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  1. The Crypto Prophecies is all about putting your Crypto Prophets to the test in the Battle Arena. Through battles, you will rise through the ranks of the Crypto Prophets to help restore the wealth of Opulentos, grow your power and prosperity and join the Fellowship of The Crypto Prophets. From humble beginnings, you too can realise your very own Crypto Prophecy and become a legend of the Battle Arena. Here, we cover how you rise through the Prophet Tiers and how doing so will help you on your journey. What Are The Prophet Tiers?Prophet Tiers indicate the rarity of the Prophet you have summoned using Summoning Orbs, as well as specifying the tier of any Prophets you have levelled up using the burn spell. There are six Prophet Tiers which range from Uncommon to Founders, with each tier providing a new benefit when battling and entering the daily prize draws. How Does Moving Up Tiers Impact The Game?Evolving your Crypto Prophet has a huge impact on your success in The Crypto Battle Arena. As your Crypto Prophet ascends through the tiers, it will be able to perform more powerful spells, hold more items, which benefit you during battle, and will give you a greater chance of winning prizes in our daily prize draws! ItemsItems give you better capabilities when battling in the Crypto Arena. Each tier you rise through will give you an additional item slot so that you have an advantage against your opponent. Items are found in the same rarity as Prophets and can be burned in precisely the same way as prophets too! There are countless items of all shapes and sizes throughout the Crypto World and secondary markets. Find them all to give yourself the best chances of victory in the fabled Crypto Arena! StaffsMagic staffs are the primary weapon for your Crypto Prophets. These items are available to use once you have summoned an Uncommon Prophet or have burned five of the same race and generation Common Prophet. There are several staffs to find throughout the Crypto World that are available to buy in the store, swap on secondary markets, win as prizes or even summon with special item Summoning Orbs. However, make sure that you acquire the correct staff for your Prophet’s race. Satoshians can only wield fire magic, Etherians can only use nature magic, Tezmanians can only use arcane magic staffs and Ripptilians can only wield the magic of telekinesis using their staff. CapesWhen your prophet ascends to the Rare Tier, the second item slot opens and your prophet will have access to both the Staff and the Cape. Capes are defensive items that help your Prophet defend itself from attacking spells during a battle in the Crypto Arena. WandsWands are your secondary weapon and are available when you have an Epic Tier Prophet. Wands have a different associated spell to your Magic Staff. Wielding both the Staff and the Wand in battle gives you a huge advantage over your opponent, helping you either distract them from predicting where the Candles are going to ‘close’ or leaving them completely incapable of doing so. PetsFinally, the Pet — or Guardian — is a companion which only ever follows the most Legendary of Crypto Prophets. Pets will do whatever they can to ensure their master Crypto Prophet is protected from danger. They can be both defensive and attacking and help you become a legend in the Crypto Arena. Multipliers For Prize TicketsEvery player who plays The Crypto Prophecies daily will be entered into a daily prize draw. Every game you play provides you with tickets based on the tier of your prophet and the size of the wager you place. If you have a Common Prophet, your ticket multiplier is a straight 1:1. However, if you have a Legendary Prophet, your ticket multiplier grows to 1:16 and Founder Prophets get an astonishing 1:32! The more games you play, the more tickets you will win, so developing your Prophet through the tiers pays dividends. Moreover, the daily prize pool is directly linked to the number of battles that happen throughout the day. 40% of the Kingdom Fee (3% of the total wager in every game) goes straight into the prize pool. So, the more games you, your companions and other players play — and the larger the wagers you play for — the bigger the prize pool will be at the end of the day and the more chance you have to win! Watch Your Crypto Prophets Rise Through The Tiers and Wield More Power With The Crypto PropheciesThe world’s cutest price prediction trading game — The Crypto Prophecies — is coming soon! You can watch your very own Crypto Prophet evolve through the tiers as you win battles and progress through the game. Sign up with us to receive $5 worth of bTCP tokens and start your journey! What Are The Prophet Tiers and Why Do They Matter? was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  2. The legendary Crypto Prophets of The Crypto World have been summoned by The Oracle to restore peace, prosperity and wealth to the Kingdom in the wake of the battle with the creatures from The Great Beyond. Using their Profit Magic, The Crypto Prophets contest each other, placing wagers and stimulating The Crypto World’s economy by trading with one another and buying items from various marketplaces. As a new player, it’s up to you to become victorious in the fabled Battle Arena so that you can discover your very own Crypto Prophecy. Here, we take a look at the game mechanics of battling so that you know how to wager, battle and cement your name as a legend of The Crypto World! Entering The Battle ArenaOnce you have summoned your first Crypto Prophet, you’re ready for battle in the Battle Arena! When going into battle, you’ll need to know which prophet you want to choose and how many TCP tokens you would like to wager. Our matching engine will then pair the size of your wager with a suitable opponent with the same wager request. Once this stage is complete, the battle can commence! The Rules of Engagement and How To WinContests in the Battle Arena are decided on predicting where trading candlesticks will ‘close’ — whether up or down. By recognising trading candlestick patterns, players can put their cryptocurrency and trading knowledge to the test — the earlier a pattern is spotted and close position predicted, the more points are earned. Initially, battles will consist of 10 trading candlesticks. Whoever has earned the most points by the time the last candlestick is closed, wins the match. Points are awarded — or lost — depending on the time taken to either correctly or incorrectly judge the closing position of a trading candlestick. Every candlestick