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  1. Name: Christian Kigis Gadoan Age:18 Gender: Male Availability: 5-6 hours a day SLP target: depending on the quota (100-200 a day) Country: Philippines Devices available: Smartphone, Desktop Internet provider: Converge (40-80 mbps) Gmail: [email protected] Games played: -league of legends -call of duty -teamfight tactics -mobile legends -borderlands 1-2 -GTA V -Skyrim I discovered the game axie when my friend introduced it to me. Its like pokemon, it has types and you need to more strategic on your gameplay. Just like pokemon, it is best first to grind on adventure and leveling up then challenging the gym leaders. like in axie grind in adventure first then if you acquired the right level you can now go pvp. Reasons why we should choose you: I am a person who is addicted and serious to games and do everything to to grind up my axies and meetup my quota for the day. I am a 1st year nursing student and currently needing to do something to earn and help my family in our expenses everyday. i am hoping that i will be chosen to be a scholar. I will treat this game as a job and treat it as a priority next to my studies. i will be forever grateful if you gave me this opportunity. thank you and may the Lord help us through this crisis.