Scarlet Violet VGC Regulation E: The Teal Masks – Preliminary Impressions

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One of many options in newer essential collection Pokémon video games is a web based ladder that enables Trainers to compete in opposition to one another utilizing the identical format as official Pokémon Video Recreation Championships (VGC) tournaments. Scarlet and Violet's ruleset adjustments each few months with the intention to mirror updates to the sport and to maintain the competitors fascinating. The newest ruleset, titled Regulation E, made its debut on October 1st. Regulation E launched the entire new Pokémon that debuted within the Teal Masks DLC.

I not too long ago laddered to prime 1000 on the Scarlet and Violet ladder, a giant private aim I had for myself since I began taking part in VGC (I'm sorry I'm very pleased with this and have an amazing urge to share it).

I believed it might be enjoyable to go over what I've discovered over the primary two weeks of Regulation E and the way I went about constructing my workforce, in case anybody was enthusiastic about exploring the world of VGC. It may be a bit daunting at first, however a bit of information could make watching or taking part in VGC, both in sport or on the net simulator Showdown, a way more participating expertise.

I'm on no account a VGC professional. A lot of what I discovered got here from on-line instruments and content material creators. I believe its extra enjoyable to strategy it from a semi-casual perspective, as I'm not continuously operating calculations and accounting for each potential final result on the fly, however I've nonetheless been capable of compete at a decently excessive degree for an informal participant.

For a extra detailed breakdown of how VGC works, confer with this text on the World Championships right here. It touches upon a number of the fundamental mechanics of VGC, in addition to an outline of the rulesets.

Warning: this text could appear a bit overwhelming. My chaotic nerd mind typically can't assist however phrase dump just a little bit. I might encourage you to make use of the Desk of Contents that can assist you skip by the article as wanted. Nonetheless, in the event you're actually seeking to get into VGC, I might advocate studying into my ramblings a bit extra. Hopefully a few of it'll assist. With that being mentioned, let's dive into it!

This text comprises spoilers for the Scarlet Violet Teal Masks DLC

New Faces

The large buzz surrounding Regulation E is across the new Pokémon ready for use for the primary time. Many are returning to the collection for the primary time in Era 8, however there are a pair model new faces which can be shaking up the meta.

This part shall be just a little longer than the others resulting from these Pokémon making their debut. There shall be quite a lot of info dumped right here, however I promise the opposite sections gained't be as lengthy. With that being mentioned, let's have a look!


Kind: Grass, Grass / Water (Wellspring Masks Kind), Grass / Fireplace (Hearthflame Masks Kind), Grass / Rock (Cornerstone Masks Kind)

Talents: Defiant, Water Take up (Wellspring), Mould Breaker (Hearthflame), Sturdy (Cornerstone), Embody Side (Terastalized)

Frequent Objects: Wellspring Masks, Hearthflame Masks, Cornerstone Masks, Leftovers, Life Orb

Frequent Strikes: Ivy Cudgel, Horn Leech, Stomping Tantrum, Spiky Defend

Frequent Tera Varieties: Grass, Water, Fireplace, Rock

It appears fairly becoming that the mascot of the Teal Masks DLC is leaving its mark on its debut format. Ogerpon is the most recent addition to the roster of Legendary Pokémon, and it's an fascinating new participant for positive. Its base type is a pure Grass sort, but when it holds one in all its signature Masks objects, it provides a secondary typing similar to the Masks. Its base means adjustments together with the masks, in addition to the kind of its signature transfer Ivy Cudgel. When Ogerpon Terastalizes, its Tera Kind matches the kind of its masks as properly. Its means adjustments to Embody Side, which boosts a stat once more similar to its chosen Masks.

Of every of the kinds, I might say that the Hearthflame Kind is unquestionably the most typical of the 4. Its twin Grass / Fireplace typing may be very distinctive, with the kinds protecting most of the opposing sort's weaknesses. The stat boosted by Embody Side is its Assault stat, making it a threatening sweeper. Its base type's means, Mould Breaker, permits it to hit by Heatran's Flash Fireplace means, which might usually permit Heatran to wall Ogerpon.

