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Found 5 results

  1. Good day, I am an aspiring Axie scholar and is hoping to win the giveaway. I am Rianna, 19 years old, from Bulacan. I have experience in mobiles games such as Mobile Legends, Call of duty, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, etc., but I have no past experience in playing axie infinity. But I am very eager to learn the basics of it and the skills needed to play it, I am also a fast learner and I believe that I can meet your expectations and follow the rules and regulations of the group as well as in axie. I can dedicate up to 7 hours playing axie and earning slp since I am still a student and can balance my time in between studying and playing. This will be a great help for me and my family financially since a can help with the expenses using the money that I will earn from being an axie scholar and at the same time this will be an addition to my knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and the systems of nft - based online games which can help me be better and strive harder to compete more.
  2. Hi! Greetings, My name is Rey Mateos and I am hoping to be one of Exitializ's Axie Scholar. I have experience with Axie Infinity since this year of 2021. I was a previous 'Axie Scholar' but sadly my manager had to sell his axies because of emergency. I am more than willing to grind in the required 'Quota' and 'MMR' daily. My previous team was 'AAP' but willing to learn other team. My reason for wanting to be an 'Axie Scholar' is so that I can provide for my children's needs and school. Thank You Very Much! xoxo
  3. I am Alfredo from the Philippines. I'm seeking a manager here hoping for getting a chance to play Axie Infinity. for now I am financially unstable because of this pandemic, I was hoping for a chance to get a scholarship from Axie Infinity to help my family. I also watched videos of axie and I know the mechanics of this game, can play more than 10 hrs a day. I'm grateful if ever you pick me as a scholar.
  4. Hello, my name is Michael Gibson Lim. I'm 27 years old now, and i would like to apply scholarship. I promise i would return the total ROI including profit if you give me the chance. I can give resume if Sir/Madam want.
  5. Hello, Managers! I'm Roi Cabase. You can also call me in my username as Yuzan. Looking forward to work with you all.