The Dashing Design of Mareanie

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Have you ever ever seen how sure occasions in Pokémon GO give particular consideration to a single Pokémon or the group itself tends to hype a brand new Pokémon up? Have you ever ever questioned why this Pokémon particularly and what its origins are?

Effectively, that's the place the Dashing Design collection is available in! I'll be your information as we check out the franchise historical past, idea, and potential design inspirations of particular Pokémon. We're midway from reaching ten. So let's soar proper in and take a look at the one returning for a second time onto the walkway for vogue week, Mareanie!


Franchise Historical past

Supply: Pokémon The Collection: Solar and Moon Ep. 58

Mareanie was first launched within the seventh technology of the mainline collection. For context, the seventh technology of Pokémon encompasses the Pokémon Solar, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Extremely Solar, and Pokémon Extremely Moon lineup of video video games launched for the Nintendo 3DS. The primary two video games can be launched in November 2016, and the latter two would come out nearly a 12 months later in November 2017.

It's value noting that this was the final technology of video games launched on the 3DS line of consoles. With the franchise shifting ahead to the Nintendo Change afterward. And apparently, regardless of the nationwide dex being reduce within the subsequent technology of video games, Mareanie managed to endure. It seems in each the eighth AND ninth technology of video games.

Additionally of word, Mareanie made its debut within the twelfth episode of the Solar and Moon anime. The recurring comical antagonist “James” catches one in that exact same episode. This implies, Mareanie grew to become a everlasting fixture within the anime for that collection going ahead!

Etymology and Design


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Very like the Pokémon we've lined prior, Mareanie's title is a mixture of two phrases. On this case, the phrases are, “Marine” (a phrase used to confer with issues associated to the ocean) and “Meanie” (a extra fashionable phrase used to name somebody merciless or unfriendly, historically handled as a extra “kiddy” phrase). Whereas the “Meanie” half could carry us nearer to Mareanie's true nature, the Marine half is a little more ambiguous.

It does assist us perceive its half Water typing, however not a lot else. So for a extra direct reply, we must always check out Mareanie's Japanese title, Hidoide. Once more, it's a mixture of two phrases, Hidoi and Hitode. Hidoi means merciless, so it's much like “Meanie”. Nonetheless, Hitode is what actually offers us a greater image as it's the Japanese phrase for “sea star” aka starfishes. That is extra particular than “Marine”, and brings us to:


So sure, regardless of the preliminary sea urchin impression, Mareanie's essential design inspiration is a starfish. We might be much more exact as Mareanie could be very seemingly primarily impressed by Crown-of-thorns starfishes. Earlier than we get additional, I feel it will likely be greatest if I simply present you what I'm speaking about:

Supply: Wikipedia by Ror Bzh

So, ya…these are certainly starfish, despite the fact that they may not seem like it. And actually, the resemblance to the Mareanie line is uncanny. From the prickly barb-like appendages to the dome-like construction, you possibly can undoubtedly see how Mareanie's design took from these marine lifeforms. The similarities between Mareanie and these creatures don't even finish at how they seem like both.

For instance, in case you take a look at Mareanie, it appears to have a crown rising from its high. That is very seemingly in reference to the title of its inspiration, “crown” of thorns starfish. One other similarity is how they feed off of the barbs from the Pokémon, Corsola. Quote from Pokémon Extremely Solar:

They eat Corsola branches, so Mareanie are hated by craftsmen who work with Corsola branches which have naturally fallen off.

And once more, from the Pokémon Solar Pokédex:

It plunges the poison spike on its head into its prey. When the prey has weakened, Mareanie offers the ending blow with its 10 tentacles.

Yikes, in order that's most likely the place the “Meanie” in Mareanie comes from. Not solely have they got one other Pokémon as a meals supply. However they're adept at buying what they need from them as properly. Although in fact, because it's Pokémon, Mareanie solely takes the Corsola's barbs. The identical can't be stated for its real-life counterpart, nonetheless. As Crown-of-thorns starfishes prey on corals (the inspiration behind Corsola) and are excellent at it as properly.

