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  1. As promised through our roadmap goals, the MistNFT Steam Store is now among us! Check out the Steam store here, and Add Mist to your Wishlist! Note that the game is in the “Coming Soon” phase, so add us to your Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1752700/Mist/ This article outlines some of many positives to this news and how becoming a Steamworks Partner affects not only the MistNFT game but its community as a whole going forward! To summarize the enormous benefits of joining STEAM: Proof-of-GameOne of the hurdles that we have faced throughout the process of development is skepticism behind the legitimacy and intentions of actually producing a game. Now, as Mist has become a Steamworks Partner, not only is the work behind the business and game development very much apparent but the validity behind the project as a whole is now undisputable. All this wouldn’t be possible without having put massive gamedev work beforehand. Valve follows a careful vetting process for every applicant who wants to be listed on the Steam Store, Mist included. Part of this process includes financial and tax information on top of other documentation, but most importantly — Valve requires testing of the game prior to approval. The Mist project started out as a passion for gaming and the want to create a fun, exciting blockchain-enabled MMORPG that everyone can enjoy while earning and having true ownership of in-game assets. This desire is still going strong within the team and we will deliver! Increased Game ExposureThe crypto space is still very new and the idea of true ownership of in-game assets and the possibility of monetization for the time put into a game is not exactly common knowledge for every traditional gamer out there. We can possibly help pivot that a bit. The Steam Store is without a doubt the largest game store out there. With that, comes a lot exposure and the possibility of getting noticed by many other players. In 2020 alone, Steam had around 120 million active players! Hopefully, with the help of the Mist Community, we can get the word out on our game and get the opportunity to get even more adventurers join us in the land of Midirim! Community members adding this game into their Steam Wish List and leaving positive reviews at full release will have huge long-term benefits. Efficient Deployment, Faster Downloads & Increased AccessibilityWe’ve recently released a very innovative way for players to access an in-game marketplace that accomplished a few things, most of which is something that no other blockchain-enabled game has accomplished: The ability for a player to directly purchase, trade, view and interact with NFTs while also getting to a hands-on experience of the game for the first time ever! No more boring browser catalogs without getting to at least touch the game beforehand. This is all great, but there were a few loose ends that the launcher and installation had. Utilization of the Steam Store easily takes care of these problems. Let’s break down these issues into pieces and discuss how this will help: Trojan Alerts — The Mist development team had designed a quick launcher installer that would give players access to the in-game marketplace. However, due to program signage and other technical issues, Windows Defender and other protection programs flagged our files as ‘Malicious’. Of course this was a false flag, but still raised concerns within the community.Using the Steam Store as a launcher for Mist game builds and access point for players, this flag will now be simply non-existent.Slow Launcher Updates — When the launcher first became available and new updates were made for new NFT sales thereafter, the demand and stress put on the servers were very high! A large flood of players were downloading at the same time, causing slow download speeds and in some cases even timeouts in the middle of update sessions. Needless to say, server upgrades could be made but doing so would be an inefficient solution.This time around, using the Steam Store should help alleviate this problem going forward as their servers would be used going forward for downloading and updating game builds. Steam provides a unified download and update experience for customers that easily allows them to manage the schedule and location of their downloads, and can result in significant performance gains and cost savings to developers.New Game Builds — As the game progresses new game builds will be available. This includes the marketplace as we have mentioned before that the plan now is to expand this for players to experience a tad more of what we have to offer. However, updating, maintaining, testing and troubleshooting a launcher is a tall order.Mist developers had now focus solely on creating the game and rest easy knowing that game builds and the general upkeep that goes with it is the only thing they have to worry about.View the full article
  2. Event SummaryAlike to past Community Events, this one will give members an opportunity to have their creations live within MistNFT! In the future we plan to also erect a monument that will honor the winner(s) in-game! As you know, each NFT item currently has 5 tier levels ranging from the 1st Tier (Basic) thru the 5th Tier (Legendary) and each tier will have a unique token address — so we want to have a unique token image that accurately represents the rarity/scarcity of each Tier. Members will use the base NFT images to design a Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 image for each of the 6 NFT items. This means there are 30 images in total to be designed. The idea now is to have only 1 winner. Why? Well, we want a consistent design for these group of items. Doing otherwise will likely result in a wonky artistic convention. However, should the Mist team find it appropriate to name multiple winners and the prize will be split equally by design at their discretion. Participants are NOT required to submit all 30 designs to be considered! But we do prefer an artist designs all the tiers for the item of their choice, i.e., 6 designs in total! NFT ItemsThere are 6 items that are to be designed in this contest. ⦿ Stag of Mozuer ⦿ Ember Ursus ⦿ Viridis Lupus ⦿ Staff of Leixran ⦿ Shield of Agrazzak ⦿ Vengeance and Mercy Note: These items are already sold out. This event pertains to creation of the NFT image that will be used in the blockchain. Rules & RequirementsParticipants are NOT required to submit all 30 designs to be considered! But we do prefer an artist designs all the tiers for the item of their choice, i.e., 6 designs in total! Style There are no artistic limitations in this event… artists can be artists. Design with your preferred style and to your heart’s content! File Types ‣ A vector file of each design. ‣ A transparent 2000x2000 of each design (PNG, Tiff, PSD, SVG preferred). ‣ 16 or 32 bit OK How To ParticipateDownload the .zip file containing .png files of the base images on Discord (https://discord.gg/mcfbNk5Z9P)2. Using the provided images, create a Tier 1 thru Tier 5 design for each NFT item OR Tier 1 thru Tier 5 for a single NFT item. 3. Submit your images at #🎉nft-item-design (on Discord) 4. Share your design with us on Twitter @MistNFT! PrizeAs mentioned in the summary above, the idea now is to have only 1 winner to avoid a wonky artistic convention. However, depending on the submissions received, the Mist team may name multiple winners and the prize will be split equally by design at their discretion. ‣ 1 Winner: 10,000 Tokens ‣ Per Design:~333.33 Tokens In the future, we plan to also erect a monument that will honor the winner(s) in-game! Contest TimelineCommunity Global Submissions — September 6th — October 9th @ 2PM UTC2) Mist Team Voting — October 9th — October 10th (no defined time)3) Winner Announcement — October 10th (no defined time)Good Luck to all!Learn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordWaiver/Disclaimer Any and all Entries in the MistNFT NFT Item Community Event Contest (collectively the “Entries”) shall be deemed, and shall remain, the property of the MistNFT. MistNFT shall not be subject to any obligation(s) of confidentiality with respect to any Entries, nor is MistNFT liable for any use or disclosure of any Entries. Without limitations of the foregoing, the undersigned hereby grants MistNFT a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license of every kind and nature throughout the universe, and MistNFT shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the Entries for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the provider of the Entries or any other person or entity. View the full article
