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  1. Drunk Robots — Recap #1Good news! We are pleased to announce that as part of the work on the game, the main obstacles that keep our boozer androids from getting on your gadget have been overcome! So, what happened to Drunk Robots recently? 1. Twitter and Discord have rushed, if not to the Moon, then to geostationary orbit for sure: more than 7,500 subscribers on Discord and 30,000 subscribers reading our tweets in less than a month — what kind of jokes are there? We are proud of you, guys! 2. We have entered the partnerships with NFTb and Faraland — one of the most significant gaming project on BSC. We are not going to stop there — September promises a bunch of incredibly cool collaborations! 3. The original story, lore, and all 6 genesis of robots were presented! 4. The details of the future game have been published, and it will be really amazing! 5. The sales of robots are breaking all records: more than 5000 robots have already been sold. It is a record on the Liquidifty platform, and it broke into the top 5 marketplaces in terms of volume! 6. Drunk Robots were presented in the official Telegram group of the Binance Smart Chain are in the process of AMA! 7. We have launched the ambassador program — we have found 12 ambassadors who are already engaged in creating their gangs. Soon, the first tests will start. Let the battle of incredible epic begin! The gameplay and economics are on the way, stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates! Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  2. Drunk Robots — Ambassador Program updatesThere are so many talented applications, that we’ve decided to increase the first wave ambassadors number to 12!Please welcome the official list of the Ambassadors:Shibo San Telegram @ShiboSanGaming Discord ShiboSan Gaming#7130Bitpan Telegram @Bitpan Discord Bitpan#4487Dexter Plays PH Telegram @dexterplaysph Discord DexterPlaysPH#8027Alessandro Soares Telegram @RendaTotalWeb Discord Alessandro .S — Renda Total#4160Archie Lim Telegram @iamarchielim Discord Harimao#2843Flash Telegram fdeflash Discord fdeflash#1584Crypt0Ref Telegram @Crypt0Ref Discord Crypt0Ref#2668Daniel Johnson Telegram @goshinyhunter Discord goshinyhunter#3430Arvin Cape Telegram @dmhmu Discord kayk#1150John Fleer Donguines Telegram @fleerPH Discord JohnFleer#0157Daxo Alencar Telegram @osvaldo_daxo Discord daxo#8232RoRo Telegram @goshiijunsama Discord RoRo#5332To make this event entertaining and profitable for every member of the Drunk Robots community, we have asked the Ambassadors to create their own Gangs! You will have to choose which gang to join:If your gang reaches more than 500 robots, then you and your gang will receive a special NFT drop with cool robo-items (equipment/farming units) with the gang symbols.Top-3 Gangs will get a special $MTL drop when robots will be sold out, and $MTL will be available.The ambassadors are already working on their gangs' appearance and mission! If you are not on the ambassadors' list — do not worry, you can also create your own gangs. The sooner you start, the better. Stay tuned for the next updates, we will list all the gangs and explain to you how to join the one you’ve chosen! Disclaimer: Ambassadors are representatives of the Drunk Robots and promote its services. The position of the Ambassadors and their statements are not official of the Drunk Robots. Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  3. Strong holders contest — Get farming units and weapons!Did you miss containers #2 and #3? They’re sold out dramatically fast!No worries — there is one more opportunity for you to get an additional weapon and farming unit! All you need is just to hold Containers #1 until the sold out of the robots: Hold 5+ Containers #1 to get an additional weapon!Hold 10+ Containers #1 to get a farming unit!And yes, if you already have some containers #1, you don’t need to buy 5 or 10 more. For example: if you have 2 Containers #1, you need to buy only 3 additional ones to get the weapon or 8 additional ones to get the farming unit!Containers #1 are still available: https://app.liquidifty.io/drunk_robots Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  4. Drunk Robots Ambassador program — first wave announcement. Start your gang!Time has come! We are pleased to launch the first wave of the Drunk Robots ambassador program!During this week we have received so many highly talented applications! We are truly shocked how active, smart and enthusiastic all you are! Thank you! The team highly appreciates your support! At this moment the 5 positions are available!More will be opened soon, if you didn’t get to the first wave — don’t worry, keep supporting DR and share your activities with us! Everyone has equal chances! What’s next?add During the next few days we will contact 5 champions of the first wave.These 5 champions will receive all the perks we promised: a. 300 $BUSD; b. 2 containers with robot (1 is for giveaway among your community); c. official ambassador badge in discord; d. chat with our core team where we’ll share all the latest news and answer your questions; e. beta-test early access.Also, we have prepared more amazing rewards and abilities for our Ambassadors!1. The most active ambassadors will also get special NFT drops (equipment/farming unit/weapon) each 3 months. 