Shadow Rhyperior, Rampardos, Excadrill, Chandelure as Raid Attackers

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A Staff GO Rocket Takeover begins at 10am on Thursday, October 26, and ends at 8pm on Tuesday, October 31. Throughout this time, you possibly can take away Frustration with an everyday Charged TM. All these Shadow Pokemon will proceed to be obtainable even after the occasion.

On this article, I'll supply a complete overview of the newly launched Shadow Pokemon which might be related in raids: Shadow Rhyperior, Shadow Rampardos, Shadow Excadrill, Shadow Chandelure and extra.

Be aware: Since Shadow Rhyperior will profit vastly from its previous CD transfer Rock Wrecker, I advisable TMing any (good) Shadow Rhyhorns that you've, even when their IVs aren't the perfect. In case one other occasion that offers Rock Wrecker occurs quickly, you don't wish to be caught with Frustration. (This additionally applies to Shadow Gible!!!)


My very own rating: [Shadow Rhyperior/Rampardos > Shadow Excadrill > Shadow Chandelure] >> Shadow Gengar. Something inside [] is a top-tier attacker of its sort.

However it depends upon your wants and present groups. There are additionally nuances with many comparability pairs, and it's a private choice of “glass cannon vs tank” for probably the most half.

  • Rock Shadow Rhyperior/Rampardos each outclass all present non-Megas. I desire a combined workforce or simply Rhyperior, however there's a complete part on this under.
  • Floor Shadow Excadrill (Scorching Sands) lands on the identical tier as Shadow Garchomp, and once more above all different non-Primals. Between the 2, I lean barely in direction of Excadrill for accessibility, however make a back-up plan when it has unhealthy typing.
  • Hearth Shadow Chandelure performs equally to Fusion Flare Reshiram on the high tier, and largely outclasses all different fire-type shadows. (Sorry, Moltres.)
  • DarkishGhost Brutal Swing Shadow Tyranitar vastly outclasses every thing. However it's good to have some Shadow Chandelure for the 20-30% of circumstances the place Ttar will get destroyed (e.g. Focus Blast Mewtwo).

The primary 3 bullet factors all appear fairly future-proof, with the one predictably higher choices being future shadow legendaries.

My analyses of different sorts are in this spreadsheet. You may as well observe me on Twitter (X) and Threads!

Rock: Shadow Rhyperior vs. Shadow Rampardos

Rock attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.
Shadow Rampardos vs. Shadow Rhyperior (L40 not mates)

TL;DR: It's actually extra of a private choice. However should you don't care about nuances, then use a combined workforce, or simply Shadow Rhyperior if you must select one. It's far more constant.

Shadow Rampardos is like playing: on common you lose cash, and although there are good circumstances, finally it gained't matter a lot in observe.

This query is outwardly price 318 upvotes, however… I truthfully don't suppose there's a one-size-fit-all reply.

That is the traditional debate of glass cannons (Shadow Rampardos, with sky excessive DPS however horrible bulk) and tanks (Shadow Rhyperior, a lot bulkier however with a lot much less DPS).

By “win charges” alone, Shadow Rampardos technically will get a “win” majority majority of the time, even in Estimator (57%) which is the least forgiving metric for glass cannons. You possibly can say it “underperforms” from non-shadow Rampardos (69%), however truthfully, it's extra spectacular than I assumed.

The issue is whenever you have a look at how onerous it “wins” and “loses”.

  • When Shadow Rampardos “wins”, it often doesn't stand out by a lot.
    • Probably the most excessive circumstances with the largest benefit are: Water charged strikes, Grass charged strikes, and heavy-hitting Focus Blasts (which can destroy each). However there aren't too a lot of them
    • Extra reasonable circumstances are weak charged strikes (e.g. Dragon Claw, Historic Energy) and resisted charged strikes (e.g. Hyper Beam, some Overheats) from the boss.
    • T3 (non-shadow) raids are extra skewed in favor of Shadow Rampardos.
  • When Shadow Rampardos “loses”, it will probably lose onerous.
    • The reasonable circumstances are sometimes not-so-weak impartial charged strikes (e.g. Psychic, Darkish Pulse). Massive impartial strikes (e.g. Future Sight) sometimes lean much more in favor of Shadow Rhyperior, however not at all times.
    • Shadow Rampardos's worst circumstances are often boss strikes that deal Tremendous Efficient harm to rock, corresponding to Floor and Combating strikes.
    • Shadow raids are extra skewed in favor of Shadow Rhyperior.

(Not one of the statements above are in absolute phrases: the info is way messier than you would possibly anticipate.)

And all these solely issues the time it takes to complete the raid (observe that Estimator already accounts for relobbying time). As soon as the raid is over, what number of revives will you want?

