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  1. Guild of Guardians Esports Exclusives — Allowlist GuideWe’re excited to officially announce the GOG Esports Exclusives Allowlist, designed to give our early supporters and those who complete special community quests early access one day before the Esports Exclusives public sale! The Allowlist provides you with early access to mint ahead of the public sale, ensuring you have a far better window of opportunity at summoning a Mythic Hero! TLDR: Allowlist Sale Start : Feb 8th, 10am AEDT // Feb 7th, 6pm ESTPublic Sale Start: Feb 9th, 10am AEDT // Feb 8th, 6pm ESTPublic Sale End: Feb 16th, 11:59pm AEST // Feb 15th, 7:59am ESTIf you are a current NFT holder (founder and or reborne as per the snapshot) you will automatically gain access to the AllowlistNon-NFT holders will have the opportunity to complete a series of community quests to gain early access. There is a soft cap of 5,000 and a hard cap of 10,000 Allowlist spots available through our Rewards Portal (This is independent of spots reserved for the partnered communities and influencers)2,000 spots are available to secure via our partnered communities and influencers. Keep an eye out for collaborative GOG Allowlist spots that are up for grabs!Hot tip: please ensure you are ready to mint once the Allowlist sale begins. The Allowlist does NOT guarantee you a mint, as the collection could sell out within the Allowlist phase. Not a GOG NFT holder? — Join the Allowlist by completing community quests 👇 Step 1: Join our Rewards Portal and complete the ‘Let’s Get Started’ quests! Starting January 30th AEDT, your opportunity to join the Allowlist will be through our ‘Rewards Portal’! Here you can participate in a range of activities, giveaways and competitions to win not only an Allowlist spot but a range of other epic prizes, like $GOG tokens and NFTs! If you’re a GOG NFT holder, you can still complete community quests and receive rewards. Step 2: Complete the following quests Accept the ‘Allowlist’ terms and conditionsJoin Our DiscordFollow Our TwitterLike & Retweet our esports TweetConnect your IMX walletCommit to MintingTweet about being AllowlistedClaim your Allowlist Discord RoleStep 3: After being Allowlisted, continue to engage with our quests to earn $GOG tokens! Once you’re Allowlisted, you’ll now be able to collect GOG points by completing various quests. These quests range from raiding tweets to solving riddles or watching a livestream! Quests that reward users for participation with GOG points will have a limited number of entries, so make sure you check in often to ensure you don’t miss out! GOG Points you earn from quests can be redeemed in our Rewards Portal for $GOG Tokens! Redeemed tokens will be banked and airdropped to users on February 28th 2023. Don’t have enough GOG points to redeem? You can save your GOG points until you have enough! Questions? If I choose not to join the Allowlist, will I still be able to purchase an NFT? Yes! Provided there are NFTs available for sale, you will still be eligible to purchase an esports NFT when the full sale goes live, at 10am, AEDT on February 8th. Can I still complete community quests for prizes and giveaways if I am already a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT holder and on the Allowlist? Absolutely! In fact, we encourage all community members to participate as there will be prizes and giveaways, which you will only be eligible for by participating in community quests. What kinds of quests will I need to complete? Quests will vary in actions and difficulty. Quests could include promoting the sale on Twitter, watching YouTube videos, participating in a community Discord activity or even solving a riddle! If I held a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT in the past but traded it, will I be eligible for the Allowlist? Unfortunately not. You must be holding a Founder or Reborne NFT at the time of snapshot to be eligible. If I hold a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT now, but I sell it at some point before the sale, will I still be eligible for the Allowlist? Selling your GOG Founder or Reborne NFT before the esports Sale poses the risk of losing eligibility for automatic Allowlisting. What if I buy a GOG NFT right before the sale, will I be eligible for the Allowlist? The official snapshot was taken on January 26th, 2023. Purchases after this time will not be eligible for the allowlist. Good luck, Guardian. The countdown begins! Until next time, LFGOG!! 🚀 View the full article
  2. *** Details in this piece are subject to change ***Guardians, you may recall some months ago, we announced a multi-year partnership with eight of the world’s most prominent teams in esports, including — Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid! Well, today, we are excited to officially announce the Esports Exclusives digital collectible sale, which will be going live to the public on February 9th, 10am AEDT // February 8th, 6pm EST. https://medium.com/media/da546d82467d7a4418652dee725a6d5f/hrefTLDR; There will be eight esports LEGENDARY Heroes representing each of the esports teams, which will be playable in-gameEach esport Hero will cost approximately $99 USD — payable in Ethereum (This is an approximation due to the fluctuation in ETH)There will be a supply cap of 16,000 Heroes in totalThere will be an Allowlist, meaning only a select number of purchasers will have exclusive early access to the sale for a 24 hr period. After which, the sale will be opened to the public. But we’ll share further details on this in the coming days!We are launching the sale on Immutable X — this means you don’t have to pay any pesky gas fees. Users will need Ethereum loaded onto Immutable X to purchase. Stay tuned as we’ll share a how-to guide in the coming daysThe sale will be open for one week. This is a one-time primary sale; once it has closed, the collection will not be offered for sale again, but you may be able to purchase and exchange Heroes on secondary marketplaces, including Immutable X, TokenTrove, Rarible and AQUA.xyzEach summon has a chance to be a “special edition” colour variant, with the following probabilities: 10% Warrior, 2% Elite and a 1 of 1 MythicBy purchasing an esport Hero, you gain access to exclusive perks and utilitiesDefine gaming historyJoin us in celebrating this landmark partnership where Guild of Guardians, a squad-based mobile RPG game, has partnered with eight of the world’s largest esport teams. We couldn’t be prouder of this history-defining innovation in the gaming industry, where for the first time ever, a game and collective of esports organisations are working together on a multi-year partnership and in-game IP integration. Be part of history and join us as we celebrate the launch of the first-ever Esports Exclusives digital collectibles. The unique utilities of the esport HeroesWith vastly different characteristics and identities, integrating eight esports teams into the Guild of Guardians universe was no easy feat! Cross-collaboration and careful consideration were paramount to the design process, to truly encapsulate each team’s unique attributes, while seamlessly integrating into the world of Elderym. Upon game launch, each esport Hero will be fully playable in-game, with exclusive utilities unique to this collection. But if becoming the proud new owner of a history-defining digital collectible wasn’t enough, holders will have access to a plethora of in-game and out-of-game perks. Some of these include… Exclusive leaderboards: Owning an esports Hero will grant holders access to special leaderboard competitions that include exclusive rewards. Special in-game rewards: Esport Hero holders will gain access to in-game rewards, including unique cosmetics and other unique digital collectibles. Out-of-game rewards: Purchasing an esport Hero will not only grant you access to special in-game rewards but unique merch opportunities and VIP access to various web3 gaming events around the world! Community quests, prizes and rewardsIn the lead-up to and during the sale, we’re giving away loads of prizes and rewards through community quests. Below are just a handful of the exciting things we have in the works! Signed esports jerseys: Keen to get your hands on an esports jersey signed by the teams?! Well, there are 140 signed jerseys up for grabs! Stay tuned for a chance to win! NFT airdrops: Those who purchase an esport Hero during this sale will be automatically entered into draws of random NFT airdrops. The total supply of airdrops will be announced soon! Community quests: Throughout the sale, there will be many opportunities to WIN token airdrops and different NFTs by simply completing the various community engagement activities. More on this to come! Top spender: This one is HUGE, fam! Imagine having the opportunity to design your VERY OWN playable hero or pet in Guild of Guardians! Essentially, the person who owns the most esport digital collectibles will get to rub shoulders with our incredibly talented creative and design teams to design a bespoke digital collectible! The exclusive AllowlistWe’ll be giving early access to select wallet addresses which will grant early access to the sale for 24 hours! The ‘Allowlist’ provides you with early access to mint ahead of the public sale, ensuring you have a far better window of opportunity at summoning a Mythic Hero! To nab an Allowlist spot, you must either be an existing GOG NFT holder OR have completed all missions as part of the community challenge. Stay tuned, as we’ll share full details in the coming days! We have so many exciting things to share in the lead-up to the sale, including cheeky leaks and a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the esports Guardians! We’ll also be publishing a Buyer’s Guide to ensure you are fully armed and ready to go once the sale is live. Finally, thank you all for coming along on this journey with us. This marks the beginning of our partnership with eight of the world’s largest esport teams, as we look to shape the future of esports in web3 gaming. We are forever grateful for this amazing community and value each and every one of you. Until next time Guardians, LFGOG!! 🚀 View the full article
  3. The Guild’s Treasure — Full Details of the $GOG Active StakingIn October 2022, we announced the largest community rewards to date! The Guild’s Treasure — $GOG active staking. Five million $GOG in rewards is being distributed to early supporters who stake their $GOG tokens until closer to the launch of the game. Today, we are publishing the full details and calculations of The Guild’s Treasure. LFGOG! 🚀 Here’s the TLDR of our previous announcement - The Guild’s Treasure will run from the 7th of November 2022 over the next six months until May 2023Active stakers who hold $GOG in ImmutableX over a continuous streak will receive higher rewards. HODLing for longer reaps the ultimate rewards! 😉Tokens staked in the first and second week of The Guild’s Treasure will start off their streak at 12 months (which gives you a 2x bonus on staked $GOG)The first payment will be made in December (batching all weeks up to the date of the first payment)In order to be eligible for active staking rewards - Your $GOG must be deposited on ImmutableXYou must own a Rare or higher-valued Guild of Guardians NFT HeroYou must satisfy at least one of the following criteria for each week -Trade: Buy or sell any Guild of Guardians NFT on the secondary marketStash: Increase your $GOG balance on ImmutableX by at least 1 $GOG (any $GOG rewards received do not count)Vote: Cast a governance vote with your $GOG tokens (not available yet)But how can you estimate the rewards you are likely to receive? In this article, we will step through the full details and calculations of The Guild’s Treasure. But if you just want to know the answer, we’ve collaborated with a member of our community who has built a staking rewards calculator based on the details below. For the real nerds who want to know the deeper details in order to calculate their rewards — read on! Timing - The length of The Guild’s Treasure is 30 weeks, with the first week starting on 7th November 2022 to the final week starting on 29th May 2023Rewards are calculated weekly, starting at 00:00 on Monday and ending at 11:59 pm on Sunday AEDT — for example, the final week starts at 00:00, on 29th May 2023, and ends 11:59 pm 4th June 2023 AEDTRewards are based on your minimum $GOG balance during that weekRewards are distributed monthly in the 4th week of the month, batching all complete weeks up until that date — please note that any $GOG rewards received (from staking or otherwise) do not count towards the Stash criteria for active weekly participationWhat is the Holding Streak Bonus? A holding streak bonus multiplier is applied to $GOG held in ImmutableX based on how long it has been continuously heldThe multiplier grows logarithmically with every extra week it is held, up to a maximum of 2x at ~12 months held, and a minimum of 1x at 0 weeks held, i.e. the first week it is staked. The formula for the multiplier is: log(N+1)/log(52) + 1Tokens staked in the first and second week of The Guild’s Treasure will start out with a holding streak of 12 months (which gives you a 2x bonus on staked $GOG)Having $GOG in ImmutableX maintains the holding streak, even if active staking criteria are missed in any weekHolding streaks are calculated for every cohort of $GOG added to a wallet — for example, if 100 $GOG is added to the wallet every week, the first 100 $GOG will have a higher holding streak bonus multiplier than the second 100 $GOGWhen $GOG is withdrawn from a wallet, it is removed from the cohort with the shortest holding streak firstThis multiplier is applied to each cohort, and the sum of all cohorts (after applying the multiplier) is treated as the effectively staked $GOG, provided that all other active staking criteria were met for that weekHow to estimate rewards - With 5m $GOG being distributed over 30 weeks, roughly 166,666 $GOG is distributed to active Stakers for each week of The Guild’s Treasure Based on current network conditions (these may no longer be up to date depending on when you read this) ~25m $GOG is held on ImmutableX~30% of $GOG is eligible for active staking rewards (e.g. fulfil the eligibility criteria)The average user holding streak