The Finest Pokémon to look out for at New York GO Fest 2023

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Pokémon GO Fest season is upon us and it guarantees to be bigger and extra thrilling than ever earlier than! However this brings up the ever-popular query,

What are one of the best Pokémon to catch?

Properly, to not fear fellow coach, I'm right here to assist slender the sector! However earlier than we get to that it's price noting that this information solely accounts for people who we all know for positive might be out there in the course of the New York GO Fest interval based on the knowledge shared by Niantic.

Additionally price noting is that we have now an enormous preparation information prepared that you simply would possibly wish to examine whether or not that is your first GO Fest or should you simply wish to be utterly ready to face GO Fest 2023.

With that out of the best way, Which Pokémon are really price getting? 

Let's start and discover out!

Prehistoric Volcano

Do take be aware that New York GO Fest might be divided into two experiences- the park expertise and the town expertise. The park expertise could have you exploring completely different themed habitats the place particular Pokémon will spawn at Randall’s Island Park. Whereas within the metropolis expertise, it is possible for you to to search out each Pokémon talked about in every habitat together with event-exclusive raid encounters!

I'll categorize the Pokémon on this information based mostly on the habitats out there within the park expertise. However do needless to say you could find all of those within the metropolis expertise as properly. With that being stated, let's begin off with Pokémon discovered within the first habitat, the prehistoric volcano:



The prehistoric volcano habitat graces us with not one, however two Dragon kind Pokémon that can be utilized in all three important PvP codecs. The primary of the 2 Pokémon on this equation, Dratini. Dratini is nice as a result of there's one thing distinctive that each one three varieties in its evolutionary line can accomplish.

Of their shadow type, Dragonair and Dragonite are each very respectable picks within the Nice League.  Why you'd need one over the opposite is determined by your group composition and private use case. Dragonite works greatest as a pure Dragon, as you'd wish to accomplice up its fast-move Dragon Breath with the spammy Dragon Claw. Whereas Dragonair has higher impartial protection Physique Slam and Aqua Tail to go together with the identical Dragon Breath. Shadow Dragonite can be a good Pokémon for the Extremely League, as it may possibly win in opposition to among the meta staples reminiscent of Swampert, Scrafty, and Obstagoon. And eventually, Shadow Dratini itself is fairly nice for 500 CP Little Cup metas when they're out there.

This doesn't imply it's best to skimp on catching common, non-shadow Dratinis throughout GO Fest, nonetheless. Not solely as a result of you may catch them to get candies as Dratini is a decently uncommon Pokémon. But in addition as a result of, Dragonite, simply in its base type, is likely one of the greatest Pokémon for the Grasp League and arguably, the greatest non-legendary Pokémon in that league because of its spectacular whole stats. So so far as wild Pokémon on this habitat goes, Dratini is certainly one you don't wish to miss!



The second Dragon to look on this habitat, and in no way any much less spectacular, its Axew! This little dragon has gotten a number of love just lately because of its current neighborhood day, the place its developed type Haxorus lastly bought Breaking Swipe. Haxorus will not be a very defensive Pokémon and due to this fact had some hassle becoming in with the bulk-focused Pokémon GO PvP meta. However as Breaking Swipe is a charged assault that's able to reducing the enemy Pokémon's assault, all that has modified.

Because of its Preventing kind quick transfer, Counter, Haxorus can confidently beat nearly each cumbersome Metal,Floor, and Rock sorts that aren't additionally half Fairy within the Nice League. It's additionally a dragon that may present respectable versatility. With one slot stuffed by Breaking Swipe, Haxorus is left with one other charged transfer slot to refill because it needs. You might go for the equally spammy Water kind surf, or Darkish kind Night time Slash. Or you would ignore each and go together with the heavy-hitting Earthquake. Even when it comes to quick strikes, you would choose out of Counter, in alternate for the STAB Dragon Tail should you assume that's the transfer you want.

