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  1. New decentralized Medium publication! Follow us at medium.com/illuviumAt Illuvium, we make every effort to decentralize. This resonates throughout the entire DAO. It is the philosophy of all that we do. And we have brought this same way of thought to our approach to our Medium blog. We have reformatted to make our blog a hub. Where decentralization comes in is, as we take on more staff writers, whether they are core contributors or guest writers, they will retain authorship and ownership of their pieces. They will see their pieces published on our blog, but it will remain their content, to promote under their name, and to further their writing careers and personal bibliographies. We believe by opening the floor this way, we decentralize yet another key aspect of our endeavor. We hope you agree. The new Illuvium hub publication is where you can turn to for the following: News, protocol updates, reveals, and other dispatches from the Illuvium DAO. Illuvium is a decentralised game studio and DAO that merges online gaming with cryptocurrency. We create uniquely functional, evolving, and high production-value NFTs that function in a universe of AAA gaming titles on the Ethereum blockchain. We are built on L2 via Immutable X. Started October 2020. Launching Q3 2021. Please visit at the URL linked below. Continue to clap for our articles! And subscribe to ensure you see the latest posts every time you log into Medium. Thanks for following our project. And as always, you’ll be hearing from us soon. FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/CLAP: Illuvium Hub To see the Illuvium NFTs currently on OpenSea, head to: https://opensea.io/collection/illuvium Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! New decentralized publication! Follow us at medium.com/illuvium was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  2. For seemingly countless miles, the southeastern edge of the eastern continent lays against a narrow stretch of ocean. It’s the closest point of land to the wall of crystal at the edge of the world. Due to this proximity, it would seem that the minerals which did not fully develop into the ring of crystal surrounding the world, were carried by the waves to wash up on the crystal shores. On this glittering coast of crystal debris, one can find some of the most powerful Illuvials, many of which enjoy a peaceful existence on the vast expanse of sparkling dunes. ArcheleonBiologyThe benevolent Archeleon has a monstrous appearance that belies its peaceful disposition. Archeleon, the obvious third stage of its shelled line of gentle aquatic healers, has more palpably mystical healing power. Shining with soft green glows that peek out from various crannies, it emanates a tranquil aura that can feel almost comforting to receive. Its phosphorescent, wise eyes have this same light, hinting at aged wisdom. Archeleon’s shell looks like a speckled red mushroom cap with a slight hump in the middle. From head to feet, it is covered in splotches of dark barnacles from its huge, paw-like front flippers, all the way to the tip of its tails. Purple, sea-weed like tendrils grow out of various nooks, which are highly sensitive feelers Archeleon uses to both sense danger, or transmit healing or nourishing energy when activated. Its forepaws are two times bigger than its hind paws, so that it looks like it has a retracted stance. This is because Archeleon is attuned to the vibrations and germination energy that wafts up from the ground, deep within the planet. Perhaps its paws’ contact directly with the soil is one battery source of Archeleon’s transcendently restorative light. https://medium.com/media/29afa61e6d8a0c0dfa9f52f92767c75d/hrefAffinity / ClassNature Psion Basic AttackArcheleon’s front paws are actually flippers, capable of graceful mobility in the water. But in battle mode, they act as paddle-like energy conductors, and fill with potent, volatile green force, which it can sling across the field to stun and disorient opponents. Critical AttackArcheleon’s more powerful version of its basic energy blast can be an even more concentrated, and substantially larger, ball of highly volatile green energy. It spends some time charging up this boulder, then cannon blasts it directly to its opponents to stagger and subdue them. https://medium.com/media/c4530bad58518d0a5784663121936e3a/hrefUltimate Ability — RejuvenasisArcheleon starts to radiate in a shimmering green aura. It is summoning from within an outward force field emanating expansive ephemeral energy. Tendrils of plant life spring up from the ground around its feet, as all natural growth protocols turn hyperactive when exposed to Archeleon’s surging forces of healing. It also channels this natural energy up through the ground in its flippers, transmuting it into externalized elemental energy fields via its own special, mysterious body. The secret seems to be linked to its shell as a major reservoir and converter of power. In a final flash, a corona of light ripples out in all directions: healing allies, confounding enemies, and bathing the entire vicinity in resplendence. It is a sight to behold, and an unforgettable display of grace, restoration, and the full maturity of Archeleon’s gifts. Key AttributesAbility Power Efficiency If you’d like to know more about the creatures you will soon face, you can follow the developers on Twitter and Medium — or better yet, join the discussion on Discord. Note: This game is currently in development, and details are subject to change. Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! Illuviary 012: Archeleon was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  3. 23. Rogier Van De Beek, Lead Concept Artist, designs iconic Illuvials with modern tech and a 90’s flairRogier Van De BeekRogier Van De Beek has a high endurance for the supercharged production schedule at Illuvium. 12 hour days are common, but this is no big deal for Rogier. Day in and day out, Rogier’s illustrations bring life to the characters. Not only their physical features, but the visible cues of their personalities, their soulfulness or fearsomeness or even more subtle, complex traits. His concept art is key to the articulation of the world of Illuvium. “I think the eventual look of the game will be impressive to the industry,” Rogier says. “It will have a very unique blend of stylization and realism at the same time. We have a game that is visually appealing to people who grew up in the 90’s and to people who are gamers now. We use today’s tech and graphical power to bring a world to life that would’ve also perfectly fit in a 90’s cartoon. It will draw people into a world of characters with strong personalities that you bond with, while also being an adventure in a fantastical world. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” Over the past decade, Rogier has been a freelance concept artist and illustrator with work spanning print, film, toys, theme parks, and games. Known in the world of tabletop RPGs, Rogier worked at Paizo as a character designer for more than six years. An entrepreneur and consultant, he also works with companies to create new products, and started a gaming accessories and merchandising company. His experience in creating unique characters and giving them a personality is his key skill set for Illuvium, where he develops characters, ideas, and overall 2D graphics as the Lead Concept Artist. Illustration from Rogier’s own IP — DAYIllustration from Rogier’s own IP — DAYRogier makes sure conceptualization and 2D graphics stay on-concept, on point in style, and remains consistent (a form of quality control). He works closely with the Art Director and Lead Game Designer. “They sign off on ideas and looks that I, or we as the concept artists, might come up with. This can be in terms of characters, their abilities, or how a certain terrain could look.” Rogier Van De BeekHis creative process involves finding references, sketching, watching videos, and having discussions with other team members. Synthesizing of all of that information, Rogier then sets out to capture the elusive qualities of each Illuvial that gives them their charisma — including small details and clues that hint strongly at traits that may not even demonstrate themselves in the gameplay, but characterizes that Illuvial visually. “The biggest thing about creating the characters is their likeability, uniqueness, and if they will be recognizable,” Rogier explains. “Every single one of them has to be their own distinct character, even if they appear in the same line, they have different personalities from stage to stage. They need to eventually be as easy for people to identify and have an instant feel for, as if they were a Pikachu, Charmander, Charizard… Giving that recognizable personality to a character is the challenge that makes my work so satisfying when we hone in on it and deliver a fully-realized character.” Because of Illuvium’s unique structure as a DAO, Rogier is able to branch out into other areas of production and consult on how his work will be interpreted by other core contributors. “This would be the first time for me where I work so closely to the Art Director and other department leads on a project this size,” Rogier explains. “I’m able to be involved and have a say in almost every stage of the realization of a character. Meaning I get to see the first blockouts of a 3D model, the texturing, the animation and eventually the VFX. This means that almost every character eventually comes out exactly to how I/our team concepted it. The uniqueness of this project for me, is that so far we’ve been able to stay so close to the concepts.. I’ve not had that happen on any project in the last 10 years!” Beyond that more intimate knowledge of how his work carries through the production line through other departments, Rogier, who has been in the crypto space since 2017 and is familiar with DAOs, thinks the DAO structure is a cool way to create a game. “I was not nervous. I’d read up on DAOs and this is how work will evolve in the future. At Illuvium specifically, we have a lot of fun! The people are very nice and very skilled. We have some crazy talented people in the art department that are creating all-new workflows in UE that come half from film and half from Star Trek. There is a sense of community within the team (for me anyway) which is refreshing after 10 years of freelancing.” Rogier’s concept art for the game, and Cosplay Promo Series:Rogier Van De Beek’s incredible concept art