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  1. Drunk Robots is an upcoming play-to-earn game awaited by many crypto enthusiasts. Launching in October, This game is constantly gaining more attention by players, and is gaining more popularity than ever. A seemingly cool game that hasn't been released yet, they have a website stating all the info and art players would be interested in checking out to know more about the game, and to follow any updates about it by the devs. The user interface of the website is well-designed. Its aesthetic highly reflects the vibe of the game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where there are no humans left, but only junky, scavenging, and drunk robots. Those robots are meant to party in groups in order to steal, rob and attack banks and properties, and this site is as dark as these robots can be. The texts are written in the kind of font that is used in typewriters, matching the machine concept of the robots. On this site, There are not so many animations that get annoying or disturbing, but they are mild and good enough to add a living touch to them. The pages of the website are designed in a user-friendly basis. All the components of it are easy for the visitors to use and understand, simple and all the information are stated clearly. It displays the characters, and some aspects of the game, revealing the art style of it. In addition to some hints of what the game is like and what players can do on it. To spark enthusiasm of the players awaiting, the site is full of stirring expressions, not to mention the fun and unique designed characters. There’s the logo of the game placed on top left, next to it you can see the buttons to the main pages of the site. On top right, they have icons, which are link buttons to their social networks, including Twitter and Discord. They have also added a link to a page in which you can read an AMA by BlockchainGameGang interviewing Vladimir, one of the co-founders of Drunk Robots, asking him various questions about the game. The first thing you notice when entering the first page is the logo in mild motion, and a catching, fun phrase below it. Second, they introduced the three options to the packages with their prices in BNB currency, with clear descriptions of each. It states a brief description of what the game is about and what are the main missions and undertakings in the game. There’s also a simple infographic that outlines the things that can be done in the world of the game. Finally, there is the roadmap, that lists the goals that the game developers are willing to achieve. For curious followers, the buttons on top of the site offer more info and details. One of them shows a page for the characters. And here comes the fun part! The robots are the main characters of the game. Each one has their own past and story, which reminds me of robot Overwatch heroes. There’s a specific page to introduce the characters. They all have their distinct personalities and abilities, with the artwork of each one. There is also a button labeled game details, which is linked to a page that dwells on further info about some aspects of the game such as farming, minigames, and gangs, etc. For the lore of the game, the history page narrates amazingly the story and details of the robots and their world, and that’s a rich resource for the nerd players. These pages clearly add a value to the website, as they make the future players of the game excited and hooked with the depth of the game’s world before it even comes out. Drunk Robots is still under development. However, the players surely need reliable sources for the information officially revealed by the developers. All they need before the game launches is to follow the social network of the game and to check the website.
  2. The age of DAOs and NFTs is here! Gamers must be ready to ride the waves because slots--for earning while playing--are limited! When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and its 7 billion inhabitants, many lost their jobs, while others started earning from home boatloads of dollars every day! The age of the internet has continued to provide job opportunities, expanded many industries, and connected millions of people with each other. Today, NFT games are making hundreds of thousands of people richer by the day. What is Exitializ? This competitive guild-turned gaming platform helps players get started with NFT. Exitializ aims to become one of the largest virtual economies on the web, in order to cater to the growing demand for NFT games. The DAO will serve as a safe haven for crypto gamers to trade NFT assets, explore new virtual worlds, and find scholarship managers. Exitializ is bound to create a cyberspace where everyone is equal and votation rights will be given to those who hold origin coins. This non-fungible token will be publicly offered on Pancake Swap by the end of 2021. The core members, the main founders of Exitializ, promote that by establishing a guild backed by blockchain technology, players can earn money safely within the confines of a multichannel virtual platform. By April 2022, organization-limited quests will be available to all members, regardless of rank or gaming experience. Even beginners can earn in-game inclusive currencies, like small love potions (SLPs). For the guild members, many ways to generate real-world money will be available. This includes breeding NFT assets, like Axies and DeFi pets, and converting high-grade loots to Ethereum. Exitializ, as a competitive guild and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is ready to enter the OpenSea marketplace, in order to accommodate more scholars in their expanding metaverse. The DAO aims to leverage NFT virtual realities for Axie enthusiasts and crypto gaming communities. To make this possible, Exitializ will sell and auction its Origin Coin. The proceeds will fund the next-generation Axie scholarships on the Exitializ network. Check out Exitializ' Collection on OpenSea How Much can NFT Players Earn? The average Axie Player earns $30 per day, while top players make $400 by playing for eight hours, as reported by CNBC. Last month, Forbes forecasted that this trend will likely continue for many more years to come. SLP, alone, experiences a 200 million daily trading volume. Every day, approximately 200 million dollars worth of SLPs are being exchanged for real-world money, into many currencies, including Philippine pesos and Euros. This is made possible by e-trading platforms and digital wallets, like Binance, Metamask, and TrustWallet. Work Opportunities in the Metaverse Today, games enable players to earn real money by doing what they love. Play-to-earn games could be the main source of income for aspiring scholars. The demand for non-fungible tokens is rising. As the demand increases, the prices of highly traded virtual assets, like Axies and Enjin coins, rise as well. For gamers residing in the Philippines and other developing countries, investing $700 or more for an Axie team is impossible. Becoming a scholar is their only way to enter the lucrative crypto industry. However, according to CoinDesk, only one would be chosen for every 1,500 applicants. Many are desiring to enter the industry, but the slots are limited. The same can be said in other virtual worlds backed by blockchain technology, including the universe of Splinterlands and the cyberspace for CryptoKitties. Decentralized autonomous organizations, like Exitializ, provide opportunities for aspirants. Exitializ connects players with managers, seamlessly. They are eager to help people who desire an improved quality of life but have been left out due to the fast-paced changes in the industry. How it Works The organization is willing to fund the baby steps of dedicated gamers desiring to earn by playing. With a profit-sharing agreement, known as a “scholarship,” and through a decentralized gaming platform, the DAO, Exitializ can make all of these possible. Being a free and profitable platform, Exitializ will not charge subscription fees and the profits will be distributed among the members. Set percentages will be allocated to the players, founders, and seed investors. In an automated scholarship program, the founders will serve as the scholarship managers. They will guide players and scholars through the ins and outs of NFT gaming. One of the primary goals of the DAO is to onboard as many dedicated Axie enthusiasts as possible. The players, on the one hand, will enter the world of NFT games and play--to earn money. A small percentage of their earnings will be shared with their managers and with the DAO. Like on the blockchain network, AI bots (powered by smart contracts) will automate the transactions for the scholarship program. Aside from the supervision of the managers, artificial intelligence will automate all processes from Axie lending to payment and asset conversion. Soon, players can start renting and earning NFT assets within the network. Exitializ aims to bring the benefits of the new, lucrative crypto industry to both gamers and investors worldwide. Check out Exitializ' Collection on OpenSea
  3. What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms? CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is a modular expansion to the original CryptoBlades game. It introduces the CryptoBlades universe to a persistent browser-based game (PBBG). A PBBG is similar to a 4x game in that it allows you to explore new territories, build your kingdom, exploit the land's resources, and wipe out your opponents. However, with CryptoBlades: Kingdoms, they've taken a different approach to PBBG gameplay by incorporating cryptocurrency. The World CryptoBlades: Kingdoms' universe will be 5000x5000 pixels in size, with 25 million claimable territory spots. A total of 400 "chunks" will be created by subdividing this enormous region into 50x50 chunks. Each game instance will have its own blockchain, however there may be several game instances spread across multiple blockchains. The game will be played on BSC, but there are plans to spread it to other platforms. Instead of standard tiles, the globe will be represented visually as hexes. A village or a dungeon can be found at each claimable territory node (or be empty). Stone, clay, and wood will be the three basic resources available to all villages. These funds are used to renovate and develop new structures, as well as to recruit troops. Resources There are three primary resources in CryptoBlades: Kingdoms: stone\swood\sclay These resources are used to create structures in a village and to assemble troops for that settlement. Silver is a secondary currency that is utilised for various features. Villages Players interact with the world of CBK through villages. Every player begins with exactly one village, which can be purchased from the market or created from scratch. Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 villages will be available. Tier 1 villages are generated at random and only appear when a player joins. Tier 2 villages allow the player to choose whatever chunk they want to spawn in (if it isn't too crowded right now), but their town will be placed at random in that chunk. Tier 3 towns will spawn when the world is formed, and only one will be placed in each piece at random. These settlements will begin with slightly higher initial resource levels and building levels. These villages will also have somewhat distinct aesthetics, as well as a star next to their name on the overworld, and will be referred to as "gold village[s]." Because chunks are balanced based on the number of settlements, no chunk may be overcrowded without affecting the rest of the planet. For example, if chunk 1 has 50 players and chunk 2 has 40, no new players can join chunk 1 until chunk 2 (and the rest of the world) approaches 50. There will be a 1,000,000 village initial offering (1/25th of the total supply). These are the only settlements that may be purchased, and they will be referred to as "original village[s]." These are the only settlements that can be sold on the open market. These villages may also be set on fire. Out of the 10000 pieces in the game, there are 100 villages each chunk that are randomly dispersed and can be purchased at first. When a missionary is sent to a land to take it over, a third form of settlement can be obtained. These communities have been "conquered," and they can be burned but not sold on the market. On the map, several empty villages will appear. These are barbarian villages, which means they exist solely to be attacked. They'll gradually accumulate resources throughout time. If a village is left unattended for more than two weeks, it is called abandoned. This is just ornamental, but knowing that the village isn't being guarded will entice many people to raid it for resources. Villages gather resources throughout time based on the level of generators in the village (Stone Mine, Clay Pit, Forest Camp). Every village has buildings that can be renovated. Each structure contributes to the growth of a village in its own way. Every hamlet has a score, which is determined by the number of buildings it has. The score is available to the public and can be used to measure a village's potential power. Buildings Villages can create and upgrade any buildings in this list. Every building will cost resources (stone, clay, wood) to upgrade. Buildings at any level increase the score of the village, allowing any player to get a general grasp of how strong a particular village is. Town Hall The town hall is the main building every village has. Here is where new building construction and upgrades are managed. To increase the level of a building, the Town Hall must be at least that level. If an upgrade is cancelled a proportional amount of resources will be returned back based on how long the upgrade takes, and how much time has been spent so far. The Town Hall can queue up to 2 building upgrades at a time. The Town Hall has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow the village to build higher levels for other buildings. Headquarters The Headquarters is where a player can go to view CryptoBlades heroes associated with their current player wallet. Here, their level can be viewed as well as any other useful information for CBK. The Headquarters has a max level of 1. Barracks The Barracks is where a player can view an army and recruit more units to it. Units have a recruitment time ranging from 5-30 seconds per unit, as well as a material cost. There are 5 units: Bruiser, Mage, Archer, Paladin, and Mercenary. More information about them can be found here. The number of units that can be recruited is capped by the level in the Farm. The Barracks has a max level of 10, and higher levels increase unit recruitment speed. Stone Mine The Stone Mine generates stone for the village. The Stone Mine has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more stone per hour. Clay Pit The Clay Pit generates clay for the village. The Clay Pit has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more clay per hour. Forest Camp The Forest Camp generates wood for the village. The Forest Camp has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more wood per hour. Church The Church is how the kingdom is expanded. Here, missionaries can be recruited - these units can be sent to lands near or far to claim them for a kingdom. Training a missionary takes a long time, however - 3 days. Once a missionary is recruited, it can be sent off to an unoccupied land to claim it. Beware, missionaries are slow! The missionary does not count towards the Farm unit cap. This building is unique in that only one can recruit at a time per wallet. The reason to have multiple would be to expand from different locations. Storehouse The Storehouse is where resources are stored. Resources are spent from the Storehouse as well. Upon filling the Storehouse, further resources gathered will be ignored. The Storehouse has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow for more storage space. Smithy The Smithy reduces the build time of other buildings, as well as buffing the offensive capabilities of units sent from this village. The Smithy has a max level of 6, and higher levels buff units and build time more. Rally Point The Rally Point is where players go to issue commands to their heroes and military units. Here, commands for attack or support actions can be issued. Attacks are sending units to another village to plunder resources and kill troops, whereas a support command bolsters another villages defenses. In the case of a support command, troops can be recalled any time at any time while they're at the destination village. Additionally, an order can always be canceled any order while it's in progress, but the units must spend the same amount of time they already have to come back. Farm The Farm limits how many military units can be recruited for a particular village. Upon reaching the cap, further recruitments will be paused temporarily. The Farm has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow for more military units to be recruited. Hidden Stash The Hidden Stash allows some resources to be kept when losing a combat as the defender. The Hidden Stash has a max level of 6, and higher levels allow for more resources to be kept. Wall The Wall buffs the defensive capabilities of stationed military units. The Wall has a max level of 6, and higher levels buff the defense of stationed military units in this village. Market The Market is used to trade resources with other villages. Resources (clay, stone, wood) can be listed on the Market, and can be bought from other players on the Market. The prices are be listed in KING. Villages must have built a Market to buy from the Market, and when buying from the Market, all resources go to that specific village.
  4. The "EXITIAL" Guild in Ragnarok Online Mobile (CN) just recently reached level 3! Thanks to the help from both our core members and those who just joined the family. To celebrate this achievement and to welcome our new members, we would like to announce our small guild event where we will be giving away VIP tickets to our active contributors. Mechanics: Member with the most guild contribution by a certain period of the event will win a 1-month VIP access. A random member will be drawn from all the guild contributors. Number of entries will be based on the number of contribution points. Event Period: TBA (2 VIP Tickets) The moment our Guild reaches level 4 Eligibility: Guild Leader and Majors including other alternate characters they have are not allowed to join. If you have questions regarding the event, feel free to ask here or in our Facebook group.
  5. We are giving away 10 Beta Keys for the upcoming Closed Beta this month for Revelation Online. If you'd like a chance to win one of the keys, reply to this thread and tell us what are you most excited about Revelation Online.. This giveaway will run through October 7, 2016 . Everyone eligible will enter a random draw and the winners will be announced and contacted shortly after. GOOD LUCK! BONUS ENTRY: Earn a Bonus Entry by joining on our Discord (https://discord.gg/es4dagr) channel and dropping a line at the #evelation channel. Disclaimer: Giveaway end date is subject to change depending on final closed beta dates.
  6. The Hot Springs Inn is widely known as a place where you can relax and upgrade easily. Not only can you get a massive amount of XP here, it is also a great place for players to chat with each other. BENEFITS TO BEING AFK AT THE HOT SPRINGS Players can use the Hot Springs to drink and easily earn massive amounts of Character XP. It's a fantastic way to level up for players who are more casual or don't have as much time as others. Not only this, but, since it is so popular with players, the Hot Springs has become an important social location inside the game. It's unique location also provides beautiful scenery for players to look at while they're chatting. BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE SCENERY At the Hot Springs Inn, the rich and peaceful music gives a feeling of serenity. The dense mist hangs over the pools to create an unbelievably relaxing atmosphere. The waterfalls help shape players like stones while also cleansing them of all their worldly filth. Fresh autumn leaves fall on the hot springs and create blooming ripples. Like a fine wine, the red creates a warming feeling. THE INNKEEPER IS A CIVET? The Hot Springs Inn was built as a place of rest by the Civets. They draw the hot water from the spiritual realm to give themselves a place to relax. For a Civet, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a drink of wine and then soaking in the hot springs. Sometimes they invite Human guests to enjoy the wine and chew the fat. One time, a guest fell into the ecstasy of the spring and broke through his training bottleneck to become a preacher. After word of this got out, people have been eager to cross the inn's threshold. Overwhelmed, the Civets tried to keep the guest numbers down by charging a substantial fee, but it was to no avail. In the end, all they could do was accept the bitter reality and share the hot springs with the Humans. However, they did find a new pleasure. They started transforming themselves into various forms and playing tricks on the Humans. They've even gone so far to steal Human clothes to embarrass unsuspecting guests. If you would like to spend a day at the Hot Springs Inn, sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
  7. Welcome back to the second part of our Revelation Online Design Concept. In this edition we cover characters, their growth, and the battle system. If you missed part one check it out here. ANOTHER SELF In the real world, sometimes standing out makes one feel embarrassed; in the game world, every player wants to create a unique image for themselves. Therefore, Revelation Online offers a complete character creation system. Players can select their appearance, body type, costume, accessories, headgear, and voice based on their own personal tastes. You can also select the colour, material, and patterns of their clothes. In addition, there are different styles of wings and mounts to choose from. This all allows you to be able to tell who that lady holding the umbrella on the Sulan Bridge is from over a hundred meters away and allows you to say to others: Look now, I shall defend that person with my life. Of course it's not enough to be unique in appearance only. For this, Revelation Online offers deep gameplay modes so that every player can find their own suitable way to grow. Whether you’re a scenery junkie, a monster slayer, a PVE explorer, or a duelist, you can find your own special way to play the game. In terms of battle, Revelation Online employs a basic new battle system. The objective is to allow every player have their own unique and irreplaceable role in the game. That way they will feel the accomplishment that is necessary for working in a team. Cooperation within a team is crucial during battle in Revelation Online; the game also incorporates action game elements to make every battle dependent on many variables; when this is combined with an equipment and skill system that features a high degree of freedom, every player can play to enhance their understanding of their chosen class. GROWTH AND COMPANIONSHIP Another special feature of MMOs is that they have an abundance of gameplay styles and point-earning systems. Revelation Online not only includes points from battles, but also provides a variety of other pursuits such as apparel, moves, ranks & titles, life skills and supplementary classes. Revelation Online also offers many styles of gameplay, which are designed to be exciting and challenging. A character's growth in Revelation Online is expressed in an intuitive and systematic way. For example, when a character gets new equipment or levels up they will have new visible effects. Players can clearly see that they are growing and take pride in it. Also, if your Grace level is high enough, the maids at the inn might pay more attention to you. We provide fairness in the game and want all players to be able to grow happily and freely in Revelation Online. The MMO world is a simulated world as well a realistic world. We make friends here, fall in love here and reach milestones that can inspire others. Tears don't come from frustration and failure, or injustice and suffering. They come from past experiences. They allow us to remember that it's not that hideous, realistic monster that does it, but the fact that we can laugh and take pictures even when our team is slain. Perhaps, growth in a game is fleeting, but it can move the player enough so that they remember it for years later. Growth and companionship is the most moving part of an MMO game. This concludes our Revelation Online’s basic design concepts. If you would like to experience this world for yourself sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
  8. Vanguards wield battle tactics inherited from the founder of their school, the mythical Yellow Emperor. With their powerful techniques honed through dedicated and arduous training, the Vanguards are valiant protectors with their divine spears and shields. Vanguards are the foremost melee class in Revelation Online. They are resolute in the face of danger and boast an impressive array of defensive abilities. PLATE ARMOR AND AN INDOMITABLE WILL With years of battle experience and dedicated training behind them, those worthy of the Vanguard mantle invariably develop great fortitude and the strength of giants. They are the bravest of all the classes. THE LEADER & PROTECTOR On the battlefield or in the wilderness, a Vanguard relies on their extreme survival abilities and control skills to give teammates opportunities to attack, defend a foothold or endure damage. Combat Style: Melee physical combat. A wall of steel, an unstoppable warrior. Difficulty: Vanguard battle tactics and combat rotations are intuitive and easy to learn. Class Advantages: A battle-hardened powerhouse that leads the charge against the mightiest foes and can easily endure long battles. Class Disadvantages: Vanguards lack stable attack abilities, so they are not as effective in day-to-day questing as other classes. Team Position: A formidable tank, protected by an enormous shield, the Vanguard leads the charge and protects teammates. Total Rating: Solo Duel ★★★★, Team Co-op ★★★★★, Levelling Speed ★★★, Difficulty ★★
  9. A Prehistoric Village The Hyphaeans are a mushroom race who emerged from under the massive Greatwood Baum. This lifeform, by far the largest in Nuanor, was more than a tree - its roots stretched for miles, forming dense networks of mycorrhizae with the Hyphaeans. These friendly fungi offered trace minerals from deep below the earth, while the Baum fueled their growth with its precious life force. It was a truly mutually beneficial relationship. Amanita Hamlet was formed through the eons from Hyphaean activity and is the largest Hyphaean colony. But these peaceful mushrooms lost their great patron during a battle with the demons of the Dark Progenitor. The Greatwood Baum was damaged from trunk to root, withering away and scattering to the horizon, now only a distant memory. The Hyphaeans are bound to Amanita Hamlet and harbor an unshakable faith that a new Greatwood Baum will someday rise. Antibiotics and Tall Tales The Hyphaeans are famous for two things: Their love of story-telling, and their pharmaceutical trade. Able to synthesize powerful antibacterial substances and enzymes, these beings have learned the value of their innate knowledge through trading with other races. Humans lap up a steady supply of potent antibiotics from the Hyphaeans, and many injured travelers have been pulled from the brink of death by Hyphaean cures. Hyphaeans live in sturdy houses formed in tree trunks or larger fungi. At the entrances to their homes one will find collections of catalysts, stabilizers and other medicinal materials. It almost looks like a massive-albeit chaotic-medicine factory. The air is redolent with spores, ethers and volatile gases. Humans, with their poor sense of smell, barely notice but keener races maintain their distance. The Lishiye - An Old Foe The tranquility of Amanita Hamlet masks a growing danger. The Leshiye, whom also descended from the Greatwood Baum but lacking their fungal counterparts’ eternal memory, resent the Hyphaeans’ sprawling colonies. The Leshiye have forgotten the ancient unity between plant and fungus, seeing the Hyphaeans as mere parasites. Some of the more extreme Leshiye believe it was the Hyphaeans who undid their mighty ancestor. These fast-growing plants are immune to the toxins of the Hyphaeans and have sought to drive them out of Amanita Hamlet for centuries. The Hyphaeans continue to rely on the humans as their natural allies to ward off the Leshiye incursions…
  10. Fully narrated, players will discover three massive cities and discover the unique inhabitants of Nuanor. Get a glimpse of the strongholds you can conquer with your guild, and see the bosses that lurk in the dungeons and the fierce ones that roam the world freely. http://bit.ly/2dVuKxC
  11. Revelation Online’s new website is host to everything you’d need from game information, community highlights, classes and world details, media libraries, developer updates, and much more! Take a minute to look around, add this page to your browser's bookmark, and be sure to come back often! While you’re here exploring the site, feel free to visit our About page to get detailed information related to Revelation Online. And don't be shy: Click on all the available buttons when you reach the "Games classes and Spells" section! Classe-preview
  12. Publisher My.com and developer NetEase are excited to release a brand new video for Revelation Online. Entirely composed of in-game footage, this new trailer shows Revelation Online’s seamless open world in one fly through. Following up the lore reveal which set the backstory to Nuanor, players can now see the diverse landscapes, ancient temple complexes and treacherous cliffs they can start to explore later this year. Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place. KEY FEATURES Experience the absolute freedom to explore a gorgeous, persistent open world. Discover hundreds of stunning locations with different settings and dynamically changing weather conditions Spread your wings and fly without any restrictions! Fly with your friends across the world and unleash the power of your wings in aerial combat! Enjoy hundreds of story driven adventures unfolding through spectacular cut scenes Participate in raids with challenging bosses for up to 20 players Join intense PVP battles in numerous modes with hundreds of players simultaneously Enjoy the wide variety of character customization and progression Develop relationships with new allies using advanced socialization systems Elaborate guild system with personalized guild fortresses and cross server guild battles
  13. NetEase and global publisher My.com are excited to announce that Revelation Online is preparing for its PC release in the West. Tremendously popular among MMO players, Revelation Online is developed by NetEase, the second largest gaming company in China and official operator of Blizzard Entertainment’s games in the region. “Ever since we first opened Revelation Online to the public, we have been overwhelmed by the requests from gamers all over the world to provide the experience to them,” said Tianlei Hu, Head of Pangu, NetEase development studio. “We feel privileged to have found a partner in My.Com to honor those requests. The game provides a stellar amount of quality content and we are convinced that players in the west will enjoy Revelation Online as much as our current players.” “Players can already register for Revelation’s Beta and we are working hard to start Closed Beta in the fall of this year,” said Yury Maslikov, Head of Publishing at My.Com’s office in Amsterdam. “We are localizing the game into German, French and English and we aim to provide local servers, quality customer support, local events and community management with dedicated teams. And we feel that an excellent game will thrive even more by enhancing game features to reflect expectations from players in the West. We are actively working together with the developer on implementing those features!” Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place. KEY FEATURES Experience the absolute freedom to explore a gorgeous, persistent open world. Discover hundreds of stunning locations with different settings and dynamically changing weather conditions Spread your wings and fly without any restrictions! Fly with your friends across the world and unleash the power of your wings in aerial combat! Enjoy hundreds of story driven adventures unfolding through spectacular cut scenes Participate in raids with challenging bosses for up to 20 players Join intense PVP battles in numerous modes with hundreds of players simultaneously Enjoy the wide variety of character customization and progression Develop relationships with new allies using advanced socialization systems Elaborate guild system with personalized guild fortresses and cross server guild battles For more information, ‘Like us’ on Facebook and follow the game’s development on Twitter @RevOnlineGame for all the latest developer updates and news.
  14. 1. Register for an account at https://zc.reg.163.com/regInitialized A. Enter your email. B. Enter your password. C. Re-enter password. D. Enter captcha. E. Enter your mobile number. IMPORTANT: Remember to click the blue line of text right below the mobile number input field to change to your Country's code BEFORE you enter your mobile number. F. Click the blue button to send the verification code to your mobile number. G. Input the verification code sent to your mobile number. H. Click the red button to register account. 2. Log in the game. 3. Select a server. We are on 金玉满堂 server. Download the game client at http://tianyu.163.com/download/?from=top It is recommended to use the HTTP download since Thunderbird download gives an extremely outdated client version. It is highly recommended to use a download accelerator such as IDM to speed up the download. Download all 8 parts and put them in the same folder. Note: DO NOT EXTRACT THE INDIVIDUAL FILES. After all 8 parts are downloaded, run pg-1.0.189.exe. This program will extract and install everything nicely for you, that's why you don't need to extract anything. After that is done, open the game and let it patch. If you face any problems during auto patching, you might want to check out the manual patch guide: http://einsofgaming.com/forums/index.php/topic,670.0.html SOURCE: EinsofGaming