The Dashing Design of Smoliv

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Have you ever ever observed how sure occasions in Pokémon GO give particular consideration to a single Pokémon or the neighborhood itself tends to hype a brand new Pokémon up? Have you ever ever questioned why this Pokémon particularly and what its origins are?

Properly, that's the place the Dashing Design collection is available in! The place I'll be your information as we check out the franchise historical past, idea, and potential design inspirations of particular Pokémon. That is the primary within the collection. And to inaugurate this new format, we might be looking on the star of the harvest competition occasion. Coming straight from the area of Paldea, it's Smoliv!


Franchise Historical past

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Smoliv is a comparatively latest Pokémon. It was first launched within the ninth era of mainline Pokémon video games, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. In actual fact, it was one of many first Paldean Pokémon launched. Paldea being the area the ninth era of Pokémon video games takes place in. To be extra exact, it was the fifth Paldean Pokémon ever launched. It appeared proper after the three new accomplice Pokémon and Pawmi within the second trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. After which it turned a fast fan favourite because of its cute rounded look and timid manner.

Etymology and Design

Fortunately, Smoliv's identify and design are each decidedly easy. Smoliv's identify, after all, is a fusion of the phrases Small and Olive. Although it's value noting to merge with “Olive”, the phrase “Small” is written as “Smol”. And as anybody who has spent an honest period of time on the web can inform you, “Smol” is a fairly widespread option to deliberately mistype the phrase “Small”. It's significantly used to emphasise a way of endearment, comparable to when speaking about cute little pets. I discovered it value noting, as a result of, with this and Lechonk, it appears Gamefreak has determined to embrace a extra humorous route in the case of naming newer Pokémon.

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Smoliv's design, very like its identify, is straightforward however efficient. It has a easy teardrop-shaped olive-like physique, with an olive rising on prime. With the olive itself being a easy inexperienced olive, which is changed with a black olive in its shiny type. The truth that its design relies on an olive by itself is fascinating. As a result of it's possible you'll be questioning, “Why an olive Pokémon now precisely?”

It's as a result of ever since era 5 within the mainline Pokémon collection, every area has been based mostly on locations outdoors of Japan. And Paldea is not any completely different, being based mostly off of the real-world nation of Spain. Olives are native to the Mediterranean space, and Spain specifically might as effectively be the most important exporter of olives on the planet, protecting about 48% of the world's olive exports in 2022 based on Google. 

The second most placing characteristic of Smoliv is its timid, anxious-looking face. This is likely to be partially as a result of, regardless of being discovered within the wild, Smoliv undoubtedly has shared DNA with child Pokémon that usually possess related traits. However I imagine there could also be one other essential motive for this, one which I'll get to once we speak about its evolutions subsequent.

Dolliv and Arboliva

Since each of Smoliv's evolutions might be out there within the Harvest Competition Occasion as effectively, I feel they're value a glance. Beginning with, Dolliv! 



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Very similar to Smoliv, Dolliv is a mix of two phrases Doll and Olive. As to why doll particularly I'm not totally certain. Nevertheless, the identify is considerably constant in Japanese as effectively. In Japanese Dolliv's identify is Olinyo. Which might be a combination of the phrases “Olive” and “aliño”, the latter being the Spanish phrase for Salad Dressing. Nevertheless, the later a part of that identify additionally sounds just like Ningyō, the Japanese phrase for doll.

I attempted to search out if there was any type of Spanish folktale connecting olives or olive bushes to dolls however didn't discover something concrete. So my finest guess is that the “Doll” a part of the identify comes from the truth that Dolliv has a small female design akin to different Grass Pokémon from earlier generations. Contemplating “Doll” and “Child Doll” are phrases generally used to discuss with girls, and significantly younger women, in an endearing manner, maybe that's the place the identify origin comes from. I'd love to listen to if there's a extra strong motive for this identify although.

One other factor about Dolliv I wish to be aware, based on its Scarlet Pokédex entry:

“Dolliv shares its tasty, fresh-scented oil with others. This species has coexisted with people since instances lengthy gone.”

For some context, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launched the mechanic of having the ability to make sandwiches. And the Pokédex entries for Pokémon comparable to Dolliv, Fidough, and Veluza indicate how one may get substances for the sandwiches from the Pokémon with out bringing them hurt. I really like small world-building particulars like this, that additional clarify how folks and Pokémon co-exist within the Pokémon world.



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And we lastly arrive on the remaining type of Smoliv, Arboliva. Its identify is a mix of “árbol”, the Spanish phrase for tree, and “oliva” which is simply olive in sure Romance languages. The identify implies that it is a Pokémon within the Smoliv line that has absolutely matured right into a tree. With branches stuffed with ripened olives. This brings us to a degree I've been ignoring until now, the olive department is a world image of peace!

A golden olive department left on the moon as an emblem of peace. Supply: Wikipedia

Whereas the roots (haha) of this symbology lay with Historical Greece and Rome, it was in some unspecified time in the future picked up all through the Mediterranean, and ultimately the world. So it's once more fairly becoming for a Pokémon launched within the Paldea area. This ties effectively right into a type of micro-narrative inside Smoliv's evolution line as effectively. Keep in mind how I discussed I'd get to Smoliv's anxious face ultimately?

Properly, Dolliv's Violet Pokédex claims that when Dolliv's …olives ripen, it goes on a journey.  And Arboliva's Pokédex entries emphasize the way it's a peaceful Pokémon that's nurturing of different weaker Pokémon, feeding them with its olives. Whereas utilizing its olive oil to take care of threats.

So we have now a narrative that goes full circle. First, Smoliv is a small, timid, and anxious Pokémon, utilizing its oil to drive off something it fears. Then it evolves into Dolliv and goes on a journey of self-discovery. Lastly, it turns into an Arboliva, discovering interior peace and utilizing its potential to carry peace to folks and Pokémon alike. Fairly becoming on account of the inherent symbology behind the olive department. And it makes for a private story that anybody can take inspiration from!

General icon

And there we go! The primary (of hopefully many) article of the “dashing design” collection. As a remaining be aware: Not solely are olives typically harvested in October, however all three of the Smoliv line can possess a secret potential referred to as “Harvest” within the mainline video games. As such, I feel it's fairly becoming that that is the Pokémon that's making its highlighted debut throughout the harvest competition. And because of this, Smoliv's design, is kind of dashing!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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