2. You will be able to create your own gang! To participate, you need to come up with a gang name, coat of arms, motto. The main goal is to start attracting more gang members because the larger the gang, the more chances of getting more goodies. 3. If your gang will reach more than 500 robots, then you and your gang will receive a special nft drop with cool robo-items (weapons/clothing/equipment/farming units) with the gang symbols. 4. Top-3 Gangs will get a special $MTL drop, when robots will be sold out and $MTL will be available. LFGO! The Drunk Robots community is getting bigger and bigger! Let’s show the world real Drunk Robots power! If you didn’t get to the first wave — don’t worry! The second wave is coming soon! You can apply for joining the Ambassador Program here. Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  5. The Rusty FiveAt the very beginning, the robo-dump itself was not as hostile as it is now. To build the first version of the community, robots had to be united as a giant mechanism. Their specializations were helpful for each other — someone could build better, someone could defend better. Thanks to AI — our metal friends were able to build something very similar to a primitive society. And as each society, this group had its own leaders. Five strongest and smartest robots now known as The Rusty Five. All of them were the best in their field, and together they built the first civilization of Big Dump. The oldest robots tell that there was no group that was even close to Five. They looked like they were created to work together — so well-coordinated their work was on the arrangement of the dump. The sixthThat was one of the biggest robberies of the Five. They took away a huge container filled with METAL cans from the freight train which route was too close to Los Machines. There was so much beer, they could drink it non-stop for a year. They were celebrating it as always playing “Who will drink more?”. Usually this game ends with everyone lying around with total black out. They were sitting near the fire and discussing who was the coolest on this heist. Their base, usually surrounded by a bunch of guards, was quiet as never, the only voices were coming from them, but no one noticed it because the robots were too drunk. “Did you see how I shot this…” — Knockout started his story but he didn’t finish — a homemade taser arrow hit his head and he was… knocked out. Everyone went crazy — who the f*ck could attack them in their nest! Jane tried to stand up, but she was so drunk that her eye sensors were glitching. Once she focused and saw Bob. He was trying to reboot Knockout but then a few shurikens hit his leg and literally cut it off. Tommy noticed a small shadow in the darkest part of the base and without hesitation threw a burning tire there. Shadow was moving as fast as the light. One moment Tomm was completely stunned and immobilized. Jane understood that she was the only one combat-ready robot left in the room. She grabbed the shotgun and aimed at the shadow and… BOOM. Shot fired. “MY EYE!” — Tommy screamed. Jane was so dumbfounded by Tommy’s scream that she was distracted for a second. And this second was enough for shadow to take the shotgun from her hands. But that night was not so lucky for the mysterious striker as it may seem at first sight. Molly wasn’t drinking with the team since he had some software issues — he was updating himself in a workshop. When he noticed weird sounds from the campfire he went to check it and met the invader. With a dexterous movement, he threw an iron lasso over it and packed it in a box “Wtf, how much METAL I drank yesterday? Sensors are still lagging” — Bob opened his eyes. Then he remembered what happened yesterday. He saw Knockout trying to fix Jane, and Tommy together with Molly holding a big chained box. It was moving even under Tommy’s weight. After everyone was fixed — they decided to open the box… Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  6. Are you a KOL/influencer or just a P2E games fan?The Drunk Robots team is looking for local stars to be the ambassadors of projects in their country. What do we expect from you?You are an active Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Telegram user and you have your own community connected with crypto/p2e.You are ready to share and promote the news about Drunk Robots.You are advanced crypto user.You are able to educate you own community about Drunk Robots.You are Drunk Robots fan — you already know all the information about the future game, as well as world story and loreYou can learn more about the game here:Main page: drunk-robots.comStory of the Los Machines: drunk-robots.com/historyCharacters’ stories: wtf.drunk-robots.com/storyGame economy: wtf.drunk-robots.com/in-game-tokenGame process: wtf.drunk-robots.com/game-processRoadmap: wtf.drunk-robots.com/roadmap-1What do we offer?1 month recruitment and “DR official ambassador” status — we will promote you in our Twitter and Discord (may be renewed after 1 month).Free robot container for