laws and regulations across countries and states. We do not condone any type of gambling related experiences with Axie Infinity and will ask for operations to cease for any we are made aware of. Products created in this domain create significant risks for the entire Axie Infinity community. Fundraising: The Builders Program and the allowance of community development is meant to allow community members to build Axie Infinity projects they are passionate about, that will also be positive for the community and be rewarded in the process. It is not meant to be a form of fundraising of any kind. Teams should not be able to raise major funds off of the Axie Infinity Intellectual Property unless they have shown they can ship a quality product that will benefit the ecosystem, at which point Sky Mavis may provide allowances. Those who have the experience and team to build games professionally that want major funding should reach out and go through a heavy due diligence process with Sky Mavis. We will be actively monitoring the progress of builders and will be supporting the best with both funds and marketing. Sky Mavis reserves the right to ask any projects to cease using the Axie Infinity IP at any time if we find it can potentially be harmful to the Axie Infinity ecosystem and community in any way. Protecting Yourself and the Axie Infinity CommunityFor the protection of the community we advise on the following: Never purchase game NFTs related to any Axie Infinity projects unless we have explicitly indicated it is safe to do so via official communication channels. One way to spot game NFTs that are not sanctioned by Sky Mavis is if it is not being issued on the Ronin blockchain. Do not purchase any Axie Infinity related NFTs that claim to be usable in a game that are not on the Ronin blockchain. Be careful and perform diligent research around any Axie Infinity experiences that are not officially sanctioned by Sky Mavis, only spend and interact with these experiences with the full understanding that they have not been vetted or sanctioned officially by Sky Mavis and carry the corresponding risks. We encourage the community to spread the word and notify Sky Mavis of any potentially malicious projects or ones that may be exceeding the $10k monthly revenue limit. We will actively inform the community on projects to not engage with as well if we discover there are any concerns with it. Maximizing for the Highest Quality ExperiencesProducing high quality experiences for the community is very important for Sky Mavis. We also wanted to be clear that although we encourage and support the community in experimenting and creating all sorts of games, we will also simultaneously be looking to invest in professional game developers to produce Axie Infinity experiences. There may be cases that we bring in a professional game development studio to produce a game in a genre that the community may have created a game for as well, we will carefully evaluate on a case-by-case basis what would be the best course of action in these situations as well as take in community feedback. In some cases we may want to only have one game in the genre in the ecosystem, and in others it might make sense to allow for multiple titles, especially if there is already significant traction for a live game. We know that the Axie Infinity community wants to see the highest quality games and experiences be developed around the IP and that will be an important priority for us. Updated Tools & DocumentationAxie Developer’s Cookbook: A summary of the available tools Builders can use Axie Infinity Discord: Check the pins in the builders-program and tools-api-etc channels for more information on various tools, as well as if you are looking to recruit more help for your project Coming soon - Ronin Sign Page tool: Verify asset ownership for players, to ensure they are only allowed to use assets in your application that they own Let’s Build! We will be looking to re-evaluate applications given all of these updated requirements and considerations, projects are welcome to resubmit with updates here. In the future, we will also be looking to create systems to allow for the community to provide feedback on which types of projects they would really like to see built. As mentioned in the initial blog post, this is still early and experimental for us so we will learn and improve with the community as we evolve this program. All of these updates will help us maximize the ability for Builders to build while protecting the Axie Infinity ecosystem. We are very excited to move this process along, accept teams into the Builders program, and for projects to eventually launch to the community to enjoy! View the full article
  12. 4/22 Update: This post has been updated to align with the updated guidelines here We are all building Axie together. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, guild leader, Axie collector, Arena battler, or breeder — each and every one of you is an important missionary on a quest to build a new type of game. Today, we take an important step in our mission to build Axie alongside the community. We’re excited to announce the launch of the Axie Infinity Builders Program! Through this initial experiment, we want to provide resources, promotion, support, and tools for community developers to build compelling and valuable gaming experiences on top of Axie. Apply Now BackgroundCommunity co-creation is a guiding north star of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. It will be a fundamental driver of scaled-value generation over time. Members of our community have already experimented with these ideas in the past. Their creativity led to some great early mini-games, including Flappy Axie and Axie Sushi. While these early examples helped drive community engagement in 2018/2019, they ultimately were discontinued once Ronin was released. While we are aware that the current documentation and tools for community development are relatively limited, we believe they can help most people get a good head start. The community’s engagement in the Builders Program will help guide our efforts in helping make it more and more easy to develop experiences