RobotEra: The New Project Sandbox and Decentraland Investors Are Focusing On

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RobotEra is producing enormous ripples in the industry as GameFi markets drain out. This week, as the chart structure breaks down, important GameFi assets have gone into free fall. 

The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA), two of the top GameFi projects, have terrified investors. Price movement appears to be heading toward a string of hammering red candles that would crash through the 200-day MA. MANA is currently down 26% from recent highs.

The previous time this occurred, right after FTX, MANA tanked to $0.40.T his probably represents the next level of support. SAND is also beginning to experience a series of lower lows.

Through the month of February, rising volatility finally took a clear turn to the downside. Price action should probably find support when it reaches $0.55 due to a -29% fall from SAND’s recent highs. Investors in GameFi appear to be swarming to an improbable GameFi presale as money exits MANA and SAND.

Introducing RobotEra

RobotEra is at the intersection of immersive sci-fi gaming and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. It is a fascinating new platform looking to change the GameFi status quo. The concept is easy to understand. 

Much time has passed, and P2E hasn’t produced exciting games. This has stifled growth in the GameFi industry. It is a formula for failure to put in-game profit maximization above user experience. It is unsuccessful.

The game must come first for Web3 to be widely adopted. And RobotEra aims to accomplish just that: a cyberpunk world where robot racing, robot combat, and droid strategy are commonplace. Players are introduced to a supercharged circuit of PVP and PVE challenges by RobotEra.

The game’s special customizing feature (drag and drop) opens up a world of possibilities. The decision is yours as to whether you want your robot to be cruel and rusty or elegant and sophisticated. The rules of the game are made to motivate players to flaunt their prowess and abilities. Global player connections are possible with the development of online communities at their core. There are designated community spaces where members can share their works and highlight challenge winners.

At the RobotEra NFT marketplace, community and customization collide. Custom NFT components can be designed, manufactured, and sold by players on the open market. As a result, there are chances to level up your robot and earn money as a robotic NFT designer.

HUGE NEWS #RobotEra Army, we have a new roadmap for the project 🔥

Take a look ⬇#NFT #NFTCommunity #P2E

— RobotEra (@robotera_io) February 2, 2023

Robotera Is Powered by Taro Token

TARO has an advantage over competitors as a GameFi innovation and not just serves as RobotEra’s blockchain infrastructure. However, it also presents a chance to enter a new ecosystem’s transactional settlement market early.

The TARO token is now moving quickly in presale round 1 at $0.020 USDT. As GameFi investors scramble to lock down MANA and SAND profits, Round 1 has now raised $863,421 in total. With the presale progressing so quickly, TARO is expected to enter round 2 of the presale very soon. The TARO price increase for the second presale round is 20%, or $0.025 USDT. Check out RobotEra if you’re prepared to profit from the growth of online gaming.

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