Suggestions and Tips for Grinding Sweet XL

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Whats up Trainers!

It has been about 2 1/2 years since we obtained the GO Past replace that introduced us stage 50, all the best way again December of 2020. With it introduced the addition of Sweet XL, a way to energy up your Pokémon past stage 40. Since then, they've expanded the sport in order that Trainers stage 31 and up can begin to earn Sweet XL. Whilst you have probably discovered some Sweet XL in your on a regular basis play, I wished to take a deep dive into what it takes to grind for the Sweet XL required to take a Pokémon from stage 40 to 50.

What's Sweet XL?

As talked about above, Sweet XL is a brand new useful resource unlocked at Coach Stage 31. It permits Trainers to energy up a Pokémon past the unique restrict of stage 40. The variety of Sweet XL is particular to the species of Pokémon, just like common Sweet. The variety of Sweet XL will seem subsequent to the variety of common Sweet upon incomes your first Sweet XL for that evolutionary line.

Sweet XL are MUCH tougher to return by than common Pokémon Sweet. 

Easy methods to Earn Sweet XL

There are a selection of the way to earn Sweet XL all through varied actions. Whereas most strategies solely provide possibilities for an XL drop, others are assured. Under is an inventory of actions that may grant Sweet XL:

Exercise Reward
Catch a Pokémon 0-3 Sweet XL – base price (elevated likelihood based mostly on the extent of the Pokémon – may be elevated additional with lively mega evolution)
+1 for stage 1 evolution (assured)
+2 for stage 2 evolution (assured)
+3 for legendary Pokémon (assured)
+3 for legendary Pokémon (assured)
+1 for raid boss
Commerce a Pokémon 1 Sweet XL (solely assured if the Pokémon being traded had been caught 100km+ aside)
Hatch a Pokémon 2km Egg – common of 1 Sweet XL
5km Egg – common of three Sweet XL
7km Egg – common of three Sweet XL
10km Egg – common of 4 Sweet XL
12km Egg – common of 4 Sweet XL
Switch a Pokémon 1 Sweet XL
Alternate Sweet 100 Sweet = 1 Sweet XL (assured)
Incomes Buddy Sweet 1 Sweet XL (likelihood will increase based mostly on buddy friendship stage)
Evolve a Pokémon 1 Sweet XL (likelihood will increase with greater stage Pokémon)
Feeding Health club Defenders 1 Sweet XL (1 per berry, very low likelihood)
Uncommon Sweet XL 1 Uncommon Sweet XL = 1 Sweet XL of the selected species


As you may see, there are numerous other ways to earn Sweet XL. You might have greater than probably used one among these strategies and earned Sweet XL with out even attempting. Now we'll briefly dive into a couple of extra numbers earlier than shifting on to some ideas and methods.

How A lot Sweet XL Do I Want?

With the intention to energy up a Pokémon from stage 40 to 50 you will want 296 Sweet XL in your goal species, in addition to 250,000 Stardust. These numbers regulate for Purified and Shadow Pokémon (272 Sweet XL and 225,000 Stardust for Purified, 360 Sweet XL and 300,000 Stardust for Shadow).

As you may in all probability inform, powering up a Pokémon to stage 50 just isn't low cost, even for veteran gamers.

Are Stage 50 Pokémon Definitely worth the Grind?

For a extra in depth reply to this query, you may reference this text right here, however the quick reply is sure and no. A singular stage 50 Pokémon just isn't going to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your roster. Nonetheless, Pokémon are objectively stronger at stage 50 than they're at stage 40. It is determined by your play fashion and the areas of the sport you select to concentrate on. Extremely optimized PVP gamers, raid solo-ers, and gamers who simply need to flex their energy are those who usually put within the time to grind for the copious quantities of required sweet. This grind just isn't for everybody.

Nonetheless, for these of you taking pictures for Coach Stage 50, there's a job that requires you to energy up three completely different Pokémon to stage 50 for the Coach Stage 47 duties. Doing a few of the grinding for this job previous to reaching stage 47 might undoubtedly prevent a while in the long term.

Suggestions and Tips for Sweet XL Grind

Now that we've gotten the numbers out of the best way, we are able to now dive into some ideas and methods to assist optimize your Sweet XL grind. This will probably be a compilation of methods that I've picked up over time, studying from different Trainers and slowly growing my roster of stage 50 mons to a number of dozen over the previous few years. As I've said quite a few instances all through this text, this isn't for everybody. A few of these ideas and methods are closely reliant on premium gadgets and assets, and all of them take a big period of time. You might have been warned.

Tip #1: DO NOT convert common Sweet to Sweet XL

That is simply the least environment friendly technique of maxing out your Pokémon. The conversion price is objectively horrible. 1 to 100 candies could not appear too unhealthy, however contemplating you want 296 candies to totally energy up a single Pokémon, you're looking at 29,600 Sweet for that particular species. For context, let's use Pidgey for example. It's a Pokémon that has been obtainable since launch. I've been taking part in Pokémon GO close to day by day since its launch in 2016. I've probably used a number of hundred Candies on evolutions, because it was the most effective methods to grind XP early on, and even taking this into consideration I'm presently sitting on simply over 10,000 Pidgey Sweet. I would want to have nearly tripled the quantity of Sweet I've earned from 7 years of taking part in simply to energy up a single Pokémon. Yikes. Each different technique listed above will probably be a way more efficient manner of grinding for these Sweet XL. When you have extra common Sweet and are solely a pair XL's away from maxing your goal, then go for it. Nonetheless, this could certainly not be your major technique of incomes Sweet XL.

