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  1. The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #3Welcome to Edition #3 of The Guild of Guardian Diaries! This is our newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ.We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will occasionally be inaccurate (as they sometimes are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities.Quick recap of Accomplishments1. Ambassador Program We officially onboarded the first batch of our GOG Ambassador family. We were blown away by the interest in being part of this program (1,200+ applications). 2. Wave 2 Early Adopters The interest and support here was out of CONTROL! We received over 6500 applications and over 230 appeals for our Early Adopter whitelist. Once we got through all those — we distributed more than 7,300 NFT’s to eligible early adopters in the GOG community. We used entirely new tech to distribute these, and it cost us + them $0 in gas And we raised our unique NFT owner’s number to over 5,500 in the process. Wicked. 3. $60M USD Series B Raise We shared the news that Immutable officially closed their $60M USD Series B raise! We are published by Immutable. We have always been bullish about the long term prospects of Immutable X as the global premier L2 scaling solution, with gas free minting and trading for all users. A portion of this capital raise will be funnelled directly into GOG, which allows us to: Quickly ramp up development Massively increase our marketing efforts Make key hires to continue scaling the game and our amazing community This influx of capital allows us to continue focussing not on the short-term selling of NFTs, but to remain locked in on building and developing a genuinely fun game, which will completely disrupt the industry. We’re fully funded to survive a long bear market (if it comes) Now… UPDATES!!Words From The Senior Game Designer Hiya Guardians, Josiah here. Big things are coming up soon from the Design Department and I can’t wait to share some more info soon! Based on our last town hall everyone and their mom is looking to know more about our Guild system. So without further ado, let’s dive into it. And as usual… The things I’m about to speak to are all subject to change. We’re a game in active development and WILL change things constantly. Screenshot of potential Guild Intro UI/UX. Still using placeholder descriptions and layoutsAt soft-launch Guilds will offer players two main systems to engage with: Raids and Crafting. RaidsRaids are 16 player async boss battles that are organized by Guild Leadership and provide players with unique rewards that are crucial to things like crafting and power progression. UX Mockup of desired Raid MenuEach Raid has a series of requirements that are recommended to be met before starting a Raid. Minimum power level of all 16 participantsRecommended roles of all 16 participantsRecommended contributions from members of the Guild who can’t or don’t want to join the Raid with a Hero.These contributions include resource donations, consumable donations, and Dungeon completions. More details to come soon as these alternative contribution methods become fleshed out.UX Mockup of desired Raid Progress FlowWhen the recommendations are met, Guild Leadership may start the raid. When the Raid is completed all members of the Guild are notified and rewards are distributed. A recording of the Raid is then shared to the entire Guild for viewing. A Guild can only attempt a certain amount of Raids per week. At the end of each week the attempt amount resets and a leaderboard showcasing which Guilds who performed the best is created. Guild CraftingGuild Crafting serves the primary purpose of creating the NFT equipment that EVERY player needs to complete more difficult content. In order for a Guild to create most NFTs they’ll need a few things: A recipe for the specific piece of Equipment they wish to make. Recipes can be earned from Guild Raids.An assortment of Cubelets (ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4 across all Elements). Cubelets can be found within Dungeons.Gems (our games Fungible Token currency). These can be earned by completing Daily or Weekly Gem Quests.Once a Recipe is acquired a member of Guild Leadership can elect to start crafting the Equipment. Once the crafting prep starts, it becomes open for all members of the Guild to begin donating Cubelets and Gems in order to start minting. Once the mint starts, a timer begins to count down. The timer varies depending on the rarity of the NFT being crafted. When the timer for the mint reaches zero the Equipment is automatically placed up on the marketplace for sale. Initial sale price and other variables can be adjusted by Guild Leadership. When that item is sold the earnings from the NFT are automatically split amongst all contributors. More details on contributions splits coming soon! Screenshot of potential crafting menu UI/UX. Still using placeholder descriptions, stats, costs, and layouts.So that’s it for now on Guild functionality. This is just the beginning for Guilds, and needless to say, we have lots of cool ideas being designed and developed for release post soft-launch. Since Guild of Guardians revolves around a positive social experience we’re making sure to put in tons of effort into making this a game you and your friends will stick around for. There’s plenty of details still to come and we’re always open to feedback so please feel free to share your ideas in the suggestions channel in Discord. And, all hail Morax. Words From The UX Lead Hey there 👋 This is Nalin. I’m focused on the user experience and interface design for Guild of Guardians. My goal is to make this game clear and intuitive so you feel able to make intelligent decisions, but also immersive and engaging so you feel drawn into its fantastical world. Some examples of that work from the past few months are below. Note: A lot of this is work in progress (depicted as monochrome here) and thus subject to evolve as we develop the game and take in feedback from people like you! The world of Guild of Guardians provides a variety of different ways for players (and their heroes) to get involved. For example… You can gain experience, power, and rewards as you traverse quests with varying challenges and increasing difficulty… Assemble squads of your heroes best suited to take on those quests… And then combine their abilities with yours to take on those quests with the potential… To come out of it victorious, with rewards in hand… Rewards that you can use to make your heroes more valuable, or capable of tackling upcoming quests… You can also merge your heroes to make rarer, more valuable heroes to accompany on future quests or trade on the marketplace… Colourised…Or contribute those heroes to Raids for a chance to earn valuable rewards within your Guild. A lot more to come, but hopefully these designs in development give you a sense of how Guild of Guardians is shaping up. Looking forward to working with you more as these develop! Updated Gameplay stills… Placeholder… But still wicked!Placeholder… But still wicked again!Images and Words From The Art Director Hello everyone, Aaron here! Keeping things relatively brief for this update. We are making wicked progress at Guardian HQ and with our art studios on the look and feel of a number of our in-game assets. Nick has already been leaking the Founder Heroes to you all, and we are stoked with how well received those have been by the community. We are always listening to your thoughts and your feedback, and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to the quality bars and metrics we have internally when it comes to the creation of any and all items you will directly own, and interact with in-game. I’ve shared below some concepts and wireframes that give you more of an idea of the artistic vision behind dungeons, landscapes, and some of the pesky enemies you may find yourself up against when the game is in your hands. The team and I are loving the challenge of creating best-in-class assets for you all to own and love, and we’ll never stop trying to raise the bar! What’s coming up next? Wave 3 Founders Sale WEN WAVE 3?!?! We are still determining the final Wave 3 mechanics, and as always, we will be looking to implement as many things that we deem to be in the best collective interest of the community as possible. Without being too committal, you can expect wave 3 to go-live relatively soon. Discord and Twitter are the best two places to stay tuned for updates on Wave 3. NRG sale We are excited to announce that the GOG x NRG Hero Sale will also be going live soon. The details of the partnership can be found here. This is a playable in-game Legendary hero, and it represents the collaboration between NRG Esports and Guild of Guardians. We will publish a blog soon with more specifics around the mechanics of the sale, date, and times. Stay tuned! Other activities and Q4 plans This piece is already too long. All we can say is, keep an eye out for token updates. Until next time, Guardians… Do you want to get involved? Join more than 150,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  2. ‘A crypto project is only as strong as the community that supports it’ — Confucius (508 B.C) 🎉 We are delighted to announce the official launch of our Guild of Guardians ambassador program! 