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  1. World vs World vs World PvP i guess. There aren't a lot of dungeons in the game, and the pvp is the focus of the game anyways, so i think it will be WvWvW all the way
  2. Guild Wars 2 History and curiosities: Guild Wars 2 takes place in the world called Tyria, 250 years after the defeat of the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion. Five Dragons awoke from their sleep. Elders from the time of Guild Wars, causing widespread destruction in Tyria and corrupting its inhabitants. Human beings, who once dominated Tyria, are in decline, driven from their land by natural disasters and war with the Charr race, who had finally recovered from the last vestiges of their ancestral homeland, Ascalon, which was dominated by humans. To the north, the Norn are a race of hunters that were forced to go south by the rise of Jormag, and west, the Asuras, technologically advanced have been forced to establish permanent homes above the ground after the children of the first dragon awoke , Primordus, took control of the Depths of Tyria. Near the forest where the Asura make their home are the Sylvari, a new breed that appeared in Tyria in the last 25 years, were not affected by the problems that afflicted other breeds. To the south, the continent of Cantha was cut by a xenophobic climate and political isolation, which is reinforced by the Navy Zhaitan undead. Elona, ​​too, was cut, the only hint of its prosperity remained the ongoing battle between Mordant Crescent Palawa Joko Kralkatorrik Desert and Crystal, as well as occasional reports of spies called the Order of Whispers. The Battle of the Islands were entirely swept away by the tsunami caused by the re-rise of the Kingdom of Orr, who came in the wake of Zhaitan. The breakthrough time of Guild Wars is reflected in changes in culture, including armor and clothing as well as the advancement of technology in-game and a common unified language. In Guild Wars 2, you will make their own history, with a function in-game, which will record what you do in the game, creating your own story, also based on the options you chose when creating the character. Also, most of the NPCs have voice acting, creating immersion to the story. Classes and unique mechanics of the game: Guild Wars 2 is not a traditional MMO, because he promised to end the Holy Trinity, that is Healer, Tank, DPS. Each class has its own heal, which will be the button 6 on your skill bar. If my life is down, and I want to increase it, I use my skill 6, a thief at its maximum level, has 2 options of healing, but I can only choose one to ‘’equipâ€, one of the skills rolls back and heal, the other he will be invisible for a period of time and will heal, and it is clear that each class has its unique healing options. The game works just like Wow, it's an MMO Hotkey, you do not select the character or monster that wants to attack him and use your skills, you can approach it using the WASD keys and uses your skills, if the model of your character collides with the model of your enemy, the damage is done, but the biggest change in Guild Wars is that you can hit multiple enemies with your normal attacks and skills, which is unique and every character, regardless of their class / race has a button Dodge, which gives you a roll, you spend your stamina bar, letting you get away from attacks, if used correctly, can change the path of battle in your favor, without great effort. You have 10 skills you can use, which are mapped from 1 to 0. Here are 10 buttons on the left and your first button there is a switch button, which changes its set of weapons you're using. If you focus only the buttons 1-5 at the time. His skills on that side will be divided as follows: Buttons 1-3: Defined by your Main Hand Buttons 4-5: Defined by your Main Hand + your off-hand Imagine that I am an Archer, and I'm shooting arrows at you, a warrior who can deal me great damage due to my low defense, so you decide to get closer to hit me, I just change my gun for my sword, which would be my secondary set, yes I'm an archer, but if I use my sword enough to unlock my 5 skills, I can use a sword with no problem, if done correctly, I can take you down and come out victorious. Now let us focus on the buttons of 6-0: Button 6: Healing, as it has already been said. Button 7-9: Utilities, I will go into details later 0 button: Your Elite Skill, a Warrior for example can charge up his adrenaline, when it is full, you can use your skill 0, which will do more damage than the others, obviously. Utilities: Each profession has utilities that will be earned as you play, an engineer at level 65 has nine different utilities, one being a flamethrower, or when I activate this utility, all my skills on the skill bar will change, and I will get a flamethrower. If in doubt, check the skill tool at the end of the post, which will let you select your character's abilities. Professions: Elementalist: An academic profession, focusing on magic based damage and classical elements. The Mechanics of the elemental characteristics are "synchronizationsâ€. Using the buttons F1 through F4 will change the element you are currently using, which itself will change depending on the weapon you're using. Ground focuses on defense skills, fire focus on AoE damage, Water focuses on healing and traps and air focuses on dealing damage to single targets. Main Hand: Dagger, staff and staff. Off-Hand: Dagger and Focus. Trait paths: Arcane (resistance, vitality, precision and power) and there is a trait line for each element that can be used. Warrior: A professional soldier. Uses