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  1. Hello, Derek Lau here! VP & Game Director of Guild of Guardians. I might be biased, but Guild of Guardians and Immutable are some of the most exciting places to work right now in the web 3 gaming space. So much so, that I wanted to write this blog to give an overview of what it’s like to work at Guild of Guardians and why you should consider joining us! Why are we here?We are here to build the future of gaming. Last year, gamers spent $110 billion, on in-game items that they don’t actually own. Groups like content creators, streamers and esports teams contribute immensely to a game's success but don’t actually share in any of the game's upside, and rely on advertising to stay alive. Digital assets can solve this by creating scarce, tradable assets that do not require a third party to stay secure. We are building the first games of their kind— accessible, fun, and meaningful while at the same time, empowering players and content creators alike. Introduction to ImmutableIf you join Guild of Guardians, you will be part of Immutable. Immutable is a VC-funded company that recently raised US$200m at a valuation of US$2.5 billion. Our business is split into two parts: Immutable X (the platform) and Immutable Studios (the games studio). You can think of it like Netflix. In order to build the future of gaming, we have a platform that anyone can use to easily integrate blockchain into their game, and then we have quality original content to show the world how to build meaningful games that use blockchain in the right ways. Guild of Guardians operates as a flagship game within Immutable Studios. Our team is relatively independent and effectively running as a ‘business unit’ within Immutable. Introduction to Guild of GuardiansGuild of Guardians is a mobile, squad-based action RPG. The best way to explain how the game works is with a video from our recent Pre-Alpha demo release, which you can find below: https://medium.com/media/4a6b8df904738e37d05139688e495937/hrefIf you are short-on time, it’s effectively a fantasy-based RPG where players build their dream team of heroes and battle through monsters, dungeons and bosses in order to earn loot and level up. Guild of Guardians was started in early 2020, before NFTs were popular. Since then, we’ve achieved quite a number of things that we’re proud of: Launched a pre-alpha demo of the game to our community with immensely positive feedbackBuilt a community and pre-registration list of around 400,000 playersShared our vision with the world and sold $20m of NFTs & tokensReleased a token that (at time of writing) is valued at $200 millionPioneered concepts in the NFT gaming space such as: the term “play-and-earn”, the concept of whitelists and the focus on communityPartnered with leading brands in the space such as Ubisoft, NRG Esports, Sandbox & moreBuilt out a core internal team as well as a strong network of development partnersBeen featured on prominent publications: Cointelegraph, IGN, VentureBeat, PocketGamer, Sydney Morning Herald, Tech In Asia & moreThese are just small steps though. Our big focus is on releasing a meaningful, fun and engaging game that can onboard hundreds of millions of players to digital assets. What makes Guild of Guardians different?Guild of Guardians isn’t here to just build any old blockchain game. We are here to win and push the industry forward. It’s important to understand how we plan to do that and our philosophy on games. Our strategy is simple. Build an amazing game experience and to supercharge it using web 3. We see blockchain as a tool that can enhance the gaming experience and improve distribution, but not as the product. We’re also extremely confident in the specific type of game that we’re building as being the perfect fit for blockchain, for two main reasons. First is that the industry is extremely attractive. Mobile games is a $100 billion industry and growing 2.5x faster than PC. Mobile squad RPGs make up a big part of this (last year they generated $6 billion revenue), and on average players spend $200–300 without real ownership.Second, and more importantly, is that blockchain can be used to actually make the game more fun for players. This is important, because we’re building a game that can’t be done without blockchain. For example, mobile RPG players love thinking about the strategy of the game, equipment sets, hero synergies and so on. Blockchain can enhance this by creating economic gameplay that increases strategic depth. More examples below:However, we haven’t solved everything! There are lots of exciting challenges and opportunities in the web 3 gaming space, whether it’s figuring out how to reach a new audience, building out game products, engineering with new technologies or solving difficult economic balancing problems. Or just building an amazing game. This is where we want YOU! Why join Guild of Guardians?We want to work with incredible and diverse people. Here are the reasons for wanting to join us: First, you would be working at the forefront of gaming and web 3 innovation. We aren’t just saying that, we’re doing it. Guild of Guardians was one of the first games in the space (ideated in 2019, started in 2020), and has been recognised by the community as one of the top upcoming games. We are and will continue to be innovation leaders in the web 3 gaming space.Second, you would be working with some very talented and smart people. We know that smart people want to work with smart people, and we also know how important it is to have a great team in order to build amazing teams. We have awesome leaders, we’re paying top-of-the-market comp, have rocket ship equity, and an awesome benefits package.Third, you would have the opportunity to join a rapidly growing team and company. Despite our funding, we still have big growth ambitions and the company is planning to double in the next 6 months. You will not only have an opportunity to make an impact, but more opportunities will arise to progress and grow within the company. As an example, Immutable Studios was previously just Gods Unchained, then we added Guild of Guardians, and soon we’ll be looking to add additional titles.Fourth, you would be joining a team that has a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets. Our team is an eclectic mix of gaming veterans, entertainment & gaming experience, ‘crypto-native’ talent and pure functional experts. We’re also global — with team members living in over 8 different cities. Even though we still aren’t as diverse as we would like to be, we recognise the value of diversity when it comes to finding the best talent and building the best games.Fifth, you would experience the fun and excitement of being part of a scale-up rocketship, within the safety of a well funded company. Given we recently raised $200 million USD, you can join in comfort knowing that Guild of Guardians is well positioned and set up to succeed and that we have more initiatives and projects on our backlog.What it’s like to work with us…You would live the Immutable values. The culture of Guild of Guardians is very similar to the values of Immutable. These are values we take seriously. We live to level up — learning and growth is part of our DNA, when things go wrong we look forward not backWe take ownership — we give individuals a lot of decision making & autonomy and hold them accountableWe test and iterate — we don’t know everything, and will quickly test our ideas. We’re willing to failWe lovingly speak our minds — We don’t hold back ideas or dissent, but we make sure to voice them in the ‘right’ wayYou would be relentlessly audience focused. We care a lot about the types of players who are ultimately going to be engaged with Guild of Guardians. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also care a lot about everyone else in our community ecosystem (i.e. creators, builders, investors) and focus our efforts, learning, game and product on improving their experiences. You would join a rapidly growing team. Immutable may have aggressive hiring targets as a whole, and this is no different for Guild of Guardians. We’re aiming to double in size in the next 6 months. You will have the opportunity for creative, web 3 innovation. We recognise the world order is changing, and that we need to combine the best of traditional gaming knowledge with web 3 expertise in order to build the games of the future. Therefore we value innovation, and make this a priority in the work we do. You will be joining a fun, remote-first team. Our head office is in Sydney, but our team is spread out across Australia (i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) and the United States (i.e. Los Angeles, Utah, Texas). You can expect to need a few hours overlap with Sydney, but otherwise you can enjoy flexible working hours and the comforts & efficiency advantages of working remotely. Despite being remote first, we also do find opportunities for everyone in the team to meet others in person! The people behind Guild of GuardiansYou will be able to use our partnership network to your advantage to execute or scale. Unlike other gaming studios, we intentionally scale via long-term partnerships rather than trying to do everything. Joining Guild of Guardians is like joining the strategic HQ, and we partner with top game development studios (Stepico Games) and art studios to build out Guild of Guardians. How to applyWe’re super excited to share the opportunity for more people to join the Guild of Guardians team. We are hiring across all disciplines Production (Associate Producers)Product (Product Managers)Engineering (SRE, Software Engineers, Staff Engineer)Marketing (Product Marketing, Community, Brand, Social Media)Creative (Creative Direction, Technical Artist)Design (Economy Design)You can apply directly via the links above or see more roles for Immutable on our hiring website (make sure to select the job that says “Guild of Guardians”) If you don’t see your role listed but think you can contribute to our mission, or if you just have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly on either LinkedIn or Twitter. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please share with them! We have a $1–10k referral bonus depending on the role! That’s it! — Until next time, Guardians. Derek. View the full article
  2. Meet Ivan Ertlov — The Senior Producer for Guild of GuardiansWe’re on a mission to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital ownership via NFTs, by building the world’s most popular mobile RPG where players can turn their passion for gaming into real assets. It’s a bold ambition, and bold ambitions require relentless focus, teamwork and the best talent in the industry. In this ‘Meet the team’ series, we take a behind the scenes look at the team who are passionately building and spearheading the next frontier of gaming. Guardians, say ‘Hello’ to — Award-winning Sci-Fi Writer, Designer, 80’s synth DJ and the Senior Producer for Guild of Guardians, Ivan Ertlov. The word ‘accomplished’ doesn’t even begin to describe the fascinating life of Ivan. With 20 years of game experience under his belt, Ivan’s list of shipped AAA games is almost as impressive as his number of monthly Audiobook listeners! Hint hint— it’s a lot! A true team leader, Ivan loves a challenge and is constantly pushing for the absolute best, not only from himself but from the entire Guild of Guardians team. Hi Ivan! Tell us a little about yourself… In a nutshell, I am Czech-Austrian now living in Australia. Born in Prague, I was raised in Lower Austria, went there for school and later graduated in Agricultural Engineering and Psychology. I worked in many interesting and odd jobs before joining the games industry in 2003. There, I worked as a Community Manager, Creative Writer, Head of Development and Producer on 100+ shipped titles from Indie to AAA, including major brands like Gothic, Fast & Furious, Anno and Hitman. I also tried my luck in acting and music production, with more or less embarrassing results. In the last six years, I have written 30 novels, with many of them available both in German and English. I consider them “delightful trash”, but they allegedly are quite decent as I managed to win the German Audience Award for Phantastic Literature twice, and the Global Book Award for the best SciFi Novel. When I am not enthusiastically herding cats (aka producing Guild of Guardians) or writing books, I go bushwalking or ride my Harley-Davidson through the Outback, occasionally accompanied by my teenage daughter who has her own 250ccm cruiser. Comparing your extensive past experience in the game industry, what have been the standout differences between Guild of Guardians and other games you have worked on? I think the most important difference is that we are pioneering in several areas, trying things no one else has ever tried before. If I was asked to “produce a world-class dungeon crawler / RPG”, I know from experience exactly what I need to do, in which order and what the metrics are. If I am told “create an engaging mobile game for this or that specific audience”, I have playbooks and mental blueprints I can follow. Here, my first serious briefing started along the lines of “we are trying what no one has done before and many consider impossible” and that was no exaggeration. We are building an engaging, fun mobile game with deep lore and several layers of interesting gameplay, something absolutely enjoyable as a game. But at the same time, it creates real value for the players and the community, empowering them and handing them digital ownership without trying to sell them anything. They say an old dog doesn’t learn new tricks, but I’ve learned quite a few in the last year and I am figuring out new ones every single week … … wait a second, did I just call myself an old dog? Are there any particular games that you draw inspiration from? Of course! In terms of mission and “breaking new ground”, I often remember my time as producer of the Viennese team working on Hitman (2016) which was also a first of its kind with its “game as a service, but without greedy monetisation models” approach. The way we iterated and developed across teams in different time zones was an experience that helps me now. In terms of “simple at first glance, yet deep and rewarding” I still think XCom is a masterpiece inspiring not only me. In terms of “ingame wanderlust and motivating exploration” I would reference Sid Meier’s Pirates! Closer to our genre, I look back at Diablo II which I used to binge-play, but also to the many brilliant Indie dungeon