starts with a maximum of 100 points, which goes down in value in line with the candle’s time. If a candlestick is correctly guessed when the timer is at 8 seconds, the player wins 80 points. If it is incorrectly guessed at the same time, they would lose 80 points. Players with Prophets in a certain tier have access to items that significantly impact battles. Using staffs, wands, capes and pets, players can cast spells that can block their opponent from making a prediction, hide the candlesticks from sight completely, or twist their perception of the candlesticks. Buying and summoning items, and developing your Crypto Prophet through the tiers, can make a huge impact on your chances of winning. Wagers and WinningsWhoever has the most points at the end of a contest in the Battle Arena will take home the prize. Players may have predicted the outcome of more candles correctly but still lost the contest overall if their opponent predicted their candles’ closing positions earlier and, therefore, won more points! The winner of each battle will collect the full wager minus the 3% Kingdom Fee. For example, if 100 fungible TCP tokens (which are standardised as per ERC-20) were wagered by each player, the total wager would be 200 tokens, 6 tokens would be taken for the kingdom fee and the winner would receive 194 tokens. The winner takes all in our zero-sum battling format. Start your own Crypto Prophecy to learn more and join our community! Enter The Battle Arena and Begin Your Own Crypto ProphecyIf you’re excited about entering the Battle Arena and building your wealth, sign up with us today. You’ll receive $5 worth of bTCP tokens which you can use in the game! The Game Mechanics of The Crypto Prophecies was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  3. When the fabled Battle Arena of Opulentos was reopened by the legendary Oracle, The Crypto Prophets fought contests using their Profit Magic to restore the wealth of The Kingdom. The restoration of Opulentos’ economic might is dependent on its currency — the TCP token. Here, we take a look at the TCP token, how it is used in The Crypto World, how you develop your wealth of tokens by winning wagers and how to spend them. What Is The TCP Token and What Are Its Utilities?The TCP token, like many other in-game cryptocurrencies, is a fungible token that is used to power the internal economy of The Crypto World. The TCP token uses the ERC-20 token standard, which means that every TCP token in The Crypto Prophecies is of equal value. This standardisation of TCP token value ensures the integrity of The Crypto Prophecies economy as well as the regulation of all wagers, purchases and the other utilities of the TCP token. Utilities of The TCP TokenThe TCP token is the main driving force behind The Crypto Prophecies game; used to purchase the tools required to achieve victory and develop your wealth. WagerFirst and foremost, the TCP token is used as the currency to place wagers during battles in the Battle Arena. During a battle, the players battling it out with their Crypto Prophets will place a wager. In our zero-sum format, the winner takes all. So, if the players wage 20,000 TCP tokens each, the winner will get 40,000 tokens (minus the 3% Kingdom Fee). The loser will not win a proportion of the wager, however, they will still receive tickets for the daily prize draw. Purchase NFTsBuilding up your TCP token fortune is so important as it allows you to buy more NFTs which will give you a better chance against opponents and see you rise through the ranks of legendary Crypto Prophets. Spells, items, Prophets and ancillaries are all NFTs, and it will take plenty of your hard-earned TCP tokens to get the rarest items and characters in the game. Given As Daily PrizesDaily players of The Crypto Prophecies will be entered into a prize draw in which they can win items, Summoning Orbs and TCP tokens. 40% of the Kingdom Fee from every game played goes straight into the prize draw pot. Every daily player of The Crypto Prophecies gets a number of entry tickets to the prize calculated depending on the tier of their Crypto Prophet and the size of their wager. The higher a Prophet’s tier, the more tickets a player gets and the better chance they have of winning the draw! As well as this, the more games that are played throughout the day, the bigger the pot of TCP tokens gets. The daily prize is split between 25 entrants, with first place getting 15% of the pot, second place getting 10% and third place getting 7%. The remainder of the pot is then split between the other 22 winners. Access To TournamentsAs The Crypto Prophecies develops, tournaments and other special events will begin to emerge. These competitions and events will be organised as eSports-style tournaments, where members of the community can watch their favourite traders, players and gamers battle it out. Entrance to these events will require TCP tokens and all our wagering pools will be decentralised — so there’s no betting against the house. TCP Tokens: A Tool For The Crypto Prophecies’ GovernanceAs well as the main utilities of TCP tokens, these fungible coins will also be imperative for the ongoing governance of the ecosystem. We want the evolution of The Crypto Prophecies to be influenced by the community, so small-scale propositions on the development of the game will be democratised under a ‘one token, one vote’ system. This makes the voting process feasible for any member of The Crypto Prophecies community. It does not cost a token to vote; simply owning a token entitles a player to cast a vote. If this system proves successful, the process may be expanded to democratise much more complex governance decisions within the ecosystem. Burning TCP Tokens50% of the Kingdom Fee is automatically burned by sending it to an 0x0000 address, which consistently reduces the number of tokens in circulation on a daily basis. Use Your TCP Tokens Wisely In The Crypto Prophecies and Become Victorious In The Battle ArenaGetting tokens to buy items, place wagers and gain access to tournaments is vital for success in the Crypto Battle Arena. When you sign up with us you can claim $5 bTCP tokens to use in the game! Join the community today! The TCP Token: Bringing Value To The Crypto Prophecies was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  4. We’re one week closer to the launch of The Crypto Prophecies, and we’re excited to share some of the development progress our team have made over the last couple of weeks. In our previous update, we covered the in-game shop functionality, the summoning portal, and several