for Illuvium.12 hour work days are not uncommon, but fortunately, the flow state isn’t uncommon either. Though it depends a bit on the task at hand. “If I have to paint something in full detail, like I did for the promo NFT’s, then all I really need is time,” Rogier says. “To crank that out quickly, I just need to sit undisturbed with some music on and grind away. On the other hand, when I’m concepting characters it’s a much more active process which usually involves a lot of sketching, and research and trying out ideas and getting opinions, then revising extensively. Overall I’m always very aware of my time and consciously break up my work days in small chunks. That way I can just keep going all day and night.” Even with all day, all night sessions, Rogier always makes time to walk Yuna, his Swiss white shepherd. Almost 6 years old, loyal, and always at his side. “When I’m working she’s always either under my desk, or tangled up around my chair.” YunaWalking Yuna is a good reset, and a centering activity to reinvigorate him for the next long stretch of labor. “I walk Yuna… A lot,” Rogier smiles. “Anyone in this team who works with me daily will have to have gotten this message from me at some time during the project ‘I’m out walking my dog’. While the dog is having fun I usually go out and think about ‘work’ or just not think about it and clear my mind. Whatever is necessary.” With 12 hour work days, it’s nice for Rogier to have a devoted 24/7 companion to help him cope. In Illuvium, you will have a companion too. A trusty Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. One model is m0z4rt, whom Rogier designed. “The ideal sidekick for any journey will be loyal, constant, and friendly,” Rogier explains. “That’s what m0z4rt will be for everyone who plays the game. It will be loyal to you, and you will be loyal to it too.” He pats Yuna on the head. “It’s always best to have a companion, when you’re on a big adventure.” Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! 23. Rogier Van Der Beek, Lead Concept Artist, designs iconic Illuvials with modern tech and a 90’s… was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  4. In-game shot of Atlas.At times, a lull comes over the entire valley where the landlocked sea is situated. The windless lake is more inviting to the creatures nearby when it’s like this. To the trained eye, smaller Illuvials dot this serene landscape. When one can manage to catch a glimpse, one may see these creatures playing in the shallows, and even see them venture a few yards into the shore. They always keep the gently lapping waves of the becalmed sea within sight, so they can run away from larger predators. Here you can encounter docile-looking, disarmingly playful Atlas. BiologyGlossy, smooth, and cream coloration spotted with areas of bright blue. From its shield like face due to a wide neck frill, Atlas gazes with an almost earnest expression through dewy, oversized garnet eyes. The maroon spine sail down its back flaps up when it goes alert. In combat, Atlas puffs up, rearing on its hind legs, trying to look bigger. The observant Atlas scans the perimeter with its face tilting side-to-side as its head pans around, mouth open, tongue gently wagging. Atlas’ connection to water is its most distinctive feature. Like a second skin, a thin layer of flowing water moves across the surface of its hide in rippling, overlapping streams. Atlas has a preternatural ability to manipulate water particles so that they can form a liquid barrier to dull or block attacks from enemies. It can also command water into projectiles that can pelt opponents. Affinity / ClassWater Psion Atlas walking.Basic AttackWith its large, perceptive eyes, Atlas can easily track its opponents movement across the battlefield. Though not the quickest creature, it can dart forward forcefully, lunging as it bites using powerful jaw muscles and strong teeth. Atlas pecks to either the left or the right side. Critical AttackAtlas has wide paws that end with sharp, claw-like nails. Though a relatively flat-padded extremity, it uses its forepaws to slash at enemies in an effort to defend itself, while its offensive move is to deliver a more vicious bite by rearing up on its hind legs. From this upright position, it aims higher to critically injure a more vital part of its enemy’s body: head, throat, chest. Ultimate Ability — Vapor BarrierVigorously shaking its head, a luminous shield of water forms around Atlas’ face. This aquatic face shield both restores Atlas’ vitality to give it a second wind in battle, and also absorbs enemy damage. Atlas fainting.Key AttributesArmour Ability Power Health If you’d like to know more about the creatures you will soon face, you can follow the developers on Twitter and Medium — or better yet, join the discussion on Discord. Note: This game is currently in development, and details are subject to change. Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! Illuviary: 001 Atlas was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  5. 22. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, can’t wait for you to see how our top-notch, cinematic-quality crypto game will revolutionize everything“My office space is very important and so I try to make it as comfortable as I can. I fill it with some cool toys and artbooks.” — AlexThe week leading up to the release of our Illuvium cinematic trailer was a tremendous time crunch. With 168 hours left till deadline, the core contributors were streamlining workflows to nail their high standard without having to slow down. Their effective reactiveness to the challenges that arose, and ability to quickly problem solve, can be credited to their collective years of professional experience. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, cited length of experience as the most important edge that a pro in animation could have. “One must be crazy or passionate to put in the hours required to get to a decent professional level,” he explains. “I am talking years and years of full commitment. Those thousands of hours that an animator spends animating and researching is often getting in the way of other normal social activities but hey, that’s the price of doing what you love.” And because of that commitment, the Illuvium core was able to accomplish a huge feat of artistry in a short amount of time, that could have taken other teams additional delays. After graduating from ESMA, in the south of France, in 2010, Alex began working with Marvel on projects like X-Men. The following four years, Alex was able to work with and learn from key animators in the industry. Alex moved to ILM Lucasfilm where he worked on notable projects including Transformers, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxies, Godzilla and Ready Player One. With this considerable experience under his belt, he started to freelance as a Senior Animator. Animating Hulk Buster for Avengers: Infinity War.Animating Rocket for Marvel Guardians of the Galaxies. “Super fun to animate.” — AlexDewback Animation for Star Wars’ Mandalorian. “It was a great challenge considering how heavy they need to feel.“ = AlexAfter ten years in the film industry, Alex’s credits continue to appear across many studios, including MPC, Method, theMill, and Pixomonodo on various projects including: Men in Black, IT 2, League of Legends and more recently, The Mandalorian, the hit Star Wars television franchise. Through Illuvium, Alex enters the gaming genre as a Lead Animator, infusing the project with the passion, knowledge and skills that he refined through years of film industry experience. “This is what my view-port looks like when rigging and animating the Ramphyre in Maya, then we export Caches of the motion to Unreal Engine, and this is where the Lighting and FX are added to get the final result.” — AlexThe Lead Animator’s task is to identify the animation style. “Illuvium has a lot of Illuvials, and they are all kind of crazy creatures, that you won’t find on planet earth. The challenges as an animator is that you may not find real video references and so you need to be creative and decide how its going to move. There is an insane amount of animations to create, so another great challenge is to keep the same style for each Illuvial.” An animator will often put extra hours if given what’s called a “hero” shot, meaning a shot that can show a lot of character detail. Alex animates his best pieces when he is excited about the shot, especially a hero shot. “Give me a great and challenging shot,” Alex says, “enough time to animate, some good songs, and this is the perfect cocktail of a flow state.” Speaking of flow states, Alex knows that the key to unlocking his creativity has to do with being in nature, and the power of simple things every day: “I have the chance to live in Thailand by the beach. My daily routine starts early, around 6.30 am, feeding my angry and hungry chickens. I have silkies in my garden. Then I check the surf report. If we have waves, I have a session for an hour. Then breakfast and Boom! More ready to work after that.” A very important part of Alex’s work is to stay creative, however, creativity is not unlimited energy. It needs to be recharged from time to time. “The solution that I found was to expand my skills to other areas outside of animation. this way if I get out of juice animating, I can for instance spend a few weeks doing rigging, because it does not require so much Art juice, Then I can also spend some time drawing and painting for some other projects etc. This time off from animation will basically allow myself to reset and see everything from a new angle.” https://medium.com/media/164a5e00fc80cacbbcab1d086934befa/hrefIn addition, the Lead Animator also builds the animation team, and maintain cohesion on the unified vision. “For general matters, I work very closely with the Art Director and Game Designer,” Alex says. “On the technical side, I work very closely with the animators as well as the rigging department. I assign tasks to the animators. and make sure to push, and raise, the level of what we execute.” Alex enjoys that in Illuvium, he can show greater leadership and creative freedom, as well as work closely with a team where everyone can make significant contributions to the project. “With Illuvium, the scale of the team is much smaller, at 40–50 people. With the 4 current animators, their work will have a greater impact. We also get to be closer as a whole team.” “One of the team goals of this game is to bring cinematic-level animations in-game. We want to