Shaymin Analysis Texts and Sustainability Week 2023 Texts found by knowledge miners

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One other week, one other leak – not less than on the subject of the Pokémon GO community visitors. The PokéMiners have reported that a variety of new translation strings have been added to the sport, with references to the upcoming Sustainability Week 2023 occasion, a possible international Shaymin analysis quest line, and one thing referred to as “Exterior Packing containers”.

We aren’t certain what the story is right here, particularly on the subject of Shaymin. Sky Forme Shaymin was launched a Particular Analysis quest line throughout Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Berlin, and we had been ready for a world launch ever since. We definitely hope it is a signal of issues to return tho.

Except for Shaymin and Sustainability Week 2023, we bought some new loading display suggestions and some minor textual content fixes (keep in mind these?). Understand that something that’s knowledge mined is topic to vary, not endorsed by Niantic, and may by no means be thought of confirmed or official info.

Sustainability Week Analysis Titles

Sustainability Week 2023

Shock, shock, the Sustainability Week 2023 Timed Analysis will probably be a 4 stage analysis quest line, titled Sustainability Week (#/4). Fairly candy, and considerably anticipated, however it should give everybody a bit to do. Do be aware that there appears to be no particular analysis for Sustainability Week this yr.

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_0
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (1/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_1
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (2/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_2
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (3/4)

+RESOURCE ID: earthweek_2023_tr_3
+TEXT: Sustainability Week (4/4)

Exterior Field Texts

Apparently a brand new kind of packing containers is on the horizon, titled “Exterior” packing containers. We suspect this has one thing to do with Niantic launching the Pokémon GO net retailer just lately, and that these packing containers might be net retailer unique. We do not know when they’re coming to the sport, however we count on within the subsequent few weeks. In any case, Swinub Neighborhood Day Basic (April 2023) takes place quickly, so it is smart to push the Extremely Neighborhood Day Field then.

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_1
+TEXT: Extremely Legend Field

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_2
+TEXT: Nice Voyager Field

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_3
+TEXT: Solstice Field

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_4
+TEXT: Extremely Neighborhood Day Field

+RESOURCE ID: external_box_name_default
+TEXT: Particular Merchandise Field

 RESOURCE ID: external_reward_box_text
-TEXT: Obtained {0} gadgets from {1}
+TEXT: Obtained {0} gadgets from the {1}

International Shaymin Analysis Texts

If this knowledge mine is to be believed, the worldwide Shaymin Particular Analysis will probably be referred to as Grass and Gratitude, and it will likely be a seven steps lengthy quest line main as much as encountering Shaymin. 

Listed below are the titles:

Grass and Gratitude

Grass and Gratitude (1/7)

Grass and Gratitude (2/7)

Grass and Gratitude (3/7)

Grass and Gratitude (4/7)

Grass and Gratitude (5/7)

Grass and Gratitude (6/7)

Grass and Gratitude (7/7)

And listed here are the texts for every stage of the Shaymin Particular Analysis:

Grass and Gratitude (1/7)


Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!


I’m so glad you’re right here. Get this—there’ve been sightings of Shaymin within the space!


Effectively, it is perhaps extra correct to say “potential sightings,” as I’ve but to confirm the data.


Shaymin lives in widespread flower patches however is never seen. It’s typically mistaken for a flowering plant when curled up—what distinctive habits for a Legendary Pokémon!


I can’t assist however marvel if we’d know extra about Shaymin if solely we had been a bit extra observant.


Let’s put that idea to the take a look at and see what we will study taking a very good look across the space, lets?

Grass and Gratitude (2/7)


How did it go, %PLAYERNAME%? Any probability you bumped into Shaymin when you had been out?


No? Effectively, that’s OK! I see you bought some good snapshots of different Pokémon within the meantime.


Hmm… That will get me considering. As you may know, the flowers throughout Shaymin burst into bloom if it’s lovingly hugged and senses gratitude.


I hypothesize that if we take the time to share some thankfulness, we’ll appeal to Shaymin’s consideration.


Not that we want any excuse to rejoice Pokémon, I say! In truth, how about we admire them in photograph type with some extra snapshots, %PLAYERNAME%?

Grass and Gratitude (3/7)


Your snapshots look nice, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve bought an actual knack for catching Pokémon—each in Poké Balls and on digital camera!


And y’know what else you’ve bought a knack for? Pokémon battles!