fine arms and long distance with ranged weapons being more focused on various types of direct damage, and melee weapons covering a variety of roles. You can also use shouts, stances and banners, which give extra attributes (buffs) for his allies and himself. Your adrenaline is mechanical only, which accumulates as you attack, increasing the damage of skills, and providing a special ability when it is high enough. Two hands: Hammer (AoE + CC), Greatsword (AoE + Leap), Longbow (AoE fire damage), Rifle. Main Hand: Mace (Stun + Debuff) Sword (Leap + Bleeds), Axe (Greater adrenaline) Off-Hand: Shields Paths Traits: Power (improvements in vitality, reduction and improvements in stun time) and Tactics (defensive buffs, such as improvements in armor, faster exchange of wwapon, and longer AoE buffs. Archer: An adventurous profession. You can use a variety of melee weapons and ranged weapons with which covers a variety of roles and skills being melee focused around rapid movement and defense. You can also use traps and spirits to defend the region, or the influence of an area. Only its mechanics is based on animal companions, which can be equipped with a number of different skills for different functions depending on the type of pet. Paths Traits: Wilderness Survival (Strength, vitality, precision and power improved) and Beast Mastery (Buffs for your pet, such as running speed, reload time and regeneration of HP) Two hands: Greatsword, Longbow, Shortbow. Main Hand: Axe and Sword. Off-Hand: Axe, dagger, Warhorn and torch. Necromancer: A scholar profession, based on the manipulation of death. It has a range of skills to steal life, summon minions, and a variety of support skills, and some that give direct damage. His unique is the original Life Force, which accumulates as deaths occur near the necromancer. Life force is used to sustain a state of "certain death", that exchanges part of the skill bar of the necromancer, the Necromancer Health Points become Life Force. Paths traits: Soul reaper (improvements in power, precision and resistance), Rituals of Blood (regeneration, increases damage of sacrifices and lowers the duration of conditions) and Minion Mastery (More minions, stronger minions, etc.). Two hands: Rod Main Hand: Staff, axe and dagger. Off-Hand: Focus, warhorn and dagger. Guardian: The second soldier profession. Uses Virtue (virtue) (divided into three categories: Courage, Determination and Justice) to aid allies in battle, or use their own skills and passive skills. You can also create areas that prevent the enemy to get closer, areas to heal allies and damage his enemies at the same time. Paths Traits: Honor (improves power, endurance, strength and vitality) and Value (Reduces skill recharge of Virtue, lowers the duration of debuffs and gives special effects) Two hands: Mace, sword and stick. Main Hand: Mace, sword and staff. Off-Hand: Focus, shield and torch. Thief: An adventurous profession. You can use both distance and meele wepons. Uses shadow stepping, traps and invisibility in combat. The thief is based on iniciative, rather than having cooldowns (recharge time of skills), which will consume them as using skills, and recharges once per second. The thief can also steal an item from an enemy or scenario and use it as an improvised weapon, which has been said that it is important to play as a Thief, because it gives you one skill, depending on which weapon you steal. Main Hand: Dagger, pistol, sword, shortbow. Off-Hand: Dagger and pistol. Engineer: An adventurous profession. Uses weapons, both handguns and rifles, as well as a series of technological accessories for the attack, healing and control. They can place towers (Sentries) on the battlefield, equip kits that allow them to use mines, grenades, tools and medicines, and equip new weapons in their hands using kits weapons like flamethrower or even guns. Just like the Archer, the engineer can also set traps on the floor. Paths traits: Inventions (improves power, endurance, strength and vitality), Explosives (Improves damage with explosives), Gadgets (Improves damage with gadgets) and Turrets (Improves damage with turrets) Two hands: Rifle Main Hand: Pistol Off-Hand: Pistol and shield. Mesmer: It is an academic profession that uses illusions and mind control. Mesmers can confuse your enemies with damage to clone and Phantasms, shattering these illusions when least expected to leave the enemy confused. Each type of break illusions give a different effect, which is Mind Wrack (AoE damage where the illusion was destroyed), Cry of Frustration (confuses nearby enemies), Diversion (Applies to stun nearby enemies), and Reflection (Gives the same barrier that reflects projectiles). It has already been tipped to be the class more difficult and complex to use. Two hands: Staff and Greatsword. Main Hand: Sword and scepter. Off-Hand: Focus, pistol, wand, sword and torch. Races (I tried to keep as simple as possible, not to take all the time): Asura: The Asura are a small breed, large ears that were forced to go to the surface by the increased threat of Destroyer. They are the creators and controllers of Golems and the Asura Gates. They have little respect for other races, seeing themselves better than others because of his intellect. Charr: The feline Charr are a race of savage creatures that once dominated the eastern side of the Mountains Shiverpeak. They fought all they could - including themselves. Eventually, the Charr have come together under a single leader, the Khan-Ur. The Charr have been in war with the Humans for a long time now. Human: Human beings are the species most spread and influential