show that even with a small team, we can achieve what studio will achieve with a much bigger team,” Alex says. “I think that the crypto gamers will be happy to see Illuvium proposing high-end visual art and animations, combined with addictive game play. If we manage to push things the way we envision, and we will, then other artists in the industry will be very impressed with what a full remote team can do in a few months. It might also give a signal to bigger studios that crypto gaming is indeed coming and nothing can stop it. I won’t be surprised to see the biggest studios releasing nft games in the near future.” Even as interest in NFTs starts to explode worldwide, Illuvium still leads the way in its artistry. “The road map of Illuvium is huge. Eventually, we will be working on expansion sets with more content, zones and Illuvials, directly after the game release. In the crypto gaming scene, Illuvium will set the bar very high, in terms of visuals, animations, and 3D art. In my opinion, there is currently a missing piece in the crypto game industry and Illuvium will be the AAA first title to revolutionize in the way we fix this gap. Everyone is going to love it.” Professional 2D environment for a 2D animated commercial.Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! 22. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, can’t wait for you to see how our top-notch… was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  6. With a seemingly noble quality, Dash has a natural guardian stance.A barren and unfriendly terrain, it makes one uneasy to see the bleak landscape of this “Crimson Waste.” Its endless blood-red dunes of hot sand undulate towards the horizon. Chemical scans showed a toxicity seems to rise even from the rocks. The further one goes in, the more the unbearable swings of extreme temperatures make the journey feel nearly impossible to complete at times. As hostile as this environment seems, a boisterous and friendly creature darts around with such speed that it becomes impossible to track. Production Note: These incredible shots of Dash are in-game images. Dash was groomed by our new Technical Director/Groom Artist Yannick Vincent. Experienced in the film industry, Yannick takes advantage of Unreal Engine 4’s new hair and groom system to make these Dash fur grooms the latest and most advanced possible. BiologySleek and supernaturally fleet-footed, the uncanny speedster flits around the battle becoming untargetable for brief moments, its antenna whipping around excitedly. The antenna is a curious anatomical manifestation of its incredible instincts and heightened sensitivity. Both this mysterious liquid antenna protrusion, and its tail, have baby blue coloration. Sapphire blue hunter’s eyes, another feature denoting its watery affinity, and the way it scans the landscape, hints at a high level of intelligence. Ivory cuffs on its shoulders and bony spines down its sides give it extra enamelized protection. Two Dashes emerging from the shadows with their perceptive, glowing eyes. In-game shot.Affinity / ClassWater Rogue Basic AttackDash swipes with its paws, revealing claws made out of thin jets of water. Critical AttackCoursing with watery current, Dash flings its antennae like a whip, using tremendous force to deal bonus damage. Ultimate Ability — WraithstrikeDash becomes momentarily untargetable as it disintegrates into water vapor, then jumps across the battlefield, striking out against multiple foes. Key AttributesAttack Speed Precision In-game shot of Dashes standing sentinal in silhouette.If you’d like to know more about the creatures you will soon face, you can follow the developers on Twitter and Medium — or better yet, join the discussion on Discord. Note: This game is currently in development, and details are subject to change. Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium You’ll be hearing more from us soon! Illuviary: 013 Dash was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  7. 21. BLP Launchpad closes, breaking a record on Balancer.The co-founders Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, and core contributors are all thrilled to close the Balancer sale on such a high note. Thank you to Balancer Labs! We cannot stop expressing our gratitude to all of you that participated. New $ILV token holders: you now have the ability to participate in our governance to steer the protocol through your council members. Congratulations! More information in the weeks to come on liquidity mining! Moving forward, our unified aim in this DAO is to charge forward on-course towards the release of the inaugural AAA title of this game universe. You already know, Illuvium seeks to cover new ground in the utility, beauty, and emotional connection to NFTs, in a high-production value immersive RPG adventure game. We have been working hard for months and have no plans of slowing down. You have just fueled our project to remain as ambitious as ever, with our sincere intention of delivering to you a game worthy of you. Rogier Van Der Beek, Lead Concept Artist, tweeted this video of “overlord Squizz” looking happy and mighty at the close of our public sale.Join Us On Discord, And Bonus NFT ReminderAs always, we will be leaking artwork, hinting, and sharing progress with you, on our Discord server. Invite Link: http://discord.gg/illuvium Please join us if you haven’t yet, especially new $ILV token holders who have yet to experience our intimate, but quickly growing global movement. Our core contributors and founders interact daily with the greater DAO, and it’s an essential aspect of our work and ethos. An upcoming major Discord announcement will be when the BONUS NFT site goes live, so please stay tuned because you will have a limited window of time to claim your bonuses! Medium Article: 19. How To Claim The Balancer Bonus NFTs SushiSwap PoolAs previously mentioned, we have seeded a SushiSwap pool with approx. 