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  2. Thank you for the quote ^^ I am very glad to hear this xD
  3. World vs World sounds great to me.I heard you can do the low lvl quests again.Even if your max lvl.Another cool thing!
  4. Mhmm most longevive profession in the game.Such a weird and amazing profession in the same time.Sounds very cool to control the undead.Or to suck life force from your foe.I will have to be very careful when I will fight with a Necro ^^
  5. And is the Holiday time too ^^ Want to see more people who want to talk about this super game. xD
  6. Why there is almoust no activity on those forums?Would like to see more people interested in Guild Wars 2
  7. One of the hardest profession to target because they go stealth almoust all the time xD I wanna see an elementalist vs a thief in both-pvp and pve.I personally preffer the elementalist,but the stealth is great too.
  8. I love animals and nature.I would love to have different kinds of pets to help me in battle.I think this is best profession at long range.But at close combat does not seem so great.Is more a kite class I think.Hit and run or stay at distance.Anyway a very interesting profession.
  9. Thank you for the useful links!I was wondering after you get max lvl what is left to do ?Because in a lot of MMO's after getting to max lvl all you could do was PVP.Which is getting boring after a while.I hope they have some plans for max lvl.Not only to wait for the next lvl cap.
  10. I will start with a human because was my first race in all MMO's that I played.And the main town looks great to me.I want to defend it ^^
  11. Wonder if they will decrease the cooldown for stealth too.What about the steal skill?How usefull it is?The damage is worth it?
  12. Anyway I am sure that I need to change my PC if I want to play this game.My PC is from 2007.Very bad graphics card.I want to play it at MAX settings xD
  13. This Rogue type profession has a lot of stealth skills.Or related to stealth.I think is more PVP built.In all other games I played rogues-assassins were pvp machines.Thief is a great profession for people who like to hyde or to make a plan before attacking.I personally like the Elementalist the most but I may try the Thief too.Attacking in the invisible mode sounds so great!
  14. Does anybody know the system requirements for Guild Wars 2?Or when are going to be published?Have a wonderful day ^^
  15. I would vote for Human.Will be my first race anyway Human Elementalist sounds great to me.