in the world of Tyria. They are scattered all over the world of Tyria, including Cantha and Elona, although it is implied that they live further south than Cantha, which is where they may have originated. Wherever they originated, humans are not native to this world, they were brought into the world of Tyria by the Six Gods of Tyria. Norn: The Norn are a race with a highly independent company focused on hunting, while maintaining strength and dexterity in combat above all else. For a Norn, the greatest shame is not to die in battle, like Vikings, as well as not having the tale of his life, especially death, told to others. Due to their independence, the Norn are hardly seen in large groups, with the exception of holidays, the big cities or large group games. Sylvari: They’re are a young and curious race of humanoids, which are born from the tree called the Pale Tree that was planted by Ronan, a soldier who lost his army, and was looking for them. Ronan found the seeds, and he got intrigued because he did not know them, and decided to plant them, the tree, grown a little, it was found by a Centaur named Ventari, who took care of the tree because he didn’t know it as well. All this led to the first sylvari born and the race to start. Professions: Weaponsmith: Creates weapons such as swords, axes and hammers. Hunter: Creates weapons such as bows and guns, and torches and loud. Maker: Creates craft magical weapons as staves and scepters. Armorsmith: Creates pieces of heavy armor. Leatherworker: Creates medium armor pieces, using Leather. Tailor: Creates pieces of light armor. Jewelsmith: Creates jewelry such as rings and necklaces. Cook: Prepares food for the characters eat that can give you bonuses in battle, extra attributes, etc.. Player Vs. Player: There will be two types of PvP available in Guild Wars 2, World PvP (World PvP) PvP and Structured (Structured PvP). World PvP (WvWvW): World PvP will allow you to play characters of any level, using the skills you have in your possession at that particular moment. The difference in level will be tempered by a leveling system designed to provide a connection point between your character in the real world and WvWvW. It will be in a much larger scale than the original Guild Wars great battles that take place over a long period with people coming and going. The battle has been compared to an RTS and will have a number of different objectives that can be met, such as taking guard towers or defending points, or participate in a larger battle to make a castle. To try to explain it is like if you come on a different server, where nothing is equal to the PvE server, and all the players connected to that server to fight each other to achieve a goal. The goals you win in this mode will affect PvE server one way or another, such as improved drop rates, increased regeneration of HP and other bonuses. Structured PvP: Structured PvP is similar to GvG (Guild vs. Guild) Guild Wars and similar to the original World of Warcraft Battlegrounds, when entering the Structured PvP, it puts you on hold and you expects the number of players required for the game, when everything starts, you enter the map not with your armor and weapon you use in PvE, but with armor equal level for all players and all possible weapons for your class to use then you build your character there, with all the skils unlocked with no problems, it has been said that you can level only in PvP, you don`t even need to do PvE if you don`t want. The map revealed so far are three points to be captured, with catapults around the map, the player can use to gain advantage over a point , not to mention the scenery is destructible. Dynamic Events: Guild Wars 2 will use a very different system of quests. Instead of just using the standard green exclamation point above the head of an NPC to mark a possible misson, Guild Wars 2 will use a new system. In this system, events will occur with or without the presence of the player, and if a player happens to be present at the event, then the player can complete the event, participating in it, and the result of the event changes his story and the history of world, it may lead to a much larger chain of events leading to waking up a sleeping evil and destroy an entire city, or you are greeted by the family who helped you and this family became very close friend, etc.. Three examples are provided to illustrate how this system can work. The first example shows the arrival of a dragon near a particular city or town. Players in the vicinity of that city or village may choose to fight the dragon. If successful, the dragon can fly away or die, and the players involved are rewarded by the village elder, if the players fail, the dragon destroys a vital bridge to the village. At that time, the villagers try to build a new bridge, and players can help them by cutting a group of thugs who see the opportunity to attack. In the second example, if a player passes near a garrison when a reconnaissance team returns, they can hear the warning that a group of centaurs with the intent to destroy the garrison is coming. Players can then participate in the defense of the garrison attacking the centaurs. If players are successful, the garrison can ask them to participate in a counterattack. If they are unsuccessful, or if they were in garrison in time to save the garrison, they can join other soldiers from a nearby town trying to recapture the trim, or just let it go and that garrison is unoccupied or controlled by the centaurs. The third example involves a player walking down a familiar road, but this time they spot a caravan traveling along the