57 000 $ILV tokens at this URL: https://app.sushi.com/pair/0x6a091a3406e0073c3cd6340122143009adac0eda Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium Stay tuned for more communications soon! 21. BLP Launchpad closes, breaking a record on Balancer: Largest pool by volume ever — $90M+… was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  8. 20. Aleksandr Kirilenko, Lead Modeler, says Illuvium is the best professional experience he’s ever had.Aleksandr KirilenkoThe rituals an artist does to expand their consciousness, and creativity, can be very different from typical productivity exercises that professionals in other fields would do. “Last week, I locked myself in my sauna with the lights turned off,” says Aleksandr Kirilenko, Lead Modeler for Illuvium. “I did it on purpose, to battle with some demons and be taken on a ride by my imagination. It was great, a proper monk-in-a-cave type of experience.” It may not seem like it, but doing things like this helps keep Aleks’ game on point. It also helps him ensure that our team of, in his words, “fabulous artists,” stay on the same page about the look and quality standard of the project, with Aleks’ role as lead character artist. Before Illuvium, Aleksandr worked in advertising, as a freelance 3D modeler for the megabrands Pepsi, Sony, and Toyota. Aleksandr was recently at Blur, an LA-based veteran company producing the highest quality cinematics and content for film and TV. Specifically, his work on game cinematics as a character/creature modeler and texture artist at Platigue Image was exactly what Illuvium needed. We were also impressed by his portfolio, which encompasses work as a digital sculptor for Prime 1 Studio, and at Ninja Theory, where he was a senior character artist. Ultimately, his experience in making characters for mobile and VR, and creating super-realistic assets for consoles and PC, all goes into his work to bring the modeling in Illuvium to the next level. El Bastardo, a character Aleks worked on for Bleeding Edge (Ninja Theory studio)He is meticulous, and pushes the team to pay attention to multiple small details at the same time. “I can seem like a proper psycho when, for example, I say that we need to inflate a part of a model by a couple of millimeters,” Aleks explains. “The way I see it, I’m trying to show that even though the change might seem insignificant — which is debatable, by the way — it, hopefully, leaves a mark in the artist’s mind and next time, they intuitively know how to make things just a bit better.” This “just a bit better” philosophy is what brings Aleks and the team’s models to the next level. As a Lead Modeler, Aleksandr unifies the style of the aesthetic, which needs to be nailed down from the very beginning as the foundation upon which the whole project is built, and could fall apart if not solid. Batgirl collectible for Prime1 Studio“Style is king. Style is consistency,” he states, explaining that: “As a reference for our style execution, I chose two artists. One — a genius from the old days, another — a genius from the present day. They are Michelangelo and Carlos Huante. When it comes to form and balance, I don’t think there is anybody who can beat these two chaps. So in some sense, the Illuvials need to be imagined from the eyes of Michelangelo or Carlos. That’s a big challenge.” The goal is not to copy Michaelangelo and Carlos’ style, but to interpret through the lens of their style. “And then do justice to the inspiration.” One of the challenges for Illuvium is making the more recognizable creatures look unique and in line with the overall style of the game. “It’s one thing to take a rhino/beetle/flower looking creature and sculpt the **** out of it with a mad look on my face and lightning and thunder playing death metal concert outside the window,” he says, “but it’s a completely different game when the same needs to be done to, let’s say, a lynx.” Aleks was recruited as a recommendation by our anonymous Art Director, who goes by the moniker Von Neumann. “When an old friend of mine, like a ghost from the past, contacted me out of the blue and asked me if I could help out with some sculpting work, I didn’t hesitate for a second. He and I go way back, and one of the things that we have in common is that we are nuts when it comes to quality standards. So, ordinarily, I’m not an easily excitable person when it comes to seeking out experiences. FOMO is the least of my problems. But for this, I sensed a bit of tingling in my body. And I said yes. That’s how I got involved with Illuvium. And so far, this has been the best professional experience I’ve had.” The Lead Modeler