crawlers, small teams and even solo developers have published on Steam. How do your skills as a prolific SciFi author translate into the production of Guild of Guardians? Less than you would expect. Our Creative Director Aaron is working with an external team of highly gifted writers on the lore of the world and characters, and they are doing a much better job than I could if I would do the creative writing myself. Which is funny, one of the first tasks I did in my gaming career was actually writing the unit descriptions for the handbook and website of SpellForce. Very close to home. But as a producer, I have to recognize and utilize everyone who is better than me at a specific task, and I have the patience to lean back and enjoy everything unfolding without my interference. How different is the production process of GOG compared to previous games you have worked on? As said, in terms of international distributed and embedded production, it is actually comparable to my work on Hitman (2016). Of course with several key differences. Back then, I was a regular project manager for Mi’Pu’Mi, one of several producers working on the game, reporting to Chris Schmitz (now COO at Remedy), an old friend of mine, and IO Interactive as studio was led by Hannes Seifert (now Senior Director at Riot Games) with whom I had crossed paths before. So I was basically a mid-range producer with little say regarding the processes and tools, but surrounded by friendly faces in leading positions. When I joined Guild of Guardians, I was already an experienced Senior Producer, but the first Producer in a team of “strangers” I had never worked with before. So I had to learn how everyone ticks and collaborates best, I had to develop all necessary processes, create new ones for the specific setup we have between us and Stepico, roll out the necessary tools and basically build my own production department. At the beginning of 2022, I hired my first producer who has taken a lot of the daily routine tasks off me (and has the potential to become one of the best game producers I know, but that’s a different story) and now we have been joined by an experienced and enthusiastic world-class operations lead who helps to refine and optimise all processes. More hands-on-deck will follow, as we build to scale and foster the relationships we have between the teams in Sydney, the USA and of course our developers in Ukraine, who have proven extremely determined to ship a great game no matter how difficult the circumstances for them are. Guild of Guardians is on a mission to disrupt the gaming industry and bring digital assets to hundreds of millions of gamers via NFTs. What do you think is going to be key in making this mission a success? The game comes first. This is my mantra. We have so many great and exciting ideas on how to empower the community, how to leverage the possibilities we have with the IMX technology in house, and how to expand GOG beyond being “just a game”. But all of that has to be of lesser priority for me compared to what I was hired for — shipping the best game possible. It must be fun, rewarding, motivating, perhaps even enchanting and charming. Our mission can only be a success if the game itself rocks — and, I promise, it will! What are your favourite games? I will take all games I worked on myself out of the equation for this answer. This leaves me with almost all games by Firaxis (Civilization, Pirates!, Xcom), The Witcher III, DOTA: Underlords, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Vampire Bloodlines, Alan Wake, Max Payne, Wolfenstein, Doom, Among Us and probably 20 more. What excites you the most about working on Guild of Guardians? The Guild of Guardians team. One of the best, most diverse and inherently different bunch of enthusiastic and positive people I’ve ever worked with.The community. No explanation needed.How can people follow you? Instagram: @IvanErtlov Amazon: IvanErtlov We hope you enjoyed getting to know our amazing Senior Producer, Ivan Ertlov. Stay tuned for the next edition to learn more about the people behind the game, Guild of Guardians. Until next time. View the full article
  3. Guardian of the Week — Edition #7 — Meet ‘StepFam’Welcome to Edition #7 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!A year ago, today, a user named “StepFam” stepped foot into the Guild of Guardian’s discord, unaware of the adventure he was about to embark on. Fast forward to today, StepFam finds himself named this week’s Guardian of the Week. Serving as a Guild of Guardians Ambassador, Senior Moderator and Twitter Space host, StepFam’s apprehensive beginnings have evolved into the confident, visionary, and knowledgeable community leader he is today. StepFam’s conviction and enthusiasm within the Guild of Guardians community are unmatched, spreading positivity and a forward-thinking outlook every day. Participate in one of StepFam’s weekly GoG Twitter Spaces and you’ll find yourself inspired and motivated to create. Scroll through his Twitter feed and you’ll be smiling at one of his creative memes. Or just chill out in Discord and you’ll find yourself building a genuine friendship with a compassionate human being, that is Stepfam. Through his passion for gaming and learning, StepFam’s journey epitomizes the growth we can all achieve through active participation in the Guild of Guardians community and larger web3 space. To learn about his journey, motivation and contributions to the Guild of Guardians community, we asked StepFam a few questions. Here’s what he had to say. March 4th marks the one-year anniversary of you joining the Guild of Guardians community. Looking back, how have you grown personally? Yeah, it’s crazy how far we’ve gotten really. And to say that I was there when the Discord was still getting off the ground and the community was just starting to solidify. March 3rd, GoG went public and 24 hours later StepFam appeared, still, brand new to the space in general. I’ve personally grown in what my vision is and in my desire to explore and get involved with all the projects that are being built. Both the GoG Community and Web3 space taught me all sorts of lessons. And you HAVE to make mistakes if you want to make it because that makes you move a little differently and safer within the space. It made me into a more driven person to actually build something with like-minded and brilliant minds. I still have that first day feeling of when I first discovered the space. I say, “I wonder what I will learn and see today”. I’ve grown to be more in tune with my vision and create my metaverse with all sorts of different projects and the GoG Community. Reflecting on your past year’s involvement in Guild of Guardians, what is one memory that stands out the most and why? I would say the POAP GOG Founder Badge event. That felt like the longest event ever. I was still new to everything so when I heard about the event, I was like cool, this should be easy. Then GoG proceeded to break the bot and everything else. Haha! That word “Guardian” was everywhere but in the DM of the one who you actually had to send it to. It was crazy. Less than 28k holders but I swear that I thought we had already hit 100k in the discord that moment. That event taught me about all sorts of people walking among the space, just like in real life. But it was a very good moderator experience because it was a good way to onboard new people and something moderators should be doing to help the community grow. POAP was my top event for 2021. Looking forward to my top 2022. What role do the friendships you’ve made through Guild of Guardians play in helping you navigate your way through the emotional rollercoaster that is the Blockchain space? It’s hard for me to stay upset over something I don’t have control over. I learned that quickly when I first joined the space. The friendships I’ve made help make sure I don’t get trapped in that emotional rollercoaster myself. Now I’m excited for both the good and the bad news because I just sit back and watch events play out like a movie. But like always, the GoG team comes through to remind us that GoG is a long-term play and holders get rewarded. We’re all in the same boat waiting, so why not live it up and have a good time with each other until then. The blockchain space is so much fun when you make friends and connections. Especially on Twitter. I met really innovative minds whose projects could easily be adapted to GoG. Between family and personal life, how do you find the motivation and balance to participate in the 24-hour world of NFT gaming? I love living. The saying, “Do something that you love…” has subconsciously become a part of me when I came into the space. Just the opportunity to be able to meet people via Web 3, find some really cool projects and get valuable insights from professionals keeps me going. I’ll be working my way into a Web 3 career and I will pay off my house in the upcoming years with the help of the space and those in it. Having a strong desire motivates me to keep going because I know that if I was to stop, I would regret it and I beat myself hard when I know that I stopped three feet away from gold. I do have a supporting wife that understands me and my desire to create something. She’s seen me throw myself into everything I can and that drives her crazy. Once I get involved in a project or idea, I drop it and move on to the next and then come back and pick it up again to keep creating the bigger picture. She doesn’t get it, but It’ll make sense in a few years or so. What is your long-term goal in the NFT gaming space and what are you personally doing to achieve it? To make it my source of income and help build and sustain an NFT Gaming Ecosystem. I’ve been a gamer all my life and there are A LOT of games I wish I could be able to play and lose myself for hours and days at a time in, but I have a family. I can’t just sit and play traditional games anymore when I’m broke. What example will that set for my kids? My wife doesn’t deserve a husband like that. I will personally be acquiring and looking for hidden projects to help me do just that. GoG has opened my eyes to the possibility for me to sit and enjoy playing video games knowing that the time I’m spending in it will be rewarded in the years to come. There are projects in the making that will change how we play and interact with gaming and I know that it’s for the next generation of gamers. Having four kids, three of which play video games, I need to make sure I get ahead of the curve so that when they are exposed to it, they already have an expert in the subject who can direct them in the right way. What are some of your personal hobbies and interests? I go hiking on the weekends with my buddy on the mountain trails around us. Good cardio and leg workouts never hurt anyone. And if you want to make it out of those GoG Dungeons, you don’t skip leg days. I’ve really grown an interest in art and design and I am looking to finally create my “StepFam Signature” soon with my own hands. Right now, I’m just taking in what these next couple of months or years have in store for me before finally creating one. I also love reading new information about the space and other blockchain projects. It’s hard for me to not be in space. We are all going there. It’s inevitable. I’m lucky to be able to have the best of both worlds, literally, before they become one. What is your favourite Justin Bieber song and why? Bruh, I really enjoy his song “Holy”. I have Justin Bieber’s latest album on rotation now while writing this. It’s really a banger. But half of the time, I’m listening to the instrumentals more than the actual vocals with Bieber’s voice adding that touch to it. “Holy” because that’s one of his latest hits and I pretty much grew up listening to his songs since he came out in 2009. Trust me that Bieber Fever is no joke, I’m not ashamed to admit it. But he’s come a long way with his music. Looking forward to the day he joins the community. Maybe we can set up a blockchain celebrity eSports team in the future and recruit him. I’m sure Nick and the community would go full Degen x 10, and we already know what happens when the community goes full Degen, S/O WT. Dab How can people get in touch with you? You can find me on Twitter at @StepFamGang and my Discord name is StepFam#0001. We hope you enjoyed our seventh edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  4. Guardian of the Week — Edition #6 — Meet ‘WT’Welcome to Edition #6 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!This week’s Guardian of the Week is none other than the Legend himself, WT. WT needs no introduction. Not just because he’s a prominent figure within the Guild of Guardians community, but since his contributions are so vast, they would take too long to address. The contributions he has made to the Guild of Guardians community includes : · Hype videos · GoG merchandise · A Halloween costume contest · Numerous giveaways · Weekly GOG podcasts · Regular blog posts · Daily NFT marketplace reports In addition to his hard work and dedication to the community, WT is recognised as an intelligent, humorous and empathic individual. Whether it’s helping guide new community members in Discord, fishing for a shoutout from Marketing Manager, Nick’s idol Justin Bieber on Twitter, or sharing his well-researched ideas and insights in his videos and blogs, WT is active in all corners of the Guild of Guardians community. To learn about what fuels WT’s drive and passion, we asked him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say. Share with us some of your personal non-crypto passions and interests and something that we may not already know about you! I obviously love D&D, RPG’s, NFT’s and talking about money topics…I also LOVE to play basketball. I tried out for basketball in 7th grade and didn’t make the team. That hurt. 8th grade I made the very last spot, I had to play a guy (still remember his name) one on one for the last spot. I made the team and got my very own shirt with my name / # 25 on the back. I was overwhelmed to get it. I still have it. I was terrible for about 3 years and didn’t get much playing time. I am not a gifted athlete. For whatever reason, the principal in my high school had pity on me or something…he gave me a book that had a list of many terrible athletes that outworked everyone and overcame athletic limitations. I was a terrible point guard for about 3 years, my Junior year I got moved to small forward. That’s where I found my knack. I got a few opportunities and made the most of them. I’m not into flash, I’m a “grindy” player. Keep the mouth shut