I’m certain you already know that one of many methods you may maintain your staff in tip-top form is by powering up your Pokémon. Why don’t you do this and are available see me once you’re achieved?

Grass and Gratitude (4/7)


Welcome again, %PLAYERNAME%!


I used to be simply fascinated by Shaymin once more. One of many many issues that makes Shaymin so particular is that it has two recognized varieties.


I refer, after all, to its Land Forme and Sky Forme. Land Forme Shaymin is Grass-type, however when it turns into Sky Forme Shaymin, it turns into Grass- and Flying-type.


Some say that it transforms when it takes within the scent of a uncommon flower.


Maybe you’re questioning what would occur if a human took a whiff. A researcher from way back tried simply that, however alas, his physique remained unchanged.


Ah nicely. Not all hypotheses maintain water. That’s simply a part of the scientific course of!


And talking of studying, why don’t you spend a while with different Grass-type Pokémon and Flying-type Pokémon? Perhaps they’ll encourage you to make some hypotheses of your individual!

Grass and Gratitude (5/7)


Glorious work, %PLAYERNAME%. Now you’ve bought much more Pokémon to convey alongside in your journey!


Within the spirit of Shaymin being the Gratitude Pokémon, let’s present some gratitude to our outdated and newfound pals alike.


How about taking some snapshots together with your Pokémon or feeding them some tasty Berries? I do know my beloved Meltan at all times enjoys a snack—possibly your Pokémon are the identical!

Grass and Gratitude (6/7)


Your Pokémon are positively glowing, %PLAYERNAME%! I’m certain they appreciated that further high quality time with you.


The extra time I spend with Pokémon, the extra I admire all their distinctive qualities.


For instance, Torchic is oh-so-cuddly. It has hearth burning inside it, so hugging it’s beautiful and heat. Then there’s Mudkip, who incorporates wonderful energy—it could possibly crush rocks greater than itself.


I may additionally wax poetic about Treecko, whose toes are coated by numerous tiny spikes, enabling it to stroll on partitions and ceilings.


And that’s only a scant three Pokémon! I’d love to listen to your observations too, %PLAYERNAME%. What distinctive Pokémon and traits are you able to observe?

Grass and Gratitude (7/7)


%PLAYERNAME%! Yay—it’s Shaymin!


It appears glad—I daresay even grateful—to be within the care of an exemplary Coach such as you!


And so long as we’re on the topic, I need you to know I’m extremely grateful you helped me with my analysis.


I do know it’s not at all times straightforward, however I can’t let you know sufficient how a lot I admire your contributions to my research.


Research that by no means finish, I’d add. Haha. So relaxation up, and I’ll keep in touch once more quickly.


Let’s GO…with gratitude!

Smaller additions

Quest Textual content

+RESOURCE ID: quest_battle_gbl_singular 
+TEXT: Battle within the GO Battle League

Loading Display screen Ideas

+RESOURCE ID: tips_loading_screen_battle_switch_charged_move 
+TEXT: Swap out Pokémon throughout battle to make the most of your battle occasion’s completely different Charged Assaults. 

+RESOURCE ID: tips_loading_screen_raid_party_prep 
+TEXT: Put together a battle occasion prematurely to lock in your technique earlier than difficult a Raid Boss.

Minor Textual content Fixes

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_togetic_1_1 
-TEXT: You see, analysis says that Togetic seem in entrance of kindly folks to scatter a glowing down referred to as "pleasure mud,” showering them with happiness. 
+TEXT: You see, analysis says that Togetic seem in entrance of kindly folks to scatter a glowing down referred to as “pleasure mud,” showering them with happiness. 

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_togetic_1_4 
-TEXT: However, first issues first. A kindhearted Coach—or Professor—doesn’t overlook to care for Pokémon. 
+TEXT: However first issues first. A kindhearted Coach—or Professor—doesn’t overlook to care for Pokémon.
RESOURCE ID: squash_toast 
-TEXT: You've reached your each day restrict of Distant Raids. Stroll nearer to work together with this Fitness center. 
+TEXT: You’ve reached your each day restrict of Distant Raids. Stroll nearer to work together with this Fitness center.
RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq14_2_2 
-TEXT: I do know I do, however we will’t relaxation simply but. We have to cease Workforce GO Rocket at their supply—the Leaders. 
+TEXT: I do know I do, however we will’t relaxation simply but. We have to cease Workforce GO Rocket at their supply—the leaders.

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