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Status Updates posted by Rhaenyse

  1. Extremely Busy... >_

  2. Aftershock nnaman 8:41am >_

  3. Hi earthquake, I have an article to finish today, please stop... y u no leave? >_

  4. Sorry na Elle Diola Chii Latte ^_^ Labyu :3 Di na mauulit..basta di ka mo rin uulitin ha? :D

  5. Nood muna Last Episode ng Gumiho at Heartstrings habang wait sa GoDaddy >_

  6. Pit Senyor~ Mahabang lakaran...

  7. Claire McCusker Murray

  8. got a huge drop on my Mmosite payment... :(

  9. pumayat si Poi Poi >_

  10. jgh from SM Mall of Asia Yakimix w/ Elle Diola Neil Guiang Gian Carlo Tan Yao Bien Uy & Kristella Marie

  11. w/ Elle Diola / Chii Latte at Mactan-Cebu International Airport... Enjoying the quite fast Smart Bro WIFI for fwee... :D

  12. Change Facebook name to "No One" like people's statuses. :3

  13. Gutom na at di nanaman alam kung dadating ang hnhintay... >_

  14. El Gangcuangco Abulencia ngaun ko lang nabasa mga pinagpplurk mo.... XD Anu ba ung Guild Congress? XD

  15. Still on Guild Wars 2 Dev Chat

  16. My adobo for Dinner ^o^