works most closely with the Lead Concept Artist. Fortunately, Aleks and Von Neumann’s professional dynamic, and friendship, gives them a synergy that is more elusive and not a sure thing between these two positions. “We are completely on the same page and have an unshakable mutual trust in each other’s abilities. I would bet my trusty fifteen-year-old Wacom tablet’s pen that not a lot of artists in the industry have this kind of relationship with their leads. It’s special.” Ninja from Bleeding Edge (Ninja Thoery studio)Illuvium makes plenty of room for its Core Contributors’ personalities, which Aleksandr considers more than just a fringe benefit to working the long hours every day. It’s a key benefit. “I came in with a feeling that I can be myself and show a more crazy side of me — my girlfriend, a wonderful person who has met a gazillion different people and had a conversation with at least a billion of them, told me once that I’m the craziest person she’s ever met; or at least that’s how I remember it going. I also post a lot of GIFs and completely derail some chats with our Lead Concept Artist, whose GIF game is one to be reckoned with.” As one of the project’s leads, Aleksandr again credits teamwork, rapport, and solid professional experience of our efficient team. To execute on the vision of Illuvium, Aleks emphasized that “we need a proper team” to fly through Illuvium’s ambitious timeframe to release the game within one year. “I love our team. Not just the character artists, but all the other departments. The whole Illuvium project is special. It’s special for me personally because of the team. It’s special because we are doing something in a new space altogether, and because everybody is on the same page — we simply want to create something spectacular. The only pressure we have on this project is our own standards and ambition. Which, paradoxically, is quite freeing.” Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium Stay tuned for more communications soon! Aleks’ Personal work20. 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  9. Top Row: Rhamphyre NFT. Next row: m0z4rt skin. Next two rows: Emotes. Final row: Badges. Claims Process: Purchase your $ILV during the saleFor every 1 ETH you spend in the sale you will earn 1 pointIMPORTANT — Do not sell $ILV or make transfers from your wallet, as doing so forfeits your right to claim NFTsWait until the sale endsGo to https://nfts.illuvium.io (This will only go live at the conclusion of the Balancer Sale)Connect your wallet clicking in the and check your available points.Choose your preferred NFTs and spend your points to claim them.https://medium.com/media/18cd4c6f2f05d3df250d3cf320b388aa/hrefhttps://medium.com/media/452b0cebb4505b22f116ab83bf50e5b0/hrefhttps://medium.com/media/9c57fff029152e6230ae8fe052fa7ecc/hrefThe sale goes live at 3pm Tuesday, 30th March 2021 (UTC), and will be live for a maximum of 72 hours. During this time you can check both the current price of $ILV, and the remaining supply. The NFT redemption interface will go live approximately 24 hours after the conclusion of the Balancer sale. It will be active for 7 days. Once it closes, you will no longer be able to redeem your bonus NFTs. There will be a countdown widget to show you the remaining time to claim. There will be no way to reactivate the redemption interface, so all claims must be made during this window. Each transaction will incur a gas fee, so we suggest that you make all your claims in a single transaction. About the NFTsThe Rhamphyre NFTs are purely promotional. This means that they are not used in-game. However, this also means that they have a strictly limited supply. Once the claim period ends, no more will ever be minted. The M0z4rt Skins, Emotes, and Badges are functional in-game, via redemption once the game goes live. They can be traded on any market prior to launch, but to be used in-game you must own the NFT in your linked wallet, and then redeem them in-game which will burn the NFT. Badges do not cost points, they simply have a points threshold. The bronze badge has a points threshold of 0, which means any purchase size in the sale is enough to claim this badge. 19. How To Claim The Balancer Bonus NFTs was originally published in Illuvium Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  10. The Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) is quickly arriving, and the Illuvinati Council has approved IIP - 002 which sets the parameters for the pool. There will be a total of one million tokens inside the (BLBP). This is the public’s first chance to acquire ILV outside of the two Discord Airdrops. Balancer was chosen because it is the fairest way to distribute the tokens, which has been proven with many projects. But there are some important details you need to know, so please read carefully. What is a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool?A Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is designed to allow DeFi protocols to acquire capital from a smaller amount of liquidity than would usually be required when seeding a pool such as Uniswap or Sushiswap. Balancer has been able to solve this through variable weightings of assets. In a regular pool, two assets are matched in value 50:50. In a BLBP, this is