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  1. Good day managers !! Im looking for schoolarship Name: Pio A. Calanza jr age : 29years old Gender: male Location : caloocan city ,philippines Civil Status : single Nationality : Filipino Fb name : Pio Calanza jr Occupation : Factory worker ,8hour duty always no overtime Device to use in playing Axie: Android Average SLP per day:150-200 Discord:pacjr123#4570 Ronin wallet: ronin:ronin:2c1c5d34c65f15f55a0479b2f99b2433df13ac15 How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie : i can earn 5-7hrs the adventure and the daily quest everyday Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: yes because i always watching on youtube how to play the axie Hobbies : playing online games & watching youtube How well do you know the Axie game mechanics : Through watching my friends playing Axie game and watching a video on You tube. Reason why should we choose you: Because I'm a hard working person and it will be a big help for my financial problem and hope i will be part of your scholar. Thank you God bless and stay safe.