and let actions do your talking. I watched Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen a ton growing up. Was not a fan of Rodman’s dirty play, but his defence, toughness, rebounding, and willingness to throw his body anywhere was something I could do. So that was the style I took on. I’m only 6ft, but I could play the post really well and shut down most ppl, even the 6'6" ones. So my senior year in high school, I was the smallest centre in the conference at 6'0". I got the nickname “WT” at the local YMCA while playing basketball. I was 16–17 years old playing with people older / better than me and they took a liking to me. Spent all my time in high school and years afterwards finding pick-up games wherever I could, and playing in tournaments. At age 45, I still play to this day. I’m slower, fatter, and my knees suck, but I can still hang a bit with the young guns. It hurts the next day though. LOL! I cannot express how much basketball helped me in high school and life for many reasons. You seem to have an endless supply of positivity, skills and energy. Tell us what drives you and keeps you balanced and productive in the 24/7 emotional rollercoaster that the crypto space is. Providing a long term financial plan for my family, Conviction in the project/space, personal goals, and I suffer from High Anxiety. All of these are what push me each day, the last one might be a head-scratcher for most…I didn’t know it till roughly 4 years ago, but I get super hyper-focused on things at times. Took me forever to figure it out, but I was focusing too much on the wrong things before. I think I had a breaking point several years ago, and I just said “No, I don’t want to do this anymore”. If you have High Anxiety, you know you cannot just “turn it off”. If I could, I would. So with that being realized, I decided to take this weakness and try to turn it into a strength. High Anxiety can totally bring you down, and some days it does. But if you realize it, and accept it, you can then use it to your advantage. So I try to stay busy and focused on making things for ppl to make them laugh, make them money, or help educate them on whatever it is I can find. It actually is a bit selfish of me, but when I can do one of those things for others, it makes me feel really good and takes some of that high anxiety away. Everyone has different ailments/issues. If I could get one message across to people that are hurting from something, try to find a way to use it to make others happy, it takes the sting off. For me it does at least, hope that helps. To say you have a witty sense of humour would just be stating the obvious. What cultural icons or role models do you look up to, or take inspiration from? I’d rather hang out with real deal ppl honestly. That being said, I do enjoy a good laugh. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr are my absolute favorite comedians. They are labelled comedians, but a lot of what they say has a lot of truth tied into it. I LOVE comedy. Laughter is good for the soul. Role models? The ultimate for me is Jesus Christ, (don’t worry, I won't preach at you all) LOL! Two others that changed me financially for the better and taught me what money is…Dr. Ron Paul and a duck farmer named Jack Spirko. These two guys taught me about money. It changed my life fiscally dramatically. DEBT IS BAD. That’s all I’ll say about it. I could go for days on this. LOL! You like to say you are on a quest to take down the old gaming industry. What role does your participation in GOG play in fulfilling this mission? I love games. The old gaming industry really ticked me off a few years ago. When I learned about how they prey upon people’s emotions to try and suck money out of them, that was the tipping point for me. It’s bad enough social media platforms, TV, and other industries prey on people’s emotions. The one place where people try to get away from the madness…it’s there also. I don’t see how I have a chance to change things in the other industries, but in the NFT gaming space, I think we have the best chance at forcing the old way to change. Will some try to prey upon people’s emotions for money eventually in this space? Very likely. But we will at least get to hold the assets and reclaim some of our time and money. For now, I don’t see GOG falling into the same rut of messing with people’s emotions negatively. I like GOG’s balanced approach. What the GOG team have said since day one, appears to still be holding true. I like to say, “Good people and money go where they are treated well”. I think we have a LOT of good people here, and clearly, money has flocked here…so while nothing is 100% guaranteed, I like my chances here to succeed and actually put a dent or two into the old gaming industry. Everyone remarks on your well-researched understanding of the blockchain space. What resources and strategies do you use to efficiently keep up-to-date in this fast-moving and information-heavy space? One. Breathe. LOL! This space is nuts and easily will make your head spin. I like to get into things that are fully doxed if possible. If the entry price is low, I might not need as much info to get involved. So that depends on cost vs. risk. I spend many hours looking for connections to other companies, other networking giants, and who the team actually is. Where are they from? What/where schools did they go to, who they might have crossed paths with etc. I’m pretty much booked on projects I get into at this time, so it really needs to stand out for me to get involved right now. I have had some bombs…Guess what? I didn’t do my research on those much…I went off a recommendation from some people I know. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they have been wrong. It’s the nature of the space. I’ve extensively researched The Sandbox game, the Metakey, and GOG. Those three have turned out well for me so far, or will down the road. I sleep with no worries about those three. You keep chickens on your property. How many have you named Trixie? “Trixie” was not alive when I got my chickens, so zero for now… spring is coming, perhaps I’ll get a few more?? Not sure yet. If so, Trixie is on the next list for sure. I have nine at the moment, Bernice is going on 9 years of age…that is like 110 years old in chicken years…that old bird is still laying eggs somehow, SUPER CHICKEN!!! The others are named Chucky, Buttercup, Breadstick, Chicky-Balboa, Dora, Thelma, Louise, and Franny. Franny was found last year…the local police called my wife to come pick her up…funny story, I’ll have to tell it sometime. My wife is one with all animals…it’s insane. Can you leak some alpha on one of your upcoming WT projects or creations? This is something I want to do tomorrow, but I’m nowhere ready yet. It’s going to be 300 members (think the movie 300) and it will be a SWAG rewards club. In addition to that, I have plans down the road for the OG 300 members, but like I said, I’m nowhere near ready. I want to build my brand, and I need soldiers to do that. Soldiers need rewards, so that’s what this club will revolve around. My numbers are terrible for streaming purposes, but I’ll get there one day. No final details yet, but will likely set up a Patreon or something and try to keep the membership at 3 bucks or less (cheaper than a cup of coffee) with the return of monthly swag prizes, possible contest, some art NFTs, and access to any inside info I have on projects. Dare I say a “WT” token someday???? Yes, but that’s way down the road. I have plans…my team and I are small though. When I’m ready I’ll let you all know. How can people get in touch with you? You can find me on Twitter at @WT7791 and my Discord name is WT#1378. We hope you enjoyed our sixth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  5. A community initiative. Built by the community, for the community. Introduction Bot the Builder & his team are hard at work on building the GOG HQ social hub in The Sandbox Metaverse when all of a sudden the entire world is being infested with Zombies, Walkers and other weird undead creatures. Some say they teleported over from The Walking Dead series. As a Guardian apprentice, you have been chosen to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of defeating the invaders and rescuing the worker bots! You may decide to go in, get the job done and get out. Or perhaps you want to explore every corner of the GOG HQ under construction or attempt the challenge over & over again to perfect your score (lowest time, most kills, fewer deaths) Or maybe you’ll be too scared to attempt anything. The choice is yours, your journey as a Guardian is unique and begins right now! What will you need to participate in this faction challenge? Access to a PC (Windows)Access to the internet and a browser (ideally Chrome)A MetaMask wallet (Chrome extension)A Sandbox account/Avatar (linked to your MetaMask and an email address)Download and install GameMaker (completely free)Note: If you do not have a PC with the required specs (MAC user, cell phone only, PC is too old), you can participate in the Twitter challenge (see Prize pool #3 below) How to access the challenge? Watch the Youtube video on how to access GoG HQ in TheSandbox: https://medium.com/media/b87b9be14ff058db050b675fb0bd9d4b/hrefOr follow these written steps: Step 1: Create a MetaMask wallet If you don’t have one, watch this video: https://medium.com/media/bed90c89102497cb6589ebf69562822a/hrefStep 2: Connect your MetaMask to The Sandbox + Create an account Once you have MetaMask set up, click here to go to The Sandbox’s official website (creator Tomahawk’s referral link)Click the Web 3 (MetaMask) option, shown here (if it doesn’t appear, click the Sign-In button on the top-right)You should get a prompt from the MetaMask browser extension asking you to sign a signature request that will allow MetaMask to log you into The Sandbox. Click the Sign button on this prompt.Now you will be asked to enter an email address and a username. Do this then click the button labelled Create Account. You may be asked to create a password to access the GameMaker, please do so as well.There you have it — your MetaMask is now connected to The Sandbox! Step 3: Create your Sandbox Avatar Select “Avatar” from your profile menu (top right)Create your Avatar using the “Avatar creator”, then click on “Save changes”Step 4: Download & access Sandbox GameMaker Select the “CREATE” button (left banner) + Game Maker “Download” button.Extract the downloaded file, then “run as administrator”Go through the installation process — pretty straightforward (the GameMaker is currently only available for Windows)Access the GameMaker by clicking the shortcut created on your desktopEnter your Username and password then click ‘LOGIN’Step 5: Find and play “GOG HQ” Once you log into the GameMaker with your Sandbox username and password, select the “Draft Gallery” tab — top rightThen find “GOG HQ” in the Gallery (unfortunately there is currently no search option). It should be around page 522 or further (as of Feb 22nd, 2022) — Visit GOG Discord for the daily updated page or use this 3rd party search tool (Game Directory Tab — Search “GOG HQ” or “Tomahawk”)Step 6: Complete the “Save GOG HQ” challenge (right portal), take a picture of the Victory screen and submit your results! If you are new to The Sandbox, we suggest you complete the optional Tutorial quest (turn left and go down the stairs when you spawn)If not (or once you are done the tutorial), access the Portal to the right “Save GOG HQ”Important — Make sure to speak to the 2 quest givers to activate both quests of this challengeHave fun exploring GOG HQ and completing the challenge!!!Take a picture/screenshot of your Victory screenComplete the following form and submit it: https://forms.gle/YPmeBafbZMDUoXR4AThe Deadline to complete the challenge and submit the form is Monday, March 7th, 2022 11:59 pm EST Prizes for participating Prize pool #1 = 5000 GOG tokens 1st place faction 45% of total prize pool (23 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)2nd place faction 30% of total prize pool (15 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)3rd place faction 25% of total prize pool (12 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)To be eligible for this prize & to help your faction out with the overall participation score, you must absolutely fill out and submit the completion challenge form above (which includes taking a screenshot of your victory screen) Just for fun: Give us your best pose when you reach the Victory screen! Any additional feedback you provide will be extremely helpful in continuing to build the GOG HQ social hub and for future challenges. Prize pool #2 = Guild of Guardians Shield NFT — Priceless (usable in The Sandbox only) 1 of 1 Mythic2% Elite10% WarriorAll others NormalMinted and distributed at a later date to all players who completed the “Save GOG HQ” Challenge. Will NEVER be available again (total supply based on total participants!). Prize pool #3 = 1000 GOG tokens 1st place faction 45% of total prize pool (9 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)2nd place faction 30% of total prize pool (6 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)3rd place faction 25% of total prize pool (5 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)If you are unable to complete the “Save GOG HQ” Challenge in The Sandbox for any reason (MAC user, cell phone only, PC is too old, other), this Twitter contest is for you: Simply re-Tweet the GOG X SANDBOX Challenge post using the hashtag #GOGxSANDBOX and one of the following hashtags based on your GOG Discord allegiance #ForTheGlade#ForTheEmpire#ForTheHordeThe Deadline for the GOG x SANDBOX faction challenge as well as the Twitter contest is Monday, March 7th, 2022 11:59 pm EST If you have any questions or need any help with the steps involved, please ask in the #support-tsb channel in the official GOG Discord under GOG SANDBOX HQ category. Thank you for participating and providing valuable feedback. Good luck, Guardians. View the full article
