The Dashing Design of Greavard

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Have you ever ever seen how sure occasions in Pokémon GO give particular consideration to a single Pokémon or the group itself tends to hype a brand new Pokémon up? Have you ever ever puzzled why this Pokémon particularly and what its origins are?

Effectively, that's the place the Dashing Design collection is available in! The place I'll be your information as we check out the franchise historical past, idea, and potential design inspirations of particular Pokémon. We're on the second article on this format. And this time we can be wanting on the star of this yr's first a part of the Halloween occasion, beginning with the goodest ghost boi Greavard!


Franchise Historical past

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Greavard is a comparatively latest Pokémon. It was first launched within the ninth era of mainline Pokémon video games, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Actually, it was one of many earliest Paldean Pokémon launched. Paldea being the area the ninth era of Pokémon video games takes place in. It was initially teased on twitter (Now X) earlier than being correctly launched in a very neat “discovered footage” type trailer launched later (moderately fittingly) on October twenty fifth, 2022:

Etymology and Design


There's really an honest quantity to cowl with our fluffy good friend. So let's begin with the identify. Greavard might be a mixture of the phrases “Graveyard”, a kind of burial floor, and a Briard, a breed of canines characterised by its lengthy sheets of fur.

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One other attainable supply of inspiration for the identify is the phrase “Greaves” a residue from animal fat-based candle manufacturing generally used as animal feed. Contemplating each the candle motif and the truth that it's a meals materials for canines makes this connection a powerful chance.


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Whereas Greavard's identify could take inspiration from the Briard, its precise design could stem from the similar-looking Catalan Sheepdog. The Catalan Sheepdogs look strikingly just like Briards, having the identical lengthy lengthed fur. Nonetheless, in contrast to the Briards, Catalan Sheepdogs are native to Spain, which Paldea relies off of, permitting for a stronger connection.

As for its Ghostly inspiration, I really feel like I can not present a definitive reply. The reason is that there are simply too many ghost canines in myths and folklore world wide. Simply in Spain alone, there's the Pesnata and Dips, there's the Barghest from the UK, after which there's the Cadejo, which is all white when good. And it ought to be famous that Greavard itself is usually pale white, barring its shiny.

White is quite common in iconography relating to ghosts and the lifeless. For instance, the white sheet ghosts that seem in previous cartoons. It is because white is commonly the colour of selection for mourning in lots of cultures. The lifeless are sometimes adorned in white earlier than being buried and in some situations, individuals associated to the newly departed put on white as nicely. This together with the bone-shaped candle adorning its head solidifies its reference to the lifeless. As candles are sometimes lit on grave websites to commemorate the lifeless. And it's a notably widespread customized in sure Spanish-speaking international locations.

However coming again to the white sheets for a bit. One would possibly surprise why white adornments are widespread in depictions of the departed. It very seemingly has to do with what individuals affiliate with the colour white. It usually represents a clean canvas. Hole, unadorned, empty. Symbolizing a brand new starting that's but to be. Maybe white is even a bit lonely when considered alone. And this description suits Greavard completely. Take into account its Violet pokédex entry:

This pleasant Pokémon doesn't like being alone. Pay it even the slightest little bit of consideration, and it'll observe you endlessly.

Regardless of this, Greavard's candle absorbs the life power of these close to it, till they faint or go to sleep. Thus making it as soon as once more on their lonesome. A moderately merciless destiny for a shepherd canine, as they're recognized to be pleasant, widespread with kids, and constant to no finish. Or think about the Japanese story of Hachiko (A narrative echoed in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's story) the place a canine eternally waits for its lifeless grasp. And to place the ultimate nail within the coffin, its Japanese identify is Bochi, which implies cemetery however may also be part of the time period HitoriBocchi, that means loneliness.



So, uhh, ya, form of a bitter be aware that little Greavard. Within the first “Dashing Design” article, I talked about Smoliv's evolution as nicely. And I feel it's all of the extra vital this time round. As a result of if we find yourself simply analyzing Greavard, I really feel like we go away on a moderately bitter be aware. So with out additional ado, let's have a look at its evolution, Houndstone!

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Identify and design clever Houndstone doesn't deviate removed from its prior evolution. Its identify is a mix of “Hound”, a generic identify for canines, and “Gravestone” a kind of commemorative stone that's hooked up to the bottom of a grave. By way of design, it seems extra withered, older, and extra mature. Its jaw is greater, in all probability to bear the load of the gravestone that's changing the candle. This brings us to essentially the most placing function, in fact, the gravestone. 

Once more, going with Pokédex in Pokémon Violet:

A lovingly mourned Pokémon was reborn as Houndstone. It doesn't like anybody touching the protuberance atop its head.

With age comes knowledge. And now Houndstone has the data and expertise to know that the candle that has became a gravestone saps the life power of others. Additionally wanting on the Scarlet Pokédex this time round:

Houndstone spends most of its time sleeping in graveyards. Amongst all of the canine Pokémon, this one is most loyal to its grasp.

Greavard's complete evolutionary line focuses on loyalty. Its signature transfer is Final Respects, a transfer that will get stronger the extra Pokémon have fainted in your occasion. So I feel the overarching theme for Houndstone is “perseverance because of a powerful need for real connections”. Houndstone is wise now, it is aware of get near others with out bringing them hurt. Its loyalty transcends its personal mortality. It doesn't neglect its fallen comrades, moderately its conviction grows and it does extra injury. And thus the little Greavard is not lonely. Keep it up loyal good friend!

General icon

And there we go! Admittedly a bit darker than the primary Dashing Design on Smoliv. However I feel Greavard's story is finally a constructive one. With its loyalty and perseverance, I imagine it's by no means fairly alone. And for this reason, Greavard's design, is kind of dashing!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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