Whereas much less widespread, Ogerpon's Teal Masks and Wellspring Masks kinds additionally see some play. Its Teal Masks type has the flexibility Defiant, which boosts its Assault stat by two phases at any time when it has a stat lowered, permitting it to counter any opponents with Intimidate. It additionally frees up its Merchandise slot because it doesn't want to carry a Masks, permitting for some extra various builds. Alternatively, the Wellspring Masks will help it play extra of a defensive function. Its Embody Side boosts its Particular Protection, which might pair properly with a few of Ogerpon's extra defensive choices for strikes. It has ok base Assault that it may well safely put money into its bulk whereas nonetheless outputting first rate injury. Its Cornerstone Masks type is noticeably much less used than its different kinds.

Ivy Cudgel is a 100% correct, 100 base energy transfer that doesn't make contact and has a excessive important hit likelihood, making it a staple on all Ogerpon builds. It will get entry to Spiky Defend, a greater model of Shield that damages opponents that make contact with it. There are just about no eventualities the place you wouldn't run Spiky Defend over Shield. Stomping Tantrum supplies good protection whereas Horn Leech supplies restoration whereas dealing injury.

Ogerpon can also be the one Grass sort to be taught Observe Me. Redirection is a key side of VGC, as you may defend your companion Pokémon from opposing assaults. Rage Powder is a way more widespread variation, particularly used on Pokémon like Amoonguss. Amoonguss was a risk due to its 100% correct Sleep-inducing transfer Spore. Spore doesn't have an effect on Grass sorts, so naturally you'd redirect it with a transfer like Rage Powder, proper? Sadly, Grass sorts can ignore Rage Powder, free to Spore their opponents round Rage Powder. Observe Me can't be ignored by Pokémon of any sort, however up till now, there have been no Grass sorts that might be taught it, so there was no solution to redirect Spore right into a Pokémon that was resistant to it. Ogerpon adjustments that, being the primary ever Pokémon to have the ability to redirect Spore.

Sorry for the lengthy winded nerdy data dump. Lengthy story brief, Ogerpon is superb, capable of do just about something, and groups shall be required to have some kind of reply for it.


Kind: Grass / Ghost

Talents: Hospitality, Heatproof

Frequent Objects: Focus Sash, Leftovers, Life Orb

Frequent Strikes: Matcha Gotcha, Shadow Ball, Rage Powder, Trick Room

Frequent Tera Varieties: Water, Fireplace

The brand new Convergent Pokémon Sinistcha is a relative of Polteageist, a Ghost sort from Galar that hasn't been launched in Pokémon GO but. This new type is impressed by the normal technique for getting ready Matcha with a straw whisk. Sinistcha's pre-evolution, Poltchageist, was teased previous to the DLC's launch, however I don't suppose anybody may have predicted the quantity of play this little man would see.

I believe Sinistcha's means is an efficient place to begin. Whereas Heatproof is unquestionably helpful, Hospitality is the go to Capacity for many builds. Upon switching in, Hospitality will heal Sinistcha's teammate by 25%. That is extraordinarily helpful in VGC, as that small quantity of therapeutic could make the distinction between your companion surviving an assault that may have KO'd it in any other case. That is particularly helpful on Pokémon that require some setup to get going. Moreover, this means can be utilized a number of instances all through the battle, so switching out Sinistcha permits for some therapeutic later within the sport.

Sinistcha's signature transfer, Matcha Gotcha, is surprisingly sturdy for a transfer with such a foolish identify. Matcha Gotcha is an 80 base energy Grass transfer that hits each opponents and heals Sinistcha primarily based on the quantity of injury dealt. It additionally has an opportunity to burn opponents. Its solely disadvantage is being 90% correct, however given how sturdy this transfer is, I might say the accuracy nerf is greater than balanced.

Attributable to it's nature as a help Pokémon, Sinistcha often takes on a extra defensive construct. It has first rate bulk stats that may be bolstered by EV's, and its base Particular Assault is excessive sufficient that it may well dish out first rate injury with none funding. It will get Rage Powder to once more help its arrange allies, in addition to Trick Room to assist flip the tables in sure conditions. Nonetheless, it may also be utilized as an offensive Pokémon. Investing into its already nice Particular Assault will help this little man hit fairly laborious. I received tousled fairly dangerous by a Life Orb variant, which was paired with Trick Room to assist tear by my workforce. Matcha Gotcha pairs properly with each varieties of builds, permitting you to heal and probably burn your opponents as you stall them out, or hitting laborious sufficient to heal sufficient HP again after taking a number of hits.

