This Week in Pokémon GO: 18-24 September 2023

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Coming this week in Pokémon GO, commencing 18th September, the Psychic Spectacular returns, Grubbin Neighborhood Day happens, and extra!

Psychic Spectacular

  • Solosis

From September 20 2023, 10:00am to September 24 2023, 8:00pm native time we have now the return of the Psychic Spectacular occasion. Shiny Solosis will debut, and Psychic sort pokemon will seem extra steadily within the wild, raids, and in 7km eggs!

Grubbin Neighborhood Day

grubbin community day official image


Grubbin Community Day is September 23rd, from 2pm to 5pm local time. With triple XP, and a brand new shiny, Vikavolt will be able to learn the fast attack Volt Switch.

Adventures Abound Special Research

Choose your Paldean partner Pokémon! A new Special Research story with branching paths will be available to Trainers! Throughout Pokémon GO: Adventures Abound, you’ll be able to adventure together and bond with your chosen partner Pokémon.

You can claim this Special Research at no cost from Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to Friday, December 1, 2023, at 9:59 a.m. local time.

Timed Investigation: Master Ball

Pokemon GO master ball
Pokemon GO master ball

Embark on the path to mastery, Trainers. A Timed Investigation is a lengthy series of challenges available during a set period of time. Seeing this journey through will offer some of the rarest rewards you can obtain in Pokémon GO.

Timed Investigation: Master Ball will be available throughout Pokémon GO: Adventures Abound. Complete the Timed Investigation by Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time to receive the very best Poké Ball with the ultimate level of performance—the Master Ball.

When used, it will catch any Pokémon you encounter in Pokémon GO without fail, whether it be in the wild, through Lure Modules, after Raid Battles, or while using your Daily Adventure Incense.

  • For Trainers who are unable to complete Timed Investigation: Master Ball by November 21, 2023, a Special Research ticket that awards a Master Ball will be available to purchase.

GO Battle League Season 16
Battle icon

GO Battle League: Adventures Abound will start on Friday, September 1, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. PT.

The following will occur at the beginning of the Season:

  • End-of-Season rewards will be available on the battle screen.
  • Your GO Battle League rank will be reset.
  • Rank-up requirements will remain the same as the prior


September 22 – September 29
  • Great League
  • Psychic Cup: Great League Edition
September 29 – October 6
  • 🟡 Ultra League
  • 🔵 Sunshine Cup: Great League Edition

Spotlight Hour

Pokémon Spotlight Hour


Tuesday September nineteenth 6pm until 7pm native time we have now Girafarig because the featured Pokémon for highlight hour, together with 2x XP for catching Pokémon.


The next PokéStop showcases will happen throughout this week:

Date and Time Showcase
September 20 – September 22
10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. native time


September 23
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. native time

  • Grubbin

  • Vikavolt


Raid Hour

Genesect (Burn Drive)

Wednesday September twentieth 6pm until 7pm native time Genesect (Burn Drive) will seem in five-star raids.

Mega Raids

Gardevoir (Mega)

From September 16 to October 6 Mega Gardevoir will seem in Mega Raids.

5-Star Raids

Genesect (Burn Drive)

From July 16 to September 23 Genesect (Burn Drive) will seem in five-star raids.

  • Entei

  • Suicune

  • Raikou

From September 23 to October 6 Entei, Suicune and Raikou will seem in five-star raids, and they are often shiny.

Shadow Raids
Raid icon

Team GO Rocket Shadow Raids
Workforce GO Rocket Shadow Raids

One-star and three-star Shadow Raids might be out there every day, whereas five-star Shadow Raids will happen on Saturdays and Sundays, until in any other case famous. Additionally, Shadow Zapdos will swoop into five-star Shadow Raids throughout Adventures Abound!

Zapdos (Shadow)

For the primary time in Pokémon GO, it’s possible you’ll even encounter a Shiny Shadow Zapdos—if you happen to’re fortunate!

Season of Adventures Abound
Event icon

Season of Adventures Abound: Bonuses
Bonus icon

The next bonuses are particular to Season 12: Adventures Abound.

Trainers can confide in 40 Presents every day

Gift icon

Trainers can maintain as much as to 40 Presents of their bag

Elevated harm when collaborating in raids with a pal

Battle Friend icon

Elevated XP from going up a Friendship degree


Season of Adventures Abound Analysis Breakthrough

  • From September 1, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT -7) to December 1, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.
    PDT (GMT -7)
  • Full Area Analysis duties throughout the entire season to earn an encounter from a pool of Pokémon, together with Sableye, Galarian Farfetch’d, Larvitar, Furfrou, Bagon and Goomy.

  • Sableye

  • Farfetch’d (Galarian)

  • Larvitar

  • Furfrou

  • Bagon

  • Goomy

Season of Adventures Abound Area Analysis Duties
Research icon

Beginning this Season, Area Analysis duties that beforehand rotated on a month-to-month foundation will now rotate Seasonally. Area Analysis duties that award an encounter with Spinda will nonetheless rotate month-to-month. For a full checklist of the season discipline analysis duties try our checklist right here.

Seasonal Rotations

Wild Spawns
Pokemon Encounter icon

Totally different Pokémon will seem within the wild! Because the Season modifications, totally different Pokémon will seem in numerous areas internationally!


  • Gengar

  • Gulpin

  • Beldum

  • Tranquill

  • Scraggy

  • Gothita

  • Dedenne


  • Chansey

  • Staravia

  • Lopunny

  • Croagunk

  • Shelmet

  • Morelull

  • Oranguru


  • Onix

  • Sableye

  • Aggron

  • Darumaka

  • Golett

  • Fletchinder

  • Togedemaru

Seashores & Water

  • Slowbro

  • Shellder

  • Pelipper

  • Karrablast

  • Goomy

  • Dewpider

  • Sandygast

Northern Hemisphere

  • Chikorita

  • Cyndaquil

  • Totodile

  • Larvitar

  • Deerling (Autumn)

  • Tyrunt

  • Amaura

Southern Hemisphere

  • Snivy

  • Tepig

  • Oshawott

  • Tirtouga

  • Archen

  • Deerling (Spring)

  • Deino

*In the event you’re fortunate, it’s possible you’ll encounter a Shiny one!


The next Pokémon hatch from Eggs this Season. These are just a few highlighted Egg hatches, extra Pokémon can hatch from every egg group!

2 km Eggs

  • Chinchou

  • Meditite

  • Larvesta

  • Fomantis

  • Lechonk

5 km Eggs

  • Lickitung

  • Gligar

  • Larvesta

  • Sprigatito

  • Fuecoco

  • Quaxly

7 km Eggs

  • Growlithe (Hisuian)

  • Voltorb (Hisuian)

  • Qwilfish (Hisuian)

  • Sneasel (Hisuian)

10 km Eggs

  • Larvesta

  • Carbink

  • Goomy

  • Jangmo-o

  • Frigibax

Journey Sync Rewards
Egg icon

The next Pokémon hatch from Journey Sync Eggs this Season. These are just a few highlighted Egg hatches, extra Pokémon can hatch from every egg group.

5 km Eggs

  • Cranidos

  • Shieldon

  • Happiny

  • Munchlax

  • Alomomola

10 km Eggs

  • Gible

  • Goomy

  • Rockruff

  • Jangmo-o

*In the event you’re fortunate, it’s possible you’ll encounter a Shiny one!

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