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    The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution! Pre-register for "Blade&Soul Revolution" now!
  2. Aura Kingdom 2 Guild War Preparation Phase Guild War Preparation phase can be accessed from 00:00 - 20:59 server time, by going to Guild Interface. Tap on the Preparation button Select the Guild War Skill that you want to upgrade Upgrade the Guild War Skill either with Gold or Blue Diamond Guild War Map to follow*
  3. Guild War Update We know many of you have been waiting for Guild War since AK2 released! Good news here, you don't need to wait anymore! The Guild War system will be updated in the game after the maintenance tomorrow!! Before Guild War is up tomorrow, let's take a lesson of the interesting system together! Guild War is divided into 4 phases: Registration Matchmaking, Preparation and Battle Registration Guild War is a seasonal competition, Guild Leader can register in registration day. (every Mon. Wed. Fri.) Guild War day is every Tue. Thur. Sat. night. Registration lasts a season.(28 days a season) Matchmaking The system will match guild with similar ranking. When matchmaking finished, you can see enemy guild’s information. Preparation There are two keeps, Western Keep and Eastern Keep, each keep contains two skills. W & E At preparation phase, guild leader can swap <keep skills> by clicking the keep. Some keep skills need certain guild level to unlock. Guild members can fortify keep skills, each member has 3 fortification times. Keep skill level resets every Guild War. After finishing preparation, let’s enter battlefield! Battle The goal of Guild War is to destroy enemy keep. Battle Rule: Kill an enemy player gets 20 points, destroying enemy keep gets 2000 points. The first guild to get 4000 points wins! At the start of the battle, there will be 5 minutes preparation time, players can only move around in respawn area. Keep HP shows at the top right in game. Player can pick up Fortifying Resources to claim buff. Player can only claim one buff at a time. After preparation time, try to protect your keep, and destroy enemy’s keep! The maintenance will be arranged on 4/29(Wed.) 14:00~17:00 (GMT+8) tomorrow. Please do not log in to the game during this time. We wish you all the best and see you soon! SOURCE
  4. Best Eidolon for Defense, All Stats, Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for Defense, Recovery, Damage & Speed Best Eidolon for Full Defense & Recovery Best Eidolon for High Defense, High Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for High Defense, Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for High Defense, Recovery & Full Stats Best Eidolon for Super High Defense & Recovery Best Eidolon for Super High Evasion, Defense and Recovery Credits to ReiKit伈杰
  5. Here there be Monsters... Darkness Falls May 16th! Prepare and bring your strongest team to a ranked PvP Tournament hosted during the month by your local silph league community. Only non-banned species with at least one typing of Psychic, Dark, or Fighting! Restricted This Cup: Legendaries, Mythicals, Medicham, & Sableye! WHEN: May 16, 2019, 1:30 PM WHERE: Tim Hortons, 678 Kennedy Rd., Scarborough, ON M1K 2B5 SIGNUP HERE: https://silph.gg/t/zzqp *Date, Time & Locations are subject to change In-game Search String for Nightmare Cup Cp-1500&!302&!308&!legendary&!mythical&psychic,dark,fighting Helpful links in building your teams: PvPoke Pokebattler
  6. PREPARE FOR Battle! Dragonfire & Cold Steel will Collide in Combat. Bring your team of 6 and prove you’re the very best! only pokemon with at least one typing of fire, ICE, dragon, or steel. Ranked PVP Tournament hosted during the month by your local silph league community. Competing in the monthly cup contributes to your local & global player rank in the arena. Maximum 1,500 CP. All moves are permitted but TMs are off-limits once the tournament has begun! WHEN: April 16, 2019, 1:30 PM WHERE: Tim Hortons, 678 Kennedy Rd., Scarborough, ON M1K 2B5 SIGNUP HERE: https://silph.gg/t/jrc7 *Date, Time & Locations are subject to change.