I'm excited to try to implement this Pokémon onto a Trick Room workforce a while quickly!

Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Kind: Floor / Regular

Talents: Thoughts's Eye

Frequent Objects: Throat Spray, Life Orb, Leftovers

Frequent Strikes: Blood Moon, Earth Energy, Hyper Voice, Calm Thoughts

Frequent Tera Varieties: Regular, Ghost

This was a stunning addition within the DLC to make certain. An Ursaluna that swam from Hisui to Kitakami in historical instances, this Ursaluna has undergone a metamorphosis empowered by the Blood Moon. It is ready to be encountered by a aspect quest within the DLC. However how does it examine to its extra acquainted counterpart?

For starters, Bloodmoon Ursaluna is sluggish, identical to its common type, that means that you'll equally discover it most helpful underneath Trick Room. Nonetheless, the 2 kinds differ in utilization resulting from Bloodmoon Ursaluna being a Particular Attacker, whereas its regular type is a Bodily Attacker. Its means, Thoughts's Eye, is a mix of the most effective facets of three current talents, being Scrappy, Eager Eye, and No Guard. It will probably hit Ghost sorts with Regular and Preventing strikes, can't have its Accuracy lowered, and its strikes ignore the goal's Evasion. Whereas regular Ursaluna depends on its means Guts to output its insane injury, meaning it's often restricted to utilizing the Flame Orb means to ensure the Burn standing is utilized. Bloodmoon Ursaluna has a bit extra flexibility in its merchandise decisions. From my expertise, Throat Spray was its merchandise of alternative, which is sensible given its widespread transfer decisions.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna's signature transfer, Blood Moon, is a particularly highly effective Regular sort transfer. It's 140 base energy with 100% accuracy, with the one caveat being it can't be used twice in a row. Nonetheless, in contrast to Hyper Beam, Ursaluna is free to make use of every other transfer or change out, moderately than being compelled to recharge. Nonetheless, whereas most Bloodmoon Ursaluna nonetheless run its signature transfer, that isn't the most typical Regular transfer I've confronted.

Hyper Voice is a 90 base energy, 100% correct Regular transfer that hits each opponents. It's categorised as a sound transfer, that means that it prompts the Throat Spray upon getting used. Throat Spray boosts the person's Particular Assault by one stage, that means Ursaluna can energy itself up just by attacking. It's means permits it to hit Ghost sorts, that means Hyper Voice is simply resisted by [stee] and Rock sorts, which it may well then hit with STAB Earth Energy. There may be some potential for setup with Calm Thoughts and Leftovers, however +1 Tera Regular Hyper Voice takes a lot much less to arrange and is equally if no more threatening.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna has been making waves in Regulation E. We'll see the way it stacks up in opposition to its regular type over time!


Kind: Fireplace (Kanto), Ice / Fairy (Alola)

Talents: Flash Fireplace, Drought (Kanto), Snow Cloak, Snow Warning (Alola)

Frequent Objects: Heavy Responsibility Boots, Eject Pack (Kanto), Mild Clay (Alola)

Frequent Strikes: Warmth Wave, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Serving to Hand (Kanto), Blizzard, Aurora Veil, Moonblast, Icy Wind (Alola)

Frequent Tera Varieties: Grass (Kanto), Water (Alola)

Whereas quite a lot of the returning Pokémon within the DLC have some good play, each Ninetales kinds have made a direct influence on the format resulting from their function as climate setters. Within the base sport of Scarlet and Violet, climate setters had been extraordinarily restricted, with there solely being one evolutionary line to characteristic the skills that set Solar, Rain, and Snow (though Rain is irrelevant for this dialog). Torkoal and Abomasnow had been the one Pokémon with the skills Drought and Snow Warning respectively, and whereas each of them aren't dangerous Pokémon by any means, Torkoal is fairly restricted to Trick Room and Abomasnow has horrible secondary typing and in addition isn't that quick. Each Ninetales kinds are capable of arrange the climate upon switching in and are quick sufficient to maneuver earlier than most opponents. Alolan Ninetales sees way more play, so we'll contact on Kanto Ninetales briefly first.

