Shadow Moltres Raid Information

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Moltres (Shadow)

Shadow Moltres is obtainable from Tier 5 legendary Shadow Raids. Shadow Raids can solely be accomplished utilizing in-person raid passes. Shiny Shadow Moltres is obtainable from Raids beginning October 1, 2023, 10:00 am native time.

Shadow Moltres may be caught with the next CP values, with an IV ground of 6/6/6:

  • 1830 – 1980 CP (no climate enhance, 100% Moltres at Degree 20)
  • 2288 – 2475 CP (Sunny and Windy climate, 100% IV Moltres at Degree 25)

Shadow Moltres is a Hearth and Flying kind and is weak to Rock, Electrical and Water kind assaults. Shadow Moltres is an immensely troublesome tier 5 raid because of the Shadow Raid mechanism. You have to to be properly ready with high counters, appropriate move-sets, powered-up Pokémon, and most significantly, Purified Gems.

Communication can be key for this raid! You'll want to plan not solely your Mega Pokémon workforce positions, and counters, but in addition your use of Purified Gems, so make sure you talk together with your fellow trainers.

We might counsel teams of 4+ for trainers with high counters which can be maxed out, and armed with Purified Gems, or 8-10+ for lower-level trainers and people with out preferrred counters. Purified Gems are a should!

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Greatest Shadow Moltres Counters

Shadow Moltres Counters
Shadow Moltres Counters

Listed here are the very best Pokémon to make use of towards a Moltres raid boss. Being weak to a few differing types, Moltres' counters desk is various and exhibits the strongest Pokémon to make use of towards the raid boss. Attempt to decide from the highest finish of this listing, and guarantee they've the mandatory move-sets, and are powered up.

# Attacker Quick Transfer Cost Transfer Faints TTW

Rhyperior (Shadow)

Smack Down Rock Rock Wrecker Rock 8 277.4s

Diancie (Mega)

Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 10 274.4s

Tyranitar (Mega)

Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock 7 301.4s

Aerodactyl (Mega)

Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 10 306.2s

Tyranitar (Shadow)

Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock 10 316.1s


Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock 15 313.6s


Smack Down Rock Rock Wrecker Rock 8 331.1s


Rock Throw Rock Meteor Beam Rock 9 338.0s


Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock 12 346.6s

Aerodactyl (Shadow)

Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 17 344.3s

Omastar (Shadow)

Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 12 355.0s


Smack Down Rock Meteor Beam Rock 11 360.5s

Aggron (Shadow)

Smack Down Rock Meteor Beam Rock 14 355.9s


Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock 10 372.7s

Kyogre (Primal)

Waterfall Water Origin Pulse Water 10 375.6s

Golem (Alola Shadow)

Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock 13 368.3s

Golem (Shadow)

Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock 14 370.0s

Rayquaza (Mega)

Dragon Tail Dragon Historic Energy Rock 12 372.9s


Rock Throw Rock Meteor Beam Rock 16 401.2s

Regirock (Shadow)

Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock 11 414.3s

Swampert (Mega)

Water Gun Water Hydro Cannon Water 12 414.1s


Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 17 404.8s

Ampharos (Mega)

Volt Swap Electrical Energy Gem Rock 13 413.6s


Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 12 418.9s


Smack Down Rock Meteor Beam Rock 14 417.0s

Aggron (Mega)

Smack Down Rock Meteor Beam Rock 17 416.4s

Landorus (Incarnate)

Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 20 415.5s


Wing Assault Flying Historic Energy Rock 20 416.3s

Lycanroc (Nightfall)

Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock 19 417.8s


Acid Poison Rock Slide Rock 11 436.4s

Whereas Shadow Pokémon are extraordinarily costly to energy up, these are the highest Shadow Pokémon you should use towards Shadow Moltres. Make sure you now not have Frustration on these Pokémon earlier than contemplating including them to your workforce. When you have any of those as an possibility, whereas they could take extra harm than non-shadow Pokémon, they can even deal extra.