each ambassador we accept.Free robot container to giveaway among your audience.Chat with our core team where we’ll share all the latest news and may answer your questions.300 $BUSD/month payment as a reward for beginning your job.Discord exclusive status.Beta test early access.How to joinFill in the form: forms.gle/dvMQ3rXQgkJRSfYX6Start making content! More content you’ve created — more chances we will notice! Content ideas: a. make a big post on how you are going to attract more people to play Drunk Robots; b. create a video review of Drunk Robots; c. website review; d. roadmap review; e. characters review; f. events review;Create communities in messengersCreate Reddit/4chan postsPost articles in MediumPlease use $LQT, $MTL, #LQT, #MTL hashtags and also tag our official accounts in Twitter @drunk_robots, @liquidifty Don’t forget to share all the content in your socials — we should be able to find it! Please note that ambassador slots are limited, we can’t guarantee anyone that we will pick you! Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  7. Drunk Robots — Play-to-earn details and roadmapFirst of all, yes — Drunk Robots is not just an avatar project, it’s a play-to-earn game built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.The game’s setting takes place in the not-so-distant future in a city called Los Machines, which is occupied by crazy robots. Their life consists of parties and crime, and the incessant hunt for the main wealth in the city — METAL, local beer brewed by craftsmen. All these robots do is hang out in half-abandoned bars, get drunk, make sorties to the nearest cities to rob some stores and banks. The robots can also have housing in the form of a refrigerator box or an abandoned bus to store their stuff and recharge their batteries. After some time, gangs have formed in the city and divided it into zones of influence among themselves. The largest gangs have divided the city into several districts and receive tribute from them. But you need to be on the lookout — new gangs are constantly appearing and it is not always easy to resist assertive young mobs. The local black market offers anyone to get weapons and clothes. Guns are rare, but necessary, since you can’t go rob a bank without a gun. The gear will give you more chances of escaping safely. In general, life in the city is in full swing, anarchy and lawlessness flourish. Trash, fun and frenzy are accompanied by gang outings, showdowns between gangs and the constant question — where to get more METAL. The history of the town and how it all began is already available on our website: https://drunk-robots.com/history Your mission is to survive and seize the city that is overrun by the drunk, junky robots, whose only interests are METAL beer and violence. Now we are nearing the stage of launching the game, and the first thing we started selling are containers that store robots, weapons and items needed for farming.All this will be needed to start the game.As for now, there are 3 options available for purchase: Container #1 It contains 1 robot You can buy it for 0.6 BNB hereContainer #2 It contains 3 robots and 1 rare weapon You can buy it for 1.5 BNB hereContainer #3 It contains 6 robots,1 rare weapon and 1 farming unit You can buy it for 3 BNB hereThere will be 10101 genesis robots in total. 6 types of robots with different characteristics, abilities, appearances and native weapons. Each robot will have a unique set of characteristics and a unique appearance. The containers will be opened according to the fair launch principle. No one knows if you’ll get an ordinary robot or a super-rare one. After opening, all the containers will be used as farming units for your robots. Bigger containers will farm more! Opening of containers will be possible as soon as 8,888 robots are sold out. The sales roadmap can be found here: https://drunk-robots.com/#roadmap Let’s jump to the hottest questions from our Discord communityOur discord: https://discrod.gg/drunk-robots 1. Rarity system and characteristicsAs mentioned above, 10,101 genesis robots will be generated randomly with a different set of characteristics. Containers will be opened on the fair launch principle — no one knows in advance whether you’ll get an ordinary robot or a rare one. Opening of containers will become available after 8,888 robots are sold. Rarity: - Legendary - Epic - Rare - Common Power 0–100 Intelligence 0–100 Speed 0–100 Stamina 0–100 Dope 0–100 — a parameter that is enhanced by cool accessories. Like a boombox or stereo glasses. All the characteristics can be increased with the help of accessories. You cannot change only the basic external characteristics (color, shape of the robot, etc.), while you can change clothes. Also, the character has characteristics that need to be maintained: Health 0–100. Spent in mini-games, battles, etc. Restored through the use of METAL. Energy 0–100. Spent in the same way as health, restored over time. If the robot owns a home, it recovers faster. Rating Street credibility. It rises after successful robberies and raids, victories in battles, and so on. If you behave smoothly — your rating rises. 