Ninetales has advantages over Torkoal in that it may well transfer earlier than a lot of its opponents, whereas Torkoal is extraordinarily sluggish and can typically take a success earlier than transferring. It will probably hit each opponents with solar boosted Warmth Wave, burn opponents with Will-O-Wisp, or use an Eject Pack to change out after the stat drop from utilizing Overheat with the intention to change in and set the solar again up later. Frequent companions for Ninetales are Hisuian Typhlosion, Flutter Mane, and Roaring Moon, because the Solar boosts Typhlosion's Eruption and prompts the Paradox Pokémon's Protosynthesis talents. Serving to Hand will help enhance its companion's injury output additional, however that is one thing that Torkoal with a defensive construct may also do. Whereas not dominant by any means, Kantonian Ninetales is unquestionably one of many extra outstanding returning Pokémon.

Alolan Ninetales was not directly buffed, since Scarlet and Violet changed the Hail climate with Snow. Whereas it doesn't deal passive injury to non-Ice sorts like Hail did, it passively boosts Ninetales's protection, serving to it do its job extra successfully. The most important factor that Ninetales has going for it's entry to Aurora Veil. This transfer is Replicate and Mild Display in a single transfer, however the caveat is that it should be Snowing to ensure that the transfer for use. Ninetales is quick sufficient that it may well get out earlier than many opponents and arrange Aurora Veil earlier than it takes injury, thus decreasing any incoming injury. This lasts for five turns, or 8 turns if Ninetales is holding the Mild Clay merchandise. As soon as that is arrange, Ninetales can hearth off Blizzards that may by no means miss, decrease the opponent's pace with Icy Wind, and extra. It pairs significantly properly with Iron Bundle, one other frail Ice sort that advantages from the defensive buff.

Each Ninetales are utility Pokémon which have the potential to do some first rate injury if left alone. For a lot of gamers, these two have turn into the go-to climate setters in Regulation E.


Kind: Water

Talents: Marvel Scale, Aggressive, Cute Attraction

Frequent Objects: Leftovers

Frequent Strikes: Scald, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Recuperate, Hypnosis, Coil

Frequent Tera Varieties: Dragon, Grass

Milotic is a fan favourite that has fortunately been made way more accessible since its debut in Hoenn. Milotic might not appear extraordinarily highly effective on paper, but it surely performs very otherwise than a lot of the Pokémon within the format. Milotic is supposed to be a cumbersome stall Pokémon. Most Trainers make investments totally on this bulk, which, when paired with Leftovers and Recuperate, could make Milotic extraordinarily troublesome to take away from the sector.

Milotic is likely one of the solely Pokémon in Era 9 to get entry to Scald, an 80 base energy Water transfer that has an opportunity to burn the goal. Many Water Pokémon misplaced their viability resulting from dropping this transfer that was a staple for therefore a few years. Scald won't ever be doing insane quantities of injury, however it's constant and the burn likelihood means you can not ignore Milotic. Icy Wind permits for some pace management, which once more means it may well't be ignored. There may be some fascinating stuff you are able to do with Coil and Hypnosis, boosting accuracy and spamming sleep, however this isn't as widespread.

Milotic is surging in viability not as a result of it alone is nice, however due to its matchup in opposition to one of many extra outstanding threats: Landorus-Therian. We'll contact upon this extra within the “Returning Favorites” part, however TLDR, Lando matches up extremely properly into Ogerpon due to its typing, movepool, and talent Intimidate. Nonetheless, Intimidate is the explanation Milotic matches up so properly into Landorus. Its means, Aggressive, boosts its Particular Assault stat by two phases at any time when any stat is lowered, so if Landorus and Milotic each begin the battle on the sector, Milotic may have a free +2 in Particular Assault. Pair that with a bodily defensive construct to assist survive Lando's assaults, in addition to Ice protection in both Ice Beam or Icy Wind, and Milotic's power is all of the sudden very obvious. A little bit of a spoiler, however Milotic was the piece that helped my workforce come collectively and begin discovering success!

The Loyal Three

That is extra of an honorable point out than a real entry. All three of this new sub-Legendary trio have entry to the signature means Poisonous Chain, which has an opportunity to poison the opponent with any attacking transfer. Sadly, this doesn't do a lot to spice up their viability, as it's largely as much as likelihood. All of them have hidden talents as properly, however solely Okidogi's is basically helpful. I might say essentially the most helpful is Fezandipiti, however none of them have shaken up the format just like the beforehand talked about Pokémon have.

