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  1. Twenty five minutes, 250k #NFTs sold. #Devikins #NFTCommunity #crypto #gamefi View the full article
  2. It's time! klevernft.com #Devikins #NFT #NFTCommunity #gamefi #crypto View the full article
  3. improving the shop to offer the experience you all deserve. — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 9, 2021 View the full article
  4. 4/4 and no NFT to be delivered. Don't be afraid, we have all transactions in our database and these NFTs will be delivered in the coming days. We are also administering a hotfix on duplicate orders, no ETA at the moment, but we're close. — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 9, 2021 View the full article
  5. We will be announcing one hour in advance the new NFT sale time! From the MoonLabs team, thank you for your excitement, and we're chomping at the bit just as much as you to get this party started! — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 7, 2021 View the full article
  6. Ready to get your NFT's tomorrow? Worried you'll get someone as 'cute' as this walking nightmare? Fear not! We'll be running the Ugliest Devikin Contest. Details will be coming in soon!#devikins #NFT #crypto #gamefi #blockchaingames pic.twitter.com/vXDknlXHSN — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 6, 2021 View the full article
  7. This Eldritch Devikin is what you have the chance to win! Dig tattoos, spiral eyes, and a perfect stat roll? Jump in to get an NFT in the first week and you could add her to your collection! pic.twitter.com/MCql6MivWv — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 3, 2021 View the full article
  8. Now you have even more swapping options! Hype! 🙌#devikins #klever #crypto #DVK #ETH #BTC https://t.co/Kd3Z3V7n9F — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 2, 2021 View the full article
  9. To support our community and the upcoming Devikins NFTs Marketplace and Shop launch, slated for September 7th at 3PM UTC, we have introduced two new Klever Swap trading pairs: BTC/DVK and ETH/DVK.Available Trading Pairs in your Klever Wallet: USDT/DVK BTC/DVK ETH/DVK What is DVK? For those who are unaware, DVK is a cryptocurrency that can be traded, used for NFTs, withdrawn in the real world, and earned from playing Devikins, a mobile RPG game due for release this December. Devikins Characters are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) - unique tokens on the blockchain. As a devikin (NFT character), players are equipped with several features to highlight their uniqueness in real life. These features are transformed into game mechanics as well. Additionally, Devikins enables the creation of stronger characters through a breeding system. While playing the game, users have the chance to earn real money, with gameplay based on the classic JRPG combat system with its own unique twist. In order for these NFTs to be purchased, you will have to use your Klever Wallet (not Klever Exchange) and connect it to your TRX wallet. To make sure you are never short of $DVK, BTC/DVK and ETH/DVK have been activated as trading pairs in Klever Swap. The more $DVK you have, the better your chances of purchasing Devikin NFT packs. Make sure you have enough TRX to cover your transaction fees as well. The amount of NFTs in circulation determines the circulating supply. The more in circulation, the more expensive they become. Although it will be purchased at the embryo stage, the NFT will be displayed in the Klever Wallet dapp browser, in an adult stage. It will have information on gene rarity, affinity values, personality and base traits. What is the difference between the Shop and Marketplace? In the Devikins shop you can randomly generate NFts in a Soft Mint state, with no access to see rarity, or visuals before buying. If you purchase from the Marketplace, you will buy a Hard Minted NFT from other players in a P2P market. Essentially, Soft Mint is a precursor to Hard Mint, which means you need a Soft Mint NFT to advance to Hard Mint. The Soft Mint stage is the starting point for all NFTs. By paying a fee, you can pick a Soft Mint and lock it into a Hard Mint NFT. Enough NFT talk, time to swap some BTC and ETH to DVK. By Warren ManuelKlever Writer.View the full article
  10. Hoje, 18 horas horário do Brasil, na twitch: https://t.co/sMN7zDAHY4 Today, 6pm BRT, join us at:https://t.co/sMN7zDAHY4 https://t.co/6TZ3DExrUg — Devikins (@devikins_game) September 2, 2021 View the full article