Crew GO Rocket Takeover Occasion: March 2023

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The Let’s GO Occasion brings with it a Crew GO Rocket Takeover! Giovanni returns with Shadow Regice, and for the primary time ever, Crew GO Rocket grunts can have shiny shadow Pokémon!

  • Date and Time

  • Event icon

    From Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 10:00am, to Wednesday March 29, 2023 at 8:00pm native time.
  • Bonuses ⭐

  • For the primary time ever, you could encounter a shiny Shadow Pokémon from a Crew GO Rocket Grunt

  • Save Shadow Regice from Crew GO Rocket

  • Team Rocket icon

    Crew GO Rocket will seem extra regularly at Pokéstops and from balloons

  • General icon

    You should utilize a Charged TM to assist a Shadow Pokémon overlook the transfer Frustration
  • New Shadow Pokémon 🍃

  • Pokemon Encounter icon

    New Shadow Pokémon – Alolan Grimer, Phanpy, Treecko, Torchic and Drifloon
  • 12KM Eggs🥚

  • Egg icon

    12km Eggs – Salandit, Larvitar, Absol, Skorupi, Sandile, Scraggy, Pawniard, Vullaby, Deino, Pancham and Skrelp

Save Shadow Regice

  • Regice (Shadow)

Giovanni is again and feeling icy, and this time he’s armed with Shadow Regice! A brand new particular analysis story will likely be out there initially of this occasion. Declare it to earn a Tremendous Rocket Radar to chase down Giovanni.

For a full PvP evaluation of Shadow Regice, and the opposite new shadow Pokémon, take a look at our in-depth article.

TM Frustration Away

You should utilize a Charged TM to assist a Shadow Pokémon overlook the Charged Assault Frustration throughout the occasion. Shadow Pokémon are extremely highly effective, so remember to make the most of having the ability to take away Frustration from them! This solely occurs just a few occasions a yr. You possibly can search ‘@frustration’ in your Pokémon search bar to find which Pokémon presently have the transfer Frustration, so which to TM it away from.

New Shadow Pokémon

For the primary time ever, Pokémon that Trainers rescue from Crew GO Rocket Grunts could also be Shiny Pokémon—should you’re fortunate. This will likely be a everlasting change that may carry over to the longer term, and consists of all Grunt-catchable Shadow Pokémon which might be shiny eligible. How do we all know? A Niantic Group Supervisor confirmed this to Pokémon GO Hub by way of Niantic’s Model Ambassador program.

As a way to discover a Shiny Shadow model of a selected Pokémon, that Pokémon must be a catchable reward from defeating a Crew GO Rocket Grunt. This extends over all classes of Pokémon, together with regional variants if they’re shiny eligible.

Along with being catchable, the Pokémon must be shiny eligible in Pokémon GO. In different phrases, if a Pokémon can Shiny in common sport play, it may be Shiny in Crew GO Rocket encounters as properly.

Crew GO Rocket is armed with new Shadow Pokémon, together with the next:

  • Grimer (Alola Shadow)

  • Phanpy (Shadow)

  • Treecko (Shadow)

  • Torchic (Shadow)

  • Drifloon (Shadow)


Throughout the occasion the next Pokémon will hatch from 12km eggs:

  • Larvitar

  • Absol

  • Skorupi

  • Sandile

  • Scraggy

  • Pawniard

  • Vullaby

  • Deino

  • Pancham

  • Skrelp

  • Salandit

Subject Analysis

Occasion themed subject analysis duties will likely be out there throughout the occasion that reward Mysterious Elements.


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