and tools over time. In short, the goal of this program is to further strengthen our community’s ability to create gaming experiences and tools, while managing risk to our community members, and our gaming network at-large. Benefits Teams that are chosen to be part of the program will receive: A minimum $5k grant in AXS to go towards their project, with a total of 5,000 AXS (~$400k) in grants available for this program guidance from SM engineering guidance from SM game design and product exclusive access to integrations such as Ronin SSO, Ronin Network testnet, and Ronin Wallet Domains whitelisted for the Ronin Wallet can ask players to sign a message. Once a message has been signed by the player, the player can access the Axies they own and use them in the game / experience created. exclusive access to API documentation for partner developers promotion of their project by Sky Mavis to the community access to art/asset packs Monetization of the projects is allowed and encouraged but must follow these requirements Payment by players is done in SLP or AXS to a single Ronin wallet A percentage of revenue (0-75%) may need to go to the Community Treasury detailed at the bottom of the Builders Terms The SM team will help with advising on monetization models, some example model ideas include: Entry fee funded prizes Within PvP experiences, players can pay for entry fees in SLP / AXS that go into a pool, winners take a majority of the pool. Leaderboard winners Players pay SLP / AXS into a pool to do a “Ranked” run of the game and try to get their best score, at the end of each day the players with the best scores will win part of the pool. New Tokens / NFTs Players pay with SLP / AXS for new Tokens / NFTs that can be obtained in the game. How to ApplyApplication form: Axie Infinity Builders Program Application Form Evaluation CriteriaWe will decide who to allow into this program based on the following factors: Culture, goals, and mindset alignment with Sky Mavis and the Axie community Evaluation of how fun and engaging their experience could be for the community Engineering assessment around feasibility of the project and technical talent on the team Potential positive impact to the Axie Infinity community and economy Commitment to the project - what resources and time the team is looking to invest into it Trust in the developers to not abuse their exclusive access privileges This program is specifically for new Development projects, there will be separate programs for content creators and community engagement initiatives. TimelinesWe will be reviewing applications on an on-going basis and selecting new teams to enter the program over time. Due to this being a new and experimental program, we will not be accepting many teams to start. If you are not chosen initially you may still be chosen in the future. Example Project IdeasAxie Tamagotchi Axie Bomberman Axie Tower Defence Axie Racing Axie Chess Axie Platformer Re-create Neopets games with Axie assets Public Tools & ResourcesAlthough as part of this program will include access to exclusive tools and resources that are not public, these are some of the existing resources available for anyone to get started that is already publicly available: 3rd Party API by Explorer & Seuchenhund Timm Meisinger (those who have specific needs could get access to the official Axie APIs) Pinned Posts in #tools-api-etc channel within the Axie Infinity Discord Forming a Project TeamA new channel “Builders-Program” in the Axie Infinity Discord will be created for people who are looking for more help on their project. For example, if you’re a Developer but you need help from an Artist for your project, you can post about your project, explain what you need, and find teammates with complementary skills! DisclaimersThe Builders Program is an experimental program that could change at any time. Sky Mavis has the right to revoke access and privileges from the Builders Program from any team at any time Builders should encourage players of their games to either use their own Axies through Ronin verification of ownership OR allow players to use the likeness of Axies the Builder owns or has permission to use. Builders should not use or allow usage of others’ Axies in their game, without the permission of the owner. FeedbackAs always, we are always looking for feedback on our programs and ways to improve. Please provide any feedback on the Axie Infinity Builders Program here: Builders Program Feedback Form Apply Now 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🛠️Axie Creator Guide 🗞️Axie Media Kit View the full article
  13. In approximately 1 hour, we're planning on deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down for maintenance. ✨ What’s NewBalancing updates: See details here Turn duration for PVP battles has been increased from 45 seconds to 60 seconds 🛠️ Fixed BugsBubble no longer reduces DMG from Poison and Shoal Star Oranda no longer dispels rune effects Selling/gifting an Axie will now unequip its runes and charms Lam’s bonus damage was triggering regardless of HP. This has been fixed Thorny Caterpillar will now only deal bonus damage to debuffed targets Tiny Dino now caps at 120 damage, as intended View the full article
  14. Ever wanted to experience playing in a professionally-casted esports event? Now’s your chance! In 1 hour, Zyori will host a King-of-the-Hill Open. Anyone can apply to take on Nix in this first-ever Dethrone Challenge livestream event. Winners will receive $25 in AXS! To play: Register here: https://skymavis.typeform.com/to/VTxGSJyQ Join the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/axieinfinity OR https://www.facebook.com/AxieInfinity/ Be the first to correctly answer in-chat trivia questions! View the full article
  15. Love Shoal Star but think it’s OP? There’s a lot of fun balancing work to be done for future Origin releases. We’d love to get your feedback in a Twitter Space in an hour. Join us to share your thoughts! Axie Infinity🦇🔊 @AxieInfinityJoin us on Thursday to share your feedback on broken builds and balancing in Origin. Set your reminder! https://t.co/LCn25xmQPBApril 20th 2022 28 Retweets147 LikesView the full article