Starfield bugs vary from humorous to outright physique horror

Kath Santarin
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A sport as huge as Starfield was sure to have some humorous bugs, but it surely has some which can be simply horrible to have a look at in equal measure.

Earlier this 12 months, Microsoft mentioned that Starfield has the fewest bugs that any Bethesda sport has ever shipped with. It was a daring declare, however for essentially the most half it appears to be holding up, with not an enormous quantity of reviews of sport breaking bugs. That does not imply it is freed from them, although – it's a Bethesda sport in spite of everything. There are in fact some humorous ones which can be a deal with to expertise, however sadly, there are additionally an equal quantity of bugs that I want I did not have to have a look at.

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Take, for instance, this specific clip, which options such bugs as “NPC with no head however nonetheless has their eyes and tooth,” and “NPC that has no physique, however can nonetheless be quick and burnt to dying.” A traditional!



— STARPHIL NOTA 80+ FRACASSO SEM REGRAS! 😈🤜🐑 (@Fuck_off_Matt) August 31, 2023

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It looks as if lacking physique components is a fairly common bug for Starfield, as evidenced within the clip under. Although the odd factor about this one is {that a} ghostly visage of Andreja's head appears to stay, which makes me uncomfortable otherwise.

Not all bugs are horrifying to have a look at, although. Some let Vasco obtain its dream of changing into a flying robotic (I am making an assumption right here, I do not know what Vasco's goals are).

NPCs flying additionally appears to be one other recurring downside for Starfield, with the under clip displaying an NPC fairly slowly flying upward, presumably to their eventual dying.

You may additionally come throughout some nudists in your travels all through house.

Effectively, that is a brand new one. You possibly can see the second I do a double take.

— Alex Avard (@alexavard95) September 7, 2023

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Some NPCs are additionally a bit shyer than others, so don't be concerned if they simply part by means of a wall to get away from you.

A traditional Bethesda bug with excellent comedic timing. “I am going to see you round”
byu/YourBoyMillard inStarfield

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I do wish to remind you although, that for each bug that makes you giggle, there's one which's proper across the nook that appears prefer it got here from The Factor.

My very first bug <3
byu/genital_lesions inStarfield

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