We might extremely suggest using Mega Pokémon in Shadow Moltres raids. They supply not solely better harm output, but in addition enhance Pokémon of the identical typing within the raid. We might counsel discussing your counter decisions together with your fellow trainers, and plan Mega Pokémon, and their place in your workforce accordingly.

When you have a bunch of 6, for instance, one particular person ought to have their mega in slot 1, the following slot 2, the following slot 3, and many others., you may attempt to maintain the mega enhance going all through the raid.

Shadow Moltres Overview
General icon

Moltres (Shadow)

Max CP at Degree 40 3465 | Max CP at Degree 50 3917
ATK 251 DEF 181 HP 207
Weak To: Sturdy In opposition to:
Rock Electrical Water Bug Grass Fairy Combating Hearth Floor Metal

Moltres Transfer Units
Raid icon

Moltres can have the next strikes as a raid boss:

Quick strikes Charged strikes
  • Wing Assault Flying
  • Hearth Spin Hearth
  • Warmth Wave Hearth
  • Historic Energy Rock
  • Hearth Blast Hearth
  • Overheat Hearth
  • Sky Assault* Flying

*Denotes a Legacy Transfer solely obtainable by way of Elite TM.

Climate Results

Climate Professional Attacker Professional Shadow Moltres
Sunny Boosts Hearth kind strikes
Sunny Boosts Hearth kind strikes
Partly Cloudy Boosts Tremendous Efficient Rock kind assaults Boosts Rock kind strikes
Wet Boosts Tremendous Efficient Electrical and Water kind assaults
Windy Boosts Windy kind strikes

As you may see, Wet climate is the very best for countering Shadow Moltres, nevertheless given the character of shadow raids which means you can not play remotely, this can be lower than fascinating. In case you're utilizing the highest attackers, Partly Cloudy, climate gives you the very best climate enhance – however bear in mind there's a probability of Shadow Moltres realizing Historic Energy. 

Shiny Shadow Moltres
Shiny icon

Shiny Shadow Moltres is obtainable from defeating Moltres in Shadow Raids. This verification screenshot was shared on Reddit by a person named Aluthiago. Good luck Trainers!

Shiny Shadow Moltres

Shadow Raid Data & Recommendation

As a shadow raid, Moltres will hit tougher than ever earlier than, so ensure that your counters are powered up, have the best move-set, and aren’t weak to the raid boss' strikes. These raids are a tough group process for even probably the most ready trainers, and you will have Purified Gems to defeat them. Shadow Raid Bosses will develop enraged as you battle them, boosting their assault and defence.

You have to to subdue Shadow Moltres utilizing Purified Gems, a brand new merchandise that may be assembled from Shadow Shards.

Pokémon GO Purified Crystal
Pokémon GO Shadow Shard

Shadow Shards are mysterious gem items which may be dropped by Group GO Rocket grunts, leaders, and Shadow Raids. You have to to collect sufficient shards to make use of Professor Willow’s newly invented Shard Refiner, and in return, you’ll be rewarded with a Purified Gem. Make sure you have collected as many as you may earlier than you try a Shadow Moltres raid, as with out them you gained't be capable to return it to its regular, non-enraged state. You may maintain as much as 10 Purified Gems in your stock at a time.

There are a number of methods Purified Gems can help your battle towards enraged Shadow Raid Bosses:

  • Whenever you use a Purified Gem throughout a Shadow Raid, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss’s assault and defence can be lowered quickly. This could provide the opening it's good to take them down.
  • You and your fellow Trainers can use multiple Purified Gem throughout a Shadow Raid. If used on the similar time, their results will stack.
  • If sufficient Purified Gems are used, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss can be subdued—returned to its non-enraged state—which could provide the edge it's good to defeat it!

Purified Gems will present within the backside left nook of the raid battle when you'll be able to use them, so you'll want to talk together with your raid group to stack their results!

Notes 💡

The raid lasts 300 seconds. You get 3 assured XL sweet. It counts in the direction of Battle Legend medal. It doesn't rely in the direction of the Extremely Hero medal. Shiny shadow Moltres has been enabled. IV ground seems to be 6. It seems it's 8 gems wanted to subdue Moltres, just like the T3 shadow raids.

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