2. Land and farmingThe city is divided into districts, and the districts are divided into lots of different sizes. The land can be bought or captured. Then you can start brewing METAL — the local drink that keeps robots alive and active. But watch out! Your neighbors are not always friendly and your territory may be liked by someone else! 3. Mini-gamesBank robbery A bank is a serious business. In order to rob it, you need to have at least three robots with a rating of 100+, at least one gun for three and masks that hide their faces. Each trip to the bank takes up energy and health. If you fail, you simply lose your health and return to your hideout in disgrace. If you succeed, you get a monetary reward. The better armed and the higher the rating of the characters, the greater the chances of success. Store robbery We rob stores from infancy, so the rating does not matter. If you want, you can go alone without a weapon. The probability of success will be small, but it will still be there. You can just discreetly take out a can or two of METAL under your shirt. In the same way, if you fail, you simply lose health and energy. If you succeed, you get a reward! Fight Club Smells of faulty wiring in here. Yes, this is the club that no one talks about. Underground fights. Player versus player. Bet before entering. Winner takes all. Drunk Races What could be better than cold METAL in the morning? Go out and jump behind the wheel of your clunker and hand it out sideways! Bet and let’s ride. Winner takes all, loser bathes in disgrace. Dance-battle We can’t fight all the time! There are other fights for the pacifists. Show off what your body is capable on the dance floor! It is important to pump the Dope stat to win. And more games to come! 4. In-game tokenThe game will use two main tokens: $LQT — the native token of the liquidifty.io platform and $MTL — the main token of the Drunk Robots game. $MTL will be required for shopping, health recovery, missions, and so on. All rewards for successfully completing minigames and farming will also be paid in $MTL. $LQT will be used as the main currency in the secondary market, where it can be exchanged, it can also be used for some actions. LQT-BNB staking may be required for improving the characteristics of your robots. 5. ROI/how much can we earn per monthWe are striving to build the game’s economy in such a way that on average a good player can earn $400–1000 per month, depending on the time spent in the game. But we cannot give any guarantees of earnings, and there is also no limit. The income of players who have many robots, are successful in robberies, skillfully upgrade their characters and manage a top gang, will be higher than $5,000 per month, according to our preliminary calculations. 6. How to check how many robots were soldYou can check how the sales go on this page: https://app.liquidifty.io/u/0x431Fb2a105527994D8321fCa00406a48795ed9d2 7. When the packs are sold out — how can new players enter the gameThis is the advantage for those who buy containers now. New players will need to buy robots in the secondary market. If demand greatly exceeds supply and the threshold for entering the game becomes too high, we will launch a scholarship program, as well as the ability to create new robots. BUT, all this will take into account the votes of the Drunk Robots community, and also, genesis robots will definitely not be replicated or released. If it comes to that, then new robots will be released, but they will be less rare and will have weaker characteristics. 8. GangsEvery gang is an important part of this city. You cannot survive alone, unless you are John Wick himself. Gangs maintain order and dictate laws. The gangs decide how the city lives. There can be an unlimited number of gangs. The gangs are created by the users themselves. But a common goof cannot create a gang — you need a reputation. The character’s rating must be at least 500. The higher the rating — the more people can be called into the gang. When creating a gang, the following is set: Name of the gangСoat of armsDescriptionTaglineMembership fee (paid once upon joining and replenishes the gang’s common fund)Requirements for gang membersClothes — all gang members wear clothes from the same set. A set can be selected from presets, or you can draw and load clothes yourself. A gang of bank robbers in Victorian outfits is a sight to behold.If the gang is opened or privateThe goal is to create the largest gang to control most of the city. The city consists of 5 districts. Each of the districts is controlled by one of the gangs. Districts are graded in size and wealth. The coolest gang owns the richest neighborhood. What does control over an area give? It’s simple — $MTL. All members of the leader gang receive a daily payment in the form of METAL (% of transactions in the game). The sharpness and strength of the gang is formed based on the total rating, strength, speed, and so on of its members. You’ve taken away the pensions of all the old ladies in your area and are down to sipping juice? Don’t relax just yet. Once young gangs reach your level, they can claim your area. You’ll have to fight back. Have you put together a daring young group that is ready to compete with the elders? The gang can then go to showdowns every night and seize new territories. 