  7. Hello everyone, greetings from the "Division 2 secrets"-Discord! A community dedicated to solving all the riddles in The Division 2. We're at almost 1.000 member now and got around 400 within the last few days. Props to our whole community, you guys are absolutely dedicated, some of us having slept just around 10 hours within the last days. Special props to "One.XP" (uPlay / Discord) and "QuagmireParty" (Discord) for having the final ideas to the solution of this riddle. Here's the riddle, once again: AGRARIAN TRUCKS SIGNAL THE RIGHT PLACE A WRONG TURN THEYLL PUMP THE BREAKS ONE F(OR?) ONE AIM WELL BREAK THE GLASS A GREAT REWARD AWAITS YOUR ASS Now what you have to do: Go to this location (east of Washington Monument, sout-east of the white house): https://i.imgur.com/uqEUuoE.jpg There will be a truck, climb it and look at the front of the building with the windows. You have to shoot them in the following order: https://i.imgur.com/bPuHQvs.jpg IMPORTANT: If you miss a window, relog and start again. This will spawn another hunter to your right. He will drop the 7th ivory key. That's it! This works during day and night. Now we just have to solve the last riddle "Unite" (the one from the Washington monument). If you want to help us, join our discord! https://discord.gg/T6h2dEJ Happy hunting! All Ciphers: https://imgur.com/a/w03p1Ml SOURCE: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/b4zq4q/we_solved_the_next_riddle_ivory_key_78_awaits_you/
  8. What exactly is BP? BP is the short form of Battle Power, which is a numerical value assigned to how strong your character is. Contrary to belief, it is not how much damage you do, or how OP you are. Having a high BP doesn't automatically mean you are a very strong player, and you should always only take BP as a reference number rather than an actual skill. The biggest highlight would be for example in the case of Dragonware. BP only provides an indicator of the strength of the stats that are provided, but not how useful the stats are to you! If you are an Alchemist and the Dragonwares you obtain are for Engineers, or even worse, Warriors, both the stats and the skills' relative strength will be artificially added to your BP. A dragonware with smaller BP (Magical Strength) value with more relavant stats and skillset far surpasses the dragonware with higher BP but irrelevant stats. The same goes for Skills. You only have 5 active skill slots, 2 buff skill slots and 1 special skill slot. However, every skill that you upgrade increases BP, even though it is a skill you don't put on your skill bar. This artificial gain may seem tempting, but do know that this BP is actually "worthless". Thus, you want to avoid getting artificial BP, but actual combat stats to keep yourself relevant in the upper ranks. Attributes The first thing you want to look into when increasing your BP and gearing up are Attributes. This can be seen in the character menu. Opening the Attribute window brings up a ton of stats. For a first time RPG player, this WILL be daunting, but I will try to make it simpler for you. HP refers to hit points. This is the health you have on the top left of the bar. Raising this allows you to take more damage. Of course, the "you don't say" meme will come from you guys, but yeah. Of course, don't just rely on HP! There are other factors to take note of. Max Mana represents the amount of mana you have. For Dragon nest, this is COMPLETELY USELESS as for some odd reason you don't go below 99% mana. The devs of DN might as well remove this stat from the game lmao. Physical ATK increases the damage done with physical attacks. As Dragon Nest M is heavily simplified, as long as you are a class that uses generically uses physical damage, your magic damage will also somewhat scale off physical ATK (lolwut). Warriors, Archers and Assassins use Physical ATK. Magic ATK like its Physical counterpart increases damage done with magical attacks. I am not repeating what I just said above. Academics, Sorceresses and Clerics use Magic ATK. Physical and Magic DEFs are flat defence values that protect you from enemy attacks, based on their form of attacks. It is to note that all bosses in Dragon Nest can do both kinds of attacks, and it is somewhat intuitive of what attack is physical and what attack isn't. This has no effect on your damage output, but is necessary for survival in PvP, and for you to of course facetank some hits in Nests. These numbers I have mentioned above are calculated values based off your raw stats as well as your raw attributes as seen in Attribute 2. Unlike other games, you actually benefit somewhat from all stats. From some testing, it seems like the stat gains are similar to how the PC version of the game has handled their stats. I will just give a tl;dr. Strength (STR) increases Physical Damage, scaling the best on Warriors. It also increases Crit DMG of classes, scaling better with classes that innately use Strength. Agility (AGI) Increases Physical Damage as well, scaling the