🎉 With our Discord and Twitter accounts both hurtling towards 60,000 people, and with more than 150k on our pre-registration list, Guild of Guardians is perfectly positioned to make the leap as the pioneering mobile NFT game globally. However, as Confucius wisely pointed out, projects that don’t have the backing of a supportive and believing community, will often fall flat before the race has even begun. With that in mind, we are launching the Guild of Guardians Ambassador Program, where we are looking to onboard willing, keen, and avid supporters of the project to continue spreading the word of the project, and the many benefits of being part of the community at this pre live-ops stage. What are we looking for?We are looking to bring on ambassadors in the following streams: Content CreatorsManagers/Translators for non-English speaking communitiesGraphic DesignersTwitter TribeWhat criteria makes a compelling ambassador?Apply if you are: A gamer, a leader, an influencer, or an expert in blockchain gaming & NFTsPassionate in managing a global communityGood at content creation (graphics, videos, written contents etc.)Passionate about play-AND-earn and the blockchain gaming ecosystemInterested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets, NFTs and the blockchain spaceMain Duties of an ambassador?Promote GOG through meetups and AMAsCreate compelling content. As the GOG community grows, we’ll have a need for blog posts, documents, and other content translated into a number of languages. We’re especially interested in English, Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, French, and Russian speakers (among other languages)Be an alpha/beta tester for the GOG iOS/Android GameGo global by helping us manage our online communities in various languages and on various channels (Discord, Reddit, Telegram (TBC))Complete ad-hoc tasks like translating blog posts, create cool swag and virtual stickers, and help build out our website among other things. Of course there are plenty of rewards to win!Collaborate with local gaming enthusiasts, organizations and university groups to co-host eventsHow do I apply?Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/sy4fcth1ZLUgFxk38 if you are interested in applying. We expect this to be fairly competitive, and we will respond to those we are interested in advancing via Email.Please note — there are a capped number of slots for each position. These are designed to be competitive, and applying doesn’t guarantee a spot in the program, unfortunately.Perks?You’ll find out if selected :) Speak soon! And good luck 🧙🏽‍♂️ Do you want to get involved? Join more than 290,000 (!) other Guardians who are in our community: Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  3. Wen Sale!?!?! Thank you for your collective patience, Guardians. We know you’re all excited to participate in the second wave of our NFT Founder Sale. It’s humbling and deeply motivating for everyone at Guardian HQ to see how overwhelmingly positive and engaged everyone is. We don’t take it for granted. With that in mind! We are excited to announce the details of Wave Two of our NFT Founder Sale. What’s for sale in this Wave?We are excited to be selling both Founder Epic Heroes, and Founder Energy Boosters in this Wave. The total pools of both are: 35,000* Epic Heroes at $55 each ($44 with early bird discount)15,000* Energy Boosters at $150 each ($120 with early bird discount)Prices are calculated in USD but paid on Ethereum Mainnet (e.g. Metamask will work). *The Guild of Guardians team will mint an additional 10% of the purchased amount to be used as future rewards and gift aways. Will you summon Elohatt?Gas Wars, what we’re doing to avoid them, and why this is a good solution for the majorityAnyone who has experience with NFT drops, sales, and a mass of people trying to complete transactions for assets on Layer One will be familiar with the dreaded outrageous Gas fees that often come hand and hand with the process. Gas Wars are not in anyone’s interest, and we’ve thought long and hard on a pragmatic way of avoiding them. EARLY ADOPTER RESERVATION POOL As a rule of thumb we will always act in the best interests of our early adopters, active community members, and provable long-term believers. We will be reserving 20% of the total allocation of Wave Two NFTs for our existing community members. It is important for us to balance rewarding existing and active community members with the ability to bring in new members which grows the overall ecosystem. The 20% figure is an adequate sweet spot that we feel ticks both of those boxes. UN-ANNOUNCED DROP TIME With the aforementioned Gas Wars situation in mind, we have made the executive decision NOT to announce a specific date and time for when we are officially live with Wave Two. We will drop clues on our socials, and in our Discord in the lead-up. Doing this discourages botting, nefarious activity, and it actually ensures that more honest and genuine buyers end up with NFTs. We will not be disclosing the smart contract or website prior to the sale. DIRECT MINTING INTO IMMUTABLE X Purchased NFTs will be immediately minted onto Immutable X, a gas-free layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum NFTs.. This means you do NOT need to pay for the gas-fees of minting a NFT on layer 1, which can get quite expensive. We are serious about the accessibility of our Play-And-Earn model, and this is just one of the compelling products we have at our disposal to overall enhance your playing, buying, and trading experiences. SHOPPING CART We have a shopping cart system that means you pay one gas fee for your entire transaction, regardless of the number of NFTs purchased. If you’re unaware how this works — say you were to buy 20 Epic Heroes in Wave Two, you would pay one Gas Fee to complete the transaction, saving on 19 separate Gas hits. For context, to put it in $$ terms, at the time of writing that shopping cart would have saved you 0.228ETH ($760USD!!) at 80 GWEI. All praise to the shopping cart! Early Adopter Reservation Pool Our vision with the early adopter reservation pool is to reward early members of the community by giving them a stress-free way to ensure they can get NFTs in the next founder sale. This is an experiment from us as we continue to refine our drop systems. How many are available to early adopters? We are reserving 20% of all Wave 2 products for our early adopters. Broken down, this means: 7000 Epic Hero Summons3000 Energy BoostersIs there a limit on the number of NFTs I can reserve? You may apply to reserve as many as you want. However, there will likely be a limit on the final number of reservations granted per community member based on the demand we get. If there is too much demand, we may randomly allocate some portion of these early adopter reserved NFTs. How much will it cost? Early adopters will receive a ~10% discount on the sale price of founder NFTs. Epic Hero Summons will cost $50 USD each (0.015 ETH)Energy Boosters will cost $135 USD each (0.04 ETH)How do I know if I’m eligible? If you were in our Discord group or followed us on Twitter prior to 1st Sep 2021 then you are eligible to apply. (Or both) From there, we will give priority to early adopters who have been in the community for longer periods of time, and / or have shown to be active contributors. PLEASE NOTE: Activity beyond this date will not count, as we do not want users to try to ‘game’ the system. How do I apply? Fill out this form before Tuesday 7th September 5pm AEST. How will I pay if I am successful in my application? Successful applicants must manually transfer the correct amount of Ethereum to one of our two secure wallet addresses. Beware this is a trust based payment. If you transfer from the wrong address, transfer the wrong amount, or do not pay in time, then we will likely not be able to validate your purchase. When will I receive the reserved NFT? We are working on a NFT distribution system on Immutable X which will take some time, so please be aware that reserved NFTs won’t be distributed for a month or two. FAQQuestion: Why not sell on Immutable X? The smart contracts and the system we built for the founder sale were completed before Immutable X was live, so changing those mechanics, and implementing a sale system in the latter would take both significant scope and time. We have decided to instead focus those engineering resources on building a world-class mobile game and building future product features that utilise the Gas Free potential of Immutable X, rather than rebuilding a functional founder sale. Question: Why not sell everything via a raffle or reservation system? We decided not to sell everything via a reservation system because we still want to allow many new members to join the GOG community, which ultimately will make the game more successful. We decided not to use queues and raffles, so that we can focus engineering resources on our longer-term roadmap, rather than trying to rebuild a functional founder NFT sale system. We will certainly explore more creative ways to distribute NFTs in the future and community input is always welcome here! Stay tuned for more, and keep up to date with our Twitter and Discord for last minute details! We’re excited to see you all at Wave Two! #GuardiansUnite Want to get your hands on Guild of Guardian Founder NFTs? Buy now at either: Immutable X MarketplaceTokenTrove MarketplaceDo you want to get involved? Join more than 270,000 (!) other Guardians who are in our community: Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  4. One of the most commonly asked questions around Guild of Guardians involves the topic of NFT scarcity. “Will you sell more Founder NFTs in the future?”