Whereas not as spectacular within the Extremely League, Haxorus can nonetheless be used as a spice decide even right here. As it may possibly cope with the assorted metal sorts that run rampant on this meta, together with the ever-present Obstagoon. Lastly, Haxorus can be a stable decide for the Grasp League and particularly within the Grasp League Premiere format the place different, stronger legendary dragons aren't there to take its place. General, Haxorus is an excellent stable and tremendous enjoyable Pokémon to make use of for PvP, although do keep in mind that it's moderately reliant on its legacy transfer Breaking Swipe.



Because the title suggests, the prehistoric volcano is house to a lot of Pokémon GOs fossil Pokémon. A few of the greatest of those are represented by the Sinnoh fossil Pokémon, beginning with-Cranidos! Whereas in no way helpful for PvP by any stretch of the phrase, Cranidos's developed type Rampardos has its essential use.  And that's because of its use as probably the greatest raid attackers. 

Because of its spectacular 260.4 Assault stat, Rampardos can hit these raid Pokémon, and it may possibly hit them arduous! Rampardos boasts maybe the strongest Rock kind raiding potential protected for mega Pokémon out there within the recreation. And take into account among the largest legendaries which might be usually out there in raids: Ho-oh, Lugia, the three authentic chook legendaries, and the upcoming Rayquaza. See one thing in widespread? They're all half Flying sorts, which suggests Rock sorts reminiscent of Rampardos are a must have to take them down. So should you're in any respect in raiding, positively take into account catching a number of Cranidoses in New York GO Fest!



That is the opposite Sinnoh fossil Pokémon. And as their design would possibly already let you know, these two Pokémon couldn't be extra completely different from one another. If Rampardos is a stable raid attacker because of its spectacular assault stat, Bastiodon, Shieldon's evolution is all about bulk!

And you may make full use of its bulk in PvP within the Open Nice League. The place Bastion stands as an impenetrable wall in opposition to among the meta staples. It will probably win in opposition to nearly each Flying kind together with the likes of Noctowl and Altaria because of its RockMetal typing. And even the Pokémon it may possibly't defeat, Bastiodon's sheer protection means it may possibly grasp round lengthy sufficient to wear down the opponent coach's assets. Making Bastiodon probably the greatest Pokémon to have within the format.

Some caveats although, Bastiodon is actually solely good for the good league. Although it excels in that league. However even within the nice league format, it dangers being straight outclassed by the upcoming Pokémon Carbink, which feels the identical function as Bastiodon. Nonetheless, Bastiodon nonetheless stays one of many higher Pokémon within the format and is certainly price your time should you're prepared to spare the time and Pokéballs.


Carrying a Satchel

The final fossil Pokémon on this listing is the unique RockFlying dinosaur itself, Aerodactyl! Whereas Aerodactyl isn't a very helpful Pokémon for PvP, it has a mega type which can as properly be one of the best Rock kind raid attacker out there proper now. Not solely that, the Aerodactyl spawning within the wild might be a novel costumed Aerodactyl that may solely be out there for the New York GO Fest. Making this Aerodactyl a formidable collector's merchandise as properly!



The final Pokémon that's price mentioning on this habitat. Whereas Slugma's developed type Magcargo isn't a very helpful Pokémon, Slugma itself is beneficial for some Little Cup metas because of its entry to Rock kind protection strikes.

Poison Swamp

Varied Poison-type Pokémon inhabit this habitat. Whereas additionally together with:



Beginning off with a extra controversial decide this time round. Because it stands proper now, Pawniard and its evolution Bisharp doesn't have a lot play anyplace. Nevertheless, its closing evolution Kingambit hasn't been added to Pokémon GO but as it's a era 9 Pokémon. When Pokémon from Paldea are added to Pokémon GO and Kingambit makes his royal look, this Pokémon simply would possibly turn out to be much more helpful. As such, it might be price it to have a couple of good Pawniards mendacity round in your pocket.

Oh, The Toxicity!

  • Tentacool

  • Skorupi

  • Zubat

  • Skrelp

Now right here's the factor. Regardless of being the primary counter for the omnipresent Fairy sorts, most Poison kind Pokémon don't attain the highest of the PvP meta for one purpose or one other. And on this poison-type-filled habitat, solely these handful of Pokémon are considerably helpful. So let's get them out of the best way collectively, so you may resolve if any of them are price your time.