updates on bug fixes. Read on to find out what our latest developer updates are and how they will impact your experience within the game. Burning NFTsWe’ve made a lot of progress on giving players the ability to burn their NFT Crypto Prophets and magic items to upgrade them. The model that we’ve created allows users to select any five Crypto Prophets, or any five magical items — as long as they are of the same rarity, race or magic school — and burn them (yes, destroy them!) in exchange for a higher rarity item or character of the same school or race. We’ve done a lot of work to ensure players are only able to activate a burning spell after selecting five of the same rarity, race and magic school NFTs. By burning NFTs, we’re reducing the supply of that rarity of NFTs available, which means the more players burn their Prophets to upgrade them, the more valuable lower tier characters and items become. It’s important to note that we will not be allowing burning across generations, which we believe will have some interesting effects on each generation’s supply and demand for NFTs. The TCP QA Processhttps://medium.com/media/3b335eb698ca0a7021c0f9827c181a97/hrefWe also wanted to share more about how we go about the QA process to ensure all the animations used in The Crypto Prophecies react and play correctly. We’re proud to have added dedicated team members to focus on doing Quality Assurance on The Crypto Prophecies as we approach launch. Our testers will have their work cut out, testing all the animations for each permutation and combination of all ten characters within each of our four generation 1 races, ten staffs, wands, capes and pets for each of the four magic schools. Any errors they find will be fed back to the animators to correct and ensure they live up to the standards we’re setting ourselves for The Crypto Prophecies. Daily Prize Front-end UpdatesOver the last couple of weeks we have made a lot of progress on the UI for our daily prize ticket allocations and prize draws. Tickets will now accrue in a player’s account depending on number of games played and results, while the prize collection functionality has also been added. Players will also be able to see the history for the prize draws under the daily prize section. We’re still tweaking a couple of minor front-and-back end changes and look forward to sharing more about this functionality in the coming weeks. Prepare Yourself For Battle In The Legendary Battle Arena!The time is nearly here for you to do battle in The Crypto Prophecies. Expand your wealth by winning battles and wagers as well as collecting Crypto Prophet and Summoning Orb NFTs. Keep up with our developer updates to discover the latest game progress. If you sign up with us today, you can claim $5 bTCP tokens! Our TCP token currency can be used in the game to help you rise through the ranks of the leaderboard and begin your own Crypto Prophecy! You can use them however you wish in order to progress through the games. Developer Update: Burning NFTs, QA and Daily Prize progress was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  5. Want to join the excitement that is fuelling NFT prices? Love gaming and wish you could earn from your success in the gaming arena? This is what we are striving for with GameFi’s latest game, The Crypto Prophecies! Our real-time prediction battle game uses NFTs for Characters and magical items. This gives our players the opportunity to own unique and valuable NFTs, while giving them the best blockchain gaming experience. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets which hold value as cryptocurrency AND as collectables that can be kept and admired or traded and sold as it’s value increases. NFTs are essentially digital tokens, much like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, unlike other standard coins on the blockchain, NFTs are unique and can’t be exchanged like-for-like. NFTs have come in various different shapes and sizes, they offer a chance to own unique characters and items that have functions within the gaming space, but are also cute and lovable so you might just want to keep one However you feel about them, NFTs have been big news lately and are here to stay. There has never been a better opportunity to get on board. NFT Sales SurgeAccording to a recent Reuters article, NFT sales have skyrocketed to a staggering $2.5 billion so far in 2021. To give some context, the number of NFT sales for the first half of 2020 was just over $13 million. What makes this surge in sales even more impressive, is that it comes during a time in which all major crypto coins have experienced a significant slump, with Bitcoin losing 41% of its value from it’s all-time high of $63,000 in April. NFT sales, meanwhile, have seen a steady increase since February 2021, culminating in NFT sales on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, hitting a record-breaking high in the month of June. Many believe that because NFTs hold intrinsic value beyond that of a standard cryptocurrency, they are somewhat immune to the volatility of crypto markets in the same way traditional art and collectables are able to buck the trends of Wall Street. The Most Popular NFTsAccording to data tracked by Nonfungible.com, the most popular categories for NFTs sales are currently Collectables and Sport, followed by Art, Utility and Game. The Crypto Prophecies NFTs fall into three of the most-valuable categories. Meaning players will start collecting in the fastest growing NFT categories. CollectableOur in-game characters, Crypto Prophets, are rare, with only 10 characters being released in each of the four races. You might find our first generation races a bit familiar ;-) Satoshians, Etherians, Ripptilians , Tezmanians. Players will be able to summon their Crypto Prophets of various levels of rarity, ranging from Common to Legendary, using summoning orbs (which are also NFTs). Players can change the tier of their Crypto Prophets by collecting 5x Crypto Prophets of the same race and tier and then burning them using a burn spell. Burning NFTs remove them from circulation, meaning the Crypto Prophets you own just became even more rare! Gaming NFTsBetween Staffs, Wands, Capes and Pets, these magical items greatly improve players’ chances of victory in the Battle Arena by hampering opponents’ abilities to read the candles and make predictions. Each Crypto Prophet can be customised by connecting these unique NFT items with magical abilities and spells, increasing their in-game abilities and value at the same time. Utility NFTsCrypto Prophets and Magical items not only have significant in-game value, they can also help earn players income while not in use. Each game played in The Crypto Prophecies earns players tickets into a daily draw, where they can win their share of TCP tokens — our fungible token using the ERC20 token standard. We’re also working on some top-secret features that will allow NFTs to generate additional TCP while not in use (shhhhh…more on this later!). The Crypto Prophecies NFTs Coming SoonWe’re getting ready to launch our Crypto Prophecies NFTs soon. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter today to get an alert when the sale goes live and avoid disappointment. We’re also excited to be launching The Vault, where you’ll be able to stake and earn bTCP or TCP, the tokens that power our game and NFTs. For more information and to sign up to play, head to https://www.thecryptoprophecies.com About The Crypto PropheciesThe Crypto Prophecies is a magical peer-to-peer price prediction game with NFT characters and items. Collect different characters from the Crypto World and harness their magic powers to gain the advantage in the fabled battle arena. Place your wager and go head-to-head with other players to battle it out over the trading candles, predicting how each one will close. It’s a points-based game and it’s against the clock, so be quick and watch out for your opponents magic spells! The winner at the end of the battle wins all the wager. Find out more and sign up to play at: https://www.thecryptoprophecies.com Join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/cryptoprophecies Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/crypto_prophets Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecryptoprophecies Join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qcbsdjMN Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptoprophecies/ Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TheCryptoProphecies NFTs are here to stay. Get on board with your own Crypto Prophecies NFTs. was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  6. As we move ever closer to the launch of The Crypto Prophecies, our developers are hard at work on making the game a fun and rewarding experience for every player. In our previous update, we covered updates to the price feed, the integration of Pets and various bug fixes. Read on to find out what our latest developer updates are and how they will impact your experience within the game. Shop FunctionalityWe’ve done a lot of work to create a seamless in-game marketplace where players will be able to use their TCP tokens to purchase various items. https://medium.com/media/7facf6044cc96ac971656725906b1764/hrefSome of the items players will be able to purchase include: Prophet Orbs — Used for summoning new charactersStaff Stones — Used for summoning magic StaffsCape Diamonds — Used for summoning CapesWand Cubes — Used for summoning WandsPet Eggs — Used for summoning PetsOnce a player purchases any of these items in the Shop, they will be stored in the players wallet and also viewable in the inventory section, as each item is also an NFT. Summoning PortalOf course, summoning new characters and items is a core part of The Crypto Prophecies gameplay. We’ve worked hard on delivering a summoning experience that is smooth, exciting and ultimately rewarding. The Fabled Summoning Portal of OpulentosUsers will be able to use any summoning stones from their inventory, place them at the summoning portal and watch in anticipation to see what rarity character or item appears through the portal! Next steps include adjusting the timing of summons to balance the gameplay experience with the anticipation that should come with summoning a new character or item. Bug FixesAs always, we’re continuing to work hard on ironing out any remaining or new bugs. Closed Beta testing was critical in helping us solve several and we continue to strive for a smooth player experience and launch. Prepare Yourself For Battle In The Legendary Battle Arena!The time is nearly here for you to do battle in The Crypto Prophecies. Expand your wealth by winning battles and wagers as well as collecting Crypto Prophet and Summoning Orb NFTs. Keep up with our developer updates to discover the latest game progress. If you sign up with us today, you can claim $5 bTCP tokens! Our TCP token currency can be used in the game to help you rise through the ranks of the leaderboard and begin your own Crypto Prophecy! You can use them however you wish in order to progress through the games. Developer Update: Shop Functionality, Summoning Portal and more! was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  7. The Crypto Prophecies relies on a range of funding pools to continue developing and improving user experiences for the future. As such, we’ve carefully segmented our overall token distribution into different funds, which will help us continue growing value so that we can deliver the best gaming experience possible. Here, we take a more detailed look at how our total token distribution of 250,000,000 is divided into funds. Read on to discover more about our funds. TCP Token DistributionPrivate SaleA third of our token distribution is segmented for private sale to investors, a process that has taken place across three rounds. The initial seed round of token sale saw 25m tokens sold at 1 cent per token, with 10% of the tokens unlocked at the token generation event (TGE). After the TGE, the vesting period for the first seed round of private token sales takes 9 months. For the strategic round of sale, 33.33m tokens were sold, with 15% unlocked at 15% and a vesting period of 6 months. During the private sale period, 25m tokens were sold with 20% unlocked at TGE and just a 3 month vesting period. Strong Holder OfferingThe strong holder offering (SHO) model has been implemented to analyse the sincerity of amateur investors to protect the interests of the community as well as reward loyal investors. This analysis takes into account how long previous tokens have been held and the number of tokens deposited into a digital wallet. The longer an investor has held tokens in the past, the better rating they have and the more likely they are to get an SHO allocation. The token allocation for our SHO round is 5m and 100% was unlocked at SHO with no vesting period. LiquidityThe liquidity reserves accounts for 30% of the overall token distribution. This pool is used to provide liquidity on both decentralised exchanges (DEX) and centralised exchanges (CEX). The liquidity fund will also be used for incentivised liquidity mining programs