“Are there enough Guilds for players?”“Do early buyers have a big advantage?”Why is this important? While we will never give financial advice, we do want to share with you our current approach to NFT scarcity. The reason we want to do this is because we believe in communicating transparently with you all, and it is important to equip you with as much knowledge as possible to make informed decisions. Note also, our approach may evolve over time as we continue to learn and experiment. How do we balance scarcity?Our approach to scarcity comes back to our long-term vision, which is to completely disrupt the gaming industry. We believe that achieving this goal is also what’s best for the entire community long-term. In order to achieve this, we need to balance a number of factors: Scalability: Guild of Guardians should be enjoyable for millions of players, not just the early few.Sustainable: The economy should sustainable for decades.Certainty: There should be as much certainty on supply and scarcity mechanics as possible, so people can make educated decisionsWe believe that following these three factors allows Guild of Guardians to be as successful as possible, which is ultimately what everyone here wants. What does this mean for Founder NFTs?CertaintyFirst, we do NOT plan to sell more Founder NFTs in the future. These NFTs are significant in that they are the first ever Guild of Guardian NFTs. They represent a unique time in our journey where our community was still small, and the game had not yet been released. These will be marked as “Founder” series NFTs. The total founder NFTs that will exist will be those sold in the Founder Sales, plus the 10% additional pool which we will reserve for giveaways and community rewards. ✔️ — Certainty: You can be confident your Founder NFTs will be scarce. ScalabilityHowever, we can also say that we need to, and plan to, introduce new NFTs in the future. These won’t be the same as the Founder NFTs. Without new content, the game wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable to the millions of players who we plan to onboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will sell them all either, and instead you can expect NFTs to be introduced via a mix of purchasing, earning and other interesting methods! ✔️ Scalable — The game will continue to scale with new NFT content, which will be DIFFERENT from Founder NFTs SustainabilityFinally, we expect purchasable NFTs (including Founders editions) to be in high demand relative to their available scarcity. This is by design. We aren’t looking to maximise the money from selling NFTs. In fact, it’s the opposite. We want to give value to the community and those who support us — “leaving money on the table”. We believe this is the most long-term sustainable option, as the community can trust that we will have their best interests in mind, and work with us towards our long-term vision. ✔️ Our approach to NFT Scarcity in Guild of Guardians— Founder NFTs (and likely future NFTs) that are sold will be scarce so that we can sustainably introduce new content while giving value to the community. Frequently Asked QuestionsWill you sell more Founder NFTs, such as Guilds or Heroes, in the future? No. We do not plan to sell more Founder NFTs in the future. However, we do plan to introduce new NFTs in the future. These will be different and won’t be in our ‘Founders series’. Note: We previously reserved the right to mint new Adventurer Guilds in the future once there was excess demand, but at this stage we do not plan to exercise this right. Are there enough Guilds for future players? How important is it to play in a Guild? No, there currently are not enough Guilds for the millions of players we plan to onboard. Guilds are an important part of the game, not only as one of the avenues of play-and-earn, but also as a really fun and enjoyable social gameplay experience. We will introduce new guilds in the future, although they will not be founder guilds. We also haven’t decided on the exact mechanics of this, for example whether they are sold, earned in game, distributed to existing Founder Guild owners, or a combination of all of the above. We will make sure to factor in all parts of the community in our decision. Do buyers have an advantage in the game vs free-to-play players? How important is it to own the founder NFTs (heroes, pets, guilds, etc) to play Guild of Guardians? Yes, however this may not always be the case. Guild of Guardians is a strategy and action RPG game, which means that owning founder heroes, pets or energy boosters can give players an advantage. However, skill and strategy are still key elements in Guild of Guardians, and it won’t be the case that just because someone spends more that they will also be ‘better’ than free-to-play players. This is a balancing exercise and something we are actively working on. How do we balance the conflicting interests of different parts of the community? For example old vs new players, or “whales” with lots of money vs those with less money. We recognise there are different members in our community. This is great, as it means we have a real, vibrant economy! Keeping everyone happy is ultimately a balancing exercise. One which we will get right through experiments, feedback and iteration. However, we believe that actually everyone does have the same long-term interests. Ultimately every part of our community wants the same thing, which is for Guild of Guardians to be hyper successful and disrupt the gaming industry. We will use this as a guiding principle in making decisions around scarcity. So what?The objective of this article was to inform the community around how we approach scarcity, so that you can make informed decisions when you are buying, trading or selling with other players. If you are interested in future NFT founder sales, join our Discord and follow Twitter to stay up to date. If you wish to trade NFTs on the secondary market, you can do so by visiting either TokenTrove or Immutable X marketplaces. Do you want to get involved? Join more than 145,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  5. The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #2Welcome to Edition #2 of The Guild of Guardian Diaries! This is our newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ.We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will occasionally be inaccurate (as they sometimes are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities.Quick recap of AccomplishmentsGas-free NFT trading!1 — We went live with minting and trading of Wave One Founder NFTs on Immutable X, and Token Trove. We’ve seen more than $1M of trading volume happen so far, and we’re excited for what’s to come! Check it out if you haven’t already. NRG Esports x Guild of Guardians2 — We announced a HUGE and exciting partnership with NRG Esports — one of the biggest and most competitive ESports companies on the planet. Stay tuned for details on how you can buy digital NRG collectibles, and win a flight to L.A to go and visit their hype house. Guild of Guardians Metaverse3 — We touched on some of the companies and groups that have bought Guilds to participate in Guild of Guardians post launch. We think we are really tapped into the groundbreaking potential for a sustainable and dynamic metaverse economy. Read about them here. Community Engagement and Rewards4 — In case you’ve missed it, there have been a bunch of community activities that we’ve released in the last month. Guild of Guardians Merchandise, the POAP painting party, content creation challenges & more in the future. We will continue to look for ways to engage and reward the community. Internal Growth5— We have hired and onboarded 2 new members to the team, who are experts at both tokens and NFT products respectively. They are passionate about our mission and will be extremely valuable in helping is disrupt the future of gaming. Art and Creative DirectionWe have been making a lot of progress behind the scenes to make Guild of Guardians look and feel better. We have also been ramping up our art team and art partners to get ready to scale, both for soft launch and after softlaunch. Most of the work we’re doing won’t be visible for a while, but we’re happy with the progress and work here. Some leaks… Cool…Cooler???COOLEST?!?!?! (Note: This is NOT a hero)Game DesignHey guardians, Josiah here. This is a little meaty, so bare with me. And remember — all subject to change. On the dev side, we have been focusing on getting all soft-launch systems to a point where they can be implemented in game and play-tested. This includes: Designing dozens of individual dungeons. Setting traps, balancing encounters and rewards, and making sure our environments and enemies within feel like they belong together.Designing the combat capability of dozens of Heroes, Monsters, and Bosses Determining which Heroes enemies will prioritize and when, balancing behavior like avoidance, speed, prediction, maximization, and making sure everyone fills a role and isn’t just fodder to push through.Finding the middle ground where your allied Heroes aren’t a hindrance, but aren’t also capable of winning entire dungeons without you. Balancing their damage resistances, and their ability to react accordingly to enemy actions.Finalizing squad structure, customization, and synergies Testing the limits of our creation! Dozens of Heroes with tons of combinations for Faction, Element, Class, Role, and more. We want players to dive-in, explore, test, and perfect