is ~1.9xAssuming a 2x holding streak bonus on 1,000 $GOG eligible for active staking, the estimated rewards can be calculated as follows: The entire network has effectively staked 14.25m $GOG = 25m x 30% x 1.9You have effectively staked 2,000 $GOG = 1000 x 2Your contribution to the staked network is 0.014% = 2,000 / 14,250,000 x 100%Your weekly rewards are 23.4 $GOG = 0.014% x 166,666.666666The annualised reward rate (rewards calculated weekly, distributed monthly, and assumes rewards are then staked) is 220% = [(1 + 166,666.666666/14,250,000 x 2 x (365/7/12))12–1] x 100%To calculate this for yourself, a member of our community has built a handy staking rewards calculator based on the same calculation methodology as above. Please note that rewards are only estimates, as exact network conditions are unknown until the end of each week. FAQs Why should I stake $GOG? This is a limited opportunity to get involved in the largest reward to date (5m $GOG) to be distributed to reward the earliest supporters of Guild of Guardians, in the lead-up to the launch of the game. For true believers in the future of Guild of Guardians. Why was the 2x holding streak bonus extended to the second week of The Guild’s Treasure? In the first week of The Guild’s Treasure, it was expected that public sale participants could withdraw their $GOG from CoinList and move it into ImmutableX to stake it before the end of the first week of staking. However, due to withdrawal processing delays on their end, this led to some $GOG withdrawals being delayed until the second week of The Guild’s Treasure. Therefore, for fairness reasons, all $GOG held in ImmutableX by the end of the first and second weeks of The Guild’s Treasure was granted a 2x holding streak bonus. What happens after the first 30 weeks of The Guild’s Treasure finishes? We have a plan for this, but it involves something we are not allowed to share anything on yet 😉 Why did I receive a different reward than what was estimated? Staking rewards are based on the network conditions for that week. While you have control over the amount you stake, and how long you’ve held your $GOG, staking rewards are shared across the entire network of stakers. If there is higher staking participation or a higher average holding streak than what was used in the calculation in any given week, the rewards will be lower than estimated as it is spread across more staked $GOG. Similarly, if the staking participation or average holding streak is lower than what was used in the calculation, the rewards will be higher than estimated. Is there a minimum amount to stake? While there is no minimum amount to stake, as staking rewards will simply be distributed as a percentage of the $GOG you have staked, this will be rounded down to zero if your reward is less than 0.000001 $GOG. Which Guild of Guardians NFTs qualify for the weekly Trade criteria? To satisfy the Trade criteria in any given week, you must buy or sell any Guild of Guardians NFT on the secondary market. This includes the following NFT collections: Heroes (TokenTrove | Immutable)Avatars (TokenTrove | Immutable)Pets (TokenTrove | Immutable)Other (TokenTrove | Immutable)How do I buy and stake $GOG? We have a full guide for this here! We hope this article has armed you with the details and information to fully understand how the Guild’s Treasure Staking Program works! Thank you for taking the time to read and participate in the program. We are grateful to each and every one of you and are thrilled to be able to reward our loyal community members. 💖 Until next time, Guardian. LFGOG!! 🚀 View the full article
  4. The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #8Guardians — welcome to the eighth edition of the Guild of Guardians Dev Diaries. With the festive season upon us and 2022 quickly drawing to a close, we want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support ❤️ This year alone, we’ve shipped two highly successful demos, a live staking program, and history-defining partnerships that will pave the next frontier of gaming. We’ve pivoted plans for the greater good while leveraging bear markets to build. Despite the tumultuous twists and turns, we continue to experience rapid growth. And with 850k pre-registered players, we are well on our way to 1 million! Market shake-ups and setbacks only deepen our commitment, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your shared conviction. TLDR The ups and downs of the bear market 🐻The Guild’s Treasure — $GOG active staking updates 🪙Exciting game updates 🎮The evolution of the Guild of Guardians team ⚔️Community updates 🚀The world of Elderym 🌎Current Market OutlookThe recent events surrounding FTX have unfortunately impacted many, but please rest assured that Immutable and Guild of Guardians don’t use leverage, and we, fortunately, remain unaffected by the market’s impact. Bear markets are painful, but despite market conditions, we still have 3.5 years of runway. We are grateful that our position has allowed us to truly leverage this time to build and focus on the long-term success of Guild of Guardians. The Guild of Guardians team continues to grow. In fact, we recently onboarded ten new members across all game functions. We strongly believe that those who continue to build will make it to the other side as winners. The Guild’s Treasure — $GOG active stakingIn case you missed it, $GOG active staking is live, and we’ve seen a significant 4x increase of $GOG ready for staking (from 6m to 24m) since we announced The Guild’s Treasure! (source) So what’s the annual reward rate, you ask? If 100% of all $GOG currently on ImmutableX is actively staked, the annualised reward rate will be 50%+ This will be even higher if not all $GOG is actively staked (e.g. not all $GOG holders on ImmutableX satisfy the eligibility requirements), as the reward becomes concentrated to fewer holders. Based on similar staking programs, the amount that is actively staked tends to be closer to 10% (e.g. the rewards would be 10x higher). But if more $GOG becomes actively staked (e.g. more $GOG is added to ImmutableX and satisfies the eligibility requirements), it will be lower. Game Design UpdatesWhen it comes to great gameplay, you know it when you see it, and the road of taking a game from playable to great can often be winding. Quick iteration cycles help you hone in on what’s working, but more importantly, give insight into what needs to be cut or is holding you back. We’ve been working with Stepico over the past month on quick iterative cycles and playtests, to really push the game forward in a single key area: Making Choices Matter. We’ve put considerable effort into two main spaces: Moment to moment gameplay — Experimenting with movement attacks, out-of-movement attacks into movement, and everything in between. Expanding player’s options with heavy attacks, improving the way using ultimate attacks feel, and the overall UI/UX.Metagame possibility space — What are the choices players make to get them through a dungeon? What challenges do the different Guardians excel at? and what choices do players have access to, in order to solve those challenges?The GOG team’s evolution and expansionWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — We have bold ambitions here at Guild of Guardians, and bold ambitions require relentless focus, teamwork, and the best talents in the industry! Over the past few months, we’ve begun merging talent across the Immutable studio and business to further enable the success of Guild of Guardians and web3 as a whole. We’re leveraging the varied and focused expertise of core leaders, which will further enable us to reach our goals. These people have already begun focusing on GOG to make the team even more stacked than before. Please welcome… Cameron Dayton — Our Studio Creative Director, who is hard-focused on developing the GOG narrative while telling our story in a creative and dynamic way. Roberto Vieira — Recently appointed Head of Technology who has led full development and operation units in the games industry for over 20 years. Robert will boost our engineering team as we look to deliver a world-class, seamless gaming experience where blockchain is invisible. Daniel Stephens — The Director of Production for Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained and Immutable Games Studio, who has shipped over 25 titles and counting. Daniel will keep the team in check and help us maximize our output. Chris Clay — There’s a good chance you already know Chris Clay from Gods Unchained, whose role is expanding across the Studio leadership team to level up our game dev. Clay is joining the core leadership & design team to ensure GOG is creating meaningful core experiences that players will love for years. Stay tuned for more! Wen launch?Currently, the team is working incredibly hard on the game and is excited about the improvements that will be made following the delays, as previously announced. Some of the recent upgrades that we have made include improving the ‘feel’ of the game, upgrading our internal processes and ways of working, and beginning to go into the details of planning *every single thing* needed for a smooth but big global launch. We understand the community’s eagerness for a new confirmed launch date. But we’re no strangers to the ever-changing nature of web3 and will share a confirmed timeline when we are confident that we can deliver a history-defining web3 gaming experience. In the meantime, we are committed to transparency and providing regular progress updates as the game evolves closer to launch. Community UpdateSince our last update, there have been several initiatives we’ve rolled out within the GOG community, many involving both Bigturnz #2787 and Ryan #1962, as well as our amazing Mods and Ambassadors. These activities are among many we’re looking to trial as we collect data on how to best activate the community (i.e. what you enjoy most) while we build out one of web3’s leading mobile games. GOG TriviaThe first inaugural event of GOG Trivia Night was hosted by some of the most passionate members of the GOG community, Stepfam and WT. Along with this dynamic duo, we had our Senior Community manager, Jai, make an unplanned special appearance as he came to the rescue during some technical difficulties! The competition was tight, and the anticipation of who would be crowned as the trivia master only got deeper as GOG Ambassador Tomahawk and GOG moderator Bedu crushed each and every question. However, there was only one clear winner by the end, as Tomahawk was crowned the undisputed GOG Trivia Master as he delivered a flawless performance with zero incorrect answers. In third place, we had community OG, MythicChef, followed by Tomahawk’s brother himself, ToadManSam, in fourth and Palmito in fifth. The second GOG Trivia Night was hosted by Stepfam and Jai, where Tomahawk was tasked with defending his title as GOG’s Trivia Master. Like the first trivia night, the questions related to all things GOG featuring questions that would be difficult even for the most diehard of fans. Unsurprisingly, Tomahawk was maintaining the first position for the majority of the quiz until the very last question, when community member TeddyPerkins overtook him for first place. In third place, we had Keejee, followed by Stormex in fourth and Toasties in fifth. GOGtober Thriller Dance ContestThe contest for this year’s GOGtober was spearheaded by WT, where the GOG community was tasked with filming a dance video to the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. There were a number of amazing entries, including Firebolt’s video, which featured him wearing a mask of Varik and his show-stopping dance moves. Like always, Tomahawk delivered a creative entry along with Bedu, who added his own wild twist! To see the full montage of all entries from the #GOGtober dance contest, check out the video below! https://medium.com/media/48caa7803bdc9fc08c086cc873381db5/hrefCommunity CampfireWe had our first-ever Community Campfire on via a Twitter space, where we strive to feature notable and important people within the GOG community as guests. In this first iteration of the community campfire series, we had special guests, Stepfam and Tomahawk, join hosts Jai and Ryan. Although GOG is our central focus, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders within this industry. This led the discussion to include topics outside GOG, such as other web3 games and the broader macroeconomic environment. Expect more community campfires as we roll out more initiatives and developments across the GOG universe! What’s next for the GOG community?Stay tuned for our upcoming Town Hall hosted by core GOG team members, where we reflect on the massive year that has been 2022, insights into the game direction, and a $GOG staking overview. The community will have the opportunity to ask questions, so be sure to keep your them handy! Tis’ the season, Guardians! If you were here last Christmas, you might have been airdropped an exclusive GOG avatar, and this year, we’re excited to share a cheeky sneak peek into something we’ve been brewing. No matter how you celebrate, the holidays are a special time of year. Spirits are high and gifts are often exchanged with loved ones. However, there is one Guardian that simply doesn’t understand the festive vibes. As part of this character’s journey in understanding what this ‘time of year’ is all about, the GOG community may need to partake in certain tasks to help them understand what being festive is all about… 👀 🔥 🎅🏽 Finally, as many of you are aware, Guild of Guardians has partnered with eight of the world’s most prominent teams in esports! With playable characters that have been heavily inspired by each team’s brand. There’s still much to be revealed, but the community can expect to be at the forefront of our plans as we start rolling out more information in the next few months. Stay tuned! Meet the Team — YouTube SeriesWith a range of impressive talent behind the development of Guild of Guardians, we would love to introduce you to some of the brilliant minds behind your most beloved web3 mobile game! As of this week, we’ll be launching the first interview of many from our ‘Meet The Team’ series. Our Senior Community Manager ‘Jai Turnor’ will be hosting an interview with our very talented Studio Creative Director ‘Cameron Dayton’ as we delve into his impressive career and what he envisions for GOG! The World and LoreThe creative team has been spending time gathering Guardians and exploring the ways in which their stories will be told. When it comes to how we approach narrative and design, web3 enables us to think outside the box, so we are hard at work experimenting with new systems that will allow us to take advantage of our web3 roots. The lore of Elderym is rich with tension, mystery and triumph, so the systems used to tell those stories must be keenly honed to ensure no stone is left unturned. Here’s a cheeky little snippet…👇 ‘As the Dread bloom within the cracks of the world, a desperate Guardian hears rumours of long-forgotten summoning stones. Legends say they can be found scattered across the realms of Elderym, buried deep within the Darkwood and consumed by the forges of Hearthfire. Hearing this, Kwitare sets off on a quest to track them down. She carefully navigates the swamps of Madfort, the silent halls of the Barrens, and spends long and restless nights shivering herself to sleep among the snows of Frostmire. Slowly, one by one, she finds them until a single stone remains hidden deep within Ringstone. Thus begins her final journey into the Dread-infested bowels of Requiem, the tombs of the fallen… Closing comments Thank you, Guardians. We appreciate each and every one of you and are grateful to be sharing this wild journey with you all. We are laser-focused on building and delivering a history-defining product and firmly believe that those who stay true to their conviction will reap the wins of their efforts. 