Phew. Sorry, that was rather a lot. I promise the opposite sections gained't be as lengthy. Let's transfer on to the following part!

Previous Favorites

Whereas Regulation E launched quite a lot of new Pokémon, each different Pokémon that was authorized in its predecessor, Regulation D, remains to be ready for use. Whereas some Pokémon have actually fallen off in utilization, most of the staples of the format nonetheless stay. Listed here are some faces that I noticed frequently all through my Regulation E journey!

Landorus (Therian)

As talked about beforehand, Landorus-T matches up extraordinarily properly in opposition to Ogerpon, which is on nearly all of groups resulting from its novelty and power. Most are operating Tera [Flying] and Tera Blast, which might deal huge injury to most impartial targets. Lando was already highly effective, simply because it has been in each format it has been authorized in, however Ogerpon's introduction has precipitated a spike in its utilization in Regulation E.

Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane maintains its spot as essentially the most used Pokémon within the format as soon as once more. Whereas not as dominant as in Regulation D, it's simply as highly effective. Tera Fireplace is extra widespread resulting from Ogerpon's prevalence, however Tera Fairy remains to be extraordinarily lethal as properly. Once more, it's mainly assured that you'll struggle this factor sooner or later.

Iron Arms

Iron Arms once more is simply as viable because it was beforehand. It has now claimed the 2nd place spot in utilization, resulting from a sure Pokémon falling from grace a bit (scroll forward if you wish to know what that Pokémon is). It nonetheless hardly ever makes use of its Capacity Quark Drive, but it nonetheless terrorizes the meta. Tera Grass remains to be a superb alternative, however different Tera sorts have risen in relevance due to some new threats rising and previous threats fading out. Have enjoyable getting this factor off the sector…


Tornadus returns because the premiere Tailwind setting of the format. Combining this with its signature transfer Bleakwind Storm, alongside different nice supporting choices resembling Taunt, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, and extra, and Tornadus will help fill any area of interest help function your workforce might have.


Rillaboom has considerably returned to its former glory due to some new strikes introduced again within the DLC. Grassy Glide and Excessive Horsepower each returned within the DLC, giving Rillaboom again the instruments it used to dominate in Sword and Defend's aggressive scene. Grassy Glide has been nerfed, however Rillaboom can nonetheless make nice use of it paired with its Hidden Capacity Grassy Surge. Rillaboom is unquestionably up there for Pokémon that benefitted essentially the most from the DLC.


Heatran largely performs the identical function it performed in Regulation D. It has a fairly good matchup into Ogerpon, however most Ogerpon are operating Floor protection particularly for Heatran and Hisuian Arcanine. Tera Grass might appear to be the apparent reply, however Hearthflame Masks Ogerpon has Mould Breaker, permitting it to hit Heatran with hearth strikes by Flash Fireplace. Nonetheless, as soon as it Terastalizes, it loses Mould Breaker, so Tera Grass Heatran can wall Ogerpon in the fitting conditions.

Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle was by no means dangerous, per se, but it surely has undoubtedly seen a spike in utilization due to the introduction of Alolan Ninetales. Having the advantages of Snow plus Aurora Veil makes this speedy little robotic aa extra outstanding risk. It sill sadly has to depend on Hydro Pump as its solely viable Water STAB possibility, although.


Chien-Pao once more performs very equally to Regulation D. Tera Ghost, Focus Sash merchandise, Ice Spinner/Avalanche, Sucker Punch, Sacred Sword, Shield. It's means additionally advantages Ogerpon by serving to it take KO's due to lowered defenses. Not a lot else to say right here.



Equally to Chien-Pao, Chi-Yu is usually the identical. Undoubtedly a risk when paired with Flutter Mane. It additionally matches up positively in opposition to Ogerpon, so there's that as properly. Once more, not a lot to say.

Fallen From Grace

That is the place issues get fascinating. There aren't many entries right here, however the two which can be listed here are undoubtedly deserving. It's to not say that these Pokémon aren't usable anymore, however their viability has undoubtedly dropped from Regulation D to Regulation E.

Urshifu (Speedy Strikes)

Urshifu was one of the crucial potent threats in Regulation D. Its signature transfer, Surging Strikes, hits 3 instances and is assured to crit every time. Its Capacity, Unseen Fist, permits it to bypass Shield and different comparable strikes. This factor was a beast.