that will benefit users who chose to lock their tokens for a period of time. Ecosystem FundThe ‘ecosystem fund’ is split into two separate pools and is used to increase the adoption of The Crypto Prophecies as well as the quality of the gameplay. The general marketing pool within the ecosystem fund is used by The Crypto Prophecies management and marketing teams to grow the adoption of the game, with a disbursement schedule releasing 2.5% every month until the fund is completely depleted. TCP Token Release ScheduleIn addition to growing the user base of The Crypto Prophecies via general marketing, there is also a referral mining pool that rewards new sign-ups to the community with $5 of bTCP tokens. These tokens are only redeemable once the new user has purchased a Crypto Prophet and is connected to the user’s account. This referral mining scheme continues as users refer their friends to The Crypto Prophets community, with each referral rewarding the user with an additional $5 when the new user signs up and buys a Crypto Prophet NFT. Use Your TCP Tokens Wisely In The Crypto Prophecies and Let The Battle Commence!Getting tokens to buy items, place wagers and gain access to tournaments is vital for success in the Crypto Battle Arena. As you grow your wealth through winning battles, you can improve the abilities of your Crypto Prophets, buy new items When you sign up with us you can claim $5 bTCP tokens to use in the game! Join the community today! A Brief Guide To The Crypto Prophecies Token Distribution was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  8. We know you can’t wait to step foot into the legendary Battle Arena of Opulentos and begin your journey in The Crypto Prophecies. However, it’s important to start with the basics. Here, we take a brief look at your Crypto Prophecies profile; what you can do there, why it’s important and how you can benefit from keeping up to date with updating your profile. Your Crypto Prophecies ProfileYour profile within The Crypto Prophecies is your hub where you can keep on top of your progress in the game so far, customise your avatar, calibrate your settings and oversee the finer details of the game which make your prophets and in-game experience tick. Player Profile section, with customisable avatarCustomisable AvatarA crucial part of our aims for The Crypto Prophecies world is to cultivate a vibrant, engaged and useful community amongst players. When you interact with your fellows in-game, or any other players from the community, your avatar will be the very first thing they see. As such you’ll want it to reflect your playing style and your personality. We’ve integrated a customisation feature so you can tweak how you are perceived by other players in the game. InventoryWithin your profile, you can see everything within your inventory. Here, you’ll find all of your Crypto Prophet, items and Summoning Orb NFTs. Your various NFTs can be equipped, unequipped and edited within the inventory part of your profile. Inventory shows you all available characters and items.So, if you want to switch up your Crypto Prophets by equipping them with a new magic item, this is where you will need to go. Notification, Security and Authentication SettingsIn your profile, you’ll also be able to tweak and calibrate the various settings you need. From connecting your wallet to authenticating your account and protecting yourself with security features, you can control all of the various settings here. Your WalletWe require all players to use the MetaMask wallet to hold their TCP tokens, which can be used to purchase items, Summoning Orb and Crypto Prophet NFTs within the game. You’ll need access to MetaMask before setting up an account and you’ll also need to connect to the MetaMask wallet when a game session is loading for the smart contract to access all of your tokens and NFTs. Connecting your wallet ensures that all purchasing and wagers in-game are completed seamlessly to improve your gaming experience. Learn From Your Mistakes With Battle HistoryOne of the features that is particularly useful within your profile is the ability to read through the ‘Battle History’ of your entire time within The Crypto Prophecies. Players see a full history of all battles played and can expand the details to see what configurations where used.With this feature, you can see how many games you’ve won, how many you’ve lost and the circumstances of those victories and defeats. By doing this, you can grow, develop and hone your skills to improve your chances of winning the next battle. Get Ready To Do Battle in The Fabled Battle Arena of Opulentos and Begin Your Crypto ProphecyCustomise your avatar, create a profile, meet fellows and battle with the online Crypto Prophecies community to grow your wealth and win wagers. Before you start your very own Crypto Prophecy, sign up with us today. You can claim $5 bTCP tokens to use in the game to get you on your way. Let the battle commence! Navigating Your Crypto Prophecies Profile was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  9. Game development updateThe time has come to run the closed beta testing program and fix the first wave of bugs on the platform before we get ready for the public launch. Most of the key elements in the game are now integrated and playable at least as a minimum viable/playable product. Some features such as animation and effects use placeholder or shared assets. How you can helpWe’re looking to the community for some help with beta testing The Crypto Prophecies core game loops. You’ll get to be the first to experience the game and see the Crypto Prophets in action. The Battle Arena as seen in the BetaWe are expecting there to be many bugs and would like to enlist your help in finding them. We’d also like to know which parts of the game and game play don’t make sense or are confusing. How to get involvedBeta tester places are very limited, so to show your commitment to the project, we’d like to see that you’re holding at least 1,000 TCP in your wallet on the Ethereum Network. Simply send our lead community manager Gerald (@GeraldQph) a message on Telegram stating that you would like to join the beta testers and if there is space, he will ask you to complete a short Google Form. The form will ask for your wallet address that has the 1,000 TCP in and that you will use to connect to the beta game on Polygon testnet. You will also be asked to confirm your Telegram handle so that you can be invited into the private beta group. If there is space for you to join the beta tester program, Gerald or the team will invite