2023 will be a BIG year and to say we are excited about the future of web3 is an understatement. So stay tuned because we have so many exciting things in the works, some of which we will be sharing with you very, very soon. But in the meantime, here are some cryptic emojis for you to decipher… Can you guess what they mean?! 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 🎅 🦸 🏆 🎮 Finally, we hope you and your loved ones have a restful festive break. The Guild of Guardians team will be taking some time to rest and recharge for the epic year ahead, so we may be a little less available. Happy Holidays, Fam! Until next time Guardians. View the full article
  5. Guardian of the Week — Edition #15 Meet ‘Fries’Welcome to Edition #15 of the ‘Guardian of The Week’ series! This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤 We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is! In this edition, we honour Fries— An OG member of the Guild of Guardian’s Discord from day one. A real OG! Let us introduce you to our Guardian of the Week, Fries! Tell us something about yourself and how you got your Discord handle, Fries. My nickname, Fries, evolved from my nickname, Potato, from my counter-strike days. I was in a clan of vegetable names, and the potato comes from couch potato. When I played a game called lords mobile, a city-building MMO game, I had a few accounts that were food products of potatoes like mashed potatoes, fries, baked potatoes, etc. Fries is my main account. I guess it stuck partly because it’s easy to remember, and it’s an excellent icebreaker to start a conversation with people since it’s primarily people’s favourite food. My real name is Frans. I’m a 3rd generation Chinese Indonesian. My grandfather migrated from Xiamen in southern China in the early 1940s to escape poverty and find a better life in Indonesia. He started by selling construction materials and tools, then moved on to producing condiments when he saw an opportunity in the field. I graduated in food science and technology from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. The same alma mater as Derek, Ryan and Howie. I helped out in the family business straight out of university, like a typical Asian household. I usually go scuba diving when I’m not helping in the family business. I have a rescue diver certificate from PADI (professional association of diving instructors) and love to discover the underwater scenery and fauna in different parts of Indonesia. I also enjoyed snowboarding when I was in Australia and when I tried Japan’s powder snow, I was hooked! Unfortunately, all this adventure has to be put on hold since the birth of my fraternal twins (boy-girl twins). Hopefully, when the pandemic is officially declared endemic in most countries, and they are fully vaccinated, I can introduce them to these sports. How did you get into crypto, and how have you come to know Guild of Guardians? I heard about Bitcoin in 2012-ish but only got into crypto in early 2021 when I saw an influencer shilling about BNB coin. I started investing a bit into BNB, and once it took off, I never looked back. I consider myself a hard-core gamer, and my research led me to Axie Infinity before it became popular in March 2021. From there, I found out about YGG. And from YGG’s discord server, I discovered GOG. It was pretty funny back then in the early days when only Nick and Derek were there. People thought the project was dead because there was not much chatter on the server. You have been known to translate some GOG infographics into Indonesian. What drove the passion that made you start this initiative? When I started in Guild of Guardians, there wasn’t much information/content regarding the project regarding gaming content. Most of them were just about the monetary rewards or ROI. At the other end of the spectrum, the white paper was aimed at crypto natives, with the technical terms and jargon which might turn non-crypto gamers who only want to play the game for enjoyment off. Therefore, I recognised the need to bridge the information gap for those groups. My purpose is to bridge the gap by translating the already available infographics made by Firebolt into the Indonesian language. I am thankful for the opportunity to translate the infographics by Firebolt, which deliver information in a short, concise, comprehensive, and beautiful format. The infographics help immensely in both my job as a translator and the reader to understand the vast and complex information about the world of GOG. The initiative was also started to encourage the adoption of Play-and-Earn since I have observed the economic impact they bring in developing countries. As you know, last year, during the height of those play-and-earn games such as Axie Infinity, many people made it their primary source of income with better working hours and better pay than their regular jobs. With more information and content available in the Indonesian language, hopefully, GOG’s adoption in the Indonesian community will be much easier and effortless. Guild of Guardians’ development as a project is steadily mounting. Where do you think GOG is heading a few years from now? I think GOG will be one of those games that will stay long-term for several reasons. It will be the first of the few mobile play-and-earn, AAA-quality games in the dungeon-explorer genre. It will have the first mover’s advantage. Also, because it is free to play, I think millions of people will play it. Furthermore, the partnership collaboration with the significant esports teams will bring a change of scenery in the esport environment initiated by GOG. In the long-term goal, just like the team said, it will merge into mainstream players and be called just “games” and not “crypto games” anymore. I am very optimistic that we will see GOG evolve into something big, and I’m so excited about its future. Exciting milestones are cohesively being accomplished. What are your thoughts about them? I am very bullish on GOG as a project compared to other web3 games so far. GOG has been one of those projects that have always been transparent with their work progress during this bear period. In contrast, most of the other projects I follow have been put on hold for an unknown period, or some have even been aborted. Looking at the roadmap, I am very optimistic about the grand goals the team aims for since, from my experience, the team always tries to underpromise but over-deliver. Now with more than 800k pre-registered accounts. A lot of new players are flooding our Discord server. What advice can you give to our new incoming members? Don’t be shy to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Indeed, members in discord and moderators will be happy to help you answer your questions. Or maybe, if you are lucky, Ryan, our Community Manager, will answer it personally. Hopefully, the new members will see how welcoming and fun the Discord community is. Where can we contact you? In discord, my username is fries#8171, or on Twitter @friesgaming8171 We hope you enjoyed our fifteenth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind this community-run initiative. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  6. Monetisation in Web3 gaming — Difference between Web2 and Web3 Games Part 2In part 1 of this article, we provided a fundamental explanation of Web3 games and discussed the underlying technologies that have made them possible. In part 2, we highlight the methods used for monetisation to give anyone interested in NFT games a starting introduction. How Game studios MonetiseWe agree that Web3 has significantly impacted developer incentives, shifting them to a more positive and beneficial path and aligning their wishes with the players for a better, more engaging game. However, game studios, no matter their focus, need to make a profit to survive. Fundamentally, the critical difference in monetisation is in the approach. A web3 developer is working in collaboration with the community to grow the total value pie, and although the pie needs to be divided amongst more players, and from a percentage perspective, the developers receive a smaller share of the pie, the volume of the pie is much larger as a web3 game has a more diverse player base. Advertisement vs PartnershipsAdvertising became a stable source of income for the game industry a while ago. Both web2 and web3 games have been known to use Ads heavily; however, the emphasis on ads has been much heavier when dealing with more traditional games. Web3 games have so far eschewed ads, focusing instead on partnerships, where they rely on some win-win outcome between players and partners (e.g. partners get exposure to web3 development and the games can tap into more mainstream audiences) Transaction feesUnique to web3 games, transaction fees, sometimes called trade tax, are charged when players engage in trading. These taxes are relatively modest (e.g. 5%) compared to platform fees in traditional gaming, which can be upwards of 30%. The revenue for the developer is therefore correlated to the total trades and the value of those trades, which are both increased with more people playing, and/or participating in the ecosystem. Royalties & Minting CostsWeb3 games often seek to monetise via secondary market transaction fees and primary market minting fees. These fees must be paid when players seek to transfer ownership or create a new asset on the blockchain. Typically these fees are paid in either the native in-game token or established cryptocurrency. In-app PurchasesBoth types of games can charge for some gameplay actions or elements. Traditional games must be much more careful with monetising gameplay elements to avoid being perceived as pay-to-win games. Microtransactions and in-game purchases have driven user satisfaction into the ground, even sparking a controversy calling their methods “predatory.” Traditional games sink value in a one-way exchange and explicitly attempt to curtail black-market activities, going as far as permanently banning players. Web3 games, on the other hand, encourage trading and purchases. For blockchain assets, games try to preserve value as the player always has the option of on-selling their purchases to other players. Network valueLastly, let’s briefly discuss network value. Web3 games, by design, have a much higher network value, meaning the overall invested amount in-game. While this does not directly contribute to the revenue generated by the company, it is a valuable benchmark for attracting new players, investors, and partners. A web3 game with high network value and economic stability can monetise via other channels, especially if other projects and individuals seek to be associated with the brand and Intellectual Property (IP). Indeed, the value of IP surrounding a game’s art and assets could be worth more than its direct revenues, as seen in the many popular profile picture NFTs. Sustaining a high-value network brings universal benefits to the player and the studio. How players make their earningsAs we have explored the basic ways web3 game companies operate, it has become increasingly clear that the relationship between players and the game studio is mutually beneficial. Finally, let’s examine how these games enable players to monetise their hard work. TradingA core mechanic in pretty much any blockchain game, trading is a surefire method to make some profit. While the process requires patience, knowledge, and a bit of luck, the classic “buy low” and “sell high” are core components of the free market. Crafting / BreedingMany games have a mechanism for allowing players to create additional assets in the game via crafting or breeding. In order to be successful in earning via crafting or breeding, the player needs to understand what the rest of the player base requires and take some risk in expending effort in acquiring materials to complete the craft. RentingWhile renting may be very game-specific, it is still worth mentioning. Renting NFTs is a practice when seasoned, or “wealthy” players rent out uncommon assets or items to other players to help them advance. Some form of revenue share from this accelerated progress is then divided between the renter and the renter. TournamentsTournaments are events where the winner receives either token prizes or valuable items. The rewards and their value depend on the game heavily. However, it is usually true that some experience, and even decent gear or equipment, may be necessary to have a fair chance at winning (e.g. in Trading Card Games). StakingStaking is a game mechanic where players can lock their tokens for a specific time. The locked NFTs become available for other players, and the owner generates some passive income. Most games allow the staked items to be removed before the specified time has passed by sacrificing the potential rewards. Earning in-game currencyPerhaps the most straightforward method is just playing the game. Players can make some income by farming the in-game currency. The amount depends on the time investment and the game itself. The in-game coin can later be sold or traded for fiat currencies. ConclusionWe hope that this article has shed some light on the monetisation methods used by web3 games and has clarified how players can be expected to earn by playing games. The main takeaway is that for NFT games to prosper, they need their player base and community to thrive, resulting in a mutually beneficial, almost symbiotic relationship. Written by Economy Designer Howie Zhang. View the full article