Urshifu-R has dropped from 42% utilization in Regulation D to 12% in Regulation E. Having the ability to deal impartial injury to Ogerpon at finest (earlier than Terastalizing) isn't nice, and it may be hit by STAB Grass strikes in return.

Urshifu is way from dangerous. It nonetheless does extraordinarily highly effective impartial injury to most targets. It merely isn't dominating the format prefer it used to, undoubtedly qualifying it as a fall from grace.


Amoonguss is the most important loser, dropping from 35% utilization in Regulation D to 11% in Regulation E. I already talked about a bit about why Amoonguss received worse in Ogerpon's part, however lengthy story brief, Ogerpon mainly invalidates Amoonguss, particularly the Hearthflame Kind. It additionally matches up poorly in opposition to Landorus-T, Tornadus, Rillaboom, Sinistcha, and lots of extra. Once more, it's removed from ineffective, however the meta has shifted, and Amoonguss undoubtedly received the brief finish of the stick.

Conclusion (kinda)

And there we've it! these are a number of the issues I picked up all through the previous two weeks taking part in Regulation E. That ought to be sufficient info to get you began in VGC, whether or not its taking part in casually or watching. Nonetheless, if you'd like a little bit of perception into workforce constructing, stick round for the following part!

The Staff

And now we've reached the workforce constructing part of the article. These 6 Pokémon are those I used to hit prime 1000 on the in sport ladder. I'm on no account a workforce constructing professional, however this workforce works surprisingly properly collectively. Their movesets and objects are listed beneath.

As you may see, energy creep is unquestionably actual in Regulation E. 4 of the Pokémon are Legendary, one is a Paradox Pokémon, and the Milotic is shiny simply to flex a bit. I'll go over how I picked sure workforce members.

Ogerpon (Hearthflame Masks)

I knew I needed to heart the workforce round Ogerpon, identical to nearly all of Trainers proper now. I initially began with the Teal Masks type, as I preferred having Defiant to assist deter opposing Pokémon with Intimidate. The overwhelming majority of Ogerpon are hyper offensive, with max Assault and Pace, so I needed to do one thing a bit completely different. Ogerpon has sturdy base Assault, so I gave it an Assault boosting Nature and invested the remainder of the EV's into its bulk. Moreover, I gave it Leech Seed, an unusual transfer alternative for positive. It helps me chip down bulkier Pokémon and pairs properly with Spiky Defend and the Leftovers merchandise. Nonetheless, I discovered the workforce to be missing in Fireplace protection. I switched out the Leftovers for the Hearthflame Masks. This enables me to nonetheless take KO's with Ogerpon if it Terastalizes, because it will get an Assault enhance. Horn Leech changed Stomping Tantrum, with the intention to have Grass protection in addition to to switch the passive therapeutic from Leftovers. My Ogerpon tends to win the matchup in opposition to different Ogerpon due to the majority funding and excessive crit fee of Fireplace sort Ivy Cudgel.

Landorus (Therian)

Landorus (Therian) was my subsequent addition to the workforce, largely due to the prevalence of opposing Ogerpon. Tera Flying Tera Blast is extraordinarily highly effective and permits me to threaten opposing Ogerpon and Rillaboom, and it does good impartial injury to quite a lot of targets. Intimidate is the first purpose Landorus-T is a risk, because it drops each opponent's Assault stat by one stage each time it switches in. This pairs properly with U-Flip, which permits Landorus to change out and change again in as wanted. Paired with the Alternative Scarf merchandise, Landorus can simply pivot out of dangerous matchups or outspeed and KO targets with STAB Stomping Tantrum or Rock Slide for protection. If the opponent's workforce isn't centered on Particular Attackers and doesn't have any Pokémon with the Defiant or Aggressive talents, then Landorus is often coming to the battle.

Iron Arms

Iron Arms was subsequent. It's extraordinarily highly effective and troublesome to take away from the sector. It will probably often stand up to being doubled into by the opponent, and has even survived some direct STAB assaults like Earthquake or Dazzling Gleam. It's naturally sluggish, so operating a max pace Iron Arms permits it to outspeed opposing Iron Arms's Pretend Outs, but additionally helps it underspeed some opposing Pokémon underneath Trick Room naturally, even with max Pace IV's. The Assault Vest merchandise provides to its bulk, buffing its Particular Protection at the price of solely having the ability to use attacking strikes. Drain Punch is dependable Preventing STAB that additionally affords restoration, and Wild Cost can take simple KO's on even impartial targets, with Iron Arms not even taking an excessive amount of recoil resulting from its absurd HP stat. Pretend Out helps me place properly firstly of the battle, or will help sluggish an opponent's momentum mid or late battle.