If had been to strictly categorize these Pokémon when it comes to aggressive viability, it must be one thing like Zubat > Skorupi > Skrelp > Tentacool. Whereas I'd personally relegate these Pokémon to extra restricted metas, should you needed to make use of any of those Pokémon for the Open Nice League, it must be Zubat. As Zubat's developed type, Golbat, very like a number of different flyers can do fairly properly in opposition to among the metas extra outstanding Pokémon. Although it does sometimes want a defend benefit to take action, and the shadow variant positively does carry out higher. Its closing type, Crobat nonetheless doesn't have a lot use in any specific leagues.


Drapion, Skorupi's developed type is the second closest contender for being “nearly viable for the Open Nice League“. That is because of its large protection of cost assaults together with Aqua Tail, Crunch, and Fell Stinger. That is as soon as once more a case of a Pokémon's shadow variant being higher than its default type. And for Drapion, that margin is kind of excessive. Nonetheless, GO Fest is usually a solution to get extra sweet on your shadow variant. However ignoring all that Drapion does have a leg up over Golbat in that it's viable for Extremely League as properly.


As for Skrelp, whereas its developed type Dragalge is usually a potential spice decide for the Nice League. That's actually not the place it shines. As a substitute, Skrelp itself can be utilized as a good choice for some restricted Little Cup metas.


Lastly, Tentacool. To be sincere, its developed type Tentacruel isn't a very good Pokémon. To make issues worse, it's straight outclassed by the much better Toxapex as a WaterPoison kind for the Nice League. Nonetheless, someway some folks have managed to get some use out of it in some restricted nice league metas, so I believed it ought to at the least be well worth the point out.

Cursed Treasures

This habitat is house to numerous kinds of Pokémon with the first theme being targeted on Ghost and Metal sorts. Stick round as a result of there are fairly a couple of treasures in right here. Together with:



Now Eevee itself isn't a very unusual Pokémon. Nevertheless, Eevee has a whopping eight evolutions, all of which you want for a platinum medal. So that you in all probability need as a lot sweet you will get for this Pokémon as you may. Particularly contemplating at the least certainly one of its evolutionary varieties, Umbreon is likely one of the greatest Pokémon out there for PvP. However why is that?

Properly, Umbreon is a Darkish kind, which suggests it solely has a handful of weaknesses to fret about. Add to that its spectacular bulk, and you've got probably the greatest protected swaps for the Nice League and the Extremely League. After which additional add to that the truth that Umbreon runs the quick assault Snarl, one of many quickest power producing transfer round. And ya, you may see why this Pokémon is so nice your self.

This isn't to say Umbreon is the one good evolution for Eevee. Whereas Umbreon is the only option general among the many eight, others do have their very own area of interest. The Fairy kind Sylveon is usually a respectable Pokémon for the Grasp Premiere League. And the pure Water kind Vaporeon will be helpful for some restricted Nice League and Extremely League metas.



I really feel as if it's solely truthful to speak about Sableye subsequent. As very like Umbreon, Sableye is a cumbersome Darkish kind Pokémon. In contrast to Umbreon nonetheless, Sableye is barely actually viable for the Nice League. However this doesn't matter to Sableye in any respect as a result of there isn't any different Pokémon that does Sableye's job higher.

Why is that? Properly, not like Umbreon, Sableye can be half Ghost kind and might study the quick assault Shadow Claw. Which means Sableye solely has one singular weak spot to Fairy. And it may possibly cope with the Nice League's most persistent menace, Medicham. This makes Sableye the uncontested greatest protected swap for the good league!

It ought to be famous nonetheless that Sableye usually tends to run the charged assault Return. It's price mentioning as a result of return can solely be discovered by a purified shadow Sableye. This doesn't imply Sableye completely wants Return to work, nonetheless. And even if you wish to construct a Sableye with it, Sableye requires XL candies to be viable for the Nice League. So that you're going to want a number of Sableye candies to construct one and it isn't precisely the commonest Pokémon. So positively attempt to catch as many Sableye as attainable to construct one for PvP!