  6. Guardian of the Week — Edition #5 — Meet ‘Bayrd’Welcome to Edition #5 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!There are a handful of individuals that come to mind when we think about leaders within the Guild of Guardians community. Undoubtedly, this week’s Guardian of the Week, Bayrd, is in the minds of many. Also known by the name Daniel Xiao Wang, or DXW, few individuals can boast community involvement as extensive as Bayrd. As a senior moderator, ambassador, AMA host and blogger, Bayrd plays a central role in catalysing activities around guild leadership, game strategy, and community building. Whether it’s his regular Guild Leader AMAs or the friendly chats that community members have with him in discord, Bayrd’s commitment and motivation within the Guild of Guardians community is immediately apparent. Leading by example, Bayrd’s positive energy, hard work and passion sets the pace and expectations for community members to follow. To recognise his contributions within the Guild of Guardians community and learn more about this one-of-a-kind individual, we caught up with Bayrd. Here’s what he had to say : We would love to get to know a little about who you are. Can you share a bit about yourself? I am a banker with an extensive background in finance that has been in the industry for over 2 decades. In that time I have seen a lot of change in the industry and, about a year ago, saw the writing on the wall and started to become involved in Crypto. I was an active gamer (I met my wife playing World of Warcraft) and gaming immediately jumped out to me as a strong use-case for Blockchain technology. So, pretty early in my exploration of Cryptocurrency and the opportunities it provided, I began to explore Blockchain gaming. I joined the Guild of Guardians Discord on the day it launched and immediately knew I was where I belonged. What are some of your hobbies and interests and what role do they play in your life? My hobbies include reading, writing, constantly learning new things, and gaming. My career choices have led to an industry that is not very creative (I’d argue that lack of creativity is, in part, what is killing the industry), but I am, at heart, very creative. While my day job has allowed me to exercise the analytical and focused side of my brain, my hobbies let me explore the creative. Reading lets me experience new worlds, writing lets me create them. Gaming is another way for me to experience new challenges and storylines. I am a big believer in continuous learning, keeping my mind ever engaged, and Crypto has provided ample ground for me to learn. You refer to Guild of Guardians as your ‘calling’ or ‘destiny’. What do you mean by this? My calling has been to challenge the existing structure and bring about change. Immediately I was drawn to the vision of Guild of Guardians, to revolutionise the gaming industry. I have long held to the vision of being a part of the revolution. Being in finance for so long and seeing so many changes, I always assumed that if I was going to be a part of causing change, it would be there. Crypto gave me the opportunity to help cause change; Guild of Guardians opened that window wide and added gaming to that dream. You serve as a Guild of Guardians ambassador, actively growing the community through Twitter, Discord and blogging. What does being an ambassador in the Guild of Guardians Community mean to you? Being an ambassador has always been a matter of pride for me. It has allowed me to bring my talents to the table and support a project I believe in. Perhaps more (personally) important is that being an ambassador puts me in a position to affect change, as previously mentioned. As a Guild of Guardians ambassador, I am in a position to be a part of the change that Guild of Guardians is working to create. As an ambassador (and a mod within the ambassador channel) I have worked to support the team and focus our goals. I am excited to see what the ambassador team accomplishes going forward! You host regular open discussions to talk about Guild structure and recruitment with Guild leaders and community members. What motivates you to organise and host the Guild Leader AMAs? Guilds are an important part of Guild of Guardians. In high school and beyond, I studied leadership whenever I could. I have also led guilds in other games (including World of Warcraft, which led to meeting my wife). With my experience and knowledge, and given the central role that guilds play in Guild of Guardians, it seemed like an obvious place where I could make an impact. I realise that there will be many people that have no experience with guild leadership that are now holding guild tokens. I also realise there are potential players that might benefit from being in a guild that sincerely want to be great teammates but have never been in this kind of situation. Leveraging what I know and what I am constantly building on to help others be successful in a guild benefits the community and, again, gives me an opportunity to be a part of this revolution. Pax Custos is a Guild you founded and is a benchmark other Guilds model after and take inspiration from. What inspires the structure and organization of Pax Custos? Pax Custos… I could probably talk at length on this question alone! The structure of the guild is based on Roman organisational structures (hence the Latin name), but the structure wasn’t really unique to Rome. The idea is that everyone should know where they belong in the hierarchy, and be able to function freely within that space. Additionally, I wanted something that was not strictly top-down. I own the guild, but I do not make the decisions within the guild. We function off of a consensus leadership style. Add to that the fact that we built the guild based on important central principles: Teamwork, Trust, Respect. When I brought on my initial team, I brought on leaders that I felt would embody those principles. Once the leadership team was in place, everything was consensus-driven. The important points here, and the message I would give to anyone putting together a guild, is to not compromise on what is important (your principles) and when you find people who can align with those principles, trust them. Post-game launch, what role do you see Guild of Guardians playing in your life? Guild of Guardians will always be my first, real, foray into Blockchain gaming. After the game launch, I expect to be playing the game (a lot) and delving into leadership, both with Pax Custos, but also more generally. I am currently working on putting together a guild round table that will be functional once the game launches. I plan on working with guild leaders to build leadership skills. I wouldn’t mind, of course, if Guild of Guardians also became my primary source of income, and will work hard to that end. How can people get in touch with you? You can find me on Twitter at @DanielXiaoWang and my Discord name is wusong101#7530. We hope you enjoyed our fifth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  7. Guardian of the Week — Edition #4 — Meet ‘Crypto Ninja’Welcome to Edition #4 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!This week’s Guardian of the Week recognises and celebrates the contributions of Guild of Guardian’s community member, Crypto Ninja. A long-time participant in the crypto space, Crypto Ninja is a passionate advocate and mentor in the world of NFTs, web3 and blockchain gaming. Co-hosting a high-energy and interactive GoG Twitter Space alongside fellow community member StepFam, Crypto Ninja has made an immediate impact catalysing participation and learning in the Guild of Guardians community. Crypto Ninja’s leadership and enthusiasm carry over into his DOJO community, which he founded as an open space for others to share their knowledge and passion for NFT games. Serving as the Guild and home for many Guardians, DOJO is helping to onboard and guide members through the Guild of Guardians and broader NFT gaming ecosystems. Crypto Ninja also works as an executive producer in Hollywood, Los Angeles, presenting exciting creative possibilities in the future! To learn more about his motivation and dedication to the Guild of Guardians community, we caught up with Crypto Ninja. Here’s what he had to say. Can you share a little background about your personal and professional life? I’ve been a film and television producer since I arrived in Los Angeles, for about 15 years now. Absolutely love it. I produce primarily television shows and commercials. I’ve directed commercials for Mattel, Ford Motor Company, Kim Kardashian, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Sony, Apple and GoPro. I’ve also produced TV shows for non-profits on Lifetime Network. So, I’ve worked with lots of major studios. I’ve been in crypto since 2016. I started trading and flipping Bitcoin, not knowing what it was at the time. Then, I went down the rabbit hole, started trading alts and have just been in the space ever since. Recently last year I dove into NFTs, and now NFTs and gaming are my primary thesis. I’ve been gaming since a kid and absolutely love it. I really believe in the space in a huge way. I just think this is the take-over. Gaming is going to eat up everything. What do you love most about Guild of Guardians? Of course, the community! 100% the community! I have made some really amazing friends and connections. I’ve learned so much and have so much fun with the Guild of Guardians community. Like hands down the best part about Guild of Guardians is the community and just the people it has brought together. We’re so positive, so fun, just dope and really great. I could go on and on. It’s just a pleasure discovering people within this community and getting to know all the great people that have come together with a shared vision. Aside from the community and team, my second favourite thing about Guild of Guardians is the artwork. The actual art is so dope and high quality, colourful, vibrant, shiny and beautiful. I love looking at the art. You co-host a Guild of Guardians themed Twitter space alongside StepFam. What is your motivation and vision for the Twitter Space? My motivation and vision for the Twitter Space are to bring as many of our community members together so we can communicate and share ideas, our thoughts and just have a good time. Even more so, I want to bring new people into this Guild of Guardians family. We know that Guild of Guardians is one of the best communities with a really solid game. I see people all the time, in bad communities and bad projects. My ultimate goal is to bring people into Guild of Guardians and create a space where people can really feel safe, have fun, interact, come alive, learn, bond and have a great time. I truly enjoy the Twitter Space a lot and have such a good time with StepFam and everyone. I want to create the best experience possible for our Guild of Guardians community to learn and grow. How has your experience in crypto helped you evaluate the quality of the Guild of Guardians project? My experience in crypto has taught me that you have to DYOR. Not just for a day or a few hours, but for weeks, days, months. You have to study these projects and learn about them over time. Not just pop into the discord or look at the trailer and say it looks cool. I had been looking at Guild of Guardians for months before I first got involved. I took all the mistakes that I made from trading altcoins in traditional crypto and applied them to NFTs. I told myself I’m not going to FOMO. If an opportunity passes me by, it passes me by. Every time I look at Guild of Guardians it checks all the boxes. The community, game, development team, integrity, clear communication, artwork, money to produce it and track record. There really isn’t anything lacking in this game. DOJO is a community you founded and is the Guild and home for many Guardians. Can you speak about what the DOJO community means to you and how it has shaped your participation and understanding of crypto and web3? The DOJO community is pretty much everything that I would want our community to be. It’s definitely an extension of Guild of Guardians. But it’s more than that: we’re a family. What it means to me most is the ability to share information for us all to come up and succeed. We constantly have members posting different giveaways, whitelists, quality alpha, games, strategy and knowledge that we can all share. It’s about us all coming together to better each other and to take that knowledge and flip it in the market and be able to provide more for our families. That’s what I love about the DOJO community. The shared information, knowledge and love. Just a place where we can go and talk freely and not worry about being judged and have an open discussion about things that matter to us. Will your experience in Hollywood tie into what you’re getting involved in with Guild of Guardians in the future? Absolutely! 100%. My goal is to elevate Guild of Guardians in all ways possible, within our space but also beyond. Can’t say a lot now, but I am working, not directly with Guild of Guardians yet, but I’m definitely working with some major streaming platforms and some other big Hollywood entities at introducing Guild of Guardians and some of these play-to-earn games I am invested in and studying, to give them more exposure. I’m not going to guarantee anything, but know that it is at the forefront of everything I do in Hollywood. It’s elevating Guild of Guardians, web3, blockchain, NFTS and anything else that’s going to better our society through the use of these tools. What’s your long-term goals with Guild of Guardians? I would love to collaborate with Guild of Guardians in some sort of franchise, television, or movie where we bring Guild of Guardians IP and game experience visually and interactively to people in a form of television, film, VR experience. That would be my long-term goal, to bring awareness to Guild of Guardians through my skills as a producer and director. How can people get in touch with you? You can find me on Twitter at @NinjaTVFILM We hope you enjoyed our fourth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  8. Guild of Guardians — Onboarding the next 100 million gamers to NFTsIntroduction Welcome Guardians, to the very first blog post of 2022. We’ve recently finished our planning for the year and we’re super excited to share this special edition with you all! In case you forgot what happened in 2021, make sure you check out our year in review recap! If you take away just one thing from this article, it should be this: We are on a journey to onboarding 100 million people to digital assets. 