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  1. Hi everyone ;p My name is Sai ;p Age, Country and Job I'm 18 years old almost 19. I'm from a small country which I know most of you have never heard which is called Bandar Seri Begawan which is in South East China. I know what your thinking, "Wtf is that country?" >.> My job is being a student which is very sleepy. Likes Hobbies - I love swimming which is my favourite sports cause being in underwater is very quiet which is nice. Also I cant live without music. I also like playing soccer and also playing online computer games. Food - I like almost anything Future I wish i can have a job which paid me to sleep if that were to happen i would certainly be happy ;p but if i would to have a real job i would really like to be a electrician or a mechanic cause i just love fixing stuff ;p I think that it. I hope i get along with you guys ;p Hope you are friendly with in the game ;p d(-.-)b