you to join a private telegram group with other beta testers, here you can discuss the testing and provide feedback. Note, everything on the beta is free, even the NFT characters you’ll be given to play with. If anyone tries to sell you something or ask for money it is a scam so please ignore them. Getting readyYou will need to have the MetaMask browser extension installed. https://metamask.io/download.html Once you have been approved and accepted as a beta player, you will be given the beta app link. When loading the beta, it should auto detect which network you are on and switch you to Mumbai automatically, this is Polygon’s testnet. Your testnet wallet will be credited with TCP tokens and Crypto Prophecies NFTs for use in the beta on testnest only. You will not be expected to purchase anything or use real TCP funds or NFTs. The tokens and NFTs provided on testnet have no value outside the beta. Testing windowsTo maximise the efficiency of the beta testing, there will be testing windows of 1 hour. Only during the testing windows will the beta be available for the testers to play and provide feedback on. ✅ Only whitelisted wallet addresses will be able to access the closed beta on the testnet. ✅ There will be at least 2 sessions of approximately 1 hour available on testing days to allow players from different time zones to be involved. ✅ Testing windows will be arranged and shared in the private beta testers telegram group only. Feedback and bug fixingWe request that all beta testing feedback is only submitted into the private telegram channel for beta testing. This allows our team to focus our efforts and record the bugs, ask questions to further understand them and then triage them into our development management system. Any comments, feedback provided outside the private telegram group will likely be lost or not seen. Please refrain from directly messaging the team with bugs and feedback as well. Let’s keep moving forward together. Thank you for your support. Telegram: https://t.me/cryptoprophecies Twitter https://twitter.com/crypto_prophets Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecryptoprophecies Discord: https://discord.gg/MRWVFbMGYt Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptoprophecies/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLinJBxdbxipFtuUFNNJxIg The Crypto Prophecies Closed Beta Testing was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  10. The Crypto Prophecies is developing at pace, with a playable demo currently in progress and close to completion. It won’t be too long until you can step into the fabled Battle Arena, place wagers on battles, grow your wealth and begin your very own Crypto Prophecy. We’ve been busily working to ensure that the game offers an engaging and immersive user experience. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve covered off a round-up of the latest game developments in this week’s ‘Dev Update’. A Roundup of Our Latest Dev UpdatesOur developers have been working tirelessly to continue the development of The Crypto Prophecies. Here are just some of the latest in-game developments Spell Effects Implemented Across RacesIn our last Dev Update, we discussed the implementation of character animations during battle — including the fierce fire magic of The Satoshians. https://medium.com/media/5a85988565ec4357bd8c3b7094ca1dbb/hrefHowever, we’re proud to announce that we have successfully expanded this across the different magic schools of the various Crypto Prophet races. Many battle effects related to fire, nature and arcane magic are all implemented so that visual interruption is now clearer. Customise Your ProfileThe Crypto Prophecies is all about forging your own path, ascending the tiers of the Crypto Prophets and becoming a legend in the Battle Arena. With that in mind, having a unique profile, with customisable avatars, is essential for you to start your own Prophecy. We’ve now implemented customisation into the game so you can make your stamp. https://medium.com/media/acddca58c57efbb4b4a08c321dfbcb9e/hrefKeep Records of Your Battle HistoryWhether you’re on a winning streak or a spot of bad luck, it’s important to know where things have gone right and wrong during your battles in the Arena. You can now view a history of every battle you’ve ever fought throughout your time playing The Crypto Prophecies. Snooping On Other Players’ ProphetsIf you want to understand how your opponents keep performing so well in the Battle Arena and sweeping up your wagers, you can inspect a player to see what Prophet they use and the items equipped to get a grip of their playing style. Leaderboard UpdatesThe leadership board is how you can measure yourself against the very best players in The Crypto Prophecies. You’ll be able to see where the best are, when positions change and how you can climb to the very top yourself. Battle Arena User InterfaceWe have amended the Battle Arena user interface to improve the experience of the player. This update allows players to see spell and item timers as well as icons that relate to the items that are used in battle or owned by participants in a battle. Updated battle arena user interfaceYou will also be able to move the candle progress counter to make it easier to see which candle pattern you are currently predicting. Grow Your Fellowship!The Crypto Prophecies is not all about individual victory — we want to forge a strong sense of community and fellowship amongst global players. We’ve now completed and implemented the friend request system. This means that you can search for a player, add them as a friend, see who is online and either accept or reject friendship requests. Sign Up With The Crypto Prophecies Today To Claim Free bTCP Tokens!Keep up to date with all the latest development updates from The Crypto Prophecies. There’s not too long to wait until you can experience the Battle Arena for yourself! In the meantime, sign up with us to claim $5 worth of bTCP Tokens. These tokens can be used in the game to place a wager or buy your first Prophet or Summoning Orb NFTs! The Crypto Prophecies: Our Latest Developer Updates was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  11. The Crypto Prophecies propels players into the rich world of the Kingdom of Opulentos, where the war with the Warlock Furmalum of The Great Beyond has caused havoc and chaos to the Kingdom. As a player in The Crypto Prophecies, it’s up to you, your fellowship and the rest of the community to restore the wealth of Opulentos with your Crypto Prophet’s profit magic through battles in the legendary Battle Arena. We’re proud to announce that many of the character battle animations have now been implemented into the game! Here, we take a look at some of our progress so far. How Spells Impact Battling In-GameDuring your battles in the Battle Arena, you will have to predict the closing positions of crypto candlestick patterns as quickly as possible to win points and defeat your opponents. The Crypto Prophecies is much more than a game of luck; you’ll also have to tactically wield spells using your NFT magic items to distract and disarm your opponents. Using your Crypto Prophet’s spells wisely, you can frustrate your opponents’ attempts to predict closing positions, leaving you free to sweep up the points and win the game. These spells are cast using a character’s NFT staff, wand or pet — and we have implemented many of the corresponding animations into the gameplay! Battle Animation Progress So FarAs such an intrinsic element of The Crypto Prophecies gameplay, we’ve invested our energy into ensuring that battle animations look smooth and are unique to each character. Many of the spell-casting character animations have now been implemented — and the ones that we’re still working on are also close to completion. The actions associated with casting a spell, using either the staff or wand, are now implemented into the battle mechanics of the game. If your Prophet is a Satoshian — the legendary sorcerers of the flame — this means shooting a fireball towards your opponent from the tip of your staff; rendering them incapable of recognising candlestick patterns and, therefore, earning any points until the magic wears off. https://medium.com/media/db55159795f27ecd244b2648b7d6cc06/hrefSpells will differ depending on the race of the Prophets in battle as well as the staffs, wands, capes and pets equipped. Each of these actions will have a different animation to ensure the battling experience is rich, diverse and interesting every time you step into the arena. Testing, Testing, TestingWith more than 10 animations for each Prophet, and 10 Prophets within each of the 4 races in The Crypto Prophecies, we’ve had to perform countless quality assurance tests to ensure the battle experience is as seamless as possible. Not only do we have to test the animations of each character, but we also have to test each character with every combination and configuration of staff, wand, cape and pet within the game! Prepare Yourself For Battle In The Legendary Battle Arena!The time is nearly here for you to do battle in The Crypto Prophecies, grow your wealth by winning wagers and collecting Crypto Prophet NFTs. Keep up with our developer updates to discover the latest game progress. If you sign up with us today, you can claim $5 bTCP tokens! These tokens can be used in the game to help you rise through the ranks of the leaderboard and begin your own Crypto Prophecy! Dev Update: Character Animations Are Being Implemented Into Battle! was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  12. After the devastating battle between Satoshi and the evil warlock Furmalum of The Great Beyond, The Oracle of Opulentos re-opened the legendary Crypto Arena to restore the financial might of The Crypto World. With your Crypto Prophet, you can enter the fabled battle arena, realise The Oracle’s ambitions and grow your own wealth. But who are the Crypto Prophets? Here we take a look at the various races of Prophets in The Crypto World and how they battle with each other using Profit Magic. The Crypto Prophet Races The Crypto Prophets are your secret weapon throughout The Crypto Prophecies. They are your route to victory in the Crypto Battle Arena and a tool to grow your wealth. There are (currently) four races of Crypto Prophets you can summon. Each race contains ten Prophets in rarity tiers from Common to Founder. Generation 1 has 4 races of Crypto ProphetsThe SatoshiansThe Satoshians — legendary sorcerers of the flame — inhabit the barren, volcanic kingdom within The Crypto World. They are powerful enough to thrive in this volatile area and wield fire magic that destroys anyone, or anything, daring enough to face them in battle. The Satoshians — Legendary sorcerers of the flameDon’t be deceived by The Satoshians’ cute exterior; they’re fierce fighters and their pure fire magic is The Crypto World’s original magical force. The EtheriansHidden in the Forbidden Forests of The Crypto World, The Etherians are ancient wizards of the earth; a race of Crypto Prophets that prosper most when surrounded by trees, babbling brooks, wellsprings and the natural world. Instinctive builders, The Etherians work together with nature to cultivate and preserve the land around them. The Etherians — Ancient wizards of the EarthTheir natural magic is a manifestation of their connection with all living things and, like miniature Treants, they are decorated with flowers, mushrooms, leafy growths and flourish their wooden staffs when casting spells. The RipptiliansThe Ripptilians are serpentine creatures and master manipulators of matter that live in the humid swamplands and dank underground caverns which directly border the unknown of The Great Beyond. The Ripptilians — Master manipulators of matterThis mystical race of Crypto Prophets are seen as outcasts; manipulating other races of Prophets with their powers of Telekinesis and dwelling in the deep parts of the Crypto World where they can be close to their favoured sources of geothermal and magnetic energy. The TezmaniansIf you want to wield arcane magic that can warp the very fabric of time and space in the Battle Arena, The Tezmanians are mages of the arcane order. The Tezmanians — Mages of the arcane orderThis race of Crypto Prophets may look cute and cuddly at first glance, but The Tezmanians are powerful mages who harness the mysterious powers running deep beneath The Crypto World with devastating effect. The Tezmanians are constantly evolving, which keeps them looking young, but don’t be fooled — battling them certainly isn’t child’s play! Developing Your Crypto ProphetsWhichever race of Crypto Prophet you decide suits your playing style, you must develop and nurture your Prophet — or Prophets — to progress through the game and claim victory in The Crypto Arena. Rising through the tiers, collecting an array of items and spells and improving your chosen prophet is the best way to succeed. Whether you choose to summon better Prophets with rare Summong Orbs or use the burn spell to take your prophet to the next level up, cultivating the battling prowess of your Prophets is essential to progress, increase your wealth and