best on Archers. It also increases the Crit Strike rating on all classes, as well as Crit resist. Intelligence (INT) increases Magical Damage, scaling the best on Sorceress, followed by Academics and lastly Clerics. It also increases Crit DMG, scaling the best on classes which innately use Intelligence. Intelligence also gives a decent amount of magic defense. Vitality (VIT) is the defensive stat that raises physical defenses of ALL classes. It also raises HP. In the mobile version this may also increase the amount of Magic Def but I have not tested it yet. Attribute 3 indicates the bonus stats while Attribute 4 indicates the elemental bonus damage. As they are not fully supported as of pre-level 40, I am only going to explain stats that are commonly used now. Crit Strike is basically your crit chance stat. Don't think of 5000 Crit strike to be exactly 50.00% chance of critting: the actual percentage based on the stat is hidden. Crit Resist is basically what it says: the resistance of Crit Strikes. Similarly it is an arbitary value with no indicator of what the calculations work, but I can safely guess it is a subtraction calculation. Crit DMG increases the damage done through critical strikes. This is, as far as I know, additive to the base ATK amount before multiplying. Now you know what each stat does, you should roughly know what to focus on in each of your gears. If you don't, congratulations as you probably need to go back to elementary school. Jokes aside, let's see where you can get stats from. Gearing Up There are tons of ways to upgrade your gear, and you want to maximise the resources you have, more notably gold and dragon coins. If you have not checked my free-to-play Dragon Coin spending guide, do so. You are missing out by not doing it. The first step in gearing up is getting the gear itself! It is the simplest part of the puzzle: there are no second options yet and stats are forced on you, you can't change them and you have absolutely no reason to. The best gear in the game at the moment is the Manticore Set. There is absolutely no reason not to go for this set: you are farming Nests every day for this gear anyway. If you have just started though, you can consider getting the lower levelled Cerberus set. After getting the set, be sure to enter your closet to activate your Charisma bonus for free BP! These are permanent bonuses with decent stats so I don't see why not. Of course, just getting the gear will only net you a few thousand BP. You need to increase those stats! Enhance is the first step to upgrading your gear. Using Dragon Coins, you basically can enhance all gears all the way to +60 if you are a whale. It is also one of the simplest ways to increase BP: once you get an enhance, you will transfer that enhance to whatever equipment you will be using next! The recommended goal for all players as of this patch is to get all 10 pieces of equipment to +40. Of course, do them in staggered manners, as you get a stat bonus for every 5 levels your entire set reaches, as well as a weapon bonus for every 20 levels your entire set reaches. Refine is the process where you refine your gear to the best possible RNG stat. Using refine stones (found by clearing Abyss dungeons and other free currencies), you can reroll the stat to the highest possible one. Thankfully, your stats can't go below the previous refine, so spam it away! Typically, if you want to be efficient, get all the rolls to purple before focusing on maxing them. These rolls are bound on to the equipment, so you have to reroll each time you get a new piece of gear. Of course, you can get those materials from old sets back via the "return refine" function. Jades are add-ons to your gear. They increase a decent amount of stats and they are permanent increases, meaning as long as you have those jades equipped you get the stat. Jades can be removed at any point and placed on other equipment, so there is no reason not to equip them. Jades are obtained from Sky Arena and Dragon Expeditions if you don't want to spent a hefty amount of dragon coins on them. When upgrading Jades, do note that you need two of the same tier to go to the next, meaning you need 8 level 1 jades of the same type to upgrade a level 3 jade to 4. It is thus best to upgrade your jades across the board for cheap and efficient stat gains. Upgrade (only on minimum Manticore gear), uses Nest materials to increase the stats of the particular gear. The numbers are pretty huge, as you can only run Nest 3 times a day, and the only other way to obtain these materials are from buying from players in the Bazaar. Heraldries are basically bonus items attached to the Heraldry panel. Unlike Jades, they have at least 2 stats, with a chance of a 3rd stat if it comes from an A-rank or higher Plate. Due to them having more variety stats, it is wise to consider the stats you want to focus on. There are 8 stat Heraldry slots, and 8 skill Heraldry slots (this is not released yet). Plates can only be obtained from Boss