After checking chosen raid bosses:

  • Shadow Rampardos often has 1.5-2x extra deaths.
  • This implies in most raids – even if in case you have 5 different distant raiders – a 6x Shadow Rampardos workforce will typically have another relobby than a Shadow Rhyperior workforce.
  • In some circumstances, it will probably even “erase” a small (<=5%) benefit in Estimator!
    • Listed below are some examples that I used, with each estimators and simulations with precise groups (plus a combined 3+3 workforce): 1) DT/FS Lugia, 2) Gust/Hurricane Yveltal, 3) DB/Crunch Reshiram, 4) RS/FB Regice.
    • My statement appears to be: Even when Shadow Rampardos has 5% higher estimator, the second it wants another relobby, win instances are about the identical. If it doesn't want a relobby, then it pulls forward.

I'm not talking in opposition to Shadow Rampardos. There are circumstances the place it shines much more than Shadow Rhyperior does… However both you should be good (dodging, quick relobbying, and so on), or the raid boss must cooperate (simple moveset, good timing RNG), or you've many different raiders (then why care?), or all of them. I believe the most potential of Shadow Rampardos is larger, but it surely's tougher to hit, and the advantages of hitting them are smaller than the drawbacks of lacking them.

So should you don't wish to care about all these nuances: A combined workforce of each most likely will get you the perfect of each worlds (together with no matter excessive IV specimen you've)But when you must decide one, Rhyperior.

  • In idea, the perfect “combined workforce” is one which has simply sufficient Shadow Rhyperiors to keep away from a relobby.

Finally, the distinction is VERY minimal in observe. In all 4 examples I used above, the time distinction between the 2 in 6-person raids is commonly simply 3-5 seconds, at most 10-15 seconds. Nothing to emphasize out about, and each are effectively above all different non-mega rock attackers anyway.

  • So should you go along with Shadow Rampardos to keep away from ETMs, that's additionally OK.

Floor and Metal: Shadow Excadrill (SS) vs. Shadow Garchomp

Floor attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.
Shadow Excadrill and Shadow Rhyperior vs. comparable Floor attackers (L40 not mates)
Metal attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.

I'll preserve this a lot shorter, as a result of I already in contrast their non-shadow variations final month. readers ought to go to that article as a substitute.

Shadow Excadrill (with the brand new Scorching Sands) is quicker and glassier than Shadow Garchomp, however a lot much less dramatically than Rampardos vs Rhyperior. For probably the most half, their variations largely rely upon typing, not bulk and DPS variations. Notably, many raid bosses hit Excadrill onerous with their Hearth, Floor and Combating (protection) strikes.

  • Shadow vs. non-shadow doesn't appear to essentially change this conclusion.

As with the earlier part, a combined workforce might be the perfect. However given the large accessibility variations, it's additionally affordable to simply go along with Shadow Excadrills, however have a back-up plan in case it will get destroyed by the boss.

In any case, each appear to be a tier above Shadow Mamoswine and the brand new Shadow Rhyperior.

PS. Shadow Excadrill can be an honest Metal attacker, for anybody with out (sufficient) Metagross.

Shadow Chandelure (Hearth)

Hearth attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.
Shadow Chandelure vs. comparable Hearth attackers (L40 not mates)

Shadow Chandelure is mostly on the identical tier as Fusion Flare Reshiram. It's stardust vs. legendary sweet + ETM: decide your poison.

As for comparability between the 2, it's yet one more case of “glass cannon vs tank”. Typing variations appear to be the principle perpetrator, and bulk to a lesser extent:

  • Shadow Chandelure advantages from fighting- and normal-type charged strikes from the boss.
  • Reshiram's bulk makes it extra resilient to huge unhealthy strikes like Earthquake that destroy Chandelure. That, plus some Shadow Ball customers, nets it larger ASE on my charts.
  • A Shadow Chandelure that dodges charged strikes might be superb.

Shadow Chandelure vastly reduces, if not eliminates, the demand for different fire-type shadows. Sorry if anybody raided Shadow Moltres onerous, however at the least you most likely gained't raid Shadow Entei now. And say goodbye to the await Blast Burn on Shadow Blaziken.

Darkish/Ghost: Within the Shadows of Tyranitar

Darkish and Ghost attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.
Shadow Chandelure and Shadow Gengar vs. comparable Darkish attackers (L40 not mates)

This may have been a way more sophisticated dialogue 5 months in the past, however now, Shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing mainly destroyed the competitors. Except it has some critical typing drawback, that's what it is best to use now. It's merely that OP in uncooked energy.

In circumstances the place Shadow Ttar will get destroyed (or should you don't have sufficient of them), that's when Shadow Chandelure is available in as a ghost sort.