  7. Meet Ella Lowgren — The Senior Creative Designer of Guild of GuardiansWe’re on a mission to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital ownership via NFTs by building the world’s most popular mobile RPG where players can turn their passion for gaming into real assets. It’s a bold ambition, and bold ambitions require relentless focus, teamwork, and some of the best talents in the industry. In this ‘Meet the Team’ series, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the team who are passionately building and spearheading the next frontier of gaming. Guardians say ‘Hello’ to Ella Lowgren, the AMAZING Senior Creative Designer of Guild of Guardians! An adventurer at heart, Ella loves to Ski and Ride motorcycles. But at home, she embraces her creative side, where she develops Indie games and creates jaw-dropping art. We are proud to introduce you to our badass on the outside but artistic talent on the inside, Ella Lowgren!🖤 Tell us about yourself, Ella! Hello! I’m Ella, and I love making video games. By day I can be found at Immutable, and by night I’ll release an indie game for free, every now and then. You’re the Senior Creative designer for Guild of Guardians — What exactly does your role entail? And what does a day in the life at Guild of Guardians look like for you? My days always look different, which is why I love working in creative design. I’m never bored! Sometimes I can be found making slide decks, ideating on systems or creating mockups, while on others, I can be found delving into the lore, facilitating narrative within the core game-play loop and liaising with vendors. The best part of being a creative designer is getting to work across multiple disciplines and seeing your work reflected in the game. It’s both equally rewarding and challenging, so I’m always working to make things as cohesive and interesting as possible. You have worked on the creative design for numerous amazing games! What makes game design different from non-game-related design? Designing games is completely different from designing other forms of media, which is part of what makes it so exciting. This is mainly because video games have more moving parts than other mediums such as film, TV, radio or literature. There’s not only the writing but the programming, art, music, soundscape, UI/UX and core game-play loop to consider. With so many disciplines contributing to a game, it is possible to craft experiences that can often be more engaging than other forms of media, though arguably, it is also more work. However, the intersection of all these moving parts is what makes designing video games a satisfying puzzle to plan, create and execute. Why does creative design play such an important role in building an amazing game? The creative design focuses more so on the story and the vehicles we use to tell that story. Everything from the environment to the heroes is part of the process, and each asset expands the world and the player’s understanding of the said world. Music and audio play into this, and it’s important that the themes and experiences you want your players to have, are echoed throughout the game and its systems. What is your process when it comes to making a breathtaking design? This is a hard one, as it can be very different each time! I like to frame changes or designs as answering a question or addressing the underlying cause of a problem. By framing each design decision intentionally and understanding how it will enhance the game for a player, more amazing design solutions can emerge. What is it about GOG that you love? There are so many possibilities! Between our world and heroes, there are numerous exciting stories that remain to be told that I can’t wait to tell. You are an advocate of ADHD. Can you tell us about your experiences and what advice you would have for others with ADHD? I was diagnosed with ADHD when I turned 26, so I want to let everyone know that it is never too late to be diagnosed. (After all, the reason I pursued a diagnosis is that my father got one when he was in his 50s, which was the catalyst for me pursuing my own.) I always knew that my brain worked differently, so throughout life, I had gathered a lot of coping mechanisms to overcome this. The diagnosis gave me tools to use within my work life and personal life that have made things easier both day-to-day and long-term. I also take medication for my ADHD, which has helped further, as, in my experience, it’s like having glasses for my brain. I am able to focus more easily without outside distractions, and the barrier to entry of starting tasks is reduced. Medication isn’t for everyone, so it’s something to be discussed with your medical professional and then decided upon personally. If you think you may have ADHD, I cannot recommend talking to a doctor about it more highly. There are more resources than ever before that can help you thrive with it. You are someone who has many hobbies! What other things are you passionate about? So many things! I love going fast, so two of my favourite things to do are ski and ride motorcycles. (I am even a qualified ski instructor.) I also love playing sports, running with my Dalmatians, making art, making indie games, DIY-ing furniture, writing, and taking photos. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years? Making video games and riding a faster motorcycle. Where can the community connect with you? I apologise in advance for my nonsense on Twitter…. Twitter — https://twitter.com/ellalowgren We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Senior Creative Designer, Ella Lowgren. Stay tuned for the next edition to learn more about the people behind the game Guild of Guardians. Until next time. View the full article
  8. Guardian of the Week — Edition #14 Meet ‘Bedu’Welcome to Edition #14 of the ‘Guardian of The Week’ series! This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤 We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is! In this edition, we honour Bedu—a renowned member, gamer and moderator here within the Guild of Guardians community. From helping the Guild of Guardians community, especially our Portuguese members, Bedu has paved his way to becoming one of the most renowned members of the community. Currently representing as a Guardian Moderator, he still manages to give time to chat and answer members who need help. He even submitted a very entertaining entry in the “Thriller Dance Move Competition” to inspire others to submit their own entry. He is also a Guild Leader of the Spartans Guild and manages their awesome Twitter account @GoG_Brasil. Talk about dedication and commitment! This remarkable newly-wed GOTW has given us insights into his journey and his outlook in the space. Tell us about yourself and your crypto journey towards Guild of Guardians. Hello, GOG fam! Many of you know me from Discord as Beduino Albino (or Bedu), but IRL people call me André. I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I grew up in a small neighbourhood in the city’s north zone, playing on the street with friends, playing football (or “soccer”), video games and flying kites. I graduated as a Biomedical Scientist, which means many hours in the lab doing experiments and research on many different topics, from malaria, to Aedes aegypti mosquitoes’ metabolism to ovarian and brain cancer, until I finally settled down writing my thesis on cardiology area. Today I work as a Management Consultant in Health & Life Sciences, and beyond spending time on Discord, I like travelling, playing video games, spending time with my family and friends and going out to hike or eat! I have loved playing games on consoles or PC since I was a small kid. From Master System to PlayStation series, passing through Dream Cast — been there, done that. I remember playing Doom on my father’s computer back in the ’90s when I was only 5 or 6 years old (IDDQD IDKFA, IYKYK). Some years ahead, I remember when my father brought home the CD Rom for Warcraft III — Reign of Chaos. I spent countless hours playing that game (mostly with the Orcs, LFG HORDE!), but curiously never got into WoW. Age of Empires II and III and Counter-Strike also sum up a good chunk of played hours. During high school, a friend of mine got me into an MMORPG called Rappelz. I would go into the night playing that and change days overnights during the vacation period, becoming one of the highest levels on the server. The grind was real! During college, I got addicted to Guild Wars 2 and would spend more hours playing it than I should have. But life goes on, and our priorities change. It’s been over a year since my gaming PC was broken and sitting on a corner… 2022 has been quite a ride! I have been working a lot and got married, so that has consumed most of my time during the past 6–8 months. Everyone says it, but we have no idea how much work goes into organising a wedding until we actually do it (and how much money you can spend on it, lol). It was a small ceremony for only 100 people, but the list of things to resolve was endless. Find a church, a place for the party, choose a dress, choose the food, choose the colours of stuff, decoration, music, and hundreds of etcs! But, in the end, you get to enjoy a wonderful moment, and thankfully everything went smoothly, and it was perfect. The place was beautiful, the food was great, the party was fantastic, and we had a blast! Couldn’t have asked for anything else. Now that all the stress over everything related to the wedding is past and work is a little less demanding, I have more spare time to be present on Discord and am excited to play Guild of Guardians with the friends I’m making in the space. The fact that I can play it on mobile will certainly help me find the time to accommodate it in my life healthily. Talking about space, I first heard about bitcoin at the beginning of 2011. I remember its value had just had a spike, and I, a 20-year-old college student with 0 knowledge of anything, thought to myself: “wish I had heard of it 1 year ago”. Time passed (I think it was in 2013), I saw the news on bitcoin again, and I thought to myself: “damn, if I got into it back in 2011, I would have made a lot of money!” — And moved on. Time flies, and it is already November 2020. Bitcoin and crypto are all over the place. People are getting millionaires, and I’m like, “Ok, better “late” than sorry”. That’s how I got into crypto. Like most, I started out buying some $BTC. Soon after, I bought some $ETH, started dabbing in some altcoins, trying to flip some tokens, and playing around with futures. Mostly buying the highs, selling the lows, and getting REKT! I quickly understood that I would need a lot more time and studying if I wanted to try playing the markets — and that I should stay away from futures completely lol. At that time, Axie Infinity was rocking but already had a considerable entry barrier. I was searching for an early opportunity when I stumbled upon Guild of Guardians. I first heard about it on a YouTube video beginning in 2021. I immediately started following it on social media and waiting for the first founder sale. Wave 1 was my first experience buying NFTs, and I got myself an Adventurers Guild Token and a legendary hero. Over 1 year later, here we are :D. You started out as a translator in Portuguese. What motivated you to start this initiative? It is a reality that many people can have some degree of difficulty with English as a second language, and on some occasions translating tools won’t provide an accurate translation of the information. I noticed many people would misunderstand the information shared on announcements, especially during the past year when we had Founder sales, whitelists and token sales that could cause a lot of confusion, lost funds, and frustration. Thinking of making information more easily accessible for those that speak Portuguese, I started trying to translate things, especially during these important events. At that time, @Firebolt was also putting out some amazing infographics with tons of cool information on pets, heroes, raids, etc., so I contacted him about translating one of his works on Raids, and he was more than happy to do it, I just had to translate the text. Unfortunately, real-life commitments have prevented me from working with him on more of those. Congratulations on your promotion as a moderator on the GOG server. Tell us about the experience. What has changed since? This kind of mixes with the translation story. In 2021, with the bull market and the Founder sales going on, a lot of people (new to GOG and/or to Crypto) would arrive on the server almost every day. At that time, I was very active in the Brazilian channel and was trying my best to help with information regarding both the project and crypto itself. A lot of people would come wanting to participate in the sales, but that was their first experience with the Ethereum network or with moving funds out of an exchange, and they did not have a clear understanding of what a blockchain was and how to move their funds from one place to another. I found myself constantly helping people get acquainted with the project, translating and sharing the information that we had and also playing a “tech support” role, hoping that people would not lose their hard-earned assets in scams or because they did something wrong when moving it around. All that led to me being selected as a GOG moderator when a new batch of moderators was onboarded. It was a really nice feeling as it felt like recognition for all the hours spent helping others and allowed me to keep doing it with better