squads of Heroes capable of handling anything we throw at them.Finalizing Guild creation, management, and guild only activities. To the surprise of no one, Guilds are super important to GUILD of Guardians. We’ve been putting a lot of effort into making sure the Guild systems are capable of doing a few key things: Allowing like minded players to group together, farm together, mint together, and take on the most challenging content together.We want to make sure our minting systems are diverse enough that Guilds will need to work together in order to maximize profit potential. Guilds should have the capability to specialize and reap the rewards available only to those that do.Making Guilds EVEN MORE critical to the core loop of the game. Ensuring that the key to success is cooperation.And finally making sure that extra challenging content I mentioned above is TRULY unique and worth the effort. It should be no easy task to build a team of players capable of completing this content and the rewards for such a feat HAVE to be great.Balancing the taps and sinks for resources, currencies, consumables, and NFTs The numbers. So many numbers!Making sure your assets in game aren’t at risk to things like hyper-inflation, bots, or bad faith actors or organizations is always at the top of our list for every piece of content we design.We’ve also started working on designs for features set for 2022 (post soft-launch) where we intend to further improve the ability for players to earn within GoG. UPCOMING ROADMAPWAVE TWO NFT SALESWe are in the process of doing QA testing, and tightening up some of the end-to-end technical processes we had implemented for Wave One. As per the retro from W1, we are also considering the best method of selling these NFTs in Wave Two (considering gas wars, user experience, and fairness).We anticipate this to be in the next 3–5 weeks.Do you want to get involved? Join more than 250,000 (!) other Guardians who are in our community: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  6. We are THRILLED to announce that Guild of Guardians will be collaborating with NRG Esports to release NFT collectibles which will be playable in the Guild of Guardians mobile game! We will also be releasing the first ever NRG art collectible, and also giving one lucky person the chance to experience a free VIP experience in the NRG headquarters in Los Angeles. LET’S GOOO! Esports meet digital collectiblesGaming is a core part of today’s culture, and Esports is at the heart of it. Professional Esports organisations are quickly becoming iconic, household brands, and these groups are constantly looking for new ways to engage with their fans. With the emergence of digital ownership, we expect that the next phase of fan engagement will be for Esports organisations to introduce exclusive, collectible NFTs to their fans. These not only provide fans with additional ways to engage with their favourite teams, but will provide them with both unique digital and physical experiences. And this is exactly what NRG is about to do. Introducing Guild of Guardians x NRGNRG is a professional gaming and entertainment company known for its championship teams and gaming lifestyle content. NRG boasts the most popular and competitive teams across Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, Call of Duty and Overwatch, with multiple championship wins across these titles. NRG have a massive fan base, with content channels reaching over 34M uniques a month, fostering over 118M fan engagements. We are super excited to announce that we will be working with NRG to collaborate on a Guild of Guardians x NRG hero which will be playable in the game. We will also be introducing NRG’s first ever NFT collectible which commemorates their success across various games in recent years, as well as providing one lucky fan the chance for an exclusive VIP experience in Los Angeles. Meet the GuardianOur next Legendary hero is a collaboration between NRG Esports and Guild of Guardians. You will be able to play with this NRG Hero in the upcoming mobile game, Guild of Guardians. NRG x Guild of Guardians HeroWe wanted to create something that would connect with fans and align with the NRG brand without being just slapping the NRG logo onto a character. We wanted this to look and feel like NRG — which is why we went with a ‘championship fighter’ character with subtle glyphic references to NRG in both the sword and the armor. Initial Concept SketchesThis hero will also be available in different colour variations, and there will be a 1 of 1 Mythic available for one lucky buyer. How it worksGuild of Guardians x NRG hero will be a NFT drop that will be available for purchase around Oct on our website (exact date to be announced)It’s a Legendary Rarity hero in our “Early Adopters” seriesEach summon has a chance to be a “special edition” colour variant, with the following probabilities: 10% Warrior, 2% Elite and 1 of 1 MythicBonus: NFT Art CollectibleAs a bonus, anyone who purchases the Guild of Guardians x NRG hero summon will also receive an exclusive NRG art collectible. This is fully tradable and represents an iconic moment in history — bridging fandom with digital ownership. Sneak preview of NRG digital collectibleMythic Bonus: Meet the team!To make things even MORE interesting, we have decided to give one lucky winner and their friend the opportunity to meet and visit their favourite NRG team! Whoever owns the Mythic hero at a pre-selected date (the ‘redemption date’) will receive: 2 Tickets to visit the NRG Esports team in Los Angeles*Airfare and accommodations to and from Los AngelesMeet and greet with NRG Esports and influencersVIP behind-the-scenes tour of the NRG Castle (no fan has EVER been inside!)Exclusive private viewing of Esports competition (subject to availability)Signed physical memorabilia and jerseys by their favourite players*Timing is subject to travel restrictions We’re super excited about working with NRG and bringing their brand to life in Guild of Guardians! The future of gaming is upon us, and we welcome the entire NRG fanbase to join us in disrupting the gaming industry and empowering players to play AND earn! View the full article
  7. Guild of Guardians —building the metaverse economyOne of the most exciting things about Guild of Guardians is the potential for there to be a tangible metaverse economy surrounding the game. We envisage millions of players working together, trading, and playing a part in this ever-changing and totally dynamic economy. IntroductionEveryone is excited by play-and-earn. That ship is here to stay. And it is a perfect marriage in theory. The ability to play a game for fun, whilst making money? Sign us up... However, there are more layers to play-and-earn that we are hellbent on discovering. What we are truly fascinated by is the opportunity for individuals and organisations to build real businesses around Guild of Guardians. Or, translated, a true, dynamic, metaverse economy. And this is exactly what we are beginning to see. We are beginning to see different organisations become invested in the long-term success of Guild of Guardians, and who have started recruiting and building out their respective plan(s) for participating in this new world. Metaverse PartnersWe’re beginning to see a series of ‘metaverse partners’ enter into the Guild of Guardians universe. Some of these include: Yield Guild Games — play-to-earn gaming guild which brings players togehter to earn via blockchain-based economies.Real Deal Guild— guild which introduces NFT games to Filipinos to give them economic opportunities through the play-to-earn revolution.Grow Your Base — powerful, membership-based platform for NFT enthusiasts, investors, creators and collectors.Blackpool — decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) built solely for NFT gaming and trading.Nonlinear Research (in partnership with Dialectic and Nansen Alpha Members) — group of investors who own a considerable amount of Guilds and plan to positively contribute to the GOG economy.& many more… (let us know if we missed you!)Together, these organisations own a substantial number of guilds across all tiers, and each of them have reached out to us with plans to work cooperatively within the metaverse economy in order to make Guild of Guardians as successful as possible. This is insanely exciting stuff, and it benefits our entire ecosystem of players. Why are these organisations invested?“YGG has acquired 1 Mythic Guild and 50 Adventurers Guilds that can be used by over 1,000 YGG players. Our guild is excited to participate in this play-to-earn game and experience the amazing gameplay created by the Guild of Guardians team.” — Yield Guild Games “RDG bought assets in GOG to be able to let other members play, earn and enjoy the game specially those who don’t have the capability to spend money in NFT assets. We aim to share and spread play to earn metaverse to Filipino Community and RDG believes that GOG is a good project to invest in.” — Real Deal “Guild of Guardians has structured not only an incredible in-game experience but airtight game economics. We have acquired a Legends Guild. On top of this, our team has invested over $80,000 into the Guild of Guardian’s project. We believe this will be one of the first (if not the first) AAA gaming experience for mainstream gamers to adopt NFTs.” — Grow Your Base So, what does this mean?Gaming NFTs are revolutionary for players. As individuals and passionate gamers, we are excited by the future. The level of interest and investment in Guild of Guardians by these prominent organisations in the space showcases that the potential doesn’t stop there. NFTs unlock revolutionary new mechanics in gaming, in particular the opportunity for 3rd parties who are not the developer to build real, sustainable businesses around the game. Various DAOs and organisations are already taking a step into that direction, and are planning their moves and internal organisational structures in order to make the most of Guild of Guardians while being a positive influence on the economy. We expect it won’t end there either. The metaverse economy is massive, and we also expect businesses to be built by influencers, content creators, analysts, developers and many more. You don’t have to be a player to turn your passion for gaming into assets.  — @GuildOfGuardian ConclusionThe future is bright. If you want to join and have ideas to build and contribute to the metaverse economy, please reach out to us and we will see how we can support! Do you want to get involved? Join more than 140,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  8. The goal of this article is to teach you how to link your Ethereum wallet to Immutable X in order to enable minting and gas free trading! Minting will go live at approximately Friday 30th July, 11AM AEST. First, what is Immutable X?Immutable X is the first layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, providing mainstream scalability and gas-free transactions. It removes the cost-barrier from peer to peer trading, ensuring you can trade your assets without worrying how much you’ll pay in transaction fees. It also gives users instant trade confirmation, making trades faster and easier — all without compromising user custody. Part 1: Link your wallet to Immutable XIn order to trade your assets in Immutable X, you will need to connect your Ethereum wallet to Immutable X. Note: Connecting and linking your wallet doesn’t give Guild of Guardians or Immutable X any power over your wallet or its contents, it simply shows which items belong to you so you can play with, and trade them, while also providing a destination to send your digital assets and rewards to. That’s the beauty of true ownership!STEP 1: Connect your Wallet to the Guild of Guardians Web-Page Click “Connect Wallet” and connect your Metamask wallet to the pageSTEP 2: Link your wallet(s) to Immutable X Visit https://www.guildofguardians.com/mintClick “Link a wallet to X”.There will be a series of pop-ups for both Metamask and Immutable X link. Please sign each of these in order to create a unique Immutable X key that is ‘linked’ to your Ethereum addressPro-Tip: You may link your wallet to Immutable X at any time (even after you have purchased), but Founder NFTs will only be minted after you have completed the linking process on our website.How to linkLinking Video TutorialFor those of you who prefer visual learning, here is a quick guide: https://medium.com/media/53a375a8118c64863365615e288cf205/hrefPart 2: Trade NFTs on Layer 2STEP 1: MintingSit back and relax — minting will happen automatically for any NFTs you have purchasedThis may take 5–15 minutes depending on how many other NFTs are being minted at the same timeSTEP 2: Viewing and TradingTrading can occur on any Immutable X compatable marketplace. Right now there are only two options, but in the future we imagine there will be many more: Immutable X Official Marketplace — https://market.x.immutable.com/TokenTrove Marketplace— https://tokentrove.com/Immutable X MarketplaceFeesGuild of Guardians plans to take a % royalty fee on all secondary trades in the futureHowever, during the initial alpha launch of minting / trading there will be NO fees from Guild of Guardians for tradingDo you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  9. Words from the community — ‘Why did I buy a Guild?’There are now only 7% of total available Guilds left! Whilst Adventurer Guilds officially sold out a couple of weeks ago — there are still Legend and Warrior Guilds (and a couple of Mythic!) available on the store page of our website. Mystery in the darkness…We thought it would be a good idea to do a Q&A with some members of the community who purchased Guilds (of all levels), as to why they made that purchase decision, and what they’re most looking forward to about the game. Read their thoughts below, and see if they resonate! Question One:Q: What motivated you, specifically, to buy the Guild that you [email protected] dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “From my experience the best value is always the top rarity/utility item in an item’s very first drop (if you can afford it). There’s always a reason for the pricing and I trust the Guild of Guardians team’s vision on this. Perhaps there is some added benefit to being able to recruit 10 more members than the rest, who knows!” @ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I think the game play will be really fun, at least from what I see now. I figure that since I will be devoting my time into this game, why not take the max profit out of it by being a Guild owner and enjoy an extra 5% cut of the Guild profit? At the moment legend is what I can afford — so that’s what I grabbed!” @ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “As I understand it is pretty much a must to have/be in a guild, it’s even in the game name! 😃” @ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “Without knowing the full details of how this would look/work out, I bought 2 Adventurers Guilds. I did this for two reasons. First, to have an understanding of how they worked for content creating purposes. The second reason being that I planned on giving them to some of my team members to run on a free-to-play basis and offer some people in the community a place to play if they were looking for a home. I have people (in my network) that are going to play exclusively free-to-play, so I can cover both aspects of the game.” Question Two:Q: What do you envisage Guild ownership to look like, on a day-to-day basis, once the game is [email protected] dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “There will be owners that are committed throughout each day, participating in all the activities and also other owners that take a back seat and focus more on guild communication/community etc. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.” @ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I see myself actively participating in decisions, leading Guild members, communicating with members to exchange ideas on how we can progress better and earn more, and (possibly)! having to resolve internal and external conflicts if they arise.” @ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I grabbed two guilds, so my vision right now is to have my Warriors Guild as a main, and my Adventurers Guild as a ‘junior’ Guild. It’d be cool to rotate people between them according to activity levels etc. Who knows right now, but maybe down the track there could be an official way to ‘tie them together’ as one corporation?!” @ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I think if Guild of Guardians sets it up right, I imagine 3rd party apps being established, communications allowing all guild members to be involved, and methods of adding value via resources etc. to their guild for max profits/gear. I expect the “slackers” that don’t communicate to be dealt with relatively quickly. I also expect the competitions to be fierce and possibly critical to some guilds. If Guilds are not performing well, I expect attrition to be high. This is going to be very interesting how that dynamic plays out. Could there be a lot of Guild hopping? 👀 Question Three:Q: How are YOU going to lead your [email protected] dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “I will be one of the owners that takes a bit of a back seat and focus more on planning and leadership. I will be focussing more closely on the economics and strategy side of things. @ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I will aim to group people with similar interests, do all the requisite research into the project, and use that knowledge to share information to all Guild members. Ultimately, I want to help provide a friendly and fun environment. We are only as strong as we are united!” @ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I think I’ll be pretty hands on. I’m looking forward to the co-op element building out. I also hope there will be ‘roles’ (or equivalent) in a Guild, so others can help me run it when I want to take a more hands-off approach for extended periods.” @ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I do not plan on leading a guild, I have way too much to do! I plan on delegating that to someone else. Ironically, I really don’t anticipate myself being in either of the two guilds that I bought. The Shiny Mythic Guild TokenQuestion Four:Q: Are you actively recruiting for your [email protected] dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “Not yet, since there aren’t loads of details released yet on gameplay and strategy. Hopefully I’ll be able to gather a decently strong guild when it starts, though.” @ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “Not yet, I plan to do so when the game gets closer to its alpha release.” @ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I’m not actively recruiting at the moment, as there’s still plenty of time until gameplay is good to go. I imagine I’ll start with IRL friends, and go from there (when building my