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    Like to play games and dowing arts and crafts.Love designing and especially love to explore.
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    Anthony luis S. Baigan

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  1. Good day Managers! Im Anthony luis S. Baigan from Trece Martirez city,Cavite philippines. I am here to apply and be part of your growing team. We have WiFi/internet in our house, which is one of the advantage to be more active for this kind of game. I can grind 75-100SLP a day, I am a active gamer and actually I am a gamer of games like coc,ml,lol,pokemon go,pokemon unite and other strategy games. I'll make sure that I can handle the Axie game because, I research about it and I watched tutorials on YouTube to get me ready to play Axie games. I am sure you will not be disappointed that I was chosen because first of all I believe in myself and I am willing to learn. Don't hesitate to message me my dearest Manager, hope you are good and stay safe. Thank you and God bless🙏🙏🙏❤️ Im hoping to be part of your scholarship. Sincerely yours, Anthony luis S. Baigan