Rush, although the A ranks are tradeable in the Bazaar. Like Gear, Heraldries are refineable with Heraldry Refine stones, buyable in the Glory shop. This can get very expensive gold wise due to the lower RNG cap. Dragon-ware is the latest addition on top of the Manticore set and equipment enhancement. These gems can ONLY be found in the Dragon soul content, as well as on the auctions (but it is never worth it to get dragon souls from Auctions). As I have mentioned at the start of this guide, it is best to find the dragon-ware that fits your class the most, and I will continue to emphasize this in my future guides. Costumes are the last item I want to focus in the Character tab, and that is because it is a low-stat gain per cost item. It doesn't matter if you look cute or dashing and whatnot if you do horrible in battles. If you are a complete free-to-play player like me, save up muiltiple costumes and glory points and get chess-set costumes. After that, focus on upgrading to New Campus set via the Combine Costume button on the Costume tab. New Campus has a 100% rate and it is very efficient for its cost. Until there is a more reliable way to get non-timelimited costumes for free, just work with what you have. BP gaining outside of character On top of these, there are also other ways to gain relevant stats. I will list them down so you will get some insight. Mounts give a very very small amount of stat gains for the BP given. It is wise to not focus on it. Fairies give a 1:1 exchange of BP. Whatever the stat fairies give, you get them as well! Fairies deserve a category of its own, but like Rory I am a little lazy. It is recommended to upgrade your fairies whenever you can. Cook exp items for them! Ascend and awaken them! This is especially true when you are using A rank and up fairies. Monikers are basically titles given when you hit a certain BP count. At higher stages you will need Battle or Palace medals. These titles are actually very good stat gains up till tier VI, where it starts to become a little expensive. Album consists of cards obtained via Continental Exploration. When you obtain a set, just press activate to get a permanent stat boost! These cards can only be reliably obtained via the Continental Exploration, which is recommended to be done daily. Guild Skills give you a handful of bonus stats by paying Guild Contribution. SOURCE
  9. The priority of spending Dragon Coins is to facilitate progression. While it may be tempting for you to save up dragon coins to buy that big item, be mindful that it is still better to use the dragon coins to progress faster, which in turn nets you more content. However, inefficient spending will not only not net you a good BP, and you will always find yourself lagging behind the rest as you are always lacking in dragon coins. You don't want that to happen if you aren't intending to spend money on the game. Item Location Cost Priority Reasoning Daily Nest Reset Nest 50DC/day Must do Nests are the primary way to earn materials for obtaining gear. Materials are gated by the runs you do, so it is necessary to reset the dungeon. Dark Boundary Entry Token (weekly limited) DC market 100 DC for 10 Must get After level 35 you want to spam Dark Boundary for Dragonware. At an amazing 75% off, you must be kidding me if you tell me you aren't getting this. Cerberus Nest Entry Ticket (Daily Limit) DC Market 60 DC for 2 Must get These are basically free Cerberus Nest Runs you can do every day to sell to the bazaar. Do Cerberus Hard and at the bare minimum you get 6 DC profit. Also, if you are lucky enough to get that gold chest, congrats you got yourself a huge chunk of free dragon coins. Buying out Manticore items for Upgrading Bazaar Varies Medium Upgrading Manticore equipment with Manticore items has been underrated. While the upgrade is not permanent (it will not transfer to the next tier), it gives stats equal to 2 or 3 enhances, for a lower cost. As such, if you are chasing BP for the level 40 content and for harder cerberus hell modes, it is a good option. Of course, this is not a priority if you don't wish to rush to the top as F2P; you can always wait for the materials themselves to lower in price, and buying Agates remain one of the more consistent and permanent ways of upgrading your character. Abyss Dungeon Reset Abyss Dungeon (20 + 30) DC/day Medium Abyss nets you a good amount of experience rate and materials for Nest equipment. However, it is not as efficient as doing 20 DC stamina resets, as such it is put lower in the priority list. Of course, still reset only once if you want to get materials. Green Agate (weekly limited) DC market 240DC for 40 High Most people underestimate the amount of BP obtained from enhancements. At a low 6 DC for the first 40, it is one of the higher priority items. Green Agate (unlimited) DC market 10 DC each Medium After getting the 40 cheaper Agates, it is not as efficient to buy the 10 DC ones. Get it if you have handful of DC in hand. Green Crystal (weekly