road. They can choose to travel with the caravan, and defend it from roving bandits, or not. These events may overlap. For example, you will be asked to escort the caravan to the garrison. But when you arrive you discover that the trim is being attacked by centaurs. The two events may have nothing to do with each other, but in order to receive the rewards to escort the caravan, you would have to trim away the centaurs, resulting in what you are doing two events at once. The game also does not give you a single goal, if you have to help rebuild a city, you can pick up objects from the floor, build a wall, or just kill the rats that are pestering workers, which leaves the game Additional non-linearity. Cross-Profession combos: Another system that makes PvP much more interesting is the combos. Classes can combine skills to make another one and giving allies buffs, or giving enemies debuffs, or extra damage. Give an example based on ArenaNet's changelog: 1: An elementalist freezes the ground, creating an area that gives damage to enemies 2: A Warrior stomps the ground 3: The result is that the Elementalist’s ability goes away, but the whole party gets a buff that increases ice resistance. Arena net image: http://www.arena.net...ssion-combo.jpg Underwater Gameplay: Developers say that the creation of the underwater continents is one thing that is delaying the game. The teaser trailer shows scenes of an underwater area with creatures and players swimming. The developers claim that the ability to breathe underwater is allocated through a respirator put on your face. A standard respirator will be given to the player, but other versions can be obtained. The game mechanics also change when you are underwater. Usually the Guardian's ability to create a ring on the floor and heal allies while giving damage to enemies, now make a drum, creating an area in 3D has the same effect. His ability to escape will also change, doubling the directions you can go, increasing the strategy you have to take during a fight. Imagine a World PvP fight underwater and tell me if it is not exciting. Classes will also have unique weapons that can only be used underwater, later on I will be adding them. Source: http://wiki.guildwar...ki/Guild_Wars_2 http://en.wikipedia....ki/Guild_Wars_2 http://www.guildwars2.com/en/ I`ve originally wrote this post to a fighting games community, they asked me, so I wrote It in Portuguese, my main language, then I used Babylon to translate the post, saving me some time, please point out any typos or mistakes. Videos: PvE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ttfOuxB6Gc Charr Warrior Pt.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnVGEYGE8hs Charr Warrior Pt.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfE_Xu9H1Bw sylvari Necromancer Pt 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83_Ei14H6Ag sylvari Necromancer Pt.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-healkDctCw Asura Guardian Pt.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWAlT8XpGG4 Asura Guardian Pt.2 PvP (lvl 65): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJC28DUQcZn Norn Thief http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8rv7_JD5Ic Norn Elementalist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvHV7HB2BDc Ranger Norn and Asura Engineer Gameplay removed from Gamescom, recorded and narrated by TotalBiscuit.(Http://www.youtube.com/TotalHalibut) If you want to go into detail about something, or have questions, send me a message through the forum to exchange contact information.
  3. We don't know it yet, but there are multiple ways to become stealthed, so there is no problem, go to the skill tool, select Two daggers, you'll see it.
  4. With the latest patch, backstab has been changed, so it can only be done on stealth, steath will be the key for the thief, they are planning this since a long time ago and i think they made it.
  5. I've just created this thread here to show the avatar i made, i luckily found a .png image of a Thief with no background, so i made this. Hope everyone likes it.
  6. I went and rewatched some Sylvari Necromancer gameplay, and it's ok i guess, they look pretty cool, even in combat, i kinda like it.
  7. Here you can post gameplay that explains a little bit how the professions are gonna work, to introduce some people to that professions' mechanics. PvE: PvP ( Level around 65): Gameplay above was done by TotalBiscuit ( http://www.youtube.com/totalhalibut ) and it's from Gamescom, if anyone has newer gameplay, post here please.
  8. I've checked on Gw2fans.com, on the forums they said that in PvP, all the hitboxes are the same, and i'm preety sure the speeds are the same too, so i went with Sylvari Thief, cause they look more awesome than Human I've built my Skill tree already, but since i don't have much understanding about the stats in-game, i didn't know if i should put traits in Power, precision or toughness, i got confused lol
  9. So.. thief is a class that relies on mobility, agility, and all that, so i automatically excluded Charr, Norn and Asura. Which left me with Sylvari or Human... On Sylvari i really liked Grasping Roots, which lets me immobilize an enemy, but on Human i haven't seen so many good Racial Skills, and i don't know if there's any mobility changes between the two. Can you help Me? D:
  10. I'm new to the Guild Wars world, but I have studied quite a lot about the background and about the gameplay because I'm so excited to play. I'm actually from Brazil, but I speak English fluently since 13 years old, now i'm 16yo. Hope i meet a lot of cool people here and in-game.