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  1. It's happening! The Combat Network Stress Test is taking place this weekend form December 9th to the 11th! Get your boxing gloves on because it's time to jump in the ring! 🥊 #devikins #gamefi $DVK View the full article
  2. It's here and it's happening! You can now vote for #Devikins in the Best Blockchain Game of 2022 category on @play2earncrypto! 🏆 Vote here: playtoearn.net/awards/2022 Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go Devikings and Queens! View the full article
  3. A massive congratulations to our latest Top Ten, all of whom are the proud recipients of an Exciting Invitation alongside an exclusive NFT! 🤯 To the winners - your rewards will be airdropped to you this weekend 📦 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  4. There's less than 22 hours remaining to mint one of these three fancy Thanksgiving Genes! 🦃 nitter.net/devikins_game/status/1595183259922857985#m View the full article
  5. A reminder that we're giving away another five Exciting Invitations today to five lucky M.A.D subscribers! The snapshot for eligible winners takes place tonight at 11:59PM PST, or 7:59AM UTC - so make sure you're locked and loaded! 📧 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  6. Thought that was all of them? Well guess what? Here's two more! View the full article
  7. You want wallpapers? We've got wallpapers! Put some of our amazing team's art on your phone and rep some #Devikins today! 🐙 View the full article
  8. Due to this, Devibolc will be postponed from December 3rd to the 16th, as the infrastructure from Update 1.6 is required to run the event - in addition to the soon to follow Network Stress Test. View the full article
  9. A reminder that the Devikid training period has been extended by one day in preparation for the upcoming Update 1.6 We plan to run the 24 hour maintenance period for this Update on Monday, December 5th 📅 View the full article
  10. Have a friend that wants to follow us but doesn't have Twitter?🐦 Find us on Facebook, Discord, or Telegram - with links to all of our social media here! linktr.ee/devikins #devikins #GameFi View the full article
  11. Now this one's a challenge. 🤔 Figure out which Incubator only appears once, and you could have a chance to win an Eldritch Training Crate! Just make sure to leave your answer in the replies below 👇 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  12. 🤩We're really excited to see where these four Web3 games go in the future. So, how about you? #Velhalla @velhallaproject #HELIX @HELIX_Metaverse #devikins @devikins_game #Valhalla @RealFlokiInu #Web3Gaming View the full article
  13. You know who to vote for! Lesgo! nitter.net/TQ_Games/status/1596227247165218817#m View the full article
  14. Today, we are changing things a bit by bringing an item from Devikins 2.0. What is it used for? #devikins #gamefi View the full article