limited) DC market 144 DC for 6 High Try to buy this every week till you have enough to surpass all your gear to 21. At a 40% off it is a very good deal. Green Crystal (unlimited) DC market 40 DC each Low-Medium Not very efficient without the 40% off. Blue Agate (weekly limited) DC market 21 DC each Medium-High Good to get if you want to rush to 30. Not very efficient otherwise (getting Green Agate to convert is still priority if you haven't bought it yet). Big Dark Boundary Pack (weekly limited) DC market 1600 for 8 (40 total runs) Medium This pack is honestly a little expensive, so it isn't very high priority, but do get this if you want to farm more dragonwares. Unlocking third attributes Rare Heraldries 120 DC at level 35 Low Honestly, it is okay to not use 3 stat rare heraldries as we aren't at a high level yet. Buying plates/heraldries Bazaar Varies Medium Again, not very necessary unless you want to have a very high BP. If it is quite affordable do go for it. Stamina Refresh Stamina Bar 20 DC for first few Medium This is a must get if you are nearing Level 32 (to hit the level seal faster), or trying to rush content. Avoid using more than 20 dc for refreshes as we have lunch and dinner rewards. Also get this if you need it for daily/weekly rewards. Gold Chest Benefit Tab 10 DC for 1 Only for Daily This is only really bought if you need extra points to complete your daily/weekly rewards. Pandora's Seed (weekly limited) DC market 40 each (400 for 10) Low It is a very high chance of getting items that are lower than 40 DC, so only buy them with disposable income. Battle/Palace Medals Bazaar Auction (Guild and World) Varies Medium Moniker is a decent stat boost. I recommend getting medals if they look affordable. Farm Home 500 DC for a plot Very Low Only viable for pay players as stealing crops from friends are more practical Rare Fairy Eggs Fairy 1980DC for 10 Low You get enough A rank fairies from daily eggs and events. Guild Sign In Guild 100 DC for 2000 Contri Medium-High Guild sign-ins are an underestimated way of obtaining Battle Medals faster. Typically if world boss medals stay low it isn't very high priority, but as people are beginning to snipe medals away, it becomes apparent to use contribution to buy battle medals as frequently as you can. After Moniker V Guild Sign In is less efficient however. SOURCE
  10. Dragon Coins are the second ingame currency in the game. Basically treat them as "free premium currency" as they are used to buy things not obtainable with gold. Dragon Coins are a very powerful tool, you can use them for resetting dungeons, buy items to enhance your character and whatnot! However, some players may find that it is a little difficult to earn Dragon Coins, and it is. As such, I am listing down the ways you can earn Dragon Coins so that you know if you missed something! Name Location Description Daily Activity Daily Button You can earn 50 Dragon Coins each day for obtaining 120 Activeness each day. Push to 150 Activeness and you unlock a Pandora Heart/Seed set where you can gamble to get the S rank items or even obtain some enchanting materials which would normally cost you the Dragon coins to! Arena Chest Daily Glory Shop 50 Glory Points each for a box, there is a chance to obtain Dragon coins in them! Not to shabby for 3 boxes you can get for just completing your Arena Daily! Ladder Tournament Arena You gain 200 Glory as well as 20 Dragon coins on the first match each day, regardless if you win or lose! This also allows you to get all your Arena boxes if you hate PvP so you only need to do this once! Battle of Heroes Daily Arena You get 400 Glory and 50 Dragon Coins for winning the first Battle of Heroes! From what I know, you can also get the reward if you are the losing MVP, but more testing is required. Battle of Heroes also has a chance of earning Pandora Seeds too! Guild Red Envelopes/Red Envelopes Guild Being in a guild means you can get Red Envelopes each day for free from 20:00-22:00 server time! However, that is not all. Players can give red envelopes whenever they hit key milestones in the game. The bigger the guild, the more red envelopes there are, and of course the more Dragon coins you will naturally get! Of course, You can be Kale and always get 1 DC from each envelope, but let's be honest who is that unlucky? Achievements Reward button Don't underestimate the amount of Dragon coins gained by just earning achievements in the game. After every milestone you get rewards. Friend Gifting Friend After earning 12 friendliness each day, you are eligible to send a gift to your friend for free. Similarly, they can send you a gift too! You can only pick up three gifts a day, and you have a chance to get up to 20 dragon coins in the pack. Of course, there are other items in the box that are worth dragon coins so even though you didn't actually get the dragon coins it is still worth opening. Ladder Milestones Arena You get a sizable amount of dragon coins when attaining each rank. This resets once every