  3. Ready to buy, sell, and flip Mist NFT items and Characters on a custom marketplace?? After a very packed few weeks of NFT Island go-live, Desktop Client alpha and testing, and a few NFT sales (which sold out quite quickly), we are ready to take the next step of the NFT Universe journey. Mist’s very own NFT Auction House (AH) will go live this upcoming Monday at 2pm UTC. It will be live on the Desktop client. Additionally, NFT Transfers from account to account will be available via the in-game Marketplace which will also be live 2pm UTC on Monday. Auction House — How it WorksThe Mist Auction House will be simple to use for buyers and sellers. It features an easy-to-understand UI. It will allow players to easily buy, sell, and browse NFTs. Remember, there are NO Mist NFTs available on any other platform (Opensea, etc). Those are all FAKE! The only place to buy and sell these NFTs is our marketplace. There are sections for Sellers, Buyers, and a section for people to browse all active auctions. For Sellers (How-to):Go to “Create Auction” TabSelect the NFT you want to sellSet the duration of the auction (each extra day increases the fee by just 1%)Select which token you would like to receive as payment (Mist, WBNB, USDT, or USDC)If you would like to set a buyout price, check the box and set the price (this will allow people to buy the item for that buyout price)You can set a minimum bid amountOnce all these parameters are set, you can start your auction (follow the MetaMask prompts)You can view active auctions in the “Active” tabWhen the auction finishes, you will receive the funds to your wallet automaticallyFor Buyers (How-To)Go to the “Browse” tabSearch for NFTs you want to bid onPlace a bid (highest bid at the end of the time will buy the NFT)If the sale has a “Buyout Price” you can pay the buyout price to automatically win the NFT.Extras for buyers: When you place a bid, you send the bid amount to the Auction ContractIf someone bids more than you, your funds are returned to you automaticallyBidding on an item has a small fee associated with it.“Buying-out” an item does NOT have a fee associated with it.Peer-to-Peer NFT TradingFinally, one other long-awaited feature is available that will help users send their NFTs from one wallet to another. Our system will allow you to do this transfer more safely (but still use caution!). The main usecase of this feature will be for users to transfer between their own wallets. DO NOT SEND NFTS TO ANYONE PROMISING TO PAY YOU FOR THEM/SEND YOU MONEY. This is likely a scam! Be safe. View the full article
  4. Mist NFT — Desktop Client and Marketplace Details, and MoreSummaryThe Desktop Download for Mist’s NFT Marketplace is now available here: https://mist.game/download-marketplaceDownload the Desktop Client to play the game/enter the marketplace (Will not be available on browser this time)Character Class NFT sale will begin at 2pm UTC tomorrow (Tuesday) for $MIST tokensUpgrade system for Items and Character Classes will be live 2pm UTC tomorrow as well, using $MIST tokensMultiple strong use cases implemented for $MIST token (many more to come when new features and demos go live)NFTs items you own are now visible on your character in-game (you can equip them)To compensate the Asian Server community which had issues with the first launch, a smaller 2nd Edition NFT sale will take place at 14:00 Philippines time on Wednesday specifically for the Asia Server community. This will take place on the Desktop Client as wellProprietary Desktop Client — MetaMask Blockchain connectivity tech has been created and implementedDesktop Client — a Big Step for MistMist’s first ever desktop client (with MetaMask connectivity) has been released. This is a first-of-a-kind build with proprietary Desktop Client-MetaMask connectivity system. The Desktop client will be necessary to enter the Mist universe and NFT marketplace. While this seems like a “small” achievement it is actually a big technical feat that we are proud of, since it connects multiple difficult systems. It is also a huge step forward towards the ultimate end-goal of Mist (as a full Desktop game with many moving parts and pieces). Getting the desktop build and launcher now allows the game a new level of freedom in development and opens us up to many opportunities. It frees us from the constraints of being browser-based (but we will still have some browser features, don’t worry). With going to a Desktop Client, we had to overcome many challenges, such as connectivity to the blockchain and most importantly MetaMask. Our team had to work with one of our (soon to be named) technical partners to create a proprietary system which connects the trinity of Mist (Mist, MetaMask, and the Blockchain). Desktop Client Details and InstallationPlease follow the information later in this article for the Download and Install instructions. The first time you download/install the game it may be slow. However once the game is downloaded, launching it in the future will be instant. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE WITH THE DOWNLOAD SPEED. Please also keep in mind that this is the very early V1 of this Desktop Client and nearly 100% of the features will be upgraded and improved. We know parts are currently clunky or slow, but we will be working on all of these items. Thanks in advance. Please download it here: https://mist.game/download-marketplace Also, if you experience lag in-game you can lower the graphics settings in the new settings menu: NFT Items are Now Visible and Equippable In-GameCharacter wielding a few NFT ItemsFor those lucky players who were able to get NFT weapons and armor during the initial launch, your powerful NFTs will now be visible on your character in-game. (Note for now this is only weapons and armor. Pets and Mounts will be soon). This is just the first step of being able to use the powerful items in the Mist world. Character Class and Item NFTs Available 2pm UTCAs discussed in our previous Medium post (Which you can read here), the character class NFTs will be available for sale, for $MIST tokens. These Character Class NFTs will be necessary to play the various classes in game, and can be upgraded for more powerful levels of the class. This begins at 2pm UTC on Tuesday and will only have a limited amount of each character NFT available. Also, as we had issues with the Asia Community server on the initial NFT sale launch, which prevented a huge portion of our community from participating in the sale. We will be offering a special Asia-specific sale for those Edition 1 NFTs at 14:00 Philippines time on Wednesday. The sale will take place on the Desktop Client as well, during peak Asia time. These NFTs will be the same items, with a slightly different NFT ID (and possibly rarer as there will only be 208 of each Tier 1 sold, for a maximum of only 13 Legendary Tier items for this Asia specific ID). NFT Item and Character Class Upgrade System Available 2pm UTCThe NFT Tier upgrade system (you can read more here) will be live at 2pm UTC. This upgrade system will allow players to upgrade NFTs to the more powerful, more rare, and more effective tiers. Remember, the items of Legendary status will be the most powerful and rarest in-game. This upgrade system will be live at 2pm UTC, and the upgrades will be done at the Upgrade Master NPC in-game. WINDOWS Desktop Download and Install1) Download the Marketplace Installer: https://mist.game/download-marketplace 2) Run Marketplace Installer TLDR Marketplace Launcher Install VOD Guide3) Open and Update the Marketplace Launcher. 4) Connect wallet with the auto-opened ‘localhost:3000’ browser page. IMPORTANT: The ‘localhost:3000’ browser page must remain open! If connection breaks, it will show a button reconnect in game. Once clicked, a new page will open. 5) Go back to the game screen How To Install Marketplace Launcher (Windows)Download the Marketplace Installer: https://mist.game/download-marketplace2) Locate and double-click the Marketplace Installer. (It will usually be in your Downloads folder.) 3) A dialog box will appear. Click on ‘More Info’ then ‘Run Anyway’. 4) A dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to install the Marketplace Launcher. 5) Locate and Open the Marketplace Launcher. (It will usually create a shortcut in your Desktop) 6) Opening the Marketplace Launcher will initiate an update, wait for this to complete. 7) Once updated, you can now open the game and continue to connecting your MetaMask wallet. How To Play/Connect MetaMask Wallet (Windows)1) Open the Marketplace Launcher and press Play. 2) Two new screens will appear: …..a) A new screen to with a ‘Connect Wallet’. …..b) A new ‘localhost:3000’ browser page containing ‘Patch Notes’. IMPORTANT: The ‘localhost:3000’ browser page must remain open! If connection breaks, it will show a button reconnect in game. Once clicked, a new page will open. 4) Unlock and Connect your MetaMask wallet. 5) After unlocking your MetaMask wallet, you will need to Refresh the ‘Patch Notes’ browser page. 6) Successfully linking your wallet will enable you to explore the NFT Marketplace. Download and Install for MAC OSThe MAC OS downloader and installer is a bit more complicated (and will be made easier in the next iteration). Use this image as a template, and please follow the instructions: 1- Download installer 2- open terminal 3- type: xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine <press space> no new text should show up after you click space 4- drag and drop installer file into the terminal window 5- press enter. Wait until it finishes 6- type: chmod +x <press space> no new text should show up after you click space 7- drag and drop installer file into the terminal window 8- after dragging the file into the terminal window, press enter wait until it finishes 9- double click on the installer file in the folder where it was downloaded 10- wait for installer download to finish 11- Wait for download is FINISHED before clicking any other files 12- when installer download is done, the terminal window will say “PROCESS FINISHED” 13-double click on Marketplace.app in the folder where it was downloaded 14- Enjoy Learn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  5. In this article we will give an overview of three things: 1st Edition character Class Airdrop Event and SaleNew Adventurer ClassRecap of our Marketplace launch (highlights and lessons learned)1st Edition Character Class Airdrop Event and SaleWe will be running an airdrop event and winners will receive a Character Class NFTs. 5 lucky winners will receive these character class NFTs and will be able to use them to play various classes in-game. The Character Class NFT Airdrop event is now LIVE below: https://gleam.io/competitions/TiKM8-mist-character-class-nft-airdrop Character classes in Mist will allow you to experience different gameplay, different spells and abilities, and different roles in-game. You could play as the default adventurer and focus on certain attacks and abilities (which will be strong), or you can use the Character Class NFT items to create characters of different classes. Some classes will be strong melee fighters. Others may be strong spellcasters. Others may be ranged fighters, and so on. Each class will have a different feel, gameplay, and immersion experience. Each Mist player can play the default “Adventurer” class, and can grow to be strong and powerful. However if they would like to take on more specific roles they will need the NFT Class token. For example, if you will want to play the Shapeshifter class, you will need to use a Shapeshifter NFT to unlock that class. Note that character class NFTs can be obtained in-game via ultra-rare drops (with ultra low drop rates to make obtaining them a true rarity) and will be burned every time they are upgraded to higher Tiers. New Class: AdventurerToday we also announce a new playable character class, which will require no NFTs to play (but can use NFTs to upgrade spells and abilities). The Adventurer. A jack of all trades with access to spells from each class. Self sustaining, diverse, and unpredictable. They can use a variety of abilities in different situations making them elusive opportunists. While other classes will only have spells specific to their class, the Adventurer will have access to a few spells from everyone. The adventurer class will require no NFTs to begin playing. The adventurer class will have access to a few spells and abilities from every other class. For example they will have a few Crusader spells, a few Witch Hunter spells, a few Shapeshifter spells, and so on. They will be able to improve the power of all of their spells with class-specific NFTs. So they can have Legendary Tier abilities from each other class. For example: The adventurer has 2 spells from Crusader and 2 spells from Enchanter. If the adventurer has a tier 2 Crusader NFT and a tier 3 Enchanter NFT in his wallet, his Crusader and Enchanter spells will be 3% and 6% stronger. This is the beauty of the Adventurer. Every player will be able to play as an Adventurer, regardless of whether they have NFTs or not. Upgrading Character Class NFTs and PricingFirstly, the Character Class NFTs will now be sold for $MIST and only $MIST. The Character Class NFTs will be available on the marketplace later this week (we will announce a hard date shortly). The price for each Tier 1 Character NFT will be 3,000 Mist. Upgrading to Legendary-Tier will require 16 of the Tier 1 Class NFTs, based on the upgrade numbers below. There will be a limited amount of each Character Class sold. Each upgrade of your character class NFT will increase the damage and effects of your abilities by 3%. Character class NFTs can be upgraded in the same way that all other NFT items can be upgraded, and with the same costs. If you want the strongest “Crusader” in-game, it will need to be Legendary Tier. This means that a Tier 2 Crusader will have 3% stronger attacks than the Tier 1 Crusader. And the Tier 3 Crusader will have 6% stronger attacks than the Tier 1 Crusader, and so on. A tier 5 Legendary Crusader will have 12% stronger abilities than Tier 1. 1st upgrade: From Tier 1 to Tier 2 -2 of the Tier 1 NFTs -2,000 MIST tokens 2nd upgrade: From Tier 2 to Tier 3 -2 of the Tier 2 NFTs (equivalent to 4 Tier 1 NFTs) -4,000 MIST tokens 3rd upgrade: From Tier 3 to Tier 4 -2 of the Tier 3 NFTs (equivalent to 8 Tier 1 NFTs) -8,000 MIST tokens 4th upgrade: From Tier 4 to Legendary Tier -2 of the Tier 4 NFTs (equivalent to 16 Tier 1 NFTs) -16,000 MIST tokens Crusader 3000 MIST. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Crusaders are tenacious warriors sworn to service in exchange for a share of their god’s celestial power. Self-righteous and stubborn, Crusaders use superior physical prowess and divine gifts to shield their kin from the influence of godless beasts and fight to reclaim control of sacred lands. Armed with devastating melee weapons and an unshakeable conviction, Crusaders charge fearlessly into battle with the knowledge that in death, their valor will be greatly rewarded.Witch Hunter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. They are trained to track and destroy evil with chilling accuracy and relentless cruelty. Obsessed with eradication of the unnatural, these merciless assassins let nothing stand between them and their prey. Witch hunters go to great lengths to learn how to use their opponents’ abilities against them, combining powerful ranged attacks with artful defensive spells to ward off enemies.Enchanter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Enchanters are gifted with natural psychic abilities and powerful, analytical minds. With dedication to honing their practice, they can be capable allies or deadly foes — depending on whether or not they deem you to be worthy of their companionship. Enchanters harness an impressive inventory of spells and illusions to manipulate the very fabric of reality and outsmart their opposition.Ranger 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Equipped with profound ancestral knowledge, Rangers are skilled at harnessing the power of earthly divinity to manipulate the forces of nature. Rarely spotted beyond the bounds of the magical forests from which they hail, Rangers are never without their faithful but mysterious canine companions. These adept martial artists are experts at mastering new weapons and fighting styles, frequently changing their tactics to match their opponents in combat.Shapeshifter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Shapeshifters are skilled alchemists who use the ancient knowledge of a long-forgotten civilization to craft potent elixirs that imbue them with the ferocity of the wild. Taking the form of cunning natural predators and unexpected critters alike, above all else, Shapeshifters are masters of gaining the upper hand in any situation. Shapeshifters use forceful multi-target attacks and savage melee abilities to dominate the battlefield.Recap of Marketplace LaunchWe were humbled by the support and participation from our community during last Friday’s NFT Marketplace go-live. For the first time the community was able to experience the Mist gameplay and universe. Running, rolling, and exploring around NFT Island was a first taste of Mist for most players, and the interactive NPCs and NFT sales system was tested and used for the first time. The NFTs sold out in mere minutes as players rushed to the NPCs to interact with them. The NFT upgrade system was also implemented and players were able to upgrade the NFT tiers of their items. This system is being updated now and will be live again soon. 53,000+ players joined from 77 countriesNFTs sold out in about 6 minutes from time of server launch (a few minutes of that was game loading)NFT Tier upgrade system was implemented and used by playersFour servers worldwide were usedChoice of 6 in-game NFT items were availableMist tokens were used to upgrade NFT TiersMultiple UI and in-game aspects were tested and notes taken.Airdrop for 1st Edition NFT items: the airdrop winners for the NFT items will be released tomorrow at 2pm UTC on our Telegram channel. Lessons Learned and OpportunitiesAlthough we think (and think the community will agree) the NFT Marketplace launch was successful in most facets, we are always looking to optimize these systems. There are a few things that we think could have gone better: Last minute change from BNB to WBNB was not optimal. However it was necessary due to a last-minute update to our smart contract. In the future better communication will be expected.Mist token was used for upgrading NFT Tiers but needed to be used to purchase NFTs for more token utility. This has been addressed.Of the 3 servers, 1 of them had very high demand and was slower, thus limiting some people from entering the marketplace on time. By the time they entered, the NFTs were already sold out. Communication needed to inform players they can use multiple servers. Also thinking of a plan to help those who were not able to enter Asia server on time — be assured the Asia community will not be forgotten.NFT Upgrade system works just needs to be optimized and make sure the upgraded NFTs are more efficiently stored in database. All is good on blockchain, just optimizing on database side for the sake of UI and speed.Learn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  6. The Mist NFT marketplace will be going live in just a bit. Here are the final, important details regarding the 1st-Edition NFT sales. The NFTs sold will be the 1st-Edition Mist NFTs. These NFTs will never be minted again, so once they are sold out, obtaining them will have to be done via other players or on various marketplaces. Each time an NFT is upgraded, the lower-level NFTs are burned and removed from circulation. For example, when 2 Ember Ursus NFTs are used to upgrade to a higher-tier Ember Ursus, the 2 lower level ones are burned and permanently and there will be fewer of the item in-game. Only 608 of each Tier 1 NFTs will be available on the marketplace. That means potentially only 19 Legendary fully upgraded items. (To put it into perspective, it will take 16 Tier 1s to create a Tier 5 Legendary NFT). This means that obtaining the NFTs will become progressively more and more difficult and rare. The $Mist token will be used for more and more things in-game, as well as for NFT purchases in the future iterations. NFT UpgradesNFT upgrades will have 5 tiers total. Ranging from Tier 1 (basic) to Legendary (top tier). Upgrading NFTs will take exponentially more resources. Here is the breakdown: Tier 1: Basic NFT This is the 1st level NFT. Still very powerful and rare compared to all other in-game items. Tier 2-Tier 4 NFT These are progressively stronger, more useful, and more rare as the tiers increase. Tier 5: Legendary NFT This is it. The most powerful version of the NFTs. Strong, incredibly rare, and elite level. NFT Upgrade CostsWe see the power equivalences of the different TiersUpgrading NFTs will cost exponentially more resources. They require multiple of the lower-tier NFTs (which are burned and removed in the process of upgrading). This means that as more and more NFTs are upgraded, there will be fewer and fewer of the NFTs in-game. Remember, NFT items are meant to be rare in-game. 1st upgrade: From Tier 1 to Tier 2 -2 of the Tier 1 NFTs -2,000 MIST tokens 2nd upgrade: From Tier 2 to Tier 3 -2 of the Tier 2 NFTs (equivalent to 4 Tier 1 NFTs) -4,000 MIST tokens 3rd upgrade: From Tier 3 to Tier 4 -2 of the Tier 3 NFTs (equivalent to 8 Tier 1 NFTs) -8,000 MIST tokens 4th upgrade: From Tier 4 to Legendary Tier -2 of the Tier 4 NFTs (equivalent to 16 Tier 1 NFTs) -16,000 MIST tokens We imagine a game universe where there are very few players with Legendary NFT items, and a certain amount of players that have lower-tier NFT items as well. Legendary items are not for everybody, or else they would not be “Legendary”. Edition 1 NFTs AvailableThe NFT items available now will not have more minted. As far as the legacy of Mist will go, these will be the First Edition rare items. Only 608 of each will be available on the marketplace, meaning only a possible 19 Legendary Upgraded. Ember Ursus 0.6 BNB. Grants the player a shapeshifting form which brings along with it increased fire damage. Upgrades will increase the visual aura and increase the fire damage bonus.Vengeance and Mercy 0.6 BNB. These ancient and mysterious weapons grant the user a chance to be blessed with a runic essence granting increased attack power. Upgrades increase the chance to obtain the buff and increase the attack power bonus.Viridis Lupus 0.6 BNB. This follower pet will grant rangers increased perception and attack. Upgrades increase the visual aura and attack bonuses.Staff of Leixran 0.6 BNB. This mystical and energetic staff grants users increased vitality and spell damage. Upgrades increase the spell damage bonus.Shield of Agrazzak 0.6 BNB. The wielder of this mythical shield will be granted a chance to cheat death 10% of the time. Upgrades increase chance to cheat death.Stagg of Mozeur, 0.9 BNB. Increases movement speed and carrying capacity for non-weapon items. Upgrades will increase speed bonus and carrying capacity.Learn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  7. Intro and WelcomeHello adventurers and MIST community! Mist, the P2E NFT Blockchain game is releasing its first-of-its-kind immersive, 3D in-game NFT marketplace this week. After a long wait, players will finally get a taste of the Mist in-game universe. The main functionality of the upcoming NFT marketplace will be, of course, NFT sales. Get your hands on the first-edition releases of the Mist weapon, armor, pets, and mounts NFTs which will be used as in-game items in Mist. A secondary function of this NFT marketplace is a very early testing and user-experience experience of the in-game features and systems (display, item inventory, emote system, action buttons, and more). Note that each character is connected to a walletThe Mist team will also treat this release version as a pre-pre-beta on some functionalities. This means that the community will be helping with testing on many of our technical systems (display, item inventory, emote system, action buttons, and more). Be aware that all of these functional systems may still be improved and optimized with your help (except for the NFT purchase smart contracts themselves which are complete). And finally, please keep in mind that most of the other in-game functionalities (spell casting, skill trees, character class selection, item crafting, property purchases, Legendary NFT Upgrading etc) will likely be saved for release on our closed Beta. We appreciate everyone’s support, and remember. Your feedback will improve Mist! SummaryPlayers will easily take their first steps into the Mist world via their internet browser (note the full game will be downloadable, but this first edition of the marketplace will be single player and easily accessible on internet browser). Note the token balances, connected to blockchainWhile in the game world, players can experience and test the game mechanics, the movement, the action buttons, and the player control system. Their wallet connection system will work via MetaMask, and they will be able to test and experience the in-game player “purse” or “wallet”. They will test and experience the Character Emote system, which encompasses multiple emotes, actions, and dances. They will be able to see a few of Mist’s first NFTs and interact with them. And of course, they will be able to purchase their first NFTs. More details on all of these sections below: Mist token usageA new functionality for Mist is NFT Upgrading. What this means is you can power up your NFTs to create Legendary NFTs (LNFTs) which are stronger, faster, and overall superior than their base level counterparts. This upgrade process will also be used to power up strong non-NFT items in-game. The upgrade process, which will be necessary in order to obtain the most elite level of the in-game items, will be a crafting process which requires: 2 of the NFT, and X amount of Mist tokens. Combining these 3 things in a crafting alter in-game will mint a super powerful NFT. That is one use of the Mist token that is regarding NFTs. More common uses for the Mist token (with much more volume) include nearly ALL other in-game actions. For example, buying food from vendors, buying weapons, repairing armor, paying for skill upgrades, and more. Nearly everything in the day-to-day Mist universe will require the Mist token. How to enter the marketplaceThe Mist marketplace will be accessed via an internet browser. At launch time, the Mist team will share the URL for login. The loading screen, which asks you to connect a walletUsers will go to the website and the game will load automatically. They will be prompted to Log In to the game world, and a character will be generated for them. They can then begin exploring the little piece of Mist that is NFT Island. Note that a MetaMask connection will be necessary to engage with and purchase NFTs. What is in the Mist World?This early release of Mist will be centered around NFT Island, a small area with a few things to explore: -The character UI will be available -the character screen -the emote interface and relevant emotes -the action button (to roll and dodge) -the character inventory and gear -the character’s in-game wallet which is connected to MetaMask -and NFT sales frames. There are also various NFTs you can interact with, a few NPC characters, and a small area to explore. ControlsTo interact with things in-game, get close to them and Left Click. To zoom the camera in and out, use the Mouse Wheel Scroll. To move your character, use the WASD keys. To use the dodge/roll action button, use the Spacebar. To rotate the camera, use the Q and E keys. To open the character inventory and gear page press C. To view your in-game wallet, press C. To lock the camera and strafe, use the Right Click. To open the emote menu, press and hold T. To play in full-screen mode, click the blue arrows on the bottom right of the screen. What NFTs are availableThere will be a limited amount of NFTs for sale. Once the supply runs out they will not be purchasable. Various NFTs are available, including mounts, weapons, pets, and armor. A Few of the NFTs availableExplore them all in-game. How to purchaseNFTs will be purchasable with BNB. Upgrading NFTs to Legendary NFT (LNFTs) will require Mist tokens and 2 of the base level NFT. In order to interact with and purchase the NFTs in the marketplace you will need to connect to MetaMask on your browser. Once connected, walk up to the NFT that you are interested in and Left Click it. You will see an information panel show up that describes the NFT, shows images, and has information. This panel also has the “Purchase” button. To complete the purchase, simply click the “Purchase” button and Click “Allow” on the MetaMask prompt that asks you to allow the Mist website to spend your BNB. Click “allow” on this promptFollow the MetaMask prompts, and complete the purchase. Once the purchase has been competed and confirmed, you will see the NFT in your wallet on BSCscan as well as in-game in your character wallet. Congratulations! Legendary NFT UpgradesNFT Island vendors will sell base-level NFTs. While they are strong, rare, and powerful items, they can be upgraded to Legendary NFTs (LNFTs). The NFT Upgrade MasterThis upgrade process will be released very soon and will require 2 things: X amount of Mist tokens, and 2 (two) of the base level NFT. For example, if you would like to upgrade your Stagg of Mozuer mount to make it faster and more effective, you will need 2 of the Stagg of Mozuer NFTs and a select amount of Mist tokens. Keep in mind that there are only a limited amount of NFTs that will be sold, so obtaining the legendary NFTs will be rare and we do not expect many people in-game to have the ability to obtain these ultra-rare NFT items. Truly only the most elite warriors will have them. Learn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  8. With the coming of our 3D, immersive, NFT marketplace, we have 2 more big announcements to make today, along with the beginning of a mega event. We will dive into greater detail on both but in summary: A whitelist mega event for a chance to win Mist NFT items, pets, and weapons.Partnership with a groundbreaking 3D immersive NFT marketplace and MMO game.Whitelist Mega Event to Win NFT ItemsFirstly, we want to announce the beginning of our NFT Airdrop Mega Event. This is one of two Mega Events we have planned for the next few weeks. Starting at 2pm UTC today, users can join our whitelist event for a chance to win one of 10 Mist in-game NFTs. The whitelist event will be on a platform called “Gleam” that will allow users to complete actions to earn entries into the whitelist. VVVVVVV JOIN THE WHITELIST HERE VVVVVV: https://gleam.io/QlP7Q/mist-nft-airdrop-mega-whitelist-event-and-crypto-world-partnership Community members may be asked to read about Mist, follow the project on social media, and engage in other ways. Each action will give you extra entries to win the NFT items. So complete as many as you can for maximum entries. Winners will be selected randomly. 10 NFT items will be given out. Partnership with Crypto World — Strategic and TechnicalSecondly, we want to announce a strategic and technical partnership with Crypto World (website here), an upcoming Open-World Sandbox Social MMO NFT game and 3D NFT Mall marketplace. Crypto World is revolutionizing NFT sales. We are excited to partner with them for their innovative 3D and ARNFT (Augmented Reality NFT) Marketplaces, and in-game NFT stores and real estate. (Check out the Mist store in the screenshot below!): In-game footage of Crypto World. Note the MIST storefront on the right.As part of our technical and strategic cooperation, Crypto World has created a special Mist store in their in-game universe. Players will be able to browse and purchase Mist NFTs in 3d (and soon Augmented Reality 3D). Mist’s NFTs will officially be spotlighted in Crypto World’s open-world NFT MMO and marketplace. Mist’s Crypto World in-game store entrance.In addition to a cool open-world sandbox MMO NFT game, crypto world offers immersive, a visually stunning, 3D and AR NFT marketplace. View NFTs in 3D, walk around a virtual mall with friends, and experience the future of NFT sales. No more boring “catalog sale” marketplaces. They’re going 3D. We don’t take our partnerships lightly and really believe in the vision that Crypto World is bringing. In fact, we collaborated with Crypto World’s team to bring their 3D marketplace technology into Mist. In fact, Crypto World will be setting up storefronts for many other NFT projects. However, Mist will have prime real estate in-game. Sneak peek into the Mist store in Crypto WorldLearn More About Crypto WorldWebsiteTwitterLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  9. Mist’s immersive, 3D, virtual NFT marketplace will be live on August 6th at 2pm UTC. You will take your first steps into the Mist universe, and be able to purchase NFT items in a revolutionary 3D, immersive storefront. Pets, weapons, armor, mounts, and more. https://medium.com/media/d06b87ac12ea525f3cd1c2fae7f079d9/href^^^^ Check out the official Mist 3D NFT Marketplace trailer ^^^^ No more boring NFT “catalogue” marketplaces. Welcome to a revolutionary, fully immersive, 3D, in-game NFT marketplace in crypto. Note: More info on the NFT Marketplace, including in-game controls, pricing, connectivity, and more will be available in the next few days. More details in our Discord: https://discord.gg/zmbM5gTRWm Marketplace AccessibilityThe Mist Marketplace is built to be fully accessible via a web page, browser game style — no heavy PC build requirements! Reminiscent of Real GameplayNot only will this world serve as NFT Marketplace, but this world will also gives players an introduction to Mist gameplay. This is an opportunity for players to test out the in-game controls! NFT Levels and Power-upsPlayers can use $MIST to level-up their NFTs. Combining two NFTs of the same level, and $MIST, the players can obtain a higher level NFT of the same type. More Info on how MistNFT’s Immersive 3D NFT Marketplace works:TwitterTelegramDiscordView the full article
  10. Mist

    AMA #2

    Q: How did the team form? Could we maybe get a little insight to how it all came about with Mist e.g. Team are all friends before project commenced? What inspired the team to work on an MMORPG game on BSC? Have the team members worked in large gaming corporations in the past? I would like it if we could have a little background info of past to present, briefly if possible. A: Mist (before rebranding) started as a passion project. As a handful of developers, we were geeking out on cool systems we could develop using the expertise we have gained as AI engineers/researchers, and game developers. The idea of joining the blockchain community came while our team was working on setting up a simple chain that can connect in-game components (behaviors) in a more efficient way. I am not authorized to share the work experiences of our other team members. However, I can tell you that you may have played some of the games that our team members were involved in one way or another. Q: Regarding in-game rewards in Mist–will there be a system to not depreciate the value of the mist tokens to the early investors in the project and is it divided between players e.g. 1 monster kill = 50 MIST? Or is it 1 monster kill = 0.001 MIST each? Being able to gain huge rewards in game will definitely depreciate the value of the tokens for those early investors in the project. A: The Mist framework includes AI agents that regulate the prices of each item, loot, mineral, and crafting material for specific in-game regions. Q: How will item drops function? Is there visibility of items in the environment after an enemy is defeated? Or do you access a corpses inventory? A: Like this: (This is from our early demos. Colors indicate quality levels of the items) Q: Will there be like animated character motion commands like push up, marching, jumping, thumbs up, heart hand (character body language) just to taunt or tease the other players. Dunno if this is a cool feature. How about vending merchant players to trade items in-game? Any party or guild setups? A: There will be in-game emotes where players celebrate their victory through various dances and moves (and even one-or-two rude gestures.) Players can form guilds and parties while travelling the world. It will be wise for them to do so, since the overall game feel will depend on surviving various dangers that lie within the mist. Q: Did you find environment designers for the project? A: Our team is currently going through the applications. There are a lot of very talented applicants that are interested in Mist. I would be honored to work with them. Although, as environment designers, they probably would be interacting more with our GD Lead. Q: When will you list Mist onto the Steam platform? A: I am the lead developer, so when I answer these questions regarding our partners, etc. I am trying to be very careful not to misspeak. As far as I know, our marketing team is currently working on setting up a store page on Steam. However, it would be best if I left this question to our community outreach personnel. Q: What will be the ticker name be? @Mist or @MistNFT? As there is also another project with the same ticker name (alchemist), causing a slight confusion when tagging on social media and potentially exchanges in the future. A: It already is MIST. Just be sure you are buying the correct one by checking the contract address: 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67 Q: The team agrees to remain anonymous, that I have no issues with, as there are many projects that are anonymous; Those who want to remain anonymous due to reasons should remain anon. But for those in the team who may not be affected by revealing their identity, shouldn’t they present themselves with details of position within company and reveal alias of others with their role within the company so the general public have a better understanding of how many people are in the team and what positions are covered within the company? A: Our team size is currently in double digits, and includes developers for smart contracts, game developers, graphics designers, content team, marketing team, and more. The team is anonymous, and we would like to keep all focus on the game and the product, and doxing may distract from that. Q: Will Mist take part in the NFT marketplace with Binance coming June 2021? A: As a developer, answering this question would be inappropriate, since our marketing team would be the ones to announce such an opportunity. All I am authorized to share is that our marketing team is doing amazing work laying out the foundation for our studio’s continuation, and we are really enjoying the creation of a cool game and in-game universe. Q: In order to reduce the transaction load on the BSC network, do you plan to use MIST as a secondary currency? For example: Killing monsters will give you say “GOLD” which can later be exchanged for “MIST” at a predetermined Ratio say 1000: 1 or Is MIST going to be the primary currency and will not drop from monsters but only be available when selling junk loot and NFT on the in-game marketplace to reward you with “MIST”? A: There will be lite versions of MIST. However, the ratios are not determined yet. Q: What would the farm rate of MIST Tokens be for a high-level player that strictly plays MIST without staking (just farming, questing, bossing, leveling etc.)? say, 100 tokens per day? 10? .1? .001? A: It is too early to determine this since MIST is not a mintable coin. However, the loot will be managed dynamically depending on the number of users farming them. Our aim is to introduce a self-governing ecosystem that utilizes high-level optimization through principles of artificial intelligence. Q: What’s the reason behind launching on BSC, has Binance backed the game? Ethereum gas prices are going down while BSC ones are going up. The Ethereum gas price issue is going to be solved very soon, while BSC could only scale by adding new servers. A: We are aware of the challenges this may pose. This is why while developing our Mist Framework, we are making sure that nothing we do is going to become a breaking dependency for other chains. Yesterday, I was presenting our team with an approach that can provide us with in-game multichain connectivity. However, I would like to let this cook a little more before I start talking about it. Stay tuned. Q: Can you clear up any and all doubts about whether or not this is an MMO action RPG? Meaning will it be fully online, and will we be able to play with others, PVP, etc.? Also is there any roadmap to when more details of the actual gameplay mechanics, lore, how farming in game works, etc. will be released? A: Our specific genre is an Action MMORPG. Core fighting and questing mechanics are being developed with a large influence from Action RPG genre. However, the massive multiplayer world, and in-game player interactions are developed with main MMO systems in mind. Q: Is Mist going to be launched on Mac OS? Will your trading system work using only Binance NFT Market or will there be anything else? Did you add any Taverns in MIST? Am I able to have my own Tavern and do the things that Tavern Keepers do? A: It will be on MacOS. However, our team is currently working on optimizing for Windows. The difficulty for developing on MacOS is minimal, however, our team is making sure that we won’t promise anything that we cannot deliver. Players will be able to earn tokens through in-game professions. Currently the tavern keeper is not one of them. However, I have spoken to our GD lead yesterday about including a shopkeeper profession in the game, where players can trade across regions where prices of minerals, or general goods are different. This allows players to make money in-game (earn MIST token) by: 1) Mining, crafting 2) Travelling to other lands 3) Finding clients to sell However, these are currently ideas our team is considering. There would need to be extensive work on balancing these professions. Q: With your recent published videos, it seems the game development is going well. I want to ask about the Mist framework. How is the development going on that so far because linking the game to blockchains is the hardest part. Do you plan to release any information, testing etc. What have you done so far for Mist framework? A: We will be sharing status reports on our development. Currently, our framework requires players to create an account and add its private key into the game environment. This is because the chain will not allow token transfers without proper authorization of course. However, since this is a good enough working solution for our development phase, we are focusing on the rest of the framework to reach our development goals. I will share more information about it when the time comes! Q: Will it be fully open world without loading screens like RuneScape? Or does it have loading screens and instances like Guild Wars 2 or something like Albion Online? Can you give us an example if none of the Games mentioned fits the game model? A: There will be a minimal amount of instancing when joining private areas, dungeons, battlegrounds, etc. However, the players will be able to explore the game world freely without loading-screen interruptions. A good example would be WoW. Q: To earn a MIST Token, users might gather monsters and try to kill them all at the same time. this will cause highly intensive transaction on the Blockchain. What’s the solution of the team? A: This is a complicated question to answer (long, but not too difficult), but here is the quick explanation: All in-game actions will be tracked through our game management database. Values will be updated real-time. However, crypto transactions will only be done whenever a player chooses to “update” their wallet. That means it will only be 1 transaction that makes summarized updates, instead of thousands of individual transactions. This will save gas and computing power on the blockchain. Q: Just wondering when the staking when be available? A: This will be very soon, and we will be releasing info in the next couple of days. We are releasing the partner info on this. Q: When can we buy the Mist NFTs? A: They will be purchasable on the Mist website, along with partner sites soon. We will send updates on this. We are working to set up the NFT marketplace on our site now. Q: If there are raffles for NFT, when will it be? A: Possibly. More info to come on this. Q: Will there be auctions for NFTs? Will the NFTs market be on the website? A: For now, they will be simple trades and exchanges. No auctions on our site, but possibly on partner sites. This is an idea we are discussing internally. Q: Will each NFT be replicated, and will they sell more than 1 for each, or will all the NFTs be different for each owner? A: NFTs are non-fungible tokens, meaning they are unique. However, there will be multiples of most NFTs. For example, there will be multiple rare pets, rare swords, rare armor, etc. But there will be a limited amount of each. Q: What are the criteria to qualify for Mist’s closed demo coming Q3? A: It will be a mix of whitelist winners and technically vetted community members. Q: When will we be able to look up Mist game on Steam platform? A: TBD — once the game is ready for Steam, and code is prepared. Please follow us on YouTube or Twitter, for game dev updates. Q: Do you have plans to sell Founder’s token/special NFTs before the game is officially launched? A: Yes, there will be limited-edition pre-launch NFTs sold. Q: Can you clarify if creating a Guild will be free, or will it cost MIST tokens? And what are the max capacity of guild members? A: This is being discussed internally. The decision has not been finalized yet. Q: Will there be game expansions to the map later on? A: Yes, absolutely! Q: Is there a farm or item sale event in the near future? A: The team is working on it right now. We already have multiple partners that will be offering Mist rewards. Stay tuned. Q: Will we be able to sell NFTs on Binance’s new NFT marketplace? A: NFTs will be able to be sold/transferred in-game, on our partner platforms, and on our site. You can also transfer them manually from wallet to wallet. Q: Will mist be f2p or p2p? And if its f2p would there be a premium service? A: This is being discussed. We are considering some creative ways to play, including MIST token staking or holding requirements. This decision will be finalized closer to game launch. Q: Wouldn’t access to these tokens in game keep the price of your token low & well below $1 on exchanges even if the game dominated in popularity? if not what do you for-see? Would the game content aim to evolve in most all aspects similar to the legendary RuneScape? How will you reward future players once all in-game tokens have been seized? A: There is a lot to learn from RuneScape. However, we would like to think we are providing something unique. Q: Are there any jobs other than 5 main classes? Like blacksmith and merchant? And can we as a player create our own weapon design and turn it into NFT? A: There are in-game professions that are not limited by player’s classes. There will also be more classes added as we get further through development! I hope this helps, God bless… View the full article
  11. Mist and Orion Protocol will continue their partnership with the Orion Pool AMM System. We are very excited for this next step! Big thank you to the Orion team for all the help behind the scenes. Read all the details here: https://blog.orionprotocol.io/mist MIST to ‘self-list’ on Orion Pool: Orion’s AMM SolutionRecently, Orion announced its upcoming AMM solution: Orion Pool. Alongside the four starting pools, third party projects will be able to self-list their token on Orion Pool paired with ORN, enabling greater accessibility to assets on Orion Terminal. MIST will be the second project to join Orion Pool and provide liquidity for the MIST pool, with more to come. Leading up to Main Net Staking, Orion is combining both existing forms of pre-staking into Main Net Pre-Staking. ORN token holders will be able enjoy staking rewards, governance, and added utility directly from the Terminal, without losing custody of their ORN. This liquidity will create Orion Pool: Orion’s AMM solution integrated directly into the current swap interface to create a seamless experience for the end user. As usual, Orion will route all swap orders to the liquidity source with the best price possible price. Initially, Orion Pool will launch with four ORN pools including ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BTC, and ORN/BNB, but third party projects will be able to self list their token on Orion Pool paired with ORN. This will enable liquidity for new assets and pairs to be added to the terminal — increasing assets and pairs exponentially. Mist will be the second project to join Orion Pool and provide liquidity for the MIST pool.Based on BSC, Mist is a blockchain-based action RPG game revolving around NFTs, Staking and Farming. Mist uses farming and staking both inside and outside of the RPG game to make use of the MIST token. Whereas regular NFT tokens often parade as collectibles, Mist’s NFTs are functional. Each one inserts directly into the Mist Game Framework, making them special in-game items when playing. How will the pool work?Liquidity Providers on the Terminal will