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  1. Hmmmm.... what online game you play? Haven't seen you online in DN..
  2. I don't know what to put... Any questions out there?
  3. I could only use my desktop 3-5 hours per day due to home/business issues Unlike my netbook, can go 24 hours
  4. Currently reading manga: Breath of Fire

  5. Currently reading manga: Breath of Fire

  6. Currently reading manga: Breath of Fire

  7. Watching Tekken Blood Vengeance =^_^=

  8. I'm bored again ~_~ can anyone suggest what to do aside from sleeping?

  9. Awesome Hmmm... my opinion, 50% chance i will play this game. My reasons are: Most of our TNK will play this game. I'm hoping that my netbook can handle this if not, i need to use my desktop, i really prefer playing in my netbook for some reason.
  10. P.S. I will just put a list of awesome mangas to read.. Can't upload the main manga for licence issues. Enjoy reading this mangas UTSUROWAZARUMONO - BREATH OF FIRE http://www.mangafox....ath_of_fire_iv/ NARUTO http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/ FAIRY TAIL http://www.mangafox....nga/fairy_tail/ DEFENSE DEVIL http://www.mangafox..../defense_devil/ NOBLESSE http://www.mangafox....manga/noblesse/ AIR GEAR http://www.mangafox....manga/air_gear/ THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS http://www.mangafox....god_only_knows/ ONE PIECE http://www.mangafox....anga/one_piece/ BLEACH http://www.mangafox.com/manga/bleach/ HISTORY'S STRONGEST DISCIPLE KENICHI http://www.mangafox....sciple_kenichi/ BEELZEBUB http://www.mangafox....anga/beelzebub/ DEADMAN WONDERLAND http://www.mangafox....man_wonderland/ 07-GHOST http://www.mangafox....manga/07_ghost/ BAPTIST http://www.mangafox.com/manga/baptist/ KARATE SHOUKOUSHI KOHINATA MINORU http://www.mangafox....ohinata_minoru/ AKATSUKI http://www.mangafox....manga/akatsuki/ 666 SATAN http://www.mangahere...anga/666_satan/ PSYREN http://www.mangafox.com/manga/psyren/ CONTINUE http://www.mangafox....manga/continue/ PALADIN: INEVITABLE DESTINY http://www.mangafox....itable_destiny/ NECROMANCER http://www.mangafox....ga/necromancer/ XBLADE http://www.mangafox.com/manga/xblade/ CORPSE PARTY http://www.mangafox....a/corpse_party/ HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD http://www.mangafox....d/?no_warning=1 PERSONA3 http://www.mangafox....manga/persona3/ SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: PERSONA 4 http://www.mangafox....nsei_persona_4/ MEGAMI INBUN ROKU PERSONA http://www.mangafox....n_roku_persona/
  11. GO and hoping everyone will join too.. it's better to play a game w/ friends.. Much more fun and enjoyable.
  12. I'm bored ~_~ what to do?

  13. What's in my mind? It's a secret ;-p

  14. What's in my mind? It's a secret ;-p

  15. What's in my mind? It's a secret ;-p

  16. What's in my mind? It's a secrret ;-p

  17. Have you already joined the guild? What's your IGN?
  18. i think it's F2P.. guild going to try this?