Don't let the easy-going demeanor of this huge fella idiot you, Snorlax deserves its place with the legends!

And I imply that fairly actually as properly. This mono Regular kind Pokémon wins in opposition to a key legendary Pokémon in all three of the primary go battle league codecs. It will probably win in opposition to Registeel in a fair defend situation within the Nice League, can defeat the omnipresent Cresselia within the Extremely League, and might even win in opposition to the ever-threatening Dialga within the Grasp League. And that is ignoring the truth that it may possibly beat each variations of Giratina within the extremely and grasp leagues because it resists Ghost kind assaults after which punishes again with its personal ghost-type quick assault lick.



The final Pokémon on the listing for this habitat, its ya boy Yamask! Cofagrigus, Yamask's evolution is a stable mono Ghost kind for the Nice League and Extremely League. With its utilization bolstered by this season's nerf to Trevanent. Cofagrigus can decide up a few of Trevenant's job owing to its sizable bulk and Ghost typing. This implies Cofagrigus can cope with Medicham and prevalent Psychic sorts like Cresselia. Or on the very least apply robust defend stress with its Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, and Darkish Pulse mixture. Undoubtedly a Pokémon price getting in my humble opinion.

Athletic Area

The final habitat for New York GO Fest, the Athletic Area is house to many Preventing sorts. Together with:

Hitmon 3:

  • Hitmonchan

  • Hitmonlee

  • Hitmontop

Behold, these three Pokémon aren't bald, not males, and positively not educated assassins. But what these three Hitmons are are respectable, albeit a bit bland Pokémon for use for PvP. That is all when it comes to the Nice League in fact. As a result of none of those three really have the stats to do something within the larger CP codecs. 

As for which certainly one of these three is one of the best, I've to present a leg as much as Hitmontop. As entry to Counter together with two heavy-hitting charged assaults in Shut Fight and Stone Edge makes it a good decide. You may positively converse in favor of Hitmonchan as properly, particularly in its shadow variant. Since it may possibly make up for Hitmontop's better flexibility with uncooked harm with Counter and its numerous Punch strikes. Lastly, Hitmonlee. It falls a bit behind as a result of lack of Counter, probably one of the best quick assault within the recreation. Nevertheless, Double Kick continues to be respectable, so it's not utterly unusable.

Just a few issues are price noting. To start out, the presence of Medicham makes different Preventing sorts fall behind in utilization within the Open Nice League. As such, you'll in all probability wish to relegate these Pokémon to extra restricted metas the place Medicham isn't allowed to enter. In the event you do completely wish to strive certainly one of these in Open Nice League, persist with Hitmontop, the others are too fragile. Lastly, from my expertise these Pokémon aren't too unusual, so I'll go away it to you to resolve if they're price your time throughout GO Fest. Bonus point out to Makuhita, one other comparable widespread Preventing kind that may be discovered throughout GO Fest.



A little bit of a wild card for this habitat. In contrast to the beforehand talked about preventing sorts, Zangoose doesn't spawn within the North American continent. As such it's a uncommon Regular kind Pokémon that acts as something however. Usually operating Shadow Claw with Night time Slash and Shut Fight it feels nearly like a pseudo-dark kind Pokémon of types. It's a very attack-weighted Pokémon so it shouldn't work for PvP in concept. But I've positively seen it's used within the Nice League and Extremely League as a shock save swap. So you would take into account catching a couple of, as Zangoose isn't a Pokémon you will see that close to New York fairly often.



For this habitat, I made a decision to avoid wasting one of the best for final. In the event you take a look at Lucario's typing, you may see why it's particular. Preventing and Metal, two of essentially the most potent sorts in all of Pokémon! It brings a number of different advantages together with this stable typing as properly. It offers fast-move stress with Counter, it spams with Energy-up Punch and even has a handful of nuke strikes out there to it as properly. All in all, even when it's much more fragile than Medicham, it's nonetheless a stable Pokémon for the Nice League and the Extremely League. And much more so in restricted metas the place it may possibly completely dominate the competitors!

Lucario has solely been out there so removed from hatching Riolus from eggs after which evolving them. So it has been a uncommon and tough Pokémon to construct with aggressive IVs. With New York GO Fest this all modifications, so positively be looking out for a couple of wild Lucarios!

Raid Encounters

This concludes our wild encounter phase. However proceed to stay round, as a result of the town expertise brings the return of three well-beloved raid legendaries. Together with an thrilling new encounter! 

5-Star Raids

New York Go Fest might be house to 3 five-star raids. And its price noting that these raids might be out there globally all through August as properly. Beginning off with:



Top-of-the-line, if not the greatest Pokémon for the Extremely League, Cresselia has now discovered herself a spot within the Nice League as properly because of the absence of Trevenant to threaten her lunar glory. What makes Cresselia so nice is a mixture of maximum bulk, matched with the quick energy-generating Psycho Minimize. A mix of those two issues insure Cresselia is on the battlefield for a very long time, and threatening the opponent's shields. Undoubtedly take into account doing a couple of raids and buying and selling Cresselias round with your folks to get some PvP-compatible Cresselias.

Xerneas and Yveltal

  • Xerneas

  • Yveltal

The field legendary duo from the mainline Pokémon X and Y video games are again! And though it hasn't been straight acknowledged, as each Pokémon are slated to get their signature strikes this month of August, it's very probably they are going to be out there throughout GO Fest as properly. So, let's get to analyzing whether or not these Pokémon are price it, we could?

Beginning with the Fairy kind Xerneas. Xerneas is slated to get its signature quick transfer, Geomancy. Whereas this in all probability gained't make Xerneas a must have meta-breaker or something like that, it's nonetheless a direct improve. This implies an already respectable decide for the Grasp League is nearly to get higher. As for the DarkishFlying Yveltal, whereas its signature cost assault Oblivion Wing looks as if a facet grade at greatest, it's already a good Pokémon for the Grasp League and positively no much less price your time. These new strikes additionally make each Xerneas and Yveltal enhance as Raid Attackers as properly.

In order you may see, you may go for both Pokémon based mostly on private desire should you're planning to construct a group for the Grasp League.

Mega Raids

Mega Rayquaza

Rayquaza (Mega)

The one confirmed mega raid for this occasion, but no much less thrilling. As Mega Rayquaza is a very new Mega Pokémon to grace Pokémon GO! Not solely that, if the prior launched Primal Groudon and Kyogre are any indication then Mega Rayquaza stands to be one of many strongest Pokémon that might be out there in Pokémon GO for a protracted whereas.

Collector's Objects

If greater than PvP or raid viability, you're extra excited about that which is really uncommon and unique, I've you lined as properly. Even ignoring the already talked about raid Pokémon, and uncommon shinies reminiscent of Lucario and Noibat, there might be some event-exclusive together with:

  • Pikachu
    Carrying an Amethyst Crown

This model of Pikachu might be unique to the in-person GO Fests this 12 months, and also will be out there as a shiny. This Pikachu will spawn in each habitat, so don't miss your likelihood to catch this unique shiny!

  • Unown (D)

  • Unown (I)

  • Unown (A)

  • Unown (M)

  • Unown (O)

  • Unown (N)

  • Unown (!)

All habitats can even spawn particular Unown with their shiny varieties additionally being out there. This contains the second look of Unown ! after the GO Fests in London and Osaka. In the event you've taken the daunting problem of catching each shiny Unowns you positively don't wish to miss this opportunity!

Nonetheless need extra? Listed below are the Pokémon that may make their first shiny look throughout New York GO Fest:


Pokémon GO Fest 2023 is shaping as much as be extra promising than ever earlier than with many thrilling Pokémon to gather! Hopefully, I've helped you slender down which Pokémon you wish to concentrate on throughout this occasion. And in order for you a deeper dive for the Pokémon that might be price catching for PvP, we could have a PvP Area Information as properly. Keep protected and have enjoyable on the market. I want you all a tremendous GO Fest 2023!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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