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  1. i see you remember the date ... ... well tnx exc
  2. i cant remember the month but i am sure ill hit one year .. already
  3. hi there guys well uhmm.. i am Joshua Mariz R. Pagtalunan my friends call me momo,josh and shiks ..21 of age my birth day is August 30, 1990 , born in malolos bulacan, but i grew up at Silang, Cavite .. and how? .. it's a long story .. i love to play guitar and piano sings a lot play a lot ..and play a lot again ... attitude moody in personal but out going type in my online world .. i start playing MMO games uhmmm maybe way back my high school days my 1st online game is Ragnarok .. and then MU and then RAN,CABAL,DRAGONICA i also played AION,WORLD OF WARCRAFT of course private server i also hit FPS games like SF,CF and PB .. but i dont last that long on FPS games i started become an exitializ when i played LOMA(legend of martial arts) maybe its around 2010 month of omfgz i cant even remember the month ohhh well .. exc recruit me because i go hitting him on whisper like rage mad .. ahahaha .. ( sir can i join your guild i am level 80+ deamon berserker unli till he said register here he gave me the site register and boom member ) so there you go ..i know is quite short but you can hit me with other question when you meet me up on some of our guild gathering .. jahne.. ........