three weeks when the ratings reset, so take full advantage and climb! Weekly Battle of Heroes Arena You can get an additional 100 Dragon Coins from Battle of Heroes after your 10th victory each week. Arena Nest Arena Clearing the Arena Nest for the first time nets you the Arena Nest Pack, containing 20 Green Agates, 100 Dragon Coins and 1 Forging Stone World Boss World Boss(12:30-12:40 Server Time) You get 20 dragon coins for participating in the world boss each day as long as you are in the top 5000 of players. While it is actually not plausible to not be top 5000, don't just press auto attack once and leave it! The higher you get the more guild contribution you get, which allows you to earn other things. Horse Racing Daily Event(Mon/Wed 12:00) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! The higher you place, the more rewards you get. Riddle Party Daily Event(Tue/Thur 12:00) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! You get 15 DC for every question you answered the fastest correctly. Weekend Party Daily Event(Friday/Saturday/Sunday) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! You get 50 Dragon Coins on the first two runs you take. Win this for a Fairy Sweepstakes coupon! Guild Auction payout Guild Auction After every guild event, there will be a guild auction. Each guild member gets a portion of the proceeds when the auction is over, regardless if you have bidded on anything in the guild auction. Selling Cerberus items Bazaar/Cerberus Nest This is what I call spending money to earn more money! You can use 2 Cerberus Tickets (Obtainable for 30 DC) each day to obtain items to sell in the Bazaar! At best you can get the golden crate which gives you an unbound accessory piece to sell! At worst, you get a toothpick which still pretty much is bought for slightly above the cost you spent on the ticket. Note you should do this after you are working on the Manticore nest. Always use runs to benefit yourself before earning Dragon Coins. Bounty Run Nest Clear a bounty run (denoted "bounty" on the run itself) for a decent 5(?)-20 DC bonus. You get a nest bounty ticket every once in a while depending on your level. Banquet Home Complete Banquets for a sizable amount of dragon coins. This takes quite a bit of effort to complete, but I will assure that it is worth the effort. You can do up to 4 a week. SOURCE
  11. Guild Arena is one of our Guild's main focus in terms of guild events in Dragon Nest M. Teams will be led by SickSixtySix, Suejin & Gretz (Arranged according to Rounds) If you wanna join the event, reach out to any of these team leads few hours before the event for a chance to be considered. Slots still depends on the team's composition and/or needs. We'll do our best to accommodate and give chance to other members on a weekly rotation. Final Lineups will be announced by the team leads in the Guild Chat (FB Messenger) whenever it is available and/or few minutes before the event. *If you've been assigned to a team, please be ON TIME. Try to login 5-10 mins before the event (9PM). Random deployment will result into a WARNING. Guild Arena event will be filmed whenever possible so we'll remember if you have randomly deployed in a match. All members are asked to Cheer, Like & Share the matches whenever they are not in the lineup or currently on a fight. We highly advise that you test out your character in the Ladder first and see how you play against most of the classes. If you have any history of recent in-game disconnection or latency issues, it would be better to not register at all as it may highly affect our guild's performance or feel free to let the team lead know for consideration. For any questions or clarifications with Guild Arena, please reach out to our guild officers.
  12. We are hoping that you'll have discord on or before our second Territorial Fight this Sunday. You can join the Discord Channel by going to https://exitializ.com/discord After joining, you will be welcomed at the #general channel. Tap the Menu icon to see all the available channels for you. It will show you all the available channels and who's inside those channels. Feel free to join any channel that you want to join in depending on the event. When you've selected a channel. Simply tap on "Connect to Voice" You have the ability to change your nickname on the server and change it to your in-game name, if you haven't already. To do that, Tap the Menu icon beside the "EXITIALIZ" server name at the top. Then select "Change Nickname"
  13. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 6:00 AM Daily Reset 1:00 PM Daily Stamina (Lunch) 1:30 PM World Boss 7:00 PM Daily Stamina (Dinner) 8:30 PM Guild Boss Guild Boss Camp Party Guild Boss 9:00 PM Guild Red Envelope Guild Poker Sky Arena Guild Arena Guild Poker Guild Arena Territory Fight Clash of Mines
  14. FishingEureka.com - Featuring rods, reels, bait & tackle, tools and supplies for saltwater, freshwater, ice & fly-fishing.

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