Shellder Highlight Hour (April 11, 2023)

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Shellder Highlight Hour takes place on Tuesday, April eleventh, 2023, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. native time. As is widespread with Pokémon GO’s Highlight Hour occasions, Shellder will spawn in massive numbers throughout your complete occasion. Shiny Shellder isn’t out there in Pokémon GO but.

Trainers will obtain 2x Sweet for transferring Pokémon, permitting for environment friendly and speedy storage cleansing. Curiously, catching Shellder rewards 1000 Stardust per catch, 1500 with Star Piece, which makes it price for Stardust grinding as nicely.

Shellder is a Water-type Pokémon, and it’s boosted by Wet climate.

Shellder catch charges in Pokémon GO

Shellder’s Base Catch Fee is 50%. Catch Charges for Shellder in Pokémon GO are listed beneath, calculated for catching a Stage 20 Shellder. Catching decrease degree Shellder is simpler than catching increased degree ones.

    Regular Good Nice Glorious
No Berry
54.50% 59.56% 69.30% 76.70%
Curve 73.78% 78.55% 86.57% 91.59%


Razz Berry

69.30% 74.29% 82.99% 88.75%
Curve 86.57% 90.06% 95.08% 97.56%

Silver Pinap Berry icon


Silver Pinap Berry

75.76% 80.40% 88.07% 92.73%
Curve 91.01% 93.74% 97.31% 98.84%

Golden Razz Berry icon


Golden Razz Berry

86.03% 89.60% 94.78% 97.38%
Curve 96.48% 97.87% 99.34% 99.80%

The right way to evolve Shellder

Shellder may be simply developed into Cloyster for 50 Shellder Sweet.

Pokémon Circumstances Evolution


50 Sweet


Useful Mega-evolutions

Shellder is a Water-type Pokémon, which implies the next Mega Evolutions will grant you bonuses throughout the Shellder Highlight Hour:

  • Kyogre (Primal)

  • Gyarados (Mega)

  • Blastoise (Mega)

  • Slowbro (Mega)

  • Swampert (Mega)

If you catch a Pokémon that shares a sort together with your Mega-evolved Pokémon, you’ll obtain extra bonuses – additional Sweet, additional XP, and an elevated probability of receiving Sweet XL. For extra particulars verify our Full Mega Evolution Information.

Shellder IVs for GO Battle League

Get your self a Shellder with the next IVs with the intention to evolve a Cloyster for Nice League or Extremely League. There are different doable IV/Stage mixtures that may lead to an identical CP, however these are the strongest ones we discovered.

Pokémon League Stage IVs


Nice League 22.5 0/15/12
Extremely League 45 0/13/15
44.5 0/15/15

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