9. Clothes and gunsTo be successful in your shady affairs, you need to arm and dress to match. Items and guns are dropped at the local market (official store). You can buy them for $MTL, the drops are limited. There may be 100 Desert Eagles, 5 Ak-47 and so on. It’s the same with clothes. There are common ones, there are super rare ones. Clothes and guns increase not only your characteristics, but also the chance of a successful robbery or raid. Also, there are plenty of various overhead accessories, such as giant batteries on the back, which will increase the supply of energy and speed up its replenishment. Dope accessories: boombox, chains, stereo glasses and so on. 10. RoadmapThe game itself will launch this fall, 2021. Below are the current near-term launch plans: Players page — September, 2021 A page, where you can see your robots, their characteristics, rarity, replenish energy and health.Browser mini-game — September, 2021 The first mini-game that will allow the best players to get unique and rare in-game items.In-game store — September, 2021Secondary marketplace — September, 2021PVE — store and bank robbery– October, 2021Gangs — October, 2021Gang rating and wars — November, 2021Farming–November, 202111. Gameplay screenshots/videoWe are in an active stage of development and do not want to share completely raw material. We will share updates with you and upload screenshots, items and so on as soon as they are ready. We will try to do this as often as possible! Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article
  8. Drunk Robots — Fear and Loathing in Los MachinesLos MachinesIn a not-too-distant future, robots have completely replaced humans in a whole range of tasks. However, like any other technology — robots tend to break down and malfunction. Some suffer from technical breakdowns like rust and wear, while others experience software errors leading to intelligent glitches and crazy behaviour. But if the robots’ operating system fails or viruses get in after an unsafe connection to a charger, things get even more dramatic. The defective robots are sent off to the largest robo-dump in the country on the outskirts of a big city. Over time, as the number of exiles increased, the robots started banding together and creating their own communities. The different specializations of the robots allowed them to repair each other and build simple hideouts. What was recently just junk started banding together for raids on the city in search of useful parts or an extra can of METAL beer. Constant attacks from the robots eventually annoyed the residents of the city and the people moved to safer places, leaving the city to the robot gangs and clans. The robots managed to completely take over the abandoned city, which is now known as Los Machines. Now it’s time to start fighting each other and figure out which is the scariest mob ever. All the robots ever need now is METAL — the local brew that gives them the energy they need to continue dishing out the punishment and keep their rattling party going on and on! Every day is the same for the drunken buckets of bolts as they hang out at bars before raiding neighboring cities, looking for a fight and robbing banks and shops. A cardboard box from a refrigerator or an abandoned bus is all the housing the robots ever need to store their stockpiles of stolen junk and recharge their batteries as a longer-lasting alternative to the endless consumption of METAL. Los Machines is fractured between various gangs that fight each other to take control of more territories. The largest gangs have divided the city into several major districts and milk them for tribute in METAL. But new gangs are constantly appearing in the city. The young mobs are ready to challenge the criminal heavyweights and reduce their influence. The local black market is offering up anything from weapons and rags to discarded legendary guns. All in all, life is in full swing in Los Machines, even if there are no living creatures. Now the fate of the city is completely in the hands of the players, so let’s see what happens to it in a couple of months Roadmap10101 unique robots are already available! There are three options to buy them: container #1 (just robot), container #2 (3 robots and rare weapon), container #3 (6 robots, rare weapon and a farming unit)101 robots Reserved for marketing and giveaways2222 robots sold — you’ll learn more about Los Machines, it’s inhabitants and their fates4444 robots sold — we will give away 20 robots to the current robots owners!6666 robots sold — mystery quest with a legendary gun as a reward!8888 robots sold — robots are ready for deployment. Now you can open your containers and check out what kind of robot you got! The containers will be opened according to the fair launch principle — no one knows if you’ll get an ordinary robot or a super-rare one.10000 robots sold —launch of the secondary market, now you can exchange your dope robots.Stay tuned!Discord: https://discord.com/drunk-robotsTwitter: https://twitter.com/drunk_robotsWebsite: https://drunk-robots.comDocs: https://wtf.drunk-robots.comView the full article