Whereas up to now Iron Arms sometimes ran Tera Grass to withstand Floor and Water strikes (particularly Urshifu's Surging Strikes) and turn into resistant to Spore, many of those threats have turn into much less prevalent in Regulation E. I discovered that Tera Fireplace is extraordinarily helpful, permitting it to tank Fairy hits from Flutter Mane and hit again with a one-shot Heavy Slam. It additionally makes Iron Arms resistant to being burned, which may probably cease it in its tracks. This additionally helps it take incoming Fireplace and Ice injury from Solar and Snow groups which have turn into way more widespread. Tera Fireplace Iron Arms was the sudden MVP of the workforce, coming to most if not all battles.

Urshifu (Speedy Strikes)

Urshifu might have dropped off in utilization, however it's nonetheless extremely highly effective. Its signature transfer, Surging Strikes, all the time hits 3 times, and every is assured to crit. Paired with its Unseen Fist means, which might ignore Shield, and you've got an offensive menace. I initially had it geared up with the Life Orb merchandise, which boosts its Assault even additional at the price of some HP per flip. Nonetheless, I discovered that the additional injury typically didn't make the distinction, and that I may bolster its offenses in different methods. I discovered that Urshifu being assured to outlive an assault with the Focus Sash was way more useful. Tera Water Surging Strikes can typically win you the sport proper off the bat, particularly with the fitting companion. Paired with a Prankster Rain Dance from Tornadus, this could do some severe injury, even with out the Life Orb. Shut Fight is nice for cleansing up something that resists Water, and Aqua Jet's precedence mixed with the flexibility to disregard Shield helps to scrub up weakened foes. Urshifu will not be dominating the format anymore, however it's nonetheless a risk to make certain.


Sure it's shiny, and sure, I received it legitimately. Kinda. Needed to date skip for the Feebas outbreak, but it surely's not hacked or transferred in or something.

Milotic was the lacking piece to the puzzle that helped my workforce start to really operate at a aggressive degree. I beforehand had Chien-Pao on the workforce to assist my military of Bodily Attackers tear by opponents. Nonetheless, therein was my subject. My workforce was comprised completely of Bodily Attackers, and I had no counter for Intimidate aside from Ogerpon (Teal Masks type on the time). Landorus and Hisuian Arcanine are essentially the most outstanding Intimidate customers, and Chien-Pao simply wasn't slicing it.

I used to be taking part in decently with the Chien-Pao variant of the workforce, having reached Grasp Ball tier, however my win-loss ratio was atrocious. I then performed in opposition to a workforce with a Milotic that completely tore by my workforce. I couldn't do away with it, particularly as soon as it Terastalized to Dragon to withstand its solely weaknesses in Grass and Electrical. I knew proper there it was the reply to my struggles.

Milotic is extraordinarily cumbersome, and it has close to limitless restoration between Recuperate and the Leftovers merchandise. Absolutely investing in its HP and Protection stats to assist take hits from threats like Iron Arms and Ogerpon, Milotic's offensive choices' secondary results nonetheless made it a risk. Scald is 100% correct and has an opportunity to burn, leaving Bodily Attackers crippled, and Icy Wind helps to regulate the opponent's pace.

Nonetheless, its Milotic's means that's key. Aggressive raises Milotic's Particular Assault by 2 phases at any time when a stat is lowered. So say that my opponent begins the battle with Landorus, hoping to decelerate Ogerpon, Landorus, Iron Arms, or Urshifu with Intimidate. As an alternative, it's met with Milotic, which will get to begin the battle with its Particular Assault stat doubled. Milotic can hit Landorus again with Scald to try to get the burn or Icy Wind, which simply does over half of Lando's HP. Even when we get the lead prediction improper and Landorus doesn't come out, Scald and Icy Wind are nice at controlling the opponents, and it is extremely unlikely that Milotic will get taken out of battle in a single hit. I owe quite a lot of my success to this swish sea serpent.


