The Delusion of Detective Pikachu

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Pikachu is by far the MOST iconic Pokémon of all time.  In any case, it's the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and it has been Ash Ketchum's touring companion and “Undisputed Ace” for over 25 years. That could be a LOT of time spent along with one single Pokémon.

Since Pokémon GO's launch, we've got seen numerous occasions that includes Pikachu, carrying a special themed costume every time. Over 40 totally different costumed Pikachu exist to gather in Pokémon GO. A few of these come yearly at Christmas, Spring, Halloween and extra, whereas others have by no means come again. And a kind of costumes to by no means come again is the unique Detective Hat one.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

A film by the identify of Pokémon Detective Pikachu was launched into theatres on Might 10, 2019. However, this film was totally different. The Pokémon firm wished to adapt Detective Pikachu as a result of they had been excited by making a film NOT centered round Ash, and simply create a complete new plot that will be totally different to the Pokémon films that got here earlier than. 

The protagonist of this transfer is Tim Goodman, the son of Detective Harry Goodman who mysteriously went lacking. Tim and Harry's former companion and sleuth, Detective Pikachu, need to work collectively to unravel this thriller, and discover out what took Harry and assist save town. It's a reasonably cool film! I've seen it, and should you haven't – you undoubtedly ought to! The most effective half is that it's not animated just like the TV present and different films, and has stay motion. It's cool but additionally a bit bizarre to see Pokémon look so actual; I suppose I'm used to seeing them animated, haha. And guess who's the voice actor for Pika? Yep, it's everybody's favourite – Ryan Reynolds!

(That Ludicolo seems to be so bushy lol)

The In-Sport Occasion

Okay, sufficient discuss in regards to the film! 

Now, let's get again to Pokémon GO. To have a good time the launch of this film, Niantic determined to announce a “Detective Pikachu and Pokémon GO Cross Promotion Occasion“. Consider it as a promotion. 

These had been some most important highlights from the occasion in 2019. 

  • Elevated encounters with Pokémon seen within the film (Snubbul, Aipom, Psyduck and extra)
  • Free Detective Hat Pikachu avatar gadgets obtainable within the In-game store
  • Shiny Aipom Launch
  • 2x XP for catching Pokémon
  • Film themed Pokémon in raids and in subject analysis

The final one is extraordinarily essential…and strange. Usually, when Pokémon GO provides costume Pikas, most of them they are often shiny as nicely. However I've no clue why Niantic shiny locked Detective Pika. Sure, you heard me proper. Detective Pikachu couldn't be shiny. Since Niantic locked Detective Pika in photobombs, it could've been insanely laborious to get a shiny, as it's a full odds(1 in 500). However why not make it spawn within the wild like regular? They only needed to launch it via AR photobombs! 

The Shiny Trick!

I don't know who got here up with this concept, however whoever it was – THEY NEED A ROUND OF APLAUSE FOR THEIR BIG BRAIN! clap, clap, clap

Some genius trainers got here up with a intelligent thought on how they may presumably get their palms on one of many rarest shinies within the recreation – Shiny Detective Hat Pika. 

The Detective Pikachu Promotion occasion that we talked about earlier, was 10 days lengthy and ended on Friday, Might seventeenth at 1:00 PM PDT. So what they might do – is take a snapshot of their Pokémon a pair minutes earlier than the occasion ended and wait till it did after which click on on the Detective Pika on the map. At 1:00 PM PDT, Pikachu gained't be shiny locked anymore prefer it was earlier than and there could be an opportunity for them to get a shiny Detective Pika. The probabilities could be actually low (0.2%), they usually must cross their fingers and toes and pray to god that they get it! However likelihood is they gained't. 

Nonetheless, some trainers did get fortunate! There are proofs of this shiny on the web, however they're very much less. Solely a pair trainers on this planet have what we prefer to name it – the HOLY GRAIL of all Pokémon – Shiny Detective Hat Pikachu.

Will it ever come again?

Sadly, we don't know. 

However there's a recreation known as “Detective Pikachu Returns” coming to Nintendo Swap in October so we might see some tie in occasion in GO, and hopefully the correct world launch of Shiny Detective Hat Pikachu. This may undoubtedly make this shiny a lot much less rarer however the 2019 ones will nonetheless stay the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon GO. 


Do you could have a standard or perhaps even a shiny Detective Pikachu, or have you learnt somebody with one? Let me know within the feedback down beneath.

And till subsequent time, trainers!

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