tools and information. Let’s talk about a sensitive topic. There has been a recent setback on the timeline of the roadmap. What are your thoughts about it? Personally, I received the news with a positive sentiment and remain bullish on the project. Here’s why: Like I have said before, I’ve been following the project since before its first NFTs sale. My first real interaction with it was during Wave 1 of the Founder sales, and already at that first contact, the team showed what they were about. Due to an issue, several transactions failed during the sale, and the team refunded the gas fees of all those transactions, showing a lot of commitment to the community. The team has shown this commitment in the form of transparency on many occasions, and this time with the alpha postponement news, it was no different. They did not hesitate to inform the community about the delay as soon as they understood that this would be the best way forward. No fuss or “last minute” updates. The project has the ambition to be the gateway to onboard millions of players into the web3 world. A challenging mission, one would say, but one that sets high-quality standards to be followed in development. For GOG to be the hit we all want it to be, the team must get all the details right, and this is not achieved overnight. The challenges are many, often almost impossible to predict. It’s the price to pay for working with new, disruptive technologies, aiming to do what no one has ever done. Blockchain integration, app stores policies, seamless wallet integrations. Lots of details to get right! Details that can make the game an absolute success or be its ultimate downfall. First impressions do leave their mark! One of the reasons I’m positive about the extra time in development is ensuring that the alpha version is the best it can be — not that we’re far from a great result. The community has already had the chance to test parts of the game through demos and closed tests, and the overall quality seen for such an early stage of development was impressive (we’re still in the pre-alpha phase!). The feedback, in general, was very positive, and the team continues to make constant improvements. Talking of improvements and developments, Active Staking has just been announced, together with news of the Dev tokens re-lock for at least another 12 months, which brings me back to transparency. Updates are always being shared, and the development progress and quality of the work being done are constant and clear. This positively reinforces the expectation of the results that can be achieved with more time for the team to ideate, test and develop. Despite the bear market, the team is very well funded to guarantee years of work if necessary. This brings trust and confidence in the work that will be delivered, done without rush, and shows how big investors are also bought into the project. And speaking of big names, the team recently announced an official partnership with 8 major e-sports teams, which has brought a lot of attention to the project and further increases confidence in the work being done. Another factor that I see positively is timing. Taking advantage of the bear market to build and launch an even better finished and polished alpha in a (we hope) bull market in 2023 seems to me an extremely solid strategy, capable of multiplying the chances of success countless times. This extra time to launch, combined with the current market, also helps ensure that NFTs remain more accessible for longer, allowing more players to learn about the project and invest in it, ensuring a healthy asset division and a strengthened community, which is an important point if you want to have a strong and balanced economy in the long run. This is actually one of the main concerns of the developers that have a team of economists studying the market, creating mathematical models and analyzing every detail of the data generated in order to create a game of lasting success with a solid, foolproof economy behind it. All this gives me confidence in the quality and seriousness of the work being done and makes me convinced of how positive this extra time is and of the huge success that GoG will be. As usual, NFA! How do you feel about the exciting news about the Esports team collaborating with the Guardians Team? This is absolutely hot and awesome news! These Esports teams have grown a lot over the last years, amassing a huge number of followers and gamer fans. The fact they jumped into this partnership and trusted the team to associate their brand with GoG tells me they believe in the long-term success of the project and are interested in being part of it. They are here for the journey. It will certainly bring many of their fans into the game ecosystem and draw a lot of attention to us, which will be very healthy for our community and help GoG achieve its milestone to onboard the next 100 million players into web3 gaming! I can’t wait to see what lies on the road ahead. 2023 will be packed with good stuff! Now running at 600,000 pre-registrations, any advice to our newly onboarded members? As general investment advice, I’d say that 2022 has been a hard year for almost everyone, but it is during these difficult times that great opportunities can be found. It’s cliché, but for a reason: HODL on tight, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and always, always DYOR! Regarding Guild of Guardians, all I can say in my possibly biased view is that you stumbled upon a great project with an awesome community and team behind it. Again, always DYOR! Read that whitepaper, deep dive on the medium, ask questions on Discord and get to know all the details you possibly can. If you choose to stay with us, be respectful to everyone, and I’m sure you will receive a warm welcome! Oh, and join the Horde (the best faction, as everyone knows…)!!! #join_a_faction ! Where can we find/contact you? You can always find me on GoG’s discord server lurking on gen chat or the Brazilian channel! Alternatively: On Discord: Bedu#1534 and on Spartans server https://discord.gg/kRJPD6xNsE On Twitter: @beduinoalbino1 & @GoG_Brasil We hope you enjoyed our fourteenth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new community member to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind this community-run initiative. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  9. Starting as a little-known form of entertainment, gaming has become a generation-defining pass time worldwide. Conquering its way up the entertainment sector, gaming has become a vast, diverse, profitable industry. It’s no surprise that more than 3 billion people of different age groups enjoy gaming worldwide. As with all sectors, to keep the interest and attention of the crowd, gaming is naturally evolving and incorporating itself into other areas, the latest of those being the financial world. Web3 games, sometimes known as play-to-earn or NFT games, have been the product of this transformation. While having been around for several years, play-to-earn games give way to some questions. In part 1 of this 2-part article, we aim to clarify and provide a fundamental explanation of Web3 games, discussing the underlying technologies that have made them possible. The technology behind it allThe fundamental technology lying beneath all NFT and Web3 games is, of course, the blockchain. A distributed and decentralised database shared among massive networks of devices, the blockchain collects, groups, and holds data in set blocks. When filled, these blocks have a specific data capacity and are chained together and placed in the blockchain. The data already recorded in the blocks cannot be edited, guaranteeing the reliability of the information. Moreover, all transactions and deals performed on the blockchain are recorded in ledgers and available for public viewing. Additionally, the blockchain allows its users to use smart contracts, which are programs that automatically carry out operations when set conditions are met. Due to its nature, the blockchain has been widely used to host cryptocurrencies, digital assets, Web3 games, etc. Revisiting NFTsNon-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are digital assets held on the blockchain. Each of these tokens or items is, as the name implies, non-fungible, meaning that each item is unique and has a specific identifying code on the blockchain. Due to the nature of the blockchain, NFTs, or at least their smart contracts, are permanent. Once minted and published in the blockchain, they will stay there permanently. NFTs include but are not limited to digital art, music, videos, in-game entities, or pretty much any other similar digital assets. Popular on the Ethereum blockchain, they have seen the most popularity in the digital art market. However, the NFT trade has reached a staggering $17 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by $147 billion by 2026. Finally and most importantly, all NFTs can be traded for other NFTs or sold for cryptocurrencies, meaning they hold real-life value and give people actual ownership of their digital assets. In this series, we will dive into how NFTs and blockchain technology has the opportunity to reshape gaming. Web3 gamingWeb3 gaming is a new genre or evolution of gaming that exists exclusively on the blockchain. The defining characteristic of Web3 games is that in-game items, cosmetics, avatars, characters, and pretty much any digital content can be represented as an NFT, giving the participant actual ownership of their in-game assets. Users obtain resources by progressing in the game and are unrestricted in their ability to trade with others. The existence of free trading means that web3 games have economies that are more real and vibrant than traditional games. These simple changes have a profound impact on web3 economy design. Web2 vs. Web3, the key differencesAs mentioned above, the apparent discrepancy between Web3 games and their traditional counterparts is the existence of a digital asset that players genuinely own. Let’s break down some of the implications stemming from this. True ownershipThe first point worthy of emphasising is the concept of true ownership. The idea of ‘ownership’ stems from the bundle of rights associated with a claim. One inalienable right you have over your digital asset is the right to buy and sell the digital asset at a price you determine. Unlike traditional games, where your digital goods may be held on a private server without any ability for you to interact with them, blockchain assets exist in a decentralised and permissionless environment. This means that developers do not solely determine their value; the entire community has a say. By turning digital assets into NFTs, Web3 games have given their players true ownership of their items. The pay-off for playing and staying invested in the game directly translates to value the player can see in real life. Free marketBy giving players ownership over their assets, a free market for assets naturally arises, and unlike traditional games, the participants in the market expand much beyond just players. Rather, speculators, investors, earners, and entrepreneurs also participate in this market with their goals and motivations. While many traditional players mainly seek fun, other participants may seek to profit. Suppose a developer can strike the right balance between these two classes. In that case, this expands the game’s vibrancy and allows designers to create meaningful experiences for a larger group of individuals. Web3 economy will cater to a large population of participants by being more open. Aligned incentivesIt may sound strange, but the incentives that drive developers in Web2 and Web3 games are entirely different. Let’s consider a traditional Web2 game with a standard monetisation system. As a player, you can purchase currency or items for a set amount of real-life money. The price may change depending on discounts or how far you have progressed, but whatever the mechanism, the incentive for the game studio remains the same. They seek to monetize as much as possible from the player. From a financial perspective, a zero-sum transaction occurs between the player’s bank account and the developer’s. It does not matter if the player’s churn rate skyrockets or the game becomes a pay-to-win as long as the studio maximises profits. Web3 developers, on the other hand, are incentivised to create a stable economy that promotes trade between players and attracts new players. This is because the value of a web3 business is mainly derived from the value of digital assets. As the community shapes this value via market forces, the developer must give adequate regard to the community. NFT game studios are motivated to make their games as fun and engaging as possible to retain their players. They are also motivated to ensure that those players who own digital assets continue to hold those digital assets. The majority of value flows between players while the developer takes a cut of this value to fund future development. The more players the game has and the higher the market value of its assets, the more the studio benefits. Stay tuned for part two, where Guild of Guardians Economy Designer Howie Zhang shines some light on the methods used for monetisation to give anyone interested in NFT games a basic introduction. View the full article