Tip #2: Catch EVERYTHING

This will likely appear a bit apparent, nevertheless it makes a distinction. There's a base likelihood to earn Sweet XL with each Pokémon caught. Over time this may add up. Whereas a few of these will not be species that you'd ever need to energy up, you by no means know what will probably be related, particularly for PVP enjoyers (my stage 50 hundo Wigglytuff can put in some good work in Extremely League). No matter whether or not or not you plan to energy up a Bidoof to stage 50, the true reward from these catches is the Stardust. That is one useful resource that you may by no means have sufficient of, no matter what stage of the sport you might be at. Powering up a Pokémon from stage 40-50 alone takes 250,000 Stardust, however the max stage you may catch a wild Pokémon is stage 35 with a climate enhance. In case you are investing this many assets right into a single Pokémon, it can probably be a excessive IV one from an egg or raid, that are caught at stage 20. Taking a Pokémon from stage 20 to 50 will value you 475,000 Stardust. Yikes. Abruptly these Purrloin and Starly aren't so ineffective anymore. Should you're hoping to max out your Pokémon as quickly as doable, higher begin popping these Star Items now.

Tip #3: ***Commerce, Then Switch***

That is the one greatest solution to reliably grind out Sweet XL. Once you commerce a Pokémon to a good friend, there's a likelihood to earn a Sweet XL for the species that YOU commerce away. This opportunity is elevated the additional away the 2 Pokémon had been caught, and it's assured for Pokémon caught 100KM or extra aside. This implies you may primarily select which Pokémon to earn Sweet XL for. In concept, it might solely take 296 catches at most so as to earn the Sweet XL required to max out the Pokémon of your selecting, probably even much less with any XL's which may be earned from wild catches, hatches, buddy sweet, and many others.

You'll be able to full 100 common trades each single day, costing 100 Stardust per commerce. Nonetheless, you earn a minimal of 100 Stardust per catch (extra for advanced Pokémon, climate enhance, and many others.). Should you're capable of commerce with somebody that performs in a special space than you, you may assure 100 Sweet XL for the Pokémon of your selecting. I at all times be sure to refill my storage with Pokémon I'm grinding Sweet XL for every time I journey house, as I can assure a Sweet XL for every one when buying and selling with my brother. Even should you can't get the space required for a assured Sweet XL, there may be nonetheless an opportunity to obtain one for each commerce. Plus, you may then switch the Pokémon obtained within the commerce for an opportunity at much more Sweet XL!

Moreover, occasion/season bonuses could make this even simpler. As of the writing of this text, one of many season bonuses for the Season of Hidden Gems is a assured Sweet XL from trades, no matter distance. An area good friend and I've been totally capitalizing on this bonus, buying and selling nearly day by day to earn Sweet XL for something that might probably be meta related. Even when your good friend is under stage 31, you'll sill obtain a Sweet XL for the Pokémon you might be buying and selling.

Buying and selling additionally has the good thing about rerolling the IV's of each traded Pokémon. When buying and selling with a Finest Pal, you could have an improved IV flooring in addition to an opportunity of receiving a fortunate Pokémon, or should you're fortunate, a fortunate hundo! This may be extraordinarily useful should you're nonetheless in search of the precise Pokémon you're trying to make investments your hard-earned assets into.

Buying and selling 100 Pokémon may be tedious, however this simply essentially the most environment friendly technique of grinding out Sweet XL in your goal Pokémon.

Tip #4: Capitalize on Occasions

It appears like we don't go greater than every week in Pokémon GO with out some form of occasion occurring, which may be useful in a number of other ways when grinding for Sweet XL. Occasions typically deliver spawns which might be extraordinarily unusual outdoors of the occasion, making them prime candidates to avoid wasting as trades for XL's. Moreover the occasion bonuses could provide simpler strategies for incomes Sweet XL, resembling elevated switch sweet, elevated hatch sweet, and many others. One of many newer occasion bonuses launched gives elevated Sweet XL possibilities for Pokémon caught with good, nice, and glorious throws. Mixed with the quick catch method, this may rack up insane quantities of XL's in a brief time period, supplied that you may persistently land the extra exact throws.

Occasions may be the important thing for incomes Sweet XL for some uncommon Pokémon. You'll want to keep updated on Pokémon GO information so as to put together for these prime farming occasions. I heard there's this nice web site known as Pokémon GO Hub that posts occasion overviews for each replace to the sport. Huh. Could be price testing?

Tip #5: Past Evolution – Mega Evolve!

Shout out to some other enjoyers of the XYZ season of the anime!

Mega Evolution may be an unimaginable software for maximizing your Sweet XL farming, whether or not or not it's via occasions, raids, and even your on a regular basis play. Whereas most gamers are inclined to concentrate on their insane injury will increase in your whole raid celebration, they've a secondary function that will get stronger the extra instances you mega-evolve a sure Pokémon. I'm after all referring to the catch bonuses for all Pokémon that share a kind along with your present mega evolution. Along with a assured enhance to common catch Sweet, you additionally obtain an elevated likelihood of incomes Sweet XL on the greater mega ranges, with a ten% enhance at excessive stage after mega-evolving 7 instances, and a whopping 25% enhance at max stage after mega-evolving 30 instances. These boosts stack with different bonuses, resulting in some insane numbers when mixed with occasions like Group Day. Ever because the rework to Mega Evolution, the mