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  1. Like most of the games I played, one of the important aspects that makes me excited about an upcoming MMO is the PvP itself. I'm more of a PvP type of player. I've played the Chinese version ( with an English patch ) and I loved the fast paced PvP. The only thing that would hinder me on the upcoming NA server would be my ping since I'm living in Asia region. The graphics and visuals are exceptionally great as well as the combat mechanism throughout the game. The movements feels smooth. Dodging is phenomenal. It feels like an upgraded version of Aion and Tera combined in one game. Flying is also one of the biggest factor that I love on this game since I like to explore throughout the game's continent. Thanks for this giveaway Exitializ! Hoping to play with you guys in the BETA if ever I'm lucky enough to win a key