receive Liquidity Mining rewards spread between the multiple ORN pools. Alongside liquidity providers, we will be adding Governance Stakers to our Main Net Pre-Staking to ‘vote’ on the pool to receive rewards. Initially, Orion Pool will launch four ORN pools: ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BTC, and ORN/BNB. Soon after, this will include an FTM pool and MIST pool.Orion Pool will be compatible with ETH and BSC, allowing flexible and profitable participation in the liquidity pool for LPs and traders alike.Orion Pool’s interface will be fully integrated into the Terminal. This allows LPs and traders to benefit from a single UI for swapping, adding/removing liquidity, staking, and governance voting.Orion Pool fees will be 0.3%, with ⅔ going towards LPs, and ⅓ going towards ORN Governance Stakers.The interface will also include a dashboard for LPs to add/remove liquidity, along with ORN Governance Stakers to vote for specific pools and future assets on the Terminal.Liquidity Providers: As per typical liquidity mining programs, Liquidity Providers will provide 50:50 ORN and the matched asset. Liquidity providers for Orion Pool will benefit from multiple sources of income: swap fees from the AMM pool, farming rewards via Orion’s Liquidity Mining program, and ORN staking rewards generated from all of Orion’s products. Liquidity Mining rewards will be spread between the multiple ORN pools. Governance Stakers: ORN Governance Stakers will be able to vote towards a specific ORN pool. Liquidity Mining rewards will be spread between each pool according to the amount of votes they have. This allows ORN holders to dictate the rate of rewards each pool will receive. ORN Governance Stakers will receive ⅓ of all the swap fee revenue that Orion Pool generates, in addition to the regular staking rewards that are allocated to Governance Stakers. In addition to voting for Liquidity Mining reward share, ORN Governance Stakers will also be able to use their staked ORN to vote for future assets on Orion Terminal. What is Orion Protocol?ONE TOKEN. ONE PROTOCOL. 18 REVENUE STREAMS. Orion Protocol is building the decentralized gateway to the digital asset market. The layer 2 solution enables users access to deep, cross-chain liquidity in one place — across DEXs, CEXs, and swap pools — providing access to the best price in the market without the need to ever give up their assets. Orion seeks to solve the fragmentation of crypto markets, NFTs marketplaces, and assets from traditional finance by eventually aggregating them into one place: Orion Terminal. Orion is building over a dozen solutions for blockchains, exchanges, and crypto projects, resulting in over eighteen revenue streams on the protocol. The Orion ecosystem has been built with ORN holders in mind: every transaction across the multiple solutions on the protocol adds to Daily Protocol Volume, bringing lucrative rewards for stakers. Learn More About Orion ProtocolWebsiteTwitterLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  12. Mist is proud to announce strategic backing from Rarestone Capital. Rarestone is a highly-respected firm with an impressive portfolio of successful, groundbreaking, and cutting-edge products. Their sweet spots include Digital Art (NFTs) and Gaming, among other things. For these reasons we are happy to work together, and believe that the collaboration will be fruitful. About Rarestone“We back purpose-driven founders changing the world.” — Rarestone Capital Since 2015, Rarestone has made dozens of investments as angels, helped entrepreneurs, and witnessed multiple market cycles. Crypto presents an infinite amount of white space in what they believe will be known as the open metaverse. Rarestone seeks to deploy capital in imaginable and unimaginable market segments. Rarestone’s approach can be summarized in 3 short phrases: Future FocusedRelentlessNo BSA Paradigm ShiftRarestone believes crypto represents a paradigm shift in how humans and devices organize, collaborate and consume. By solving the inefficiencies and injustices at the very core of our social constructs, Rarestone believes crypto will restore trust and fairness with the businesses we work for, the technologies we use, and the products & services we consume. Rarestone has developed a streamlined acceleration path for portfolio projects that focuses on getting their incentive design right and their token launch impactful. Learn More About Rarestone CapitalWebsiteTwitterLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  13. Mist is proud to announce that Garlam Won is coming on board as a strategic advisor. Garlam, who is currently managing partner of Momentum 6, has a solid track record of success in multiple blockchain projects. Whether he is spearheading marketing efforts for top projects, helping with strategic alignment, or using his vast network of connections to help incubate projects, Garlam brings an immense value to any project, including Mist. Thank you for coming aboard, Garlam. We are happy to have you. Who is Garlam Won?With a background in investment banking at JP Morgan as well as management consulting at Deloitte, he is no stranger to the world of fast-paced business. Since his roles in the corporate world, Garlam has become a well-known and successful figure in the blockchain sphere as well. Currently he is managing partner of Momentum 6, a firm that focuses on investment in, marketing of, and growth development of blockchain and DeFi products. He is also co-founder of Genesis Shards, a highly anticipated project launched via Polkastarter. Garlam’s success on projects such as Harmony, Kylin, MANTRA DAO, and more has been testament to his expertise and passion for blockchain. His successes and innovation in the blockchain world have lead to features on platforms such as Forbes and CNBC. Learn More About Garlam WonLinkedInTwitterLearn More About Momentum 6WebsiteLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  14. Mist NFT is proud to announce our lead advisor — Eric Su of Exnetwork Capital! About Eric SuEric Su is a well known investor and community builder in the cryptocurrency industry. He is the founder of Exnetwork Capital which is a hybrid crypto fund and incubator that focuses on harnessing the power of communities. A serial entrepreneur, his first startup was a casual games company that won awards for serious games competitions all over the world and his next one was a gamification layer for life product that was sold to a crypto company in the Philippines. After that, Eric started investing and mentoring in local startup until he discovered Bitcoin in 2018. He started Exnetwork Capital not long after that and brought his activist investing style to projects like Orion Protocol, Thorchain, Plasmapay, DIA Data, Frontier, Mantradao, My Neighbor Alice, Kickpad and many others. His unique combination of experience in tech startups, design, game development and deep knowledge on building and fundraising for crypto projects adds something special to Mist NFT. Learn More About EricLinkedInTwitterLearn More About Exnetwork CapitalWebsiteLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article
  15. Mist is happy to announce a partnership with x21 Digital — a firm with a history of success in the blockchain sphere. x21 is known for incubating, advising, funding & supporting blockchain projects towards sustainable success. Summary of x21 DigitalWith a portfolio of over 60 successfully documented strategic partnerships, advisory roles, and portfolio partnerships, x21 offers a great deal of experience and value to Mist. Deep Dive into x21X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm dedicated to helping mainly blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry. They focus on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance, to shortcut our clients and partners’ path to success. They focus on 3 main areas: Growth: Determining sustainable marketing and growth strategies for the projects.Network: Getting access to the RIGHT network and resources to support the projects.Funding: Funding projects, guiding them, and bringing them further funding within a network of institutions and strategic partners.Learn More About x21WebsiteTwitterLearn More About MistWebsiteTelegram (Group)Telegram (Announcements)TwitterMediumYoutubeDiscordView the full article