  10. Meet Debra Anne — The Partnerships Manager of Guild of GuardiansWe’re on a mission to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital ownership via NFTs by building the world’s most popular mobile RPG where players can turn their passion for gaming into real assets. It’s a bold ambition, and bold ambitions require relentless focus, teamwork, and some of the best talents in the industry. In this ‘Meet the Team’ series, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the team who are passionately building and spearheading the next frontier of gaming. Guardians, say ‘Hello’ to Debra Anne, the BOSS Partnerships Manager of Guild of Guardians! Debra’s inevitable transition from traditional finance to web3, was catalysed by her passion for shared economies and the decentralisation of power. An advocate for mental health and neurodivergent perspectives, Debra brings an authentic openness and positivity that truly embodies the Guild of Guardians team spirit 🖤 Tell us about yourself, Debra! Hi everyone! I’m Debra, Partnerships Manager for Guild of Guardians 👋 I was born in Singapore and raised in multiple cities worldwide, as my family moved around a lot. I don’t have strong roots in any one city, but the beauty about that is I feel at home anywhere — a global citizen who has a thirst for knowledge and loves to explore and learn. I’m excited to see where life takes me next! (cc-coughh, straya?) Having grown up with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I strongly advocate for inclusion and support for the neurodivergent community as we traverse a neurotypical society. Growing up in an Asian household, mental health stigma was evident. I’ve made it a point to be my advocate and the voice of others, as ADHD is a common mental health issue that often goes undiagnosed. The stigma around mental illness is still an issue in certain diverse racial and ethnic communities. It can be a significant barrier to people accessing mental health services. One of the best ways to reduce this stigma surrounding mental health is to encourage and have open conversations about it. This, in turn, empowers individuals struggling with mental health issues to seek the support they need. Living with ADHD is not disabling. On the contrary, my incredible memory (for the most insignificant things), quick thinking, and ability to see things from different angles have benefited me in many different scenarios throughout life. In other words, I’m thriving with ADHD 😄 Debra views her experiences with ADHD as an advantage that allows her to see the world differently.You’re the Partnerships Manager for the Guild of Guardians — What exactly does your role entail? And what does a day in the life at Guild of Guardians look like for you? In my role as Partnerships Manager at Guild of Guardians, I support, develop and manage relationships with existing, new, and strategic partnerships with brands and businesses that share our values and want to partner with us as we build towards being pioneers in the web3 gaming space. A large part of my role is focused on establishing a comprehensive understanding of our current partner’s objectives and effectively aligning this with our own goals to drive overall success for all parties. Ultimately, our goal is to create an engaging and fun experience for our players and onboard web3 gaming to the masses, and that takes partnerships with other companies outside of blockchain gaming. It’s my job to make sure that all parties are getting the best out of the partnership, and honestly, it’s a very rewarding position. You transitioned from traditional Banking and Finance to consulting at Big tech and now to Web3. What was that transition like? I wish I could say I am one of the lucky ones who knew exactly what they wanted to do as soon as they began their careers. Sadly, I didn’t. I knew I had a passion for investing, so I doubled down on a finance degree and joined a bank as soon as I graduated. After many years in the space, I was given the opportunity to join one of the biggest tech companies as a partnerships manager — and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! In hindsight, I now realise that what I was looking for all along was to be a part of something larger than myself, something that would inspire the next generation and better the lives of everyone. And that is exactly where I am today 😄 How do you think blockchain will change how web2 companies operate in the future? Wow, there are so many ways. Let’s see. Improved security, better transparency, and safety from third-party and government intrusion to start with. Blockchain adoption can potentially disrupt traditional business models and revolutionise lending, security, consumerism, business models, and digital property, opening up ways for web2 organisations to redirect resources toward more value-generating ventures. With the adoption of Blockchain, web2 companies can also potentially experience improved efficiencies through the streamlining of processes and automation via smart contracts, reductions, and savings in overhead and transaction costs. This is, by the way, just the tip of the iceberg of its wider capabilities, and I can go on forever.. What is it about Guild of Guardians that excites you? What excites, inspires, and motivates me? The builders, creators, contributors, investors, players, and pioneers that make up one of the largest gaming communities out there — The GOG Community! I am amazed and inspired by their unwavering passion for contributing to the betterment of Guild of Guardians! I’ve never encountered a more active, passionate, and engaged community, they’ve provided valuable feedback on improving gameplay, and grown the community from within, and their honesty and positivity about their experiences truly inspire me. Debra spent much of her life in Australia (home of Immutable!)What are some ways web2 companies can partner with web3 companies, and why are partnerships so important for Guild of Guardians? When it comes to partnerships, I think they’re extremely important for Guild of Guardians. Simply put, Partnerships bring about access to new markets, new communities, and new frontiers. Leveraging on the strengths and capabilities of partners from different parts of our ecosystem is one of the most strategic ways for Guild of Guardians to scale innovation and solve the complex challenge of onboarding billions to true digital ownership via NFTs. There is a multitude of ways in which web2 businesses can partner with web3 companies. Immersive digital worlds are continuing to attract and engage people in new ways. Brands can think of partnerships that open their consumers to new ways in which they can interact, connect and explore. Our most recent partnership with eight of the most prominent Esports teams worldwide is a great example of this. Esports fans will now be able to represent their teams in-game via digital assets, this opens up a new and enhanced way of engagement between fans and their favourite pro teams. How friggin’ cool is that? We’ve talked a lot about you as a partnership manager! Tell us what you’re passionate about! 😄 I’m passionate about all things web3. Web3 gives everyone ownership & control over their data and content and creates a direct relationship with their communities, fans, and supporters, without the need for extraction intermediaries, by replacing these centralised entities with decentralised networks that distribute value to participants, creators, users, and developers. I believe that in the right hands (with the right amount of oversight), it can be used to create a decentralised economy that is autonomous and free-market driven. Now, what does that mean? Imagine a world where all the value that is being created can be shared amongst people rather than the owners, shareholders, employees, or large corporations. Highly-engaged players can drive the strategic direction of games they play through Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, i.e. DAOs and gaming guilds. The community can benefit from the monetary value accrual of being early adopters of GOG’s digital assets, with those values rising as Guild of Guardians’ popularity increases. It’s exciting, isn’t it? How can we connect with you? @debralicianne We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Partnerships Manager, Debra Anne. Stay tuned for the next edition to learn more about the people behind the game Guild of Guardians. Until next time. View the full article
  11. Guardian of the Week — Edition #13 Meet ‘Solemlyswear’Welcome to Edition #13 of the ‘Guardian of The Week series! Every second week, a special community member will be chosen to be featured. This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love, and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤 We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is! In this edition, we honour Solemlyswear — family man, gamer, and pillar of the community here within the Guild of Guardians Discord. If you have spent time in the Guild of Guardians Discord, there is a pretty good chance that Solemlyswear is a name you would recognise. He’s been with us for over a year and a half and has been a valued community member and active Guardian. So, Solemlyswear, tell us about yourself! I grew up on the west coast of the U.S. in the Cascade Mountains, near a small Bavarian-themed tourist town. I have two brothers that are my best friends. My Father worked for a Christian, non-profit organization that created a family environment for boys that came from troubled backgrounds. My Mother was a stay-at-home mom who also worked various jobs. Was very blessed to have the family and upbringing that I had. I recently moved to the state of Virginia with my fiancé and our two children. My fiancé is amazing. She is beautiful inside and out. An amazing mother to our kids and has been supportive in this wild and new NFT space. She’s put her trust in me, and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side. I am truly blessed. Our son is nine and our daughter is eight. They can be a handful but are amazing kids and growing up way too fast. I love being a father and pray every day that I raise them with the same love, respect, and grace that I grew up with. Family is important to me and thankfully I’m close with mine. I love the outdoors; hiking, huckleberry picking, camping, and, now that I’m in Virginia, exploring historical places. I’m also a big baseball and football fan. How are you enjoying VA? How is the family acclimating to it? Virginia has been good and different. I’m loving the history and the climate. It’s been a big adjustment, but I feel we’re finally starting to acclimate a little better. Excited about our future here. So, when did you join the Guild of Guardians community? What brought you here? I joined the community in May of 2021. Someone I became friends with on Twitter themariokarters, had tweeted about some NFT project he liked. I added them on Twitter, checked out their website, and joined their discord. The community was small and inviting. After countless conversations and interactions, strangers from all over the world became family. I couldn’t leave if I tried, and there’s no chance I would ever want to. Yeah, I can empathize. The people I have met here are like family, and I have made lifelong friendships. It’s no secret that we are in a Crypto Winter right now, though. Do you have any thoughts or feelings to share on surviving the downturn or how you feel about the future? In this Crypto Winter, it can be very stressful. It’s hard to predict what the short-term future holds and the uncertainty with what’s going on in the world. There are a lot of unknowns. I believe most NFT projects won’t survive in the long run. My focus is on long-term projects. Ones that are constantly building; who are transparent with and engage their communities. Guild of Guardians is at the forefront of a revolution. Not just in web3 but in the gaming space in general. It is not a question of “if” web3 will be used by the majority of the world, but rather “when”. I may not know when this crypto winter ends, but I am certain that it will end. It may be a little cold right now, but my conviction has only grown. Web3 is here to stay, and me right along with it. Speaking of other projects, while you are involved here with Guild of Guardians, what other projects are you interested or invested in? While I have invested in a variety of NFTs, my main holdings (besides Guild of Guardians) are with VeVe, (my first NFT investment), which has some amazing licenses with some big names, and then Solcraft. What aspects of the Guild of Guardians game are you most excited about? I’m excited about guilds and crafting! Being able to strategize with other players and work towards common goals. Creating new equipment and items. These all appeal to me and get me excited about this journey we’re on. What would you like to see in the game down the road? Maybe some 1/1 heroes that are developed after the team or predominant members of the community. I would also like to see an open map that we can explore and interact with other players. That would be cool. I want to see a Boslee NPC in the game. Have you played the playtests? What is your impression so far? I have been blessed enough to participate in all 3 playtests so far. I enjoyed all of them. For the first one, it was difficult to give feedback because I was so excited to play, I just focused on everything else but the bugs, haha! I was surprised at how smooth the gameplay has been. I love the attention to detail. I could see firsthand that the team is constantly building and improving. They are truly revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry. So, as a gamer, what are your go-to genres? I like a lot of action-adventure games, RPGs, and shooter games (as long as they’re third-person, which is a whole other conversation, haha). I like a little bit of everything and am always up for suggestions and recommendations. What is the first game you remember playing? The very first game I remember playing was “Pitfall” on Atari. That was a long time ago. The start of the revolution and evolution of gaming. I loved it but was terrible at it. So, final question, how can we get ahold of you? What’s your Twitter? Preferred contact within the community? The easiest way to get ahold of me is through Twitter: @solemly_swear or discord: solemlyswear#0366. Soon I will set up a TikTok account as well. I’m always happy to answer any questions someone might have. I love networking and building relationships We hope you enjoyed our thirteenth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new community member to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind this community-run initiative. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  12. The Guild’s Treasure — $GOG Active StakingGuardians, we’re excited to announce the largest community rewards to date! We’ve partnered with Guardians Guild Limited and are committing 5 million $GOG in rewards to be distributed to early supporters, especially those who hold $GOG, until closer to the launch of the game. Here’s what you need to know 👇🏽This program will kick off in November, and rewards will be distributed over the next six months until May 2023. (Please note, this is subject to change)Active stakers who hold $GOG in ImmutableX over a continuous streak will receive higher rewards. HODLing for longer reaps the ultimate rewards! 