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  1. Time to bust out those thinking caps! Solve this puzzle and you could have a chance to win two GH Pills to help train your Devikin! Just make sure to leave your answer in the replies below. 👇 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  2. You had us at One Piece. Congrats @RicDaganzo you're our latest contest winner! We're shooting you a DM now to sort out your winnings! nitter.net/RicDaganzo/status/1538998402016456706#m View the full article
  3. Hello everyone! The game will be taken down for an hour tomorrow at 9AM PST as we perform maintenance and push through the 1.3 Update. Make sure to mark your calendars, because the patch is on its way tomorrow! View the full article
  4. The Devikins Anniversary Event is on its way! 🎉 Read here for more: link.medium.com/tzpsSQ587qb #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  5. Another day, another element. 🔥 Let us know what you think this combat element does in the comments below! 👇 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  6. We're coming at you with another piece of concept art, with this one being of the massive, eldritch temple we're so fond of. 🐙 Which of these concepts do you like the most? #devikins #conceptart View the full article
  7. Dang, you guys work fast! Dash144 threw together this gif at lightning speed. It's gettin' punchy in here. 🥊✨ #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  8. We're making a lot of weapons for Devikins, and you got to see some pretty awesome daggers a few weeks ago. Check these bad boys out! Give 'em the old one two! 🥊 #devikins #gameart View the full article
  9. If these four lovely characters were put in a movie, what roles would they play and what would the movie be about? Leave your answer in the replies below and you could have a chance to win two GH Pills! 🤯 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  10. Congrats to Gmar - or Igene from Instagram, our latest contest winner! nitter.net/devikins_game/status/1536453603069677568#m View the full article
  11. Happy Father's Day! View the full article
  12. New genes are on their way! Take a sneak peek at one of the few new additions to Devikins - the happiest little hat you ever saw. 🎩 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  13. We went through a couple of different versions before we settled on the final look for the Mynthe Tree. What do you think of the different concepts, and which one do you like the most? #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  14. For our Portuguese speaking friends, here's a translated article for you! link.medium.com/Kiek7cW7Sqb View the full article
  15. The newest update to #Devikins, v1.3 is just around the corner! Check out the details here: link.medium.com/uOni2US7Sqb View the full article