2022 is still just the beginning and will soon be a blimp in our history. Some things might not go to plan, but we’re incredibly excited and grateful to be building Guild of Guardians alongside our amazing community. Recap of mission and vision Our mission is to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital ownership via NFTs. This hasn’t changed. And given how quickly the space has grown in the past year alone, we couldn’t be more excited by this challenge! Our strategy is very simple. Play-and-earn. We want to build an amazing game that players love, in combination with the best of web3 by empowering and rewarding players. We believe a mobile RPG is the perfect starting point to achieve this mission — a hyper accessible platform, popular game genre, and a design where NFTs can be minted sustainably and gas-free. We’re already planning for the years ahead, but this year, launching Guild of Guardians is our number one priority. Roadmap Update The current timeline in our whitepaper is as follows: First-quarter of 2022: Closed invite Alpha.Second-quarter of 2022: Soft launch of Alpha (GEMS will be integrated as part of the GoG game economy).End of 2022: Launch Beta (possible additional game modes available).Second-quarter of 2023: Full launch of the game.This was written quite a while ago, therefore this roadmap is no longer accurate. Like all game development, the team is iterating plans as we go, so in the interest of transparency, we wanted to share our updated roadmap for 2022: 2022–2023 roadmap update *Subject to change*It’s important to note that these dates may change or could even be delayed. Not just because delays are typical in game development, but because we’re working with brand new technologies in ways that no one has ever done before! (including wallets, NFTs, tokens, layer 2 blockchains, etc). Launch Approach & Rationale We value transparency and believe it’s important that everyone in our community has a clear and consistent understanding of our launch plan. “Alpha” by itself, is used differently by different games, so we want to share our approach and the rationale behind our plan. Pre-Alpha Demo First off — Guild of Guardians is currently in development, and will continue to be in development for a very long time. We have a multi-year roadmap! As part of development, we would like to invite select members of the community to playtest a demo of Guild of Guardians, which is what we’re calling Pre-Alpha Demo. This will be your opportunity to have an impact on what actually becomes of GOG. It also serves as a small thank you for coming along with us on this journey and is ‘proof’ of the progress the team is making! The demo will include limited (unpolished) content, won’t be connected to the blockchain and will be run for a limited period of time. More details will come prior to its release. Alpha Testnet Once the Pre-Alpha demo is complete, we’ll compile our learnings and apply them to the game, while also working on blockchain integrations in the backend. There is a lot of work to be done with many unknowns. This is due to the multiple complex systems that all involve NFTs and tokens, which work together as part of the core gameplay. Blockchain + untested economies = high risk, and this is why alpha (testnet) will be run on testnet. We are still planning to incentivise and reward players, however, we will do so in a controlled environment that will allow us to better optimise for learning. Further, Alpha Testnet will run for an indeterminate period of time and this will depend on how our systems respond to players from both a technical and design perspective. Alpha Testnet will include the core systems and content in Guild of Guardians, but players should still anticipate that it is “unpolished” and will continue to be improved. Beta Mainnet Once we’re ready (based on data and feedback), we will then proceed to the next phase of launching Guild of Guardians on mainnet. Beta Mainnet will aim to be a more polished and robust version of Alpha (Testnet), both in terms of gameplay and systems. It may also include changes to balance or game features, depending on feedback from the previous launches. Release The final phase of Guild of Guardians is to have live operations with regular updates. Our goal here is to have a polished game that can onboard millions of players. We have plans to release additional features, systems and gameplay modes. What else? Launching Guild of Guardians is our number one priority. It’s a mammoth team effort and will surely take up most of our time. The team is going to be heads-down focused and as the community knows, we aren’t in the business of ‘hype’ or announcing things before they are ready. This means we may be quieter than usual. With that being said, we appreciate that we are building this together with the community and we want to provide a high-level update of our other plans for 2022: Growing the team — Guild of Guardians is less than 2 years old. Compare that to popular MMORPGs and MOBAs which have been growing for decades. We need to gear up! So far we’re proud of having grown from a team of 1 to a team of 100+ including contractors and partners, but that isn’t enough. We’re looking to multiply from here. A big focus of this year will be growing the team, consolidating our internal processes and collaboration approaches, and getting ready to scale. These things won’t be visible, and will slow our short-term progress, but are necessary in order to arm ourselves for the challenges ahead!Preparing to scale — The alpha and even beta of Guild of Guardians won’t be its final form. The game will continually evolve and balance, even after it’s released. We also anticipate we’ll run into scaling issues, and will likely be spending a lot of our time in 2022 preparing and dealing with these. We are aiming to serve millions of players and will need to invest the time to ensure this is possible.Supporting and building out the GOG Universe — Guild of Guardians is more than just a mobile game. It’s a community-driven movement to reinvent the gaming industry! We strongly believe that millions of opportunities can evolve and be built out in the GOG Universe. We’re already beginning to see this, with community tools, websites, analysis and even mini-games popping up. In 2022 we want to take this to the next level, by empowering our community to get involved and build out the GOG universe.Project 🦅 — The world is only just now realising the potential of NFTs. We want to be the game that brings NFTs to a mainstream gaming audience, and we have a special project in place to help us achieve this. We’ve had some amazing announcements and partnerships previously, but have plans in place for something bigger than anything else we’ve ever done! Stay tuned and stay curious!Preparing for GOG 2.0 and more — We’ll be working hard this year to refine the Guild of Guardians ‘2.0’ Release roadmap which includes new systems, features and other game modes. While these won’t be implemented this year, it’s critical that we finish designing to get ahead of 2023. We’ll also begin to find new and innovative ways to add utility to the token and NFTs beyond the Guild of Guardians mobile game.That’s it for now! None of this will be easy. This is a multi-year, hopefully, multi-decade journey to onboard the next 100 million gamers to NFTs. 2022 will be challenging, and we expect and fully anticipate hurdles along the way. We’re excited to keep building this together and look forward to an exciting year! If you want to join us on this journey, we are hiring! Check out the job board here and search for Guild of Guardians! If you have a big project you want to build in the GOG Universe, please reach out as well! Bonus points if it involves GOG NFTs or tokens — we will try to find a way to support you! View the full article
  9. Guardian of the Week — Edition #3 — Meet ‘Kapone Gaming’Welcome to Edition #3 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!There’s one specific trait that stands out about this week’s Guardian of the Week. No, it’s not his charming good looks, his appearances on Big Brother Canada, or his vibrant Twitch community. What really stands out about Kapone Gaming (aka Bruno Ielo) is his genuine and friendly nature, which underlies his contributions and dedication to the Guild of Guardians community. Whether it’s competing on reality TV shows, streaming full-time on Twitch or just talking about GoG, creating meaningful relationships is what motivates and drives Bruno. It’s no coincidence his catchphrase is “beauties” when he acknowledges his friends and fellow community members. Bruno’s natural ability to connect with others has led to his success and leadership within the Guild of Guardians community. In the true spirit of an Ambassador, Bruno takes to Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok to share his exciting content surrounding GoG and NFT gaming. Notably, Bruno hosts a weekly podcast with other community members, where they discuss everything GoG. To learn more about his life and inspirations, we caught up with Bruno. Here’s what he had to say: How did you discover the P2E gaming space and what led you to get involved with Guild of Guardians? I’ve always been a gamer. When I heard of the concept of playing games with the potential to earn money at the same time, it just all clicked and made sense. I started with a couple of games but it felt like the fun aspect was missing so I put those down. Then one day I was looking up play to earn games and stumbled upon GOG! It was the day of the Founders sale but I didn’t have any wallets or funds ready and sadly missed it. It’s all good though :) You were a contestant on the reality TV show, Big Brother, Canada. What inspired you to apply for the show? I remember watching Big Brother for the first time when I was 15 years old and saying “I would absolutely crush this game”. I’ve always been a very social person and love getting to know people and how they think. The relationships you build in that house become so strong because you have nothing to do in the house but to actually talk and connect with each other. There’s no phones, internet, tv, computers, no pen and paper, nothing at all. Just you and 14 other strangers in a social experiment working together and against each other to see who the last one standing is. One of the funniest parts about going through the casting process was that nobody was allowed to know I was going to be on the show. I didn’t tell ANYONE! The best part is my entire family watches Big Brother so when they saw the cast reveal and saw my face pop up they were absolutely blown away. How would you describe your Twitch community? The Twitch community has been nothing short of amazing! Huge shoutout to those beauties for making it what it is today! When people think of a Twitch community they think I play games and people watch. Yes, some people prefer to just watch and not engage which is totally cool but we are a community-built stream that all play together. We are very chat focused and try to play games that get as many people from the stream involved. We do things off-stream together as well. Saturday night is DnD night which is something I’ve never done before and totally new to me. There are a bunch of GOG players in the community as well which is great to see! We are and always will be a community stream first. You host a popular Guild of Guardians weekly podcast series. What motivates you to create such content? I just want to say thank you to everyone that tunes in and watches the podcasts. Big shoutout to WT! I am such a strong believer in GOG and want to bring as many eyes to the project as I can. The amount of positive messages I receive about how much the community is enjoying the podcasts has been incredible and I can’t thank everyone enough. I absolutely love the GOG community and have made so many incredible friends along the way. Knowing that people look forward to tuning in each week to hear what we have to say is more than enough to motivate me to do so. One thing about me is I’m the kind of person that I’m either all in or all out. I never go into something at 50% and every time someone tells me that they love what we are building, it fuels me to make the next video even better. I know I say this all of the time but the GOG community is absolutely incredible. I can’t say that enough. When Guild of Guardians is released, what is something you really want to create? I can’t wait to stream and attempt to build the top Guild Of Guardians Twitch stream! I want to showcase this game and show everyone why this is the game they need to be playing. I not only want to be the main Twitch stream for GOG but I want to be the main source of information, strategy, and basically, a community hub where people can hang out, discuss GOG or whatever they want. I’m the type of person where I don’t care if it’s your first time playing or you’re the best in the world, you always have a spot to play or hang out. I’m not the biggest fan of the elitist stuff, positive vibes only. What advice do you have for others who are looking to build genuine relationships within the Guild of Guardians community? My best advice to those wanting to build those friendships is to go into it without any intention of gaining something from it. Go in and have those genuine conversations and you’ll connect with the people that you connect with, be positive. There are so many amazing people out there that want to connect with you but maybe they’re a bit shy or don’t know what to say, find a common interest and ask questions :) Let people find out about you naturally through conversation. Also, if you have to tell someone that “you’re the best” that’s not a good ice breaker. How can people get in touch with you? The best place is on my Twitch channel where I go live Sunday-Friday starting at 9pm eastern. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. I am always down to chat. If you ever want to reach out, don’t be shy! We hope you enjoyed our third edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  10. Guardian of the Week — Edition #2 — Meet ‘Boslee’Welcome to Edition #2 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!Arrive into the Guild of Guardians Discord and you’ll immediately find yourself immersed in a friendly and welcoming environment filled with authentic and passionate people. Among over 120,000 other discord members, you’re likely to encounter Boslee, a long-time GoG community member, newly appointed Senior Moderator and this week’s Guardian of the Week! Appropriately nicknamed “BOT-lee” — Boslee proudly holds the #1 rank spot as the most active member in the Discord. And rightfully so! Boslee is always available for the community, whether it’s making new members feel welcome, or just to have a friendly chat with fellow Guardians. As you get to know Boslee, you’ll soon discover his love for Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons, which he plays a couple of times a month. When he isn’t busy with his hobbies, he loves to sample what the food trucks have on offer at his local taproom with his wife. To learn more about Boslee’s drive and passion, we decided to catch up with him. Here’s what he had to say : How did your personal interests lead you into the Guild of Guardians community? Not to show my age too much, I grew up watching my brother and his friends playing Diablo on our PC at home. So I have definitely enjoyed my fair share of dungeon crawlers, including Path of Exile as well. I would have to say the biggest appeal to me was the crafting aspect. I have also played a lot of MMOs and the crafting/gathering systems were always my favourites. I found GoG by looking at Axie and then Gods Unchained as those were arguably the two more well known NFT games around July of last year. I saw Guild of Guardians when IMX had only a couple of threads. I looked into it, and as a fan of dungeon crawlers and a sucker for a game with a crafting system, I fell in love. What is your typical day like as a GOG moderator for a community with over 100,000 members? A typical day usually begins with waking up to a couple of tags on discord and checking the threads (i.e. Help Desk and Ask us anything) to see if there are questions that have been sitting or haven’t been answered. Usually, I just hang out in general throughout the day and assist where I can. What do you find is the most fulfilling aspect of community moderation? Just being able to help people. Having them trust what I have to say is extremely fulfilling as the space is daunting. As a mod, there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing people learn about GoG and watching them get super excited about the game. There have been so many experiences as a mod that have helped me grow personally, and it’s honestly hard to pick just one or two, but nothing is greater than helping someone learn about GoG and then seeing them helping others with the same questions/issues. You were recently promoted to Senior Moderator, Congratulations! In light of this occasion, how do you envision your role to be within the Guild of Guardians community a year from now? A year from now we should be in the full swing of things and holding a leadership role in Pax Custos (Ambassador Bayrd’s guild for those who don’t know!). With that, I’m certain we will be grinding dungeons and crafting some high tier items for others. I am extremely honoured and super excited to be in a prominent senior moderator role within the community. We will assist in training the new moderators as well as help them through the processes of helping others! What advice would you give to others who are looking to find their way inside of the Guild of Guardians community? Ask anything. We are here to help and I will literally answer the same question over and over if it helps someone understand more! My early days in GoG included staying active in the chat. I think I came right after POAP, so I saw a few people and moderators answering the usual POAP questions. Seeing such an active community and willingness to help led me to do the same, without even specifically hunting for a moderator role. What is the best way to get in touch with you? My DMs are off for security reasons, but anyone can literally tag me in any thread in Discord and I will usually get to them fairly quickly. You can also find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BosleeGoG We hope you enjoyed our second edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here. Until next time, Guardians. View the full article
  11. Guardian of the Week — Edition #1 -Meet ‘Coolspotato’Welcome to Edition #1 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series! Today marks the first day of our new weekly series, ‘Guardian Of The Week’! Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!In the vibrant metro of Manila, Philippines, you will find Coolspotato. A crypto-curious 18-year-old high school student with a ‘potato’ PC, who spends his time exploring the vast Metaverse. Like most avid gamers, Coolspotato grew up playing games like Minecraft, League of Legends and Valorant, (just to name a few) thus leading him down the new path towards NFT gaming. Since arriving in the Guild of Guardians Discord back in April 2021, he has made enormous contributions to the GOG community. A valued member and ambassador for Real Deal Guild and Yield Guild Games, but most significantly, he is the creator of the epic source of truth, that is the GOG Community Handbook. The GOG handbook is an ever-evolving resource that compiles the most relevant and important information around Guild of Guardians into one convenient place. And if that’s not enough, he is also a valued moderator in the Guild of Guardians, Philippines community! Here’s what he had to say when we caught up with him: How did you discover Guild of Guardians? “First of all, please don’t laugh at me, but I actually discovered GoG through TikTok! It was also back in April that I found out about Axie Infinity and crypto in general. After I started researching, I received personalized ads which led to TikTok showing crypto and NFT gaming topics via my newsfeed.” “The video was created by a Filipino content creator named Osten Matrix and I jumped into the Discord after that.” What inspired you to create the GOG Community Handbook? “What inspired me is definitely the community itself. The Guild of Guardians community is really cool and I think that played a great role in the creation of the GoG Handbook. Especially the moderators and community members who were there when I was new to the server. You can actually see my first few messages on the server when I was very new and I was asking questions that sometimes were not even related to GoG. During that time, I remember Gray clearly, he was very helpful despite the fact that questions can get repetitive.” “I remember how he helped me a lot back then, and I am very thankful because when I was new to GoG, that was also the first time that I started talking and hanging out in Discord. It was also then that I tried to make friends since I am also very shy in real life. I felt very welcomed, and that made me want to help as well. So, I started to guide people that were trying to get involved with GoG in the Filipino channel and that is how I also met the friends that I have now.” “I also wanted to help new people make informed decisions regarding the money they would use to purchase NFTs. We all know that the markets are “volatile” and how risky this space is and while I was there answering questions, sometimes it felt like they were not asking many questions and just rushing. I know NFTs are more expensive in relation to our own currency in the Philippines, so I wanted people to be more thoughtful of how they spend their money. This is why the ‘Getting Started Section’ in the handbook covers basic information about each NFT and what they can buy.” “As well as becoming a source of information, the GoG Handbook is my way of thanking the entire GoG community for making the past year enjoyable for me. It will also help make people feel welcomed, reflecting the positive and welcoming nature that the community made me feel when I was new.” Can we expect any more contributions and updates of your work for the community? “Of course! When I first started working on the handbook, I knew that it would be a long-term commitment for me. Especially since we are still in the development stages of Guild of Guardians and there are a lot of changes and additions that are on the way for the game. I am looking forward to seeing these new pieces of information and will add them to the handbook.” “Currently, the handbook is still a work in progress. Since the recent announcement, I am still updating it, and constantly looking for things that I could add and what I could improve. There isn’t a single day that I haven’t visited the website and sometimes when I plan to do my homework, I just end up just staring at the handbook to keep myself away from the stress of school. Working on the handbook is definitely more enjoyable for me in comparison to homework, so you can definitely expect me to keep working on it.” What advice would you give to other Guardians that are thinking of creating content? “I’m not really sure what to say, as I don’t consider myself a pro at content creation. But from my experience in creating the handbook, I can say “Do what is needed and fun, and do it for the community!” What platforms can people reach out to you on? “I have an account for every relevant social media platform, but I am most active on Twitter as @coolspotato and Discord as coolspotato#9800” Any closing statements? “I want to thank everyone that supports the Handbook! I really appreciate your feedback guys and I love you all! If you also have any other comments, suggestions or criticisms regarding the handbook please don’t hesitate to ping me or send me a direct message in discord!” We hope you enjoyed our first-ever edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements. Until next time, Guardians. Do you want to get involved? Join more than 160,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  12. Hey all! What an amazing year in crypto and NFT games. At the beginning of this year no-one was paying attention to blockchain gaming and NFTs. Now, NFTs have claimed the title of ‘Word of the Year’. Every top company in the world is having executive level conversations about NFTs, and AAA studios such as Ubisoft have even announced integrating NFTs into their Ghost Recon franchise. It’s been equally as amazing to watch Guild of Guardians grow in the past year. Some of you may have followed us on this journey. Some may be brand new. Either way, let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at where we started, where we are now, and where we are going next. Where we started Guild of Guardians was technically started in 2020, where we spent almost half a year working on the initial design, narrative, development planning, and strategy. However, 2021 is where we really started getting committed. We began the year in stealth mode, working with a small core team at Immutable partnered with the development team at Stepico Games. Things moved slowly, and we had only just started development on a number of fronts. To begin testing initial traction for the game, we launched an ‘anonymous’ landing page and rewards program. We ended up getting 60,000 sign-ups in a few weeks, and that was when we knew we were onto something amazing. Initial Announcement We first publicly announced Guild of Guardians in March 2021, revealing information about the game, the team and releasing our cinematic trailer https://medium.com/media/0a9a806cce5b20156c0aac8e4677d610/hrefLess than 1 week later, we had over 100,000 email registrations, nearly 35,000 Twitter followers and 3,000 members in our Discord Community. This is a screenshot of the very beginning of our Discord community. Active members will recognise Plasma — one of our most prized contributors and most active community members. We clearly made an impression! First ever messages in Guild of Guardians Discord!Development on the blockchain Phase 1: Buy on Ethereum (May) One of the first things we wanted to do was to do a sale of NFTs. Not to generate revenue (although that is always nice to re-invest back into the game), but as a way to engage our earliest supporters. Given that we started development before Immutable X was ready, we decided on a unique sale system where users would pay for their NFTs on Ethereum, with those purchases to be held as ‘receipts,’ and a promise from us that they would be minted later on Immutable X where they could be traded without gas fees. This was very innovative at the time and required some sophisticated development work in order to ensure randomness was verifiable on-chain, could not be exploited, and also had low gas fees. We ended up creating a purchase system where users could buy an entire ‘cart’ of NFTs all in 1 transaction, and where the gas fees did not scale per NFT. In other words — we allowed users to pay the same fee regardless of how many NFTs they were buying. Users bought a ‘receipt’ which they could redeem later for NFTs. This system probably ended up saving our community tens of millions of dollars in gas. Phase 2: Buy on Ethereum, mint on Immutable X (September) Our next phase of development involved minting NFTs into Immutable X. We had to develop a system that could automatically “read” whether someone had purchased a NFT and then allow that user to mint it onto Layer 2. This was a critical point in our history, as we overcame the challenge of building on Immutable X and allowed everyone to buy and sell NFTs without gas fees. Eventually, in our later sales (Wave 2 & 3), we were able to have purchasing and minting happen on the same day. In total we have minted over 250,000 NFTs, something that was previously unheard of on Ethereum. Phase 3: Buy & mint on Immutable X (December) Finally, our latest release (which is still in progress and to be improved) is a fully fledged payments and minting system on Immutable X. This allows anyone who has Ethereum on Immutable X to make a purchase without gas fees (at all) and receive a NFT. Together with Immutable X’s partnership with Moonpay, it means that players in the future will be able to purchase Guild of Guardians NFTs using their credit card! We debuted this layer 2 sale system for the NRG Esports x GOG Hero Collectible sale and will aim to continue to improve and experiment with it in the future. Creative Design and Content Our initial creative design was focused on heroes. They are the ‘stars’ of the game. We were steadfast in our desire for our NFTs to be more than just a JPG. We wanted to create NFTs that players would want to show off — both in-game AND in real life. Our Creative Director took the reigns and created these beautiful 3D videos for each hero, which you now see on the marketplace. Hero collectible (Actual NFT comes with sound!)Together with epic summoning animations for each Summoning AnimationFrom here, the focus quickly shifted towards visual, audio and narrative upgrades across the rest of the game. We ended the year having worked on everything. Scaling up to a team of around 30 artists and partners, we have now completed a majority of assets in the game including: HeroesMonstersBossesItems & IconsUI / UXEnvironmentsAudioVFXWe aren’t close to being done yet though. There is still lots of work to go, and the roadmap is long when comparing what we plan to initially release vs. the new content that will come out post release. What is super exciting here is the world that we are building out. Guild of Guardians is striving to be an amazing mobile game, and with that, we want to build an amazing world IP. There is so much work happening behind the scenes to build out the narrative and lore of the land, as well as the characters, and we’re excited to share this with the community in 2022. Old conflicts arise, new heroes are born, and alliances shift like sands in the desert. The Dread has swayed many wizards, warriors, assassins, and agents, some hidden among the guilds. Who can you trust? Who can you win over? Who must you fight? And what resources will you need to end this blight?  — Guild of Guardians Narrative Opening (concept)Game Development Building a game is incredibly complex. Let alone one that uses blockchain and aims to onboard billions of gamers. We have made significant progress this year on the development end, having taken the wireframe of a game and integrated new game mechanics, new interactions, and new assets. We’ve also commenced integrating with Immutable X on a deeper level, which means building the tech that enables play-and-earn on mobile. We have also invested in building out our internal team and partners, and will continue to do this as we look to become number one in the market. The best summary of our progress on game development is to show the actual game, and so I’ll leave this footage here. Where we started https://medium.com/media/3c41386e43dab930afde871bf632205a/hrefWhere we are now https://medium.com/media/70b2ce651837f8249ed55482baae8f61/hrefWhat is most exciting is that we have been playing the mobile game now for several months — on mobile. Every fortnight it gets a little bit better. In fact, it’s technically possible for us to share the game now on both iOS and Android to anyone. But we have decided to hold off until the game is in a slightly better state. 2022 is going to be enormous, and our big focus will be on getting this successfully into the hands of everyone. Game Design Game design is often the bottleneck for development. You need your design to be ahead of everything else, as it guides the work that everyone else in the team does. The focus of game design this year has been to get ahead. To complete all design features for the initial alpha release of the game, and to begin on what we’re internally calling ‘V2’ of Guild of Guardians. We’ve made really great progress here, and also found strong partners such as Naavik who have been supporting our team with their insights. There isn’t too much we can reveal here, apart from the fact that we now have a large team of designers & economists dedicated to making Guild of Guardians successful, whilst fine-tuning and refining the numbers. They are also solving some of the world’s toughest problems in NFT game design such as: How do you introduce new NFTs without de-valuing older NFTs?How do you create an economy that is actually sustainable?How do you balance those who just want to earn vs those who are willing to spend?How do you ensure the game does not feel like it’s pay to win, while still letting players freely trade?How do you create a real economy where there are many different ways to play and engage with NFTs?What is particularly exciting is the roadmap for the game post-launch. The first version of Guild of Guardians will be enough, but it won’t be complete, and it will likely need polishing. The creativity and additional game mechanics that will be introduced in ‘V2’ are going to take NFT gaming a step further. Community Growth The growth of our community has been one of the feathers in our proverbial cap over the year gone by. At the time of writing, we have: - 120,000 people in our Discord - Nearly 170,000(!) people pre-registered to play - 105,000 followers on Twitter - and 35,000 likes on a (currently) inactive Facebook page. This has been achieved without a dollar spent on traditional marketing avenues, and we are utterly proud of the organic and sustained growth we’ve witnessed over the last 12 months. We have announced significant & strategic industry partnerships with a number of companies and projects. Including, but not limited to NRG Esports, Ubisoft, and The Sandbox. Without going into details here, 2022 will see a lot more where this ^came from. Keep your eyes peeled 👀 Away from the partnerships aforementioned, we also tested and iterated with a number of viral growth strategies. We had the initial refer-a-friend program bring bumper results. We saw 30,000 people join our Discord in 48 hours to claim a Proof of attendance digital badge. We launched the first batch of our GOG Ambassador program, where we are aiming to house, incentivise, and cultivate a group of talented content creators who believe in the vision of this project. We committed 20 ETH in an initial grants pool for members of our precious community to build cool things for us. And we announced a handful of Metaverse partners who we believe will do an excellent job in helping grow this project, as we work towards this intoxicating vision of millions of players working together, trading, and playing a part in an ever-changing and totally dynamic metaverse gaming economy. As we take time to reflect on an incredible 2021 for our community, we are forever strengthened, inspired, and emboldened by the faith and love shown to us by our earliest backers. We feed off your energy and passion, and we have so much to achieve together. Guild of Guardians Gems We announced the introduction of the Guild of Guardians Gems earlier this year. Gems are an ERC-20 token which is owned and issued by Guardians Guild Limited and serves as the in-game currency in Guild of Guardians. The token was recently available on Coinlist where it was over demand by 82x, with $5.3m bought by 10,000+ people across 100 countries. And now it has been listed on various exchanges like FTX, OKex and Sushiswap, making it accessible to anyone. The GOG token will be an integral part of the game economy and allows us to align incentives between every single participant in the ecosystem. Check out this Tweet thread to see how the utility works, or read the whitepaper for more information.  — @GuildOfGuardian Merry Christmas! Finally, we ended 2022 with a FREE Guild of Guardians Avatar for anyone who owned a NFT as of December 6th. We did this to give something back to our community of supporters, making it 1 per unique wallet to maximise the number of people who could get access to this. It also represents our first experiment in building out the Guild of Guardians Universe. Endless possibilities with ZERO promises. Guild of Guardian Avatars — Free drop to NFT holders as of 6th DecChallenges and Learnings Messed up launches We have had issues with almost every one of our launches this year, with some being bigger than others. In each of these instances we immediately did what we could to make it right (e.g. for wave 3 we refunded around $300k of gas fees lost by buyers that were caused by our servers being overloaded). And in each one we conduct thorough retros to learn for next time. A consistent theme is that it’s very challenging to work with new technologies such as Immutable X, particularly given the high volumes of demand and NFTs we have as a large gaming project. We can’t promise there won’t be more issues in the future. In fact — we expect there will be. However, we will also be taking active steps to upgrade our product and development processes in the next year. There is always room to improve, and we want to be ready to serve millions of gamers who won’t always have the same tolerance level as the current community. Building our internal & external team At the end of the day the success of a game is driven by the group of individuals who are working on it. Our team went from around 10 people at the beginning of the year to 70+ at the time of writing. We have had some amazingly talented and experienced people join us, and their impact has been felt by the entire team. We will continue to scale our the team, and importantly bring on the best talent to work with us. One of the things we began to do this year, but have mostly left unexplored is building out our ‘external’ team — the community. We want to empower the community to get involved in and out of the game, and believe that this is one of the pillars of success. We currently have GOG Moderators, GOG Ambassadors and a community grants program, but there is a lot of potential here that is still untapped. Appealing to a broader audience In 2021 we were intentionally very focused on a smaller audience of more crypto-native gamers. As we’ve begun to observe in the last few months, the number of gamers who are aware of NFTs has massively increased. There has been a lot of mixed reception, with many skeptics out there concerned about environmental impact, money grab initiatives, or simply don’t “get” crypto and NFTs. One of our challenges is going to be crossing the chasm to this new audience and lead the charge of mainstream education and adoption. Our vision has always been to create a game with mainstream appeal, and a challenge for us moving forward will be bringing the next level of awareness for Guild of Guardians. What’s Next? 2021 was crazy. Our team has grown significantly, so many amazing people have joined our community, and the game is progressing very well. For the next few weeks our team is mostly going into “Christmas Shutdown Period”. We’ll be getting some much needed rest and spending time with our friends and family before coming back to attack 2022 refreshed and rejuvenated for the many challenges ahead. After that, the real work begins to onboard billions of gamers into digital asset ownership. We will aim to share a more defined roadmap in the future, but for now some of our 2022 goals include: Launching Guild of Guardians on mobile with a play-and-earn core loop, starting with closed testing before gradually moving to mainnetAdding new content on top of the core game, whether it’s new modes, heroes or other game features!Building out our team and operational processes to be able to accelerate both our quality and speed of delivery (we’re hiring!)Investing in our community ecosystem structure and incentives, with a focus on empowering builders & contributors who wish to grow alongside us in the Guild of Guardians MetaverseExperimenting with new initiatives and projects and moreAnnouncing and launching some of our biggest partnership to date (!)That’s it — thank you all for an amazing year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From Guild of Guardians HQ View the full article
  13. Hello! The goal of this piece is to help you set up a MetaMask wallet (for storing and buying cryptocurrency, securely and safely), and to learn how to deposit Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet, into Immutable X. The landing page for the sale looks WICKED!Tl;Dr You need a MetaMask wallet with enough Ethereum in it to deposit into Immutable X to participate in the NRG x GOG sale.When transferring money into IMX, you need to pay a transaction fee to ‘bridge’ or ‘convert’ the currency. This is called a ‘gas’ fee. The price of gas is always fluctuating, and to be safe, we recommend having around ~0.07 ETH above the amount you wish to deposit into IMX.MetaMask setup and purchasing Ethereum should take no longer than around 10 minutes, however depositing Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet into Immutable X can take up to 24 hours. So we recommend doing this ASAP, before the 24-hour sale window goes live!The sale will be live on https://www.guildofguardians.com/drops/nrg-reborne-dropIt is a 24-hour sale (unlimited supply) starting on Dec 14th, 2021 at 1900 EST (countdown clock here: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3968441 )We are always available in the Guild of Guardians Discord to answer questions if you’re having trouble. Join the server using this link.Less Words, More Video!How to set up a MetaMask Wallet https://medium.com/media/bed90c89102497cb6589ebf69562822a/hrefHow to deposit funds into Immutable X before the sale PLEASE NOTE: This process can take up to 24 hours to complete, and for funds to be accessible on IMX. https://medium.com/media/b62207826d2741fa494a72655041f1aa/hrefDo you want to get involved? Join more than 150,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article
  14. Guild of Guardians x NRG Esports — Sale Announcement & Details!*** Details in this piece are subject to change *** Some months ago, we announced that we were collaborating with NRG Esports to release an NFT collectible HERO which will be playable in the Guild of Guardians mobile game! We are excited to OFFICIALLY announce that the GOG x NRG sale will be live for 24 hours, starting on Dec 14th, 2021 at 1900 EST (subject to change). https://countingdownto.com/?c=3968441The TL;DR: The NRG Hero is a LEGENDARY tiered Early Adopters Hero. It is not a Founders edition Hero. It is fully playable in game.It will cost $350USD — payable in Ethereum.We are launching the sale for the NRG hero on Immutable X — this means you don’t have to pay any pesky gas fees. USERS WILL NEED ETHEREUM LOADED ONTO IMMUTABLE X BEFORE THE SALE IN ORDER TO PURCHASE. We will publish a guide on how to set up a MetaMask wallet, and to deposit into IMX, if you don’t already have one/know how to!There is no supply cap on this drop. We are excited to onboard new and mainstream members of the NRG community, and putting a supply cap on the NRG Hero would benefit crypto-native members of both communities at their expense.There is a purchase restriction of ONE NRG Hero per transaction.The sale will be held IN A 24-HOUR WINDOW. It will close after that, and never be sold again. From there, you’ll only be able to purchase and exchange the NRG hero on Immutable X, and Token Trove (our secondary marketplaces).Each summon has a chance to be a “special edition” colour variant, with the following probabilities: 10% Warrior, 2% Elite and a 1 of 1 MythicWe will be releasing the first ever NRG art collectible, with every Hero sold, and the owner of the Mythic at the time of snapshot wins a free, all-expenses paid VIP experience in the NRG Castle in Los Angeles.Perfection.Esports meet digital collectiblesGaming is a core part of today’s culture, and Esports is at the heart of it. Professional Esports organisations are quickly becoming iconic, household brands, and these groups are constantly looking for new ways to engage with their fans. With the emergence of digital ownership, we expect that the next phase of fan engagement will be for Esports organisations to introduce exclusive, collectible NFTs to their fans. These not only provide fans with additional