😉Tokens staked during the first week of the program will start off their streak at 12 months.It’s important to note that selling now and buying back later will not count for this bonus!Rewards will start to accrue from the 7th of November 2022, and the first payment will be made in December (batching all weeks up to this date), along with full details of the scheme.How do I know if I am eligible for weekly active staking rewards? 🤔Eligible participants must satisfy the below criteria to participate — Your $GOG must be deposited on ImmutableXYou must own a Rare or higher-valued Guild of Guardians NFT HeroYou must satisfy at least one of the following criteria for each week: Trade: Buy or sell any Guild of Guardians NFT on the secondary market Stash: Increase your $GOG balance on ImmutableX (staking rewards received during the week do not count) Vote: Cast a governance vote with your $GOG tokens (to be added in the near future)Don’t forget to move your $GOG to ImmutableX to begin active staking before rewards begin on November 7th AEDT! Got a burning question? Check our FAQs❓When will the program start? The Guild of Guardians staking program will begin in November, and rewards will start to accrue from November 7th, 2022, AEDT. Will the reward mechanisms change? We reserve the right to change the reward mechanism and total token rewards amount. We currently plan to review the effectiveness of the Guild’s Treasure staking program after the first few months to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the ecosystem and game. When does my Active Staking streak start? Tokens staked during the first week of the program will start off their streak at 12 months. When will I get paid for Active Staking? The first payment will be made in December 2022. Who is eligible for Active Staking? To be eligible for staking rewards for each week, you must be active in the following ways: Your $GOG must be deposited on ImmutableX, and you must own a Rare or higher Guild of Guardians Hero NFT, and you must satisfy any of the following criteria in that week: Trade: Buy or sell any Guild of Guardians NFT on the secondary market. Stash: Increase your $GOG balance on ImmutableX (staking rewards received during the week do not count) Vote (to be added in the near future): Cast a governance vote with your $GOG tokens. Why should I HODL $GOG? We believe in $GOG and the success of Guild of Guardians, which is why we’ve announced Active Staking. We have committed 5m $GOG (~US$1m) — the largest reward to date to be distributed to early supporters, especially those who hold $GOG closer to our launch. What is the rewards rate for the staking program? The rewards rate will depend on the total amount of $GOG that is staked and will vary based on an individual’s continuous streak of holding $GOG in ImmutableX. We are committing 5 million $GOG to the rewards pool over six months. For example, if 50 million GOG is staked, the rewards rate will be 10% over six months (21% on an annualised basis). What is the minimum amount I need to stake to participate? There is no minimum amount to stake. Staking rewards will simply be distributed as a percentage of the $GOG you have staked. How do I transfer my $GOG to IMX? Transferring $GOG into IMX is the same process as ETH. You need a MetaMask wallet with enough Ethereum in it to deposit into ImmutableX to transfer your $GOG. You need to deposit Ethereum into ImmutableX, here before staking is liveWhen transferring money into IMX, you must pay a transaction fee to ‘bridge’ or ‘convert’ the currency. This is called a ‘gas’ fee. The price of gas is always fluctuating, and to be safe, we recommend having around ~0.07 ETH above the amount you wish to deposit into IMX.MetaMask setup and purchasing Ethereum should take no longer than around 10 minutes, however, depositing Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet into ImmutableX can take up to 24 hours. So we recommend doing this ASAP, before staking goes live!Less words, more video! How to set up a MetaMask Wallet https://medium.com/media/9334875b063ea12abdc85bfd6066b690/hrefHow to deposit funds into ImmutableX https://medium.com/media/b62207826d2741fa494a72655041f1aa/hrefOur goal with The Guild’s Treasure Active Staking program is to provide an incentive for community members to HODL their $GOG on ImmutableX. We appreciate each and every one of you and are super excited to begin rewarding our loyal community members for having faith in the Guild of Guardians' vision. If you have any specific questions, stay tuned for our upcoming AMA. Until next time, Guardian. *The $GOG token is issued by Guardians Guild Limited. View the full article
  13. Game economy design is a fundamental element of game design. It encompasses the building of core game loops, significantly impacts the game balance, and plays a vital role in creating a positive user experience. Game economy designing and balancing has become a profession of its own, and due to its significance, it can be the determining factor of a successful game. The significance of game economy design has not diminished with the progress in the gaming industry; on the contrary, its importance has shot up in the most contemporary style of games, aka Web3 games. In part 1 of this 2-part series, we explored the distinctions between Web2 and Web3 game economies. In part 2, we explore the players that make up Web3 game economies. The challengesIt’s no secret that developers turn to the real world to look for ideas to help create a sustainable game economy. The problem is the fundamental difference in resource supply between the real world and a game. Let’s expand on this. The core economic problem in real life is scarcity, the gap between the limited supply and theoretically limitless demand. It is the basis of all economic theories and rules. So, what happens when the supply is no longer limited? Every mob spawn or loot drop in the game is equivalent to the game indirectly printing money. Any digital asset can be used or sold and has a set value, and the game will continue to generate the value as that’s what the gameplay demands. The players need continuous rewards and exciting content to enjoy the game. Moreover, as NFTs do not naturally decay or self-destruct over a set period, with more and more assets being added to the game, hyperinflation will eventually wholly crash the market. To combat this problem, developers make innovative use of sinks. In real life, the central bank performs the function of controlling the money supply and, subsequently, inflation through open market operations. Developers would naturally need another solution. Used in virtually any game, sinks are a creative way to remove money from the in-game economy. Have you ever thought about why NPCs need payment to upgrade your gear or why there is a trade tax in the game? These are examples of sinks used by developers to stabilise in-game economies. Trainers, upgrades, cosmetics, and repair fees, all of these functions effectively act as stabilisers. This also needs to be implemented in an organic way not to deter or discourage users from playing the game. Another challenge faced by Web3 developers is the volatility of the crypto market. With Web3 games being tied closely to the blockchain they’re hosted on and, therefore, the leading cryptocurrency on that blockchain, changes in the crypto market can have a significant impact on player confidence. Players in Web3 Game EconomiesPlayers are naturally the audience for any game. What changed with Web3 games is the importance of identifying player types, sometimes called personas, and their influence on the game economy. Most of the personas we are about to highlight have been a part of Web2 games, although their impact and importance have risen significantly in Web3 due to true ownership. To tackle this challenge, developers opted to design game economies that could accommodate the goals and wishes of new personas. While there is no universally accepted classification, players could generally be divided into the following categories. New players Players who are fresh to the Web3 sphere looking to try something new. These players will avoid games that have high entry thresholds. If interested or invested in the game, they will eventually gravitate to one of the other types. These players have a higher churn-over rate, so their introduction to the game must be handled carefully. Casual & Midcore players Casual players are closest to traditional Web2 players. Their primary focus is to have fun with the game. The game economy and the state of the market may be of little importance to them, and generally, an entertaining game will result in high player retention. They can help sustain a significant network value due to their high volume. These players may transition to becoming inactive players or fans that nevertheless provide value to the network (e.g., esports viewers/twitch subscribers) Hardcore players These players seek to dominate via skill and strategy, driving the meta forward. They spend a lot of time perfecting and iterating the game. Workers Workers are players that can invest a lot of their time into the game. Their activities may commonly include grinding for in-game tokens for profit. While they do not directly care about the in-game economy and the marketplace, they need to be certain that their efforts will net them the expected rewards. Market speculators Highly invested in the market, these players seek to trade their NFTs and aim to maximise their earnings in as short of a period as possible. They can take a very active role in the in-game marketplace and will seek out games with energetic and vibrant communities. Crypto whales Crypto whales possess sizable liquid funds and seek to invest heavily in new Web3 games. The spending of crypto whales can jump-start new projects. To sustain a high expenditure and retention rate, Web3 games must have a robust economy and show a clear path to growing value. Entrepreneurs Equipped with a deep understanding of the marketplace and the core game mechanics, entrepreneurs seek passive income through renting or staking. They can be a crucial part of the community, especially in older games, as they can act as a gateway for new players. Entrepreneurs are usually attracted to games that sport a healthy mixture of exciting gameplay and a robust economy. To resolve the free-trading problem, game designers need to explicitly tie these different personas together by appealing to what motivates them and doing so in a way that grows the overall value for the entire ecosystem. Web3 has been extremely effective at attracting the new ‘earning’ group of personas who are motivated by the financial returns from speculating and investing in digital assets. One of the main challenges is to balance the ratio of earners to players. To sustain the former, you need to attract the latter; therefore, gameplay and fun need to take priority. The overall economy may be balanced by having the right mix between the ‘earners’ and ‘players’. Final thoughtsWeb3 games have caused a fundamental change in the in-game economy design. Game studios must invest much more thought and resources into crafting sustainable and exciting economies. We hope this article gave some insight into the distinctions between Web2 and Web3 game economies. Written by Economy Designer Howie Zhang. View the full article
  14. Meet Tom Ngo — Content and Social Media Associate of Guild of GuardiansWe’re on a mission to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital ownership via NFTs, by building the world’s most popular mobile RPG where players can turn their passion for gaming into real assets. It’s a bold ambition, and bold ambitions require relentless focus, teamwork and some of the best talents in the industry. In this ‘Meet the Team’ series, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the team who are passionately building and spearheading the next frontier of gaming. Meet Tom Ngo— Entrepreneur, Crypto Enthusiast, TikTok KING and the Content and Social Media Associate of Guild of Guardians! Like many of us here at GOG, Tom is an entrepreneur at heart, with more side hustles than you can count on two hands! Specialising in social growth, Tom has built several online communities and social followings, garnering millions of followers across platforms, including Facebook and TikTok. No wonder he’s known as GOG’s King of TikTok! Tell us a little about yourself, Tom For six years, I worked full-time building and managing viral social media pages. In my first year, I built pages with around 1 million followers, and over six years, that number reached over 20 Million. I’ve been able to build businesses around those pages and make income from digital advertising. In early 2017, I discovered Crypto, and I purchased a “Litter Crypto Kitties” that cost a few dollars. Over night the price of a crypto kitty shot up to $100, and then I experienced the crazy 2017 bull run. Last year, I was primarily focused on the blockchain space. One of my favourite Crypto companies is Immutable, so when I saw that they were hiring, I immediately applied to any job openings they had. Tom likes to bother his dog when he has spare time.You manage the Guild of Guardians TikTok page. What are your thoughts on TikTok in the coming years? I foresee massive changes in the digital space from TikTok. In the last twelve months, I have noticed a few big corporations spending big bucks on the platform. We have seen how the attention economy evolves for each generation; smart people understand that the best time to build something on an emerging platform is to build early while the algorithms are not overly saturated with content. By building now, we are positioning ourselves for Gen Z to effectively connect with the GOG brand ahead of most mobile games. This generation is the future, and we want to build a game that will last many years! As a fan of Immutable and Guild of Guardians, how have your thoughts changed after being a part of the team? I am even more bullish on Immutable and Guild of Guardians than I was before. I think with most projects, crypto investors don’t get the opportunity to meet the team behind it. I always saw Immutable as