The Finest Pokémon to look out for at World GO Fest 2023

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Pokémon GO Fest season is upon us and it guarantees to be bigger and extra thrilling than ever earlier than! However this brings up the ever-popular query,

What are the very best Pokémon to catch?

Nicely, to not fear fellow coach, I'm right here to assist slender the sphere! However earlier than we get to that it's value noting that this information solely accounts for those who we all know for positive can be obtainable throughout the World GO Fest interval in line with the knowledge shared by Niantic.

Additionally value noting is that we've an enormous preparation information prepared that you just may need to verify whether or not that is your first GO Fest or if you happen to simply need to be utterly ready to face GO Fest 2023. And imagine me, you need to be ready for GO Fest this yr. We even have a devoted PvP information!

With that out of the way in which, Which Pokémon are really value getting? 

Let's start and discover out!

Quartz Terrarium

It's value noting that which Pokémon spawn throughout the occasion will rotate hourly, with every hour designated as a habitat. With that being stated, many regular sort Pokémon will primarily be spawning within the Quartz Terrarium habitat. Together with:



Let's begin this off with probably the most meta-relevant Pokémon on this habitat, Lickitung. Lickitung had misplaced its relevancy for some time now. However with the hidden gem replace and the nerf of Trevenant, Lickitung is again with a vengeance. Usually, working the charged assault Energy Whip, Lickitung acts as a cumbersome psuedo Grass sort, gaining wins in opposition to the pesky Lanturns and Swamperts. Together with its Regular typing and the Ghost quick assault Lick gaining it wins in opposition to the aforementioned Trevenant.

It must be famous that Lickitung wants XL candies to be viable for the Nice League and its advanced type Lickilicky if XL'd isn't a foul selection for the Extremely League both. So it's undoubtedly value your consideration to catch as many Lickitungs as attainable if you happen to don't have one constructed already!



Maybe a bit much less related than the prime instance of oral hygiene that's Lickitung, Clefairy continues to be a Pokémon value your consideration. This Fairy sort Pokémons advanced type Clefable could be very first rate within the Extremely League gaining some key wins in opposition to among the meta's heavy-hitters resembling Giratina(Altered) and Cobalion. It might probably additionally carry out nicely within the Nice League, particularly in some restricted codecs. Positively, a Pokémon that's value it to catch.



Now right here's one for a spicier choose. Buneary and its advanced type, Lopunny don't have a lot play in any PvP format proper now, although it does have a mega type that may act as a stable Preventing sort raid attacker.

Nonetheless, I personally imagine that Lopunny is only one transfer replace away from being extra related in PvP as nicely, so if you happen to've by no means gotten an opportunity to catch and acquire candies for this Pokémon earlier than, you can undoubtedly think about catching a couple of now!



Whereas not a meta-relevant Pokémon by any definition, Wurmple continues to be helpful because it requires a mere 12 candies to evolve. So you can catch a bunch of those after which look forward to an “elevated evolve xp bonus” occasion to evolve them in bulk and get a whole lot of expertise for doing so.

As such, when you've got sufficient Pokémon space for storing, a bunch of Wurmple is unquestionably value it to catch and hold round.



Identical as Wurmple. As Whismur requires a mere 12 candies to evolve into Loudred, it's value conserving some in your stock to bulk evolve and get some xp later down the road.

Workforce Stardust

  • Audino

  • Foongus

  • Morelull

None of those three Pokémon are significantly meta-relevant. Nonetheless, what these three Pokémon have in widespread is the truth that all of them give further stardust on a profitable catch and are value catching for that motive alone!

Pyrite Sands

Yellow and orange-colored Pokémon primarily spawn throughout this habitat, together with:



One of many extra widespread Pokémon to get on this habitat due to Alolan Sandslash‘s rise to fame after the season of hidden gems replace. Whereas Sandshrew can be spawning in its common Kantonian variant within the wild, as Pokémon share the identical sort of candies between all their regional types, it's nonetheless value catching to gather candies alone.

This isn't to say Sandslash in its Kantonian type isn't first rate both. Quite the opposite, it has seen some play in some restricted nice league codecs. Even in these codecs, it requires the legacy transfer Night time Slash, which you'll be able to fortunately get by evolving your Sandshrew throughout GO Fest.



This chompy boy is one other Pokémon that's actually value your time and pokéballs! Garchomp, Gible's absolutely advanced type, is just not solely a stable raid attacker, it's additionally nice for the Grasp League and Grasp League Premiere codecs. It has key wins in opposition to among the meta's most ferocious Metal sorts resembling Metagross and Dialga. This can be a feat you don't see being achieved by most Dragon sorts, but Garchomp is right here to point out you the way!



One other Pokémon whose advanced type is finest fitted to Grasp League codecs. Hippopotas's advanced type Hippowdon is a stable choose for Grasp League Premiere the place its number of bite-based quick assaults can catch opponents unexpectedly.



Joltik's evolutionary line is likely one of the solely two to have the distinctive BugElectrical typing. And in contrast to its cousin Grubbin, Joltik's advanced form-Galvantula is a stable choose for each the Nice League and Extremely League. And it is usually most likely the one bug sort to say signature wins in opposition to Noctowl. 

It's additionally not the most typical Pokémon within the wild sometimes, so undoubtedly a Pokémon value catching a couple of of.



Binacle's advanced type Barbaracle has seen some utilization in restricted metas previously due to its distinctive RockWater typing together with its various moveset. In any other case, it's nothing a lot to jot down residence about.

Malachite Wilderness

This green-filled habitat brings not one, however two Pokémon which have play in all three of the primary go battle league codecs! Beginning with:



Don't let the easy-going demeanor of this massive fella idiot you, Snorlax deserves its place with the legends!

And I imply that fairly actually as nicely. This mono Regular sort Pokémon wins in opposition to a key legendary Pokémon in all three of the primary go battle league codecs. It might probably win in opposition to Registeel in a good defend state of affairs within the Nice League, can defeat the omnipresent Cresselia within the Extremely League, and might even win in opposition to the ever-threatening Dialga within the Grasp League. And that is ignoring the truth that it could actually beat each variations of Giratina within the extremely and grasp leagues because it resists Ghost sort assaults after which punishes again with its personal ghost-type quick assault lick.

It's additionally value noting that the Snorlax present in GO Fest can be a singular selection that comes with a cowboy hat. So not solely are you able to flex this fella in all three PvP codecs, you are able to do so in model!



The opposite facet of the “nice in all three codecs” equation. Abomasnow, Snover's advanced type is a singular IceGrass sort Pokémon. What this implies is that Abomasnow can't solely seek out Water sorts within the Nice League and Extremely League codecs, however it could actually additionally hunt Dragon sorts within the Grasp League Premiere format. Although it is likely to be a tad tough to seek out one within the Grasp League correct. 

It's value noting, nonetheless, that in all however the grasp league the shadow type of Abomasnow performs higher than its common variant due to its spectacular assault stat. That doesn't imply you must skimp on catching them within the wild if you happen to get the possibility although! You'll be able to nonetheless acquire candies on your shadow variant. And Abomasnow's mega-form, together with its shadow variant are each nice for raids as nicely. Actually a Pokémon that may do all of it!



Whereas not as spectacular as its steel-enforced Galarian cousin, Stunfisk continues to be value catching due to the shared sweet pool. This doesn't imply Stunfisk itself is totally nugatory both. As its distinctive FloorElectrical typing can truly get it some first rate wins in opposition to among the stables of the Nice League meta that Galarian Stunfisk has a a lot much less enjoyable time with, resembling Azumarill.



Identical as Wurmple. Solely value catching as a result of it requires little or no sweet to evolve. So it might be value conserving a couple of for evolving xp farming.

An Ode to those who have Touched Grass

The Malachite Wilderness habitat is residence to fairly a couple of wild grass-type Pokémon. But, not all of them require as a lot of a proof as Snover. So this part will cowl the remainder of the Grass sorts which might be nonetheless value catching:


The identical transfer replace that infamously nerfed Trevenant, was additionally a boon for Cottonee‘s evolution, Whimsicott in disguise. As the rise in injury from Seed Bomb together with its quick energy-generating assault Fairy Wind means this little fluffball can cope with most Water sorts within the Nice League. Not solely that, its Fairy typing additionally means it could actually do Trevenant's job of conserving Medicham at bay. 

However maybe you don't even need to evolve your good IV Cottonee within the first place. In any case, Cottonee itself is an absolute beast in nearly each 500 CP Little Cup format!


Ferroseed‘s evolution Ferrothorn is a really first rate Nice League choose due to its distinctive GrassMetal typing. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that there are each fairly a couple of metal sorts and fairly a handful of grass sorts within the meta proper now that may do Ferrothorn's job higher.


Lurantis, Fomantis‘s evolution is an excellent Pokémon for the Nice League. That is due to its quick energy-generating Bug sort Fury Cutter paired with the spammy STAB Grass transfer Leaf Blade. Sadly, Lurantis simply has too many counters on the high of the open nice league meta. That doesn't imply this beautiful little not-a-bug Pokémon can't completely shine in restricted nice league metas!

Aquamarine Shores

And eventually, we attain the ultimate habitat of this yr's GO Fest, the clear blue aquamarine shores! In the event you've come this far, stick round there are tons of goodies right here too! Like for instance:



Once more, we begin with the Pokémon to get for this habitat, Beldum! Even not counting in its mega type, Shadow Metagross is likely one of the finest raid attackers round!

If that wasn't sufficient this MetalPsychic beast can also be nice for Grasp League and Grasp League Premiere codecs, the place it could actually safely dance on these pesky Fairy sorts to assist your Dragons soar within the end-game. Metagross wants its legacy transfer, Meteor Mash to achieve its full potential which can be obtainable to get throughout this GO Fest.

I do know for positive I'll be specializing in catching as many Beldum's as I can to evolve my hundo Metang with Meteor Mash. And you must undoubtedly prioritize this Pokémon as nicely.



Even if it's fairly widespread. Marill is however maybe the second most vital Pokémon on this habitat. Regardless of what number of nerfs this little egg will get, Azumarill continues to be a mainstay within the Nice League due to its pure bulk together with its WaterFairy typing. The most effective Azumarill wants XL candies for the nice league, so you may by no means have too many Marills.



This pokémon's is a singular case as a result of even with an ideal IV and absolutely maxed out with XL candies, its max CP nonetheless reaches solely a bit over 1000. Nonetheless, this mono Psychic sort has had success in some Restricted Nice League metas due to its spectacular bulk. So it may be a pokémon value investing a couple of pokéballs into if you happen to haven't gotten the possibility earlier than.



Bagon's evolution Salamence generally is a first rate Dragon sort raid attacker, which is barely bolstered by its mega type. It isn't a Pokémon that has a lot play in PvP proper now although if that's what you're serious about.

Carvanha, Barboach and Woobat

  • Carvanha

  • Barboach

  • Woobat

I'm placing these three collectively as a result of all three have some play in restricted metas however not a lot else. Of word is the very fact Carvanha and Barboach can each be first rate within the below 500 CP Little Cup metas.



And we shut off the wild encounters with Mareanie. Now I've heard folks swear by the aggressive viability of Mareanie's evolution, Toxapex within the Open Nice League. And with key wins in opposition to among the league's strongest Pokémon like Medicham, Noctowl, Alolan Ninetales, and Azumarill, how can I disagree?

Regardless of its potential nonetheless, you don't see too many Toxapexes within the open nice league most likely thanks partially to the truth that thus far, it may primarily solely be acquired by means of hatching eggs. So you must undoubtedly think about taking on on this uncommon alternative of catching some nice league-compatible Mareanies within the wild!


Now that we've the wild encounters out of the way in which, we are able to discuss Pokémon that may be caught by means of raids. Higher buckle up as a result of we've some massive ones to speak about. Beginning with:

Carbink (2 Star Raid)


Let's get the massive one out of the way in which first. Not actually in fact, since Carbink is definitely a moderately small fella. However I digress, if you happen to sustain with Pokémon GO PvP information in any respect you've most likely heard some hype about Carbink. It's a Pokémon that grew to become high of many trainers' meta charts as quickly because it was introduced and made obtainable in restricted portions to early adopters of the GO Fest tickets this yr. 

However why all the excitement? Nicely, Carbink is extraordinarily cumbersome. Regardless of his measurement, he's a chonky lad. So as to add to this, its RockFairy typing limits the variety of weaknesses rock sorts are usually susceptible to have. Not solely that, however on paper, Carbink is slated to have wins in opposition to the Open Nice League‘s most distinguished threats. These embody the likes of Noctowl, Sableye, Lanturn, and Medicham. A rock sort successful in opposition to a combating sort, simply take into consideration that!

With that in thoughts, we haven't gotten to see Carbink a lot in motion as of but, as it's only obtainable in restricted portions. Add to that, the truth that it's yet one more Pokémon that want XL candies to be viable within the nice league. So if you happen to care about PvP in any respect, and I do imply in any respect, this Pokémon might very nicely be the one to make use of a whole lot of your raid passes on. And if you happen to're a ticket holder it's good to catch Carbinks to gather mega power on your new Diancie! You're going to wish a whole lot of XL candies for this one. On that word, Carbink must be obtainable from subject analysis as nicely, no matter whether or not or not you've purchased the GO Fest ticket. So raids and subject analysis are the way in which to go!

Snorlax (3 Star Raid)


This is identical cowboy hat Snorlax that may be discovered within the wild throughout GO Fest. In the event you're in search of one with excellent IVs to make use of for raids or the Grasp League you might need to do a couple of of those raids.

Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre (Primal Raids)

  • Groudon

  • Kyogre

Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre are again for a second time this yr. In the event you haven't caught yours but, you undoubtedly ought to take up this chance! Groudon and Kyogre had been already among the strongest Pokémon within the sport. With their primal types, they're unmatched of their energy for raid battles. If they carry again Mega Grasp League and permit these two Pokémon, there's little doubt they may dominate that meta as nicely. To not point out their common types are already nice for the Open Grasp League.

As for which one to prioritize, I'd give a leg as much as Groudon by way of usefulness. Nonetheless, you actually can't go incorrect both method. In the event you like Kyogre be at liberty to focus extra on Kyogre, you undoubtedly gained't remorse having it in your celebration both.

Mega Rayquaza (Mega Raid)


And now it's time for the brand new mega on the block. If Primal Groudon and Kyogre are any indication then Mega Rayquaza stands to be one of many strongest Pokémon that can be obtainable in Pokémon GO for an extended whereas.

Collector's Objects

If greater than PvP or raid viability, you're extra serious about that which is actually uncommon and unique, I've you coated as nicely. There can be not one, however 4 costumed Pikachus, with every of them having its personal shiny variant. These can be obtainable within the wild in addition to in raids for the avid collector to pursue.

Additionally, you will get an opportunity to get common and glossy variations of Unown A, D, I, M, N, and O if you happen to're a ticket holder and use Incense (excluding every day journey incense). 

Nonetheless not happy? Listed here are the Pokémon that can be obtainable of their shiny type for the very first time throughout World GO Fest:


Pokémon GO Fest 2023 is shaping as much as be extra promising than ever earlier than with many thrilling Pokémon to gather! Hopefully, I've helped you slender down which Pokémon you need to deal with throughout this occasion. Keep secure and have enjoyable on the market. I want you all an incredible GO Fest 2023!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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