become a legend in the Crypto Battle Arena. Summon Your Very Own Crypto Prophet and Start Your Journey With The Crypto PropheciesWhat will your Crypto Prophecy be? Find out soon by developing, nurturing and improving your Prophets in The Crypto Prophecies. Sign up to play and join our Telegram group to claim $5 of bTCP tokens. Who Are The Crypto Prophets? was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  13. Crypto Prophecies is a decentralised peer-to-peer price prediction game that has NFT characters. Place your wager and go head-to-head with another player to battle it out over the candles, predicting how each one will close. It’s a points based and it’s against the clock, so be quick and watch out for your opponents magic spells! The winner at the end of the battle wins all the wager. TCP Token UtilityThe TCP Token UtilityBefore we dig into the details of the tokenomics lets just recap what the current core utilities of the TCP token are: Wager in player versus player game modesPurchase NFT characters, items and ancillariesWin as a prize in daily probabilistic drawsGain access to special events and tournamentsEcosystem governance and voting rightsTotal Supply250,000,000 TCP is the total number of tokens minted and is a fixed supply. Token DistributionToken DistributionSeed: 25,000,000 Strategic: 33,333,333 Private: 25,000,000 SHO & IEO: 5,000,000 Ecosystem: 33,000,000 Liquidity: 75,000,000 Development: 30,000,000 Founding team: 23,666,667 Circulating SupplyAt the TGE the circulating supply was 22,958,337 TCP, this number will change as tokens vest and as tokens are burned using the Toll Bridge. Token lockup and vestingSeed: 10% unlocked at TGE, remaining is vested equally over 9 months. Strategic: 15% unlocked at TGE, remaining is vested equally over 6 months. Private: 20% unlocked at TGE, remaining is vested equally over 3 months. SHO/IEO: 100% unlocked at TGE. Toll BridgeSeed, Strategic and Private sale investors are offered the use of the Toll Bridge. This allows investors to drawdown their vested tokens early, but in doing so means they pay a toll. The toll is set at 60%, meaning that whatever amount of tokens come through the toll bridge, 60% will be automatically burned and removed from the supply forever. DevelopmentVested over 3 years based on equal monthly tranches and starts on month 6 after the TGE. Ecosystem 1 (50% of the Ecosystem pool)For discretionary use by the marketing and management team with a disbursement schedule that will release 2.5% every month until depleted. Ecosystem 2 (50% of the Ecosystem pool)Is for new sign-ups and referrals that help grow the ecosystem and user base. There is no disbursement schedule for pool 2 and will draw down as new sign-ups and referrals are made in bTCP. Founding TeamThe founding team TCP tokens will be vested in equal monthly tranches over 4 years starting on month 11 after the TGE date. Token Release ScheduleThe TCP Token Release ScheduleStart Your Crypto ProphecyEnter the Crypto Arena and prepare for battle in the world’s cutest price prediction trading game. You can sign up with us to claim $5 bTCP tokens to use in the game! The Crypto Prophecies Tokenomics was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  14. Enter the fabled Battle Arena where your Crypto Prophecy is made. Do you have what it takes to overthrow your opponents and win massive rewards? How to PlaySelect your ProphetBefore entering the Battle Arena, you’ll need to first choose which of your prophets you want to send into battle — that’s assuming you were lucky enough to get more than one! Here a reminder of the Satoshian Crypto Prophets available in generation one: https://medium.com/media/ad4b122dff3b5ac1c95c51caef26b172/hrefYou’ll also need to decide on how many TCP tokens you wish to wager on your prophets’ success against their opponents. Find an OpponentOnce you’ve selected your prophet and wager, the matching engine will search for a skilled opponent with the same stake. The battle will start once an opponent has been found or challenged and accepted. Or you can send a custom battle challenge to other players with the wager size of your choice. The price prediction battleInitially, each battle consists of 10 trading candlesticks, making up the timeframe of the battle. For instance, if a contest is played on 10-second candles, and there are ten candles in total, then the game will last for 100 seconds. Gameplay involves players recognising the pattern of candlesticks. They need to decide whether each trading candlestick’s outcome will close up, ending green, or close down, ending red. If players think a candle will trade up, they will place their prediction using the green up button. Similarly, players will place their prediction using the red down arrow button if they think the candle will close down. Scoring PointsDelivering more of a challenge, the Battle Arena uses a points system. Each candle starts with a maximum of 100 points available; however, as the candle’s time reduces, so do the available points. Additionally, if a player gets a prediction wrong, they lose the equivalent amount of points based on the time they made their decision. And if a player misses a candle prediction entirely, they lose 100 points, so you need to stay sharp and alert. Casting SpellsTo turn things up a notch players can cast spells against their opponent, reducing their visibility of the trading candlesticks or removing their ability to predict the outcome for a set amount of time. Different spells are available, all with varying effects. If a player has a Crypto Prophet with slots to contain staffs and wands, the player can add new NFT items into those slots that come with spell casting capabilities. And the Winner Is?The player who scores the most points is the winner of the battle. At the end, the winner will be shown on the screen and will need to release their winnings from the smart contract. While a draw is unlikely to occur, if it does, then the wager is refunded to both players, excluding the Kingdom Fee. Players will also have the chance to rematch, which they can accept or decline. If a player accepts, then a new battle with the same settings will commence taking into account that both players will need to have enough TCP tokens. However, if either player declines or the timer to accept runs out, then the chance for a rematch is gone. So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to take on your opponents head-to-head in this fast-paced price-prediction game? A Look at the Battle Arena was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article