different, and the weights change over time to create downward pressure. When the pool goes live, the price will begin to decline, which is why the initial price of the token is set to a high value. There are two competing forces for the price of the token in a BLBP. The changing of the weights of the tokens will naturally push the price of the token down, since the weights start out with the token being worth the majority of the pool’s value, and end up at a much lower level. The other force is trading of the token. As people purchase the token, the number of tokens in the pool decreases, but the value of those tokens must still match the weights, so the price of the token increases to compensate. What you will see is a gradual drop in token price, matched by periodic ‘bumps’ where the token goes back up. In theory, the price should eventually find some value that the overall market finds to be an accurate value for the token. Illuvium/Balancer Swap Interface (pricing shown for display purpose only)Steps to participateGo to swap.illuvium.ioConnect a compatible wallet — MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Trezor/Ledger (through Metamask)$ILV is paired with ETH. Swapping with other assets will result in greater transaction costs.Ensure your wallet has sufficient ETH for gas charges.Insert the amount of $ILV that you wish to purchase and select “SWAP”$ILV will be in your wallet when the transaction is complete.For more information visit Balancer LBP FAQ. Important ParametersAn IIP was created and submitted to the Illuvinati Council Tuesday, and then approved by the Council on Wednesday. As such the parameters for the sale are as follows: Start Price: $50 USD Starting weights: 96:4 End weights: 50:50 Duration: 72 hours Token Supply: 1 million. Token Contract Address: 0x767fe9edc9e0df98e07454847909b5e959d7ca0e Token Symbol: ILV Decimals of Precision: 18 Key Takeaways For The SaleDo Your Own Research: Nothing in this document should be taken as financial advice. It only describes the mechanisms and parameters of the BLBP.No FOMO: The declining price mechanism of the BLBP allows interested users to wait until they are comfortable with the price before acquiring tokens. No need to rush.Bots aren’t incentivized: Front-running or sniping transactions doesn’t work due to the nature of the pool.Price discovery: Similar to a Dutch auction, users will have a long time window to acquire tokens at a price they find attractive. Market forces will determine what the final valuation will be.Use GAS wisely: As Balancer is on the Ethereum network, transactions are subject to GAS fees. To minimize potential GAS costs, reduce the number of transactions, as each one attracts a fee.Slippage and failed transactions: There is a limit for the slippage of any transaction. Slower transactions (by selecting lower GAS) risk the price moving too far and failing to process, which wastes GAS.The graph above shows the price of a token compared to the starting price (as a percentage) in a situation where no purchases are made. This is to illustrate the downwards pressure on the spot price. The graph above shows the price of a token compared to the starting price (as a percentage) in a situation where random purchases are made throughout the sale. This is to illustrate how purchases bump the price. NOTE: This does not represent the actual price or direction of the token during the sale and is used for illustrative purposes only. Exclusive Illuvium BLBP NFTsAt the end of the bootstrap, the amount of ETH used for all purchases converts to points at a rate of one point per ETH. These points can be used to redeem promo NFTs that will only be available for a short period of time following the sale. This applies only to those who hold all of their ILV purchases after the sale concludes until the NFTs redeem window is closed. The full list of NFT’s redeemable in the BLP sale will be viewable in a follow up medium post prior to the BLP opening. Quantstamp ERC-20 Security AuditAudited March 22nd 2021, by Quantstamp with 0 high risk, 0 medium risk, and 4 low risks resolved.Quick Links: https://illuvium.io/ https://twitter.com/illuviumio Join us: discord.gg/illuvium Disclaimer: Illuvium is the first community governed AAA blockchain-based video game. $ILV is a digital asset with no associated rights at this time other than governance rights. Under Illuvium’s decentralized governance structure, members of the Illuvinati Council are elected by $ILV holders and will determine configuration and features that may result in holders of $ILV receiving NFTs, a portion of revenue generated in the game or other benefits. The nature of any such benefit is not yet determined and will be set by the Council from time to time. Any prior statements of potential benefits of holding $ILV are suggestive only and yet to be determined by the Illuminati Council. A person acquiring $ILV has no actual, contingent or prospective rights to any such benefits and accordingly should have no hope or expectation of any benefits being provided to them. If any benefits are provided at a later time, they are subject to change by the Council. Any person considering acquiring $ILV should consider seeking independent advice. 18. 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