  • We're speaking in regards to the 20-30% of circumstances the place Tyranitar will get hit by a Combating, Fairy or Grass-type charged transfer. Not typically, however nonetheless many such circumstances (e.g. Focus Blast Mewtwo).
  • There are additionally circumstances the place solely ghost sorts can be utilized, however not darkish. Most notably Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Gallade.

Shadow Gengar additionally works as a “Shadow Tyranitar's companion”, but it surely's a textbook glass cannon and thus so much much less dependable. It additionally doesn't outperform non-shadows almost as cleanly as Shadow Chandelure does, if in any respect. Not ineffective, however a bit underwhelming.

For individuals who do construct a Shadow Gengar: Shadow Claw and (legacy) Lick are very comparable, as a ghost attacker.

  • In idea, the previous is healthier at dealing harm itself, whereas the latter helps attain charged strikes extra shortly. However probably the most sensible distinction is that Lick permits a lot simpler dodging. (With dodging, Shadow Gengar nearly catches up with Shadow Chandelure.)

Poison-type Shadow Gengar…?

Poison attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.

You're not at fault for forgetting Shadow Gengar can be a poison attacker. However by the top of this part, you'll neglect about it once more.

On the charts, appears like Shadow Gengar does fairly effectively, slotting between Nihilego and Roserade (and even on par with Nihilego in TTW/Est. Dodge). That is regardless of it not even having a poison quick transfer!


  • Poison is among the many least helpful sorts in raids, as I mentioned in a devoted poison-type evaluation (which can be my least upvoted evaluation – I don't suppose it's a coincidence).
  • Tapu Bulu is the one T4+ raid boss in opposition to which poison stands out. But, Shadow Gengar falls under Roserade in opposition to it.
    • Why? Tapu Bulu is double weak to poison (which means it takes 2.56x harm from poison assaults), whereas all different bosses I exploit to make the chart solely take 1.6x. However Gengar's quick strikes solely deal 1x harm to Bulu, whereas Roserade's Poison Jab offers 2.56x. This enormous distinction pulls Roserade on high on this state of affairs, whereas for all different bosses, it's not sufficient to beat Shadow Gengar's highly effective Sludge Bomb.
    • This additionally signifies that whereas Lick is Gengar's greatest quick transfer as a general-purpose poison attacker, Hex is healthier as a Tapu Bulu specialist. Hex generates vitality sooner to cost up Sludge Bombs, however offers much less harm than Lick. Tapu Bulu being double weak to poison places additional strain on racing to 2.56x efficient charged strikes.
  • If you actually need an anti-fairy counter now, use Shadow Excadrill.

There's some hope that Gengar would possibly get Poison Jab sooner or later, which might make it considerably higher. However for now, no.


For probably the most half, the shadows that I'm recommending (Rock, Floor and Hearth sorts) are fairly future-proof.

  • Rock I truthfully don't see something critically outclassing Shadow Rhyperior and Rampardos.
  • Floor Shadow Groudon will clearly be OP, and Shadow Landorus with Sandsear Storm can also do the identical. However amongst non-legendary non-megas, Shadow Excadrill and Shadow Garchomp have just about extracted a lot of the potential.
  • Hearth Shadow Reshiram and Shadow Heatran will outclass the shadow non-legendaries. In any other case, Shadow Darmanitan and Shadow Volcarona will doubtless be similar to Shadow Chandelure, however not above.
    • Shadow Volcarona can nonetheless set itself aside with its signature transfer, Fiery Dance (CD transfer?), however idk when that can occur on a shadow.
  • Ghost (FYI) Non-shadow Blacephalon, if given the perfect moveset, generally is a literal Shadow Chandelure clone. (Shadow Gholdengo may also be barely higher, however how will it even be launched?)

Disclaimer: This doesn't contemplate sudden “signature” strikes (Head Smash Rampardos) or wacky moveset additions (Meteor Beam Rhyperior, Scorching Sands Garchomp). They're at all times theoretically potential, however appear extremely unlikely to occur.

One addition that does appear extra believable, although, is Poison Jab Gengar. If that occurs, it would instantly make Shadow Gengar outperform Nihilego (although it doesn't resolve the low utility of poison sorts).

PS. If anybody saved Shadow Torchics for Blast Burn however don't discover a want for them anymore, you would possibly wish to contemplate saving them unevolved in case Blaziken will get Aura Sphere at some point. Simply saying. I admit that I could be asking you to attend for one thing that, extra doubtless than not, might by no means occur.

Basic attacker charts: ASE, ASTTW* and ASE Dodge*


* signifies further charts that aren't in the principle publish.

Picture credit –, publish processed with Photoshop Generative fill.

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