Rounding out the workforce is Tornadus, Landorus's pure Flying sort sibling. Enjoyable reality, however this Tornadus was truly caught in Pokémon GO! I transferred it to Pokémon HOME throughout a storage cleanout and thought it might be enjoyable to make use of in Scarlet and Violet!

Tornadus is way more viable in its Incarnate type moderately than its Therian type resulting from gaining access to the flexibility Prankster. This enables Tornadus to make use of non-damaging Standing strikes with elevated precedence. This implies I can use Tailwind earlier than my opponents get an opportunity to assault, and Tornadus's companion can often transfer earlier than its opponents. Moreover it is ready to use Rain Dance earlier than Urshifu strikes to assist bolster its offenses. Prankster Rain Dance additionally has the good thing about having the ability to cease opposing Solar groups of their tracks. Opponents lead with both Torkoal or Kantonian Ninetales to arrange solar, both subsequent to a strong Fireplace sort attacker or a Paradox Pokémon with Protosynthesis to spice up one in all its stats. Rain Dance strikes first due to Prankster, shutting of Protosynthesis and altering incoming Fireplace strikes from being 1.5 instances as sturdy to 0.5 instances as sturdy as an alternative. Its signature transfer, Bleakwind Storm, hits each opponents and has an opportunity to decrease their pace, which is balanced by the truth that it solely has 80% accuracy. Nonetheless, Rain Dance additionally solves this, as Bleakwind Storm bypasses the Accuracy test to all the time hit when it's raining.

Tornadus's function is to remain on the sector to help its workforce. It's holding a Psychological Herb merchandise to assist it take away the results of any Taunt customers on the opposing workforce, which might in any other case power Tornadus to solely use attacking strikes for a number of turns. Whereas Tornadus itself can be taught Taunt and may use it with precedence due to Prankster, I discovered Shield to be extra helpful. It may be the distinction in Tornadus survivng yet one more flip with the intention to arrange one other Tailwind. Tornadus's Tera sort is supposed  to be Ghost. This enables it to turn into resistant to opposing Pretend Outs, with the intention to assure Tailwind goes up on the primary flip. Trying on the screenshot above, I'm realizing that I by no means modified its Tera sort. Oops. Nonetheless, I believe this reveals you the way typically I truly used that possibility. In my total journey to prime 1000, I didn't use Tera Ghost as soon as. If I see a Pretend Out coming, I often simply Shield, then Tailwind the following flip. Possibly I ought to take a look at different choices for Tera sorts. Tera Grass or Floor might be fascinating to assist cease incoming Tremendous-Efficient assaults. I suppose I've nonetheless received some work to do on the workforce.

Staff Utilization

And there's the workforce! I'm genuinely stunned that I managed to place collectively a functioning workforce, however these six Pokémon have managed to beat most obstacles thrown their manner. I often like to guide with some mixture of Landorus, Tornadus, and Iron Arms. I often like the 2 genies up entrance, as I can U-Flip and Shield first flip to assist get higher place. Nonetheless, if I see an Intimidate person on the opposing workforce, Milotic will often take the lead as an alternative, partnered with one of many talked about three relying on the matchup. If I see cumbersome Pokémon resembling Eviolite Dusclops or Iron Arms on the opposite workforce, I'll often convey Ogerpon to assist chip them down over time. My go-to workforce in opposition to Trick Room groups is often Iron Arms, Tornadus, Urshifu, and both Ogerpon or Milotic relying on the matchup. I often find yourself Terastalizing Iron Arms, though Ogerpon and Landorus have are available in clutch with a number of matchups. Urshifu is rarer, as I can often enhance its assault sufficient with Tornadus's Rain Dance, but it surely once more has saved me in a number of matchups. Milotic is uncommon to Tera, however Tera Dragon will help me stall out opponents in sure conditions. As talked about beforehand, Tornadus actually by no means Terastalized.

Utilizing this workforce undoubtedly had a studying curve, however I ultimately fell right into a rhythm and I'm proud to say I've gotten the cling of it!

Conclusion (for actual this time)

In case you made it this far, thanks! Quite a lot of this text might appear to be the ramblings of a madman to quite a lot of you, however hopefully you had been capable of take one thing away from it. In case you ever need to speak VGC, hit me up on Discord! I'm on no account an professional, however I'm all the time seeking to be taught extra! That's all for now although. Hopefully I'll see a few of you on the market on the battlefield!

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