ways to engage with their favourite teams, but will provide them with both unique digital and physical experiences. And this is exactly what NRG is about to do. Introducing Guild of Guardians x NRGThe marriage between NRG and GOG is an obvious one. For context to those uninformed, NRG is a professional gaming and entertainment company known for its championship teams and gaming lifestyle content. NRG boasts the most popular and competitive teams across Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, VALORANT and Overwatch, with multiple championship wins across these titles. NRG have a massive fan base, with content channels reaching over 50M uniques a month, fostering over 118M fan engagements. When the opportunity arose for us to partner with NRG, the concept of building a playable, NRG branded in-game hero was too compelling to turn down. As a company that took the time, care, and energy to see long term value in what we were building, we wanted to stitch their name in our history, and as a result, he was born: Spot the ’N’ on the chest…How the NRG branded Guardian was builtIt was vital for us to create a Hero that properly aligned with, and was up to the level of the standard of other Heroes in our game, whilst still tipping the hat to NRG, and their standing in the space. As a collective, we wanted this to look and feel like NRG — which is why we went with a ‘championship fighter’ character with subtle glyphic references to NRG in both the sword and the armor. Progress, iterations, and sketchesInitial iterationsMore progressThe final suite. WICKED!The NRG hero will also be available in different colour variations, and there will be a 1 of 1 Mythic available for one lucky buyer — who also wins an all expenses paid trip to LA, to go and visit the NRG castle — the first member of the public to get the honour of doing so! Bonus: NFT Art CollectibleAs a bonus, anyone who purchases the Guild of Guardians x NRG hero summon will also receive an exclusive NRG art collectible. This is fully tradable and represents an iconic moment in history — bridging fandom with digital ownership. Sneak preview of the art collectible.Mythic Bonus: Meet the team!To make things even MORE interesting, we have decided to give one lucky winner and their friend the opportunity to meet and visit their favourite NRG team! Whoever owns the Mythic hero at a pre-selected date (the ‘redemption date’) will receive: 2 Tickets to visit the NRG Esports team in Los Angeles*Airfare and accommodations to and from Los AngelesMeet and greet with NRG Esports and influencersVIP behind-the-scenes tour of the NRG Castle (no fan has EVER been inside!)Exclusive private viewing of Esports competition (subject to availability)Signed physical memorabilia and jerseys by their favourite players*Timing is subject to travel restrictions We’re so excited to be partnering with NRG and bringing their brand to life in Guild of Guardians! The future of gaming is upon us, and we welcome the entire NRG fanbase to join us in disrupting the gaming industry and empowering players to play AND earn! View the full article
  15. The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #4Welcome to Edition #4 of The Guild of Guardian Diaries! This is our newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ.We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will occasionally be inaccurate (as they sometimes are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities.Quick recap of Accomplishments, since we last spoke!1. Wave 3 NFT Founder Sale We sold 190,000 wave 3 founder NFTs in around 90 minutes. That is insane. We were excited to distribute our precious Pets and Rare Heroes to our ever-growing community. With that, we have now officially closed all founder NFT waves. No more! 2. Gas refund We experienced a front-end issue during the drop, meaning lots of users had failed transactions because of a mistake we made. As always, we keep the community front of mind, and we care. Alot. We decided to refund the gas fees for ALL of those failed transactions from the start of the sale until the end of the sale. The total amount refunded was 50 ETH (or $210k). 3. Unique owners and trade volume We are about to broach 10,000 unique owners, and $10m USD traded on Immutable X (with no gas!). That is such a healthy figure, and we can’t wait to see it continue to grow. This game is going to melt faces, and we have the community to match it. 4. Moonpay integration with Immutable X! We are deadly serious about taking play-AND-earn mainstream, and to the masses. The GOG family, brand and project is a flagship product in the space, and we strive every single day to get to that goal. In-game asset ownership is something we all care passionately about, and we have already achieved so much. Immutable X is partnering with MoonPay, which is another leap in the right direction for us all. Their service (and this partnership) essentially means that alongside gas free minting and trading of your assets on Immutable X, we will have a future where Instant credit card purchases of L2 $ETH, $USDC + $IMX on Immutable X will also have no gas fees. 5. New team members! Since our last update, we have made a number of key hires. We’ve brought in a content and social media manager, a head of game economy, an engineering manager, and we have just extended an offer to our new community manager, who has accepted. We’re excited to introduce the community to our new team members! 6. NRG Sale The NRG sale will be live soon! Keep an eye on Discord and Twitter for more details. Final engineering tests are underway at HQ. 7. Coinlist Token Sale We sold out our token sale on Coinlist (6% of total supply pool) with an 82x oversubscription rate. There are more than 10,000 token holders, from more than 100 countries, before the GOG token is even live on secondary exchanges/DEX’s. Now… UPDATES!!Words From The Senior Game DesignerHiya Guardians, we’re back and got lots more to talk about! As we’ve gotten closer to the end of the year you’ve all probably noticed the leaks have been getting more and more detailed. We’ve been growing our team and putting in hundreds of extra hours into making our vision come to life. Things are looking PRETTY COOL on our end! Let’s dig in! And as usual… The things I’m about to speak to are all subject to change. We’re a game in active development and WILL change things constantly. HeroesLet’s kick things off with the foundation of GoG’s gameplay: Heroes. We’ve done a few chats about them in the past, but over the last month or so we’ve made tons of progress on balancing all the individual aspects of each Hero. Right now we’re up to 70+ Heroes and counting! Each of those Heroes comes with a few things. Faction HordeEmpireGladeClass MeleeRangedMageRole Damage: High damage, self buffs, and nukesSupport: Allied ability buffsTank: High survivability and damage mitigation.Bruiser: Mix of survivability, sustainability, and damage.Control: Debuffs, crowd control, and area of effect.Healer: Health recovery and ShieldingRarity CommonRareEpicLegendaryChroma Cosmetic variations of Heroes. NormalWarriorEliteMythicElement FireWaterEarthLightDarkAetherUltimate Ability Each Hero has a unique Ultimate ability that corresponds to their Role. Control: “Create a black hole that pulls enemies towards it and deals damage based on their proximity.”Damage: “Deal moderate damage to enemies in a wide cone. Blinded enemies receive extra damage.”Bruiser: “Deal a rapid flurry of blows in front of the Hero dealing 5 guaranteed critical hits. Double dodge chance for 10 seconds.”Tank: “Taunt surrounding enemies for 5 seconds.”Healer: “Throw a flask that creates a pool of liquid that heals allies and damages enemies.”Support: “Apply armor reducing debuff to all enemies in front of Hero. Apply lifesteal to all nearby allies.”Passive Ability Each Hero has a passive that provides a bonus to core stats or abilities. Eg. “Last attack in combo creates a small blizzard on target that deals damage and slows enemies.”Eg. “When slowed, deal damage to all nearby enemies.”Eg. ”Every enemy this Hero kills provides bonus armor that stacks up to 10 times.”Core Hero Stats The building blocks of a Hero. Some of these increase as you level up or can be increased by Equipment, Artifacts, Synergies, or the effects of squadmates. HealthManaMana GainAttack DamageAttack SpeedAttack RangeMovement SpeedArmorEquipment Equipment is meant to be the main source of additional stats for players and can be obtained from Dungeons and the marketplace (after being crafting by Guilds).Each piece of equipment comes with a power rating and a set of stats that directly affect the Hero they’re equipped on.Equipment follows the same rarity table as Heroes. Rarity determines how many different stats a piece of equipment can have. The rarer the item the more stats it has.Each piece of equipment has a level requirement to equip. Each rarity tier requires a higher level requirement than the one before it.In Alpha equipment does not change the outward appearance of heroes.Equipment stat distribution is designed to favor specific roles. This is to avoid specific scenarios like finding Damage gear with Tank stats.Stats that equipment can currently have are: HealthHealth RegenMana GainAttack DamageAttack SpeedCrit ChanceCrit PowerLife StealArmor PenetrationArmorBlock ChanceArtifacts Artifacts are some of the most powerful items in the game. They are not easily acquired and meant to be late game items to give Heroes the edge they need to overcome our most difficult challenges.Each one gives the equipped Hero a special passive ability that can easily tilt battles in your favor.These special abilities need to be triggered in order to activate. Some Artifacts may only proc on critical hits while some only proc while the character is moving.Players can craft Artifacts with Artifact ShardsArtifact Shards are a special currency that are specific for each Artifact (meaning each artifact has its own separate shards)Eg. To craft the “Josiah’s Ring of AMA” you’ll need 50 Josiah’s ring artifact shards. Shards for “Nick’s Spear of Wen Wave 3” cannot be used to craft Josiah’s ring.Artifacts can be upgraded to make them more powerful. Each time you upgrade an Artifact the costs increase exponentially.Speak soon! Words From The UX Lead Hey again 👋 This is Nalin. In my last update, I shared some of the UX design progress on various aspects of gameplay and how their information and interfaces are presented to the player. Between the core loop, the metagame, and everything in between, there’s a lot of information for a player to understand and navigate! Where do they get started? Well, at the beginning I suppose. Over the past month or so, a large part of our focus has been on designing just that — the first few minutes of the game to best onboard our users to feel awesome and empowered. A new player needs to quickly grasp the basic parameters of how to play so they can attain a sense of agency, but this has to be balanced against managing cognitive load and a feeling of overwhelm. Beyond the mechanical aspects, a new player needs to quickly feel drawn into the lore, immersed in the world and its plight, and invested in the heroes who might just have a crack at saving the day (with a little bit of help from you, that is). Below are some select moments from the balancing act of designing this first experience for Guild of Guardians. Note: A lot of this is work in progress (depicted as monochrome here) and thus subject to evolve as we develop the game and take in feedback from people like you! Learning the basics Guild of Guardians starts you off with one hero on their way to a safe station. Here you will learn the basics of movement and exploration. Meeting other heroes Along the way, you will meet your first hero who will join you on your adventure. Fighting together Only by sticking together and fighting hand-in-hand will you be able to get to safety, (mostly) unscathed. Arriving After surviving your first ordeal, your heroes arrive together… Entering the town …at an encampment where they can congregate. Get ready, get set… At this point, you finally get to meet them, learn about their traits and how to best optimize your squad for the journeys ahead. With an understanding of the who, what, where and why, we intend to gently enable the player to start writing their own script instead of following ours, all the while guiding them contextually with new information and abilities as their situations dictate. This is an ongoing journey for us to design, but it’s come together in a big way in recent weeks. We can’t wait for you to start your journey and first experience Guild of Guardians soon! :) Updated Gameplay stills from the Senior Game Producer Improved pathfinding and AI companions behaviour, Tanking and Kiting works a LOT better now, and reworked light calculation, color lights & shadow casting Victory screen overhaul And from the dungeons of production -> New hero selection / squad screen Images and Words From The Art Director Aaron here, and I am back with more juicy assets for you all to feast your eyes upon! As Josiah has previously mentioned, we are up to around 70 fully created and designed Heroes. Seeing the progress in our backend makes me so happy. You all are in for an absolute treat when you get this game in your hands. In the meantime, I wanted to share a deeper look at how concepts are taken from ideation, through to execution. As an artist, it’s easiest not to explain this with words, but, well, to illustrate it! And yes, I’ve included your first OFFICIAL boss leak. ENJOY! BOSSS LEAKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!That is all for now. See you at the next update! What’s coming up next? NRG sale The GOG x NRG Hero Sale will also be going live soon. The details of the partnership can be found here. This is a playable in-game Legendary hero, and it represents the collaboration between NRG Esports and Guild of Guardians. We are essentially at the final stages of our engineering and testing. Dropping this through an L2 solution (end-to-end) means build up and testing does take longer. Security and safety > speed, as always. You can expect news on specific dates pretty soon, though. Exciting times! Other activities and Q4 plans Keep an eye out for token updates. And, what is this????? Until next time, Guardians. Do you want to get involved? Join more than 160,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered: Sign-up your email on our website: www.guildofguardians.comJoin our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!View the full article