Guild member roster).” @ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I Was a guild leader/recruiter for almost three years in my last game. I’m still burnt out from it! So, no, I won’t be. I just want to be a good soldier, and create silly videos!” Question Five:Q: What excites you most about the Guild element of Guild of Guardians, and what do you think the game looks like in five years [email protected] dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “Guilds have proven to be extremely popular in mobile games and I know quite a few people that grind for months to only receive a few hundred dollars in income. With Guild of Guardians, I can see the game taking off with play-to-earn in full force, allowing players to receive meaningful rewards and wanting to join the best guilds. In five years time, well, I’m not sure really! Hopefully the game has evolved multiple times and the ecosystem gets much larger.” @ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “In five years, I see the game as not exclusively having a solo play style. Those can get a bit tedious after long periods of grinding. That’s why the Guild element is so exciting. By having a Guild system as the core play style of the game, we can play together as friends. I’m not sure if we can compete directly with other Guilds down the track, but if so, I think this game will be like a massive Guild war game, where people will have to do a lot of preparation, strategic plannings, communication, etc. To pin down the other guilds we are taking on head-to-head. It’s going to be fun!” @ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “Guild of Guardiansn reminds me of the good old days, when I was a teenager and played MMORPG Ragnarok online. That game also had Guilds, and it was just very fun to talk/grind/boss/war fight together and just to be a member of an internal community. I hope to get some of those nostalgic feelings back via Guild of Guardians!” @ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “The mobile aspect is huge in my opinion. The NFT potential tied to it is also big. There clearly is already a community here that cares about the game. Five years from now really depends upon two things for me. First, have the entry barriers been lifted so almost everyone can get in easily with little risk? And second, if Guild of Guardians starts off with a bang, does the project have enough manpower, capital, and proper infrastructure to make new content to keep the old players in while adding in new players consistently? I am very positive about the entire NFT space, and I really do mean it when I say that it’s going to revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it. So, if all goes well, in 5 years from now, I envision GoG to be installing patch 3.4 which opens up a never seen before crafting recipe that has the “socketed” 5 piece set that gives a 3% stat buff if all 5 pieces are worn. I also imagine some form of land ownership/economy being worked on or completed where players can earn even more GEMS on their own, outside of guild collaboration. I also imagine the demand for new content to be high as the NFT gaming space will have many competitors by then. What excites me most, however, is the potential… You guys have the chance to really do something amazing, and I hope you do. The sky is the bar set before us. BUY GUILDS HERE!View the full article
  10. The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #1Welcome to The Guild of Guardian Diaries! This is our first newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ. Based on community feedback, we have decided to launch the Guild of Guardian Diaries to deliver you all those updates 😎. We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will be inaccurate (as they always are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities. Disrupting the gaming industryAs you’re all aware, we are trying to massively disrupt a $100bn + industry. We are so early in our journey, and having you all on board, aligned with our vision and supporting us is incredible. It’s difficult to grasp the impact of what we’re building. Guild of Guardians aims to be a fun and compelling mobile RPG game where millions of players can turn their passion of gaming into NFTs. This is going to be a long journey. It’s not going to be an overnight success, and there will be bumps along the way. Just by reading this it means that YOU are part of an early community that is moving the industry forwards! Here is a review of what we’ve been up to in the past 2 months ⬇️ A recap of what we’ve achieved so farWave One was largely a success, despite a couple of teething issues. Read all about the numbers we pulled hereOur successes were written up in major publications CoinTelegraph, TechInAsia, and The Sydney Morning Herald among many others.Since Wave One, we’ve focussed heavily on minting your precious NFTs into Immutable X — the L2 solution for gas-free trading and minting.We appreciate all of your collective patience on that front, and we’ve got some more specific news on that progress below 🚀Roadmap of what’s to comeNFT MINTING The Minting process is complex and world-leading, in a number of regards! Our engineering team has been working hard to get these processes right.Without getting too technical, the minting process (on our end) is split into two key phases. Phase one involves the ability to support user registration, and the process of connecting a wallet to Immutable X, whilst Phase two involves the ability for NFT minting.Our engineers have almost finished Phase one, and are on track for Phase two, with mints beginning to happen on testnet.With that in mind, it is likely that Minting will officially be able to take place in July (or August).Whilst we may be quiet day-to-day, we completely understand the importance of gas-free Minting and Trading for our community, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.NFT TRADING Gas-free trading of Founder NFTs between users should be ready at the same time that assets are minted (pending an unexpected marketplace frontend issue). This means it’s also July or August.WAVE TWO NFT SALES Our intention is to launch Wave Two of our NFT Founder Sale AFTER we have minted the Wave One NFTs.We will need to do some QA testing, and tighten up some of the end-to-end technical processes we had implemented for Wave One before Wave Two can go live.This means Wave Two will occur around one month after minting (subject to change)We have prioritised Minting over starting the Wave Two sale, because we know how important these NFTs are to you all, and we’re excited for you to get your hands on them before we make the next wave of NFTs available for purchase.Development updatesWith those dates out of the way —it’s time to check in with some other project developments. It is exciting to see the first building blocks of the project being laid, and the broad vision that has guided us for the last year (and a bit), come to life in our hands. We can’t underplay how excited we are for the ongoing development of this journey, and we are looking forward to using The Guild of Guardian Diaries as a window into our world, bringing you along for the ride. Internal play-testing and game development We’ve officially completed our first set of internal play-testing (of a vertical slice of the game). There’s obviously lots of work to go but we are elated with how it is shaping up. Tease below 👀 **PRE-ALPHA V.0** Internal Play-Test Image (on-phone)**PRE-ALPHA V.0** Internal Play-Test Image (on-phone)**PRE-ALPHA V.0** Example Alpha ImageBuilding The Team We have hired a senior game producer, and we’re currently in the process of expanding out our team even further. We will continue to strive to put the best people in the best positions, in order to build a better game.Work with Partners We have kicked off our work with our valuable partners, including Naavik and Ubisoft on different advisory and input topics.Leaning on these partners and their advice (from taking the game mainstream, to incorporating invisible elements of the blockchain) is invaluable.Epic and Rare Heroes… Leaks? Here’s a few — just because we love you all… MORE HERO LEAKS 👀MORE HERO LEAKS 👀MORE HERO LEAKS 👀MORE HERO LEAKS 👀Closing RemarksThank you for all your overwhelming support so far, we love the early community we’ve built. We’re always open to feedback so PLEASE get involved and join our Discord. Link below! Do you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  11. So what do Guilds actually do? We get this question a lot and this article aims to go into more detail around how Guilds actually work in Guild of Guardians. Which, is kind of important! https://medium.com/media/51727489ac26b412d5f251226f4b8c63/hrefWhy Guilds?Have you ever played a game because of friends? Or kept playing because of the group you were playing with? We strongly believe that games are more fun with friends, and the people you meet through games can have a positive impact on your gaming experience.This is why Guilds are a central part of Guild of Guardians. We want to embody the social cooperative aspect of games that make them so fun. We want Guild of Guardians to be a game you play for years, and which you want to keep playing because of the people you meet in your Guild as well as the wider community. Play together. Earn together. How do Guilds work in Guild of Guardians?Let’s start at the beginning. The way to create NFT items in Guild of Guardians is through Guild Crafting. We (developers) do not sell