a company that had an amazing vision and execution, but I never realised how talented every single person in the team was. In the past, popular crypto games were made by entrepreneurs who had profits as their goal when making games. At Guild of Guardians, we have a diverse range of talent who’ve worked on huge game titles, to dedicated visionaries who are all working on solving the challenge of making a game with blockchain technology adopted by mainstream audiences. The Guild Of Guardians team consists of some of the best in the industry and is fully capable of making the game mainstream. What excites you about the future of Guild of Guardians? I can’t wait to see Guild of Guardians grow its player-base, especially after the launch. Although the crypto market conditions right now are not ideal with the bear market, I think for Guild of Guardians to achieve success, it does not need a bull market, unlike other crypto games. GOG is a blockchain game that is designed and made for gamers. This in itself is an exciting thing, given that nearly all past popular Crypto games were built for the purpose of earning tokens. What I love about Immutable is that we want to build games that are actually fun. Hopefully, we will see GOG trending on the app store one day and being the driver that connects millions of people into a seamless game that uses blockchain technology. That will be massive for the entire Web3 industry. As someone with loads of experience playing crypto games, what interests you the most? The major reason why I played these games was that I wanted to be a part of the early stages of what I see as the major driving force to mainstream crypto adoption one day. I think there is a nostalgia aspect to it, too, for some of these games. For example, when I played Crypto Kitties, it was reminiscent of playing games such as Neopets. Generally, I would never re-visit web browser games from the early 2000s, but the earning mechanics and blockchain aspect of Crypto Kitties made me engaged in “Web3 games”. I think gaming is the easiest way for crypto to reach mainstream audiences. It is the gateway to introducing many people into private wallets, NFTs, and transacting with cryptocurrencies. To see crypto gaming evolve from its early stages is something I am really interested in. What are some of the differences between Games that utilise Blockchain technology compared to traditional games? Crypto games are still in their very early stages. I think we can all agree that most of these games currently available are not fun, and most people would not play them if it weren’t for the play-to-earn aspect. Most crypto games have a basic user experience, where you repeat the same thing, and there isn’t much complexity that engages someone in the long term. Whereas with popular mainstream games, the main purpose is a fun and engaging game. Who is your favourite Hero in Guild of Guardians, and why? Cyrus, hands down! Have you seen his glowing sword?! If you’ve been able to play the game too, Cyrus has fast attacks with nice area damage, which makes the game more fast-paced (great for my ADHD brain, haha). Before we finish, are there any final words? Final words would be that everyone who is a part of the GOG community right now is potentially the early adopter of a game that can be part of the catalysts that leads to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. The game will be fun and engaging, but the impact it could have can be massive. This is a super exciting time to be a part of GOG, I can’t wait to see what’s next! How can we connect with you? If you haven’t yet, make a TikTok account and check out the Guild of Guardians Tik Tok. I love seeing more GOG profile pictures on the platform. Otherwise, I am also on Discord Tomz#7888. If you tag me on the GoG discord, I’m always lurking :) We hope you enjoyed getting to know our TikTok King, Tom Ngo. Stay tuned for the next edition to learn more about the people behind the game, Guild of Guardians. Until next time. View the full article
  15. Guardian of the Week — Edition #12 Meet ‘Tomahawk’Welcome to Edition #12 of the ‘Guardian of The Week’ series! Every second week, a special community member will be chosen to be featured.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love, and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is!In this edition, we are honouring Tomahawk — Guild Leader, Council Member, Content Creator, Ambassador, Community Grant recipient, and Community Leader. He is born to be a leader, and he has it all!As one of the principal names in the community, Tomahawk spearheaded and developed one of the largest community-driven events at Guild of Guardians, the Sandbox X GoG Faction Challenge. Due to the huge success of the event, the community requested he organise another event. And yet again, he delivered another successful event sequel, Faction Challenge #2 — The Eye of Morax. The creativity, simple gameplay, and vision made it more attractive, especially to players who already love playing Minecraft with a Guild of Guardians twist. What more can you ask for?! As a guild leader of Oh Canada Eh, he also conducts mini-games within the guild to keep his members occupied while waiting for the game. Let’s get to know more about his unbounded passion and dedication as we introduce him to the Guild of Guardians community. How did you first get introduced to Guild of Guardians, and what made you stay? I started investing in crypto early last year without really knowing what the blockchain was. Then I figured I should probably research what I’m investing my hard-earned money in. As I was learning more about the blockchain, that led me to digital asset ownership, NFTs & how I could picture it revolutionising gaming. So I figured I would find a fun blockchain game I would enjoy & test it out. I didn’t find any RTS, FPS, or RPG that I could play, heck I didn’t find many blockchain games at all. Now I know that it’s because blockchain technology in gaming is so early & it takes lots of time to make a triple A game. Therefore, the game that I found the most appealing for me, even though it wasn’t out yet, was Guild of Guardians! Found it on a top 10 list of upcoming blockchain games. I only realised after the importance of being early on NFT projects lol. Multiple things drew me to guild of Guardians: It’s an action RPG dungeon-crawler that I can play in a Guild with my friendsIt’s on mobile (which is accessible to most, and those are the only games I’ve had time to play in the last few years)The GOG team has been clear from the start that they want to bring digital ownership to the masses & disrupt the gaming industry (free-to-play, super fun game, let’s go!)The amazing crafting system/concept (members from the guild contribute materials, the item is crafted & automatically sent to the market, and every member who contributed gets a share of the sale… 100% fair)Funding of the project + partnerships announced (Immutable, Ubisoft, YGG, TheSandbox…)What made me stay? The COMMUNITY The leaders are genuine, helpful & they care so much about the communityThe GOG team has a clear vision & every decision they have made has been in-line with that visionThe members of the community are super passionate & helpfulI’ve joined many other communities, but GOG is my favouriteYou recently led the second GoG x Sandbox challenge. Can we expect more events in the future? This has been quite a project that started when I saw The Sandbox & Guild of Guardians partnership announced last year. I did not know what tzhe Sandbox was at the time, but I wanted a LIA character in The Sandbox. So I did my research. To me, The Sandbox is a mix of Minecraft & Roblox, it is a MetaVerse where anyone can create experiences & assets and share them with the world. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone & everyone. I have zero game-making experience & no dev skills. I enrolled in a Bootcamp, watched some tutorials & started building with a lot of trial & error. It’s fun, time-consuming, and extremely rewarding when you see people playing with your creation and truly enjoying it. Also, a little fun to see them fail & die lol… But ultimately satisfying when they figure it out and try to beat their score over & over again. The GoG x Sandbox faction challenges were countless hours of building & planning with a lot of supporters. I cannot have done this alone & I’m truly grateful for everyone that got involved in helping out and participating. These are the first two events in a very grand vision of having multiple GOG-themed experiences, challenges & social hubs in The Sandbox. A virtual place where GOG community members can connect, interact, hang out, compete & have fun! Also, a place to onboard newcomers & immerse them in the GOG community. We are always looking for passionate builders to create GOG-themed assets & experiences in The Sandbox & we are very open to expanding our roster. I see a huge potential upside in GOG having a strong presence in The Sandbox. Both projects have a grand vision and a leadership team to make it happen. You are also the owner of the ‘Oh Canada eh’ guild. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a guild owner? What started as an investment in a Warrior Guild to be competitive with my friends has led me down the rabbit hole of becoming a Guild owner, GOG Council member, Content Creator, Ambassador, Grant recipient & finally, Community leader. I’ve fully embraced GOG’s vision of disrupting the gaming industry, bringing digital ownership to all mobile RPG gamers, having fun with friends & onboarding millions of players. Oh, Canada Eh is an inclusive community of members from around the world that share that same passion & vision. We are very Guild of Guardians focused. Everyone is welcome. We have fun monthly activities & challenges, active members are rewarded & we have a good amount of guild spots to fill… Let me tell you, building a community from scratch is a massive undertaking. The first few months felt like nothing was happening despite all the work. And then, slowly & organically, community members start forming bonds & being more active. And then everyone keeps learning more & more about others and sharing stories & experiences. And ultimately, friendships start to form, and you truly feel a sense of belonging. Members are super friendly and helpful & we’ve got each other’s back. The idea was to create a community that I would enjoy being a part of. And I think that being genuine, honest, open, available, helpful, vulnerable, and sticking to my values is helping attract others that share the same mindset, vision, values & goals. So, to answer the question, I would have to say that the most rewarding aspect of community building is watching friendships unfold inside Oh Canada Eh and the greater GOG community, as well as the friendships that I’m continuously creating with some amazing people in the space. When you aren’t building things for the GoG community, what activities do you like to do in real life? This is where I let you in and tell you who Tomahawk is… My actual name is Nicolas, but there are too many Nicks around, so let’s stick to Tomahawk. At first glance, I’m a simple 37-year-old Canadian government worker that likes gaming and sports. Little known fact, I’m the second oldest in a family of ten kids. Yes, my parents are crazy & extremely hardworking. Yes, I had lots of chores & babysitting duties, unlike my second youngest sibling @ToadManSam ;-P Under the surface, I’m a positive-minded visionary that loves helping others & enjoys living life to the fullest, YOLO! I’m an introvert that believes that actions speak louder than words, mainly because I’m usually a man of few words. I’ve only had a few true passions in life that make me feel like anything is possible. My girlfriend is my #1 passion and fan. She is super supportive and right beside me on all my crazy adventures & projects. Beach volleyball is my #2 passion, and not surprisingly, that is how I met my girlfriend. You’ll find me serving, diving, digging, jumping, spiking & blocking at the beach almost every day in summer! Travelling would be #3. We love exploring new places around the world and discovering different cultures and activities. My newest passion is NFTs and blockchain gaming. I love technology and changes that improve our lives. Covid-19 and a broken ankle injury have given me lots of time to do my research and resurface my gaming flame that was dimming because people around me always saw it as unproductive. Play AND Earn, Play AND Own, here we come!!! Friends and Family are also super important to me and insert themselves harmoniously with the above. Where do you see Guild of Guardians two years from now? That’s a dangerous question to ask an optimistic visionary… In two years, Guild of Guardians will be the best-rated, highest-ranked, most-played mobile RPG on the planet. It will have a player base of over 50 million gamers. It will have the most transactions by volume and amount on IMX. My whole closet will be filled with official GOG merch. “GOG morning” will be as common as “NFT”. Ok, maybe that last one is a little far-fetched lol. Not financial advice. This won’t just magically happen. 100+ people are working full-time at Immutable + Stepico on this vision, this number will increase (it has already!). There are many die-hard GOG degens voluntarily spending hours each week creating content & promoting GOG any way they can. In 2 years, the GOG Ambassador program will be very well structured and consist of over 1000 qualified leaders using their skills to help GOG bring digital assets to the masses & disrupt the gaming industry. I’m extremely grateful to be recognised as GOTW amongst some of the most amazing people I have met in the GOG community, many with whom I chat regularly & consider friends. Can’t wait to see where this incredible journey will take us… How to get in touch with Tomahawk: Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicolasTomahawk Discord: Tomahawk#3813 Oh Canada Eh Discord: https://discord.gg/RauBvAeCQN We hope you enjoyed our twelfth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new community member to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind the community-run initiative, Guardian of the Week. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article