So good in truth that outbreaks of those creatures have been a trigger for concern since as early because the Sixties. They're a pure a part of the marine meals cycle, however massive outbreaks of them can devastate coral colonies, as grownup Crown-of-thorns starfishes can devour whole corals complete. As such, some ways to maintain their inhabitants at bay needed to be developed and analysis is continuous to at the present time. Now, as Mareanie's evolution shares the identical inspirations, let's proceed the dialogue with:



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Etymologically talking, “Toxapex” is a mixture of “poisonous” (which means toxic) and “apex” (which means the highest when it comes to functionality, however on this case referring to an Apex Predator or high predator). So far as design is worried, the inspirations are the identical as Mareanie, simply in a extra mature type. And in its totally developed state, it's actually actually superb how properly Toxapex's design, gameplay, lore, and real-life inspirations all come collectively so completely.

Since we primarily speak about design and lore right here, let's rapidly look over gameplay earlier than we take a look at the others intimately. If you happen to take part within the mainline collection PvP in any respect, you would possibly understand how a lot of an absolute defensive menace it was for singles for the longest time. It has the unique transfer Baneful Bunker which has similarities to the transfer shield however may poison your opponent on contact. Additionally, it could have the hidden capacity Regenerator, which heals Toxapex upon switching out. And even in Pokémon GO, Toxapex is among the bulkiest Pokémon within the Nice League.

This does tie into its design. As Toxapex's “legs” do create a dome construction that just about acts like a protecting shell. And even in lore, its Pokédex entries emphasize its robust dome and poison. With the one outlier being the Violet Pokédex:

Toxapex will get into fierce battles with Bruxish over areas the place heat ocean currents circulation, however the odds are all the time towards it.

So it appears Toxapex's solely actual canonical menace is Bruxish. Nonetheless, I need you to deal with the truth that it says “The chances are all the time towards it”. Grim, however not fully one-sided. That is true to actual life as properly. Bruxish is predicated on Triggerfishes, which have been noticed to prey on Crown-of-thorns starfishes, however not systematically (in response to “Formation and breakdown of Acanthaster planci aggregations within the Purple Sea”). Actually, most issues don't prey on these starfishes, as a result of:

Supply: Wikipedia by Matt Wright 

Simply take a look at this factor! It seems to be like a dwelling fortress! And it has the power to match as properly. If its thorny venomous exterior wasn't sufficient, it has robust regenerative talents too. Keep in mind after I stated outbreaks of those starfishes have been a priority for the reason that 60s? Effectively, this is perhaps a part of the rationale why. Very like Toxapex, the sheer survivability of this stuff signifies that they don't have that many predators. And even those that do exist have seen decreases in quantity. So human intervention grew to become considerably essential to preserve them in verify.

On that word, one factor that stored arising over and over is COTSBot. A robotic created by the Queensland College of Know-how to maintain the Crown-of-thorns inhabitants in verify. And if you consider it, most robotic or mechanical-looking Pokémon do are usually Metal or Electrical, not less than till Paradox Pokémon had been launched. And Toxapex is a PoisonWater sort. Metal resists Poison and Electrical is super-effective towards Water (Therefore why Pincurchin is talked about in Mareanie's Scarlet Pokédex). I don't assume that is an intentional design determination, however as an alternative a relatively fascinating coincidence.

General icon

And there we go! The fifth “Dashing Design” down the hatch. Whereas Mareanie and Toxapex's reference to a real-life creature could be very cool, we haven't fairly discovered a solution as to why they're so prevalent in vogue week. In any case, Mareanie made its debut final vogue week, and it's again once more this time round. I can consider two causes. First, Crown-of-thorns starfishes might be very stunning in their very own manner. They arrive in many various vibrant colours similar to this one present in Thailand:

Supply: Wikipedia by Jon Hanson

Additionally bear in mind, Mareanie is a meanie. So another excuse may very well be the kind of, “imply vogue diva” trope one can typically discover in dramas or actuality TV reveals. These characters typically play an antagonistic function. And sometimes have bitter rivalries with one another as properly. So maybe, in a way, you possibly can say that Toxapex and Bruxish's rivalry is also one over vogue! And because of this, Mareanie's design, is kind of dashing!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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