items. This makes Guild Crafting important as the primary play-to-earn mechanism. Players who are part of a guild will contribute resources to the Guild ‘treasury’ which can be used to craft various items. Everyone who contributes will earn a pay-out when the crafted NFT item is sold on the marketplace. The only way to participate in Guild Crafting is to be in a Guild, and the only way to own a Guild is to buy one. Given the importance of this role, Guild Leaders will also receive the first cut of crafting sales before it gets distributed among all members. Being in a Guild also allows each player to participate in other Guild-based game modes in the future. As an example only — Guild Raids. What is the difference between the guilds?There are four types of Guilds, with the primary differences being the number of members and % first cut of guild crafting sales that goes to the guild leader. Adventurers Guild: 20 members, 1% of guild crafting salesWarriors Guild: 30 members, 2.5% of guild crafting salesLegends Guild: 40 members, 5% of guild crafting salesMythic Guild: 50 members, 10% of guild crafting salesWe also plan to have Guild ranking or leaderboard competitions with NFT or token prizes for the top Guilds. Some of these will be free for all, and others will only be for Guilds within the same tier (e.g. “Adventurers Division”). Ultimately this serves as another play-to-earn mechanism and allows us to distribute player token rewards to players who are actively growing the game. There may be other features in the future. In principle, we don’t want guilds to give individuals any progression advantage, but we do want to incentivise or reward those who are in larger or ‘higher performing’ guilds. How will Guilds work in practice? We believe that the difference between Guilds don’t come from their statistical differences but rather, in how players choose to interact with them. First off — being a Guild leader is prestigious and important. And leading a Legends or a Mythic Guild comes with a lot of responsibilities! Being in a Guild is typically also desirable, and we expect the ‘best’ players will be attracted to play in the bigger guilds, who together compete with other top guilds. We’re already beginning to see this with DAO’s like Yield Guild Games and Blackpool purchasing Mythic Guilds and recruiting for their teams. At the same time, players aren’t going to want to join just any Guild. They want to have fun and enjoy the game, so they will likely want to join well organised guilds who have built up a strong community and are welcoming to new players. The social-cooperative nature of the game should create a positive experience for everyone. Some groups may also purposely play in smaller but more ‘elite’ Guilds, or just social guilds — it’s completely up to you! At the beginning of the game no NFT items will exist. None at all. Players will be working together to create items, experimenting with strategies, and cooperating to earn. Guilds which have more members will likely be the first to craft the ‘best’ NFT items in the game (all else being equal), which will be limited and in-demand. As the game progresses the ‘race’ will be on and we’ll begin to see Guilds specialising and competing in different areas. Guilds will also be competing for leaderboard rewards (another reason why they might want to buy items)! This won’t be limited to just Mythic guilds either, as we will likely introduce bracketing to ensure a balanced playing field (e.g. Having prizes for an “Adventurers Only” division). So why are people spending $100k on a Guild? Principally, Mythic (or other large) Guilds are NOT designed to create an uneven playing field for gameplay or progression. Instead, they have metagame and economic implications purely because of how players will socially interact with them, because of how important items are in the Guild of Guardians player-owned economy and due to any Guild-based leaderboard rewards. You can make your own conclusions about how this affects play-and-earn. Oh, and of course, Mythic Guilds are also awesome, prestigious, scarce and tradable! Other frequently asked questions1. Will there be more guilds in the future? We hope so! Once the game gets much bigger we anticipate there to be too much demand for Guilds and not enough supply. Which is a great problem to have. We plan to release more Guilds but the mechanism won’t be determined for a long time. E.g. Whether via sale, airdrop to existing owners, in-game earning, or a mix of all. We will likely get community input on this important decision. 2. Can Guild owners delegate to someone else? Currently we plan to allow Guild owners to set ‘officers’ for their Guild. These officers can help run the Guild, recruit or management members as well as decide what items to be crafting. Delegating ownership of a Guild is possible though — we’re sure some third party is going to build this as a service one day if we don’t do it ourselves! 3. Will there be any other Guild features in the future? Probably. We plan to keep building and improving Guild of Guardians, which includes how Guilds work. Examples might include crafting recipes as a “drop”, community governance for Guild owners, access to VIP events, Guild vs Guild competitions, cosmetic NFTs etc. As always — we are open to suggestions! Do you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  12. POAP Success — How we got 30,000 new Discord members in 48 hours.TL;DR — Our POAP Badge Activation produced amazing viral numbers. 28,900 Founder Badges were claimed (POAP’s most successful drop ever)30,000 new Guardians joined our Discord in 48 hours (taking us to 42,000+ people)Discord growth go brrr…Guild of Guardians gained more than 3,000 Twitter followers in the week following the activationNearly 7,300 people sent a message in our Discord in the last seven daysA Blueprint Of Events Last week, we ran a POAP activation (Proof of attendance protocol), which allowed people to claim a unique ‘Founder’ badge, as long as they were members of our Discord channel. The Founder badge!First, we wrote a blog, explaining how to claim the badge, but we strategically withheld the codeword that users needed to get it — making it accessible only to those in our Discord channel. Then, in our Discord — we leaked the codeword, making the claim process as simple as DM’ing the POAP-Bot — which would then deliver each DM a unique claim link. A simple process on the surface, but one that brought amazing traction, conversation, and community growth. Our Discord was on FIRE for 48 hours. You couldn’t refresh the #new-guardians channel without seeing four or five new members joining every minute. People clearly love free air-drops, but all of a sudden, you bring in a section of people who came for the goodies, but stayed for the special and potentially industry altering project they stumbled upon. Special thanks to the team at POAP who helped facilitate the drop. It’s an easy and cool process to undertake, and we’ve now seen some of our community members jump on board to make their own — dropping badges for the Glade, Empire and Horde factions — which have been claimed more than a cumulative 500 times! We love community driven content!Do you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  13. Did you refer a friend in the Guild of Guardian founder sale? Firstly, thank-you, and congratulations! This is a guide on how to check how much you earned from your referrals, and then how to withdraw your referral bonuses. WARNING: This requires direct interaction with the Smart Contract. Please be careful — mistakes can result in lost gas or worse.If something looks wrong, it probably is. As always, do your own research. Step 1: Find your account address Copy and paste your account address by going to Metamask (or your wallet of choice). Make sure you are connected to “Ethereum Mainnet” Step 2: Check your Referral Balance Visit the Smart Contract website: https://etherscan.io/address/0xc253cbc67556e797fdb750a031d5e6208c423ad5#readContract Scroll down to “referrerBonuses”, paste your address and click Query IMPORTANT: If you have no referral bonuses (e.g. the number is 0) then do NOT try to claim anything. It won’t work.The number displayed is in ‘WEI’, so to convert it to ETH you can click on it. In this example the user has earned roughly 0.011 ETH Step 3. Go to “Write Contract” and call the ‘withdrawBonus’ function Go to the write contract page, which you can find below, or alternatively, by visiting this link. Click, “Connect to Web3” which will require you to sign in with MetaMask. Once connected, scroll down and click write under ‘withdrawBonus’: A MetaMask transaction will pop-up for confirmation. Once approved you will have withdrawn your referral bonus! IMPORTANT —WATCH OUT FOR AN ALERT. This means you likely have no referral rewards and the transaction WILL fail Do NOT confirm a transaction if it looks like this, it will fail!That’s it! Once your transaction confirms you should receive your referral bonuses in your wallet. PRO-TIP: Do you plan to refer more friends? We recommend you withdraw your referral bonus at the END of all founder sale waves so you only pay gas on one transaction. Or alternatively when gas is low… Do you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  14. This article aims to provide a super brief introduction to Guild of Guardians. https://medium.com/media/e128aa7282f22f7c64f14f0c6e7ef999/hrefWhat is Guild of Guardians? Guild of Guardians is a mobile team RPG — inspired by the best of mobile gacha games, Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.Our vision is to build a fun and compelling game, played by millions of players, where everyone can turn their passion for gaming into NFTs.Play AND earn — have an excellent underlying game, which will be made 100x better with blockchain specific design.Published by Immutable (team behind Gods Unchained & Immutable X) and developed by Stepico Games (mobile games dev studio).Designed from the ground up — blockchain actually makes the game better for players, not just slapping ‘NFTs’ onto an existing game.Our in-game currency is a token, with our ‘tokenomics’ designed to drive long-term sustainable growth of the game and reward the entire ecosystem.Pre-Alpha Gameplay FootageWhy Guild of Guardians? NFTs are here to stay — only a matter of time until mass gaming NFT adoption is achieved.Early blockchain games have proven interest and economic models, but are yet to reach mainstream audience.Guild of Guardians is poised for success. Our core gameplay has mainstream appeal + an open-economy game design + unique distribution.So far we have 135k+ players on the waitlist, 35k Twitter, 40k Discord members. Crazy reach and community numbers.Strategic partnerships are in place to maximise chances of success — E.g. Working with Ubisoft, partnered with Sandbox, advised by Naavik, and plenty more un-announced.Team of 20+ experts in blockchain, NFTs, game design, development and art who have been building since early 2020. We were working in silence before NFTs were ‘cool’.Secure underlying tech which can scale to millions with no gas fees (i.e. Immutable X, the Ethereum L2 for NFTs).Mobile games are driven by user acquisition —‘play and earn’ mechanics give us 30% lower acquisition costs vs traditional games, and together with token incentives, can be used to massively scale Guild of Guardians.What’s next? Q2 2021: Ongoing sale of Founder NFTs which will never be available again (Wave One nearly complete, Wave Two to come).Early 2022: Soft launch on iOS and Android.Keen for more? Here’s our recommended reading list: Whitepaper: Overview of gameplay and $GOG tokenGaming NFT adoption thesis: Our playbook for successTeam: Meet some of our teamCore Combat: Get a better sense of how combat worksHeroes | Pets & Energy | Guilds: NFTs being sold in founder saleCommunity $GOG rewards| Share-to-earn program: Ways to earnFounder Interview | NFT Sale AMA: Video introductionsDo you want to get involved? Join more than 135,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  15. Wave One, Day One. Thoughts From The Team and Next StepsThe team at Guardian HQ have completed their retrospective look at the activity that went down on Day One of the Wave One drop of our NFT Founder Sale. It was wild, and we learnt a lot! We thought it’d be appropriate to share some key takeaways and messages that came out of it — both the good and the bad. So… The Key Points! 1 . We encountered some issues!As happens occasionally with these drops — we ran into a few different issues. Enough to keep our whole team busy for the whole day (and night). The main point to understand here is that congested mainnet environments are always difficult to simulate in QA, so we will use Wave One as a valuable learning experience moving forward. That being said, in the interests of transparency, it’s worth highlighting our learnings, and some of the issues we identified. These can largely be categorised into FIVE different groups: The Website: Some users weren’t able to access the website, running into error messages, or having 404 error messages upon loading/refreshing our landing page. The root cause we identified, was that spam refreshing of our website triggered our service provider to automatically IP ban offenders to ‘protect against an attack’.Failed Transactions: Some users lost gas funds in failed transactions. This happened for a few reasons. We clogged the network upon go-live, which saw the gas price rise from ~30 to around ~50 during the sale. This meant some users transactions were started but could not complete successfully. There was also a ~10 minute window where the default gas limits on purchasing were too low which we had to hotfix. There was also a ~1 hour window after Legendary Heroes sold out, where the front-end let users click “BUY” even though the website indicated no heroes were available, meaning those who didn’t realise, received transaction failures.Delayed Visibility of Heroes/Guilds in user’s collections: Some users reported successful blockchain transactions, but didnt’ see their assets appearing in their inventories/summoning tabs for periods of time. This is owing to a de-sync between our databases, which was not picked up during testing (again, difficult to simulate on mainnet).Users buying on the wrong Chain: Some users purchased on the testnet contract (potentially a cache issue which occurred for ~1 minute, for 7 transactions and $4,800 in lost funds). Some other users reported paying BNB to a Binance Smart Chain address when they were purchasing. Given we have never used BSC, this was an individual wallet usage error, affecting ~25 transactions and $1000 in lost funds).Accidental Mythic: Not an error, but when one of our developers was making a purchase on mainnet to ensure a hotfix was working, they unfortunately summoned a Mythic hero. We do not want our team to own Mythics, and we plan to raffle this off (more below).We have solved the key issues, and we will use the learnings we gleaned from those slip-ups to ensure Wave Two has a better chance of running more smoothly! 2. CompensationWe have decided to compensate users who were affected as a result of some of the above issues: We have decided to refund ALL gas from transaction failures that occurred as a result of our gas limit or frontend errorsWhilst none of the gas fees went to us, and it’s going to cost us gas fees to compensate users, we will refund lost gas for everyone who tried to buy but got a transaction failure due to the above reasons. This totals roughly $25,000 and is our way of saying thank you for supporting the project. We will distribute directly to the affected wallets. Please note: this action is a ONE-OFF. We do NOT plan to pay gas fees where it is caused by issues with the blockchain network and / or user error. But hopefully moving to Immutable X in the future will make this point redundant! Failed TX ID’s pre-increased GAS limits.We have decided to refund or compensate, with heroes from our developer pool, for transactions made to a testnet contract addressIt is reported that there were a few minutes where users could purchase before the sale was live. This may have been an issue with cache/cookies in a specific scenario. We do not own the address those people interacted with — so those funds are lost. We’ll give those users the choice of a full refund plus gas, or to mint their NFTs directly into the same wallet at a later date. Please let us know by messaging Nick in Discord ASAP with your preference. If we don’t hear from you we will assume you want the refund. We do not plan to compensate for users interacting with the incorrect blockchain (e.g. Binance Smart Chain)We have not found any explanation for why users interacted with BSC other than a user or wallet error. As a policy we do not plan to compensate for user error or 3rd party service wallet issues, in order to avoid setting an unsustainable precedent for the future. We want to give our sincere apologies for the buyers affected and hope that everyone is extra careful to make sure they are connected to Ethereum Mainnet for future waves. We will conduct a MYTHIC raffle to giveaway a mythic heroExact details will follow, but our current plan is to give everyone who purchased a Legendary Hero in the founder sale a chance to win a FREE mythic hero. Each legendary summon purchase gets you 1 ticket to the draw (so 7500 tickets in total), and the winner will be given the Mythic once it is minted into Immutable X. 3— Enough of the bad, on to the good stuff!Once things were fixed, we were relatively happy with the sale flow. We were pleased to see: Over 2,000 players getting their hands on rare and exclusive Founder Sale assets.$75,000 in referral rewards distributed plus another $75,000 in discounts earned. Giving back to the community is vital.1,829 people picking up Legendary Heroes, helping the allocation sell out in its entirety in only a few hours. No bot abuse!Importantly, we saw excellent and healthy distribution of Legendary Hero ownership — 782 people bought only 1 legendary Hero summon (43% of buyers), and 550 people bought 5 or less (85% of all buyers).Visual representation of Legendary Hero ownership/distribution1,000 people grabbing Adventurer Guilds, 58 people purchasing a Warrior Guild, 9 Guardians snapping up a Legends Guild, and finally, 8 people nabbing the prestigious Mythic Guild.We’re about to tick over $3M USD in total Wave One sales, with further subsequent Waves looking to be as in demand as the first.We were (at our peak) the second most used smart contract on the entire Ethereum network that day. Crazy.😎Whats next? When is Wave Two? The first priority for the team is minting your NFTs into Immutable X, so that trading, selling and exchanging flows can kick-off. In the interim, we will also be resolving the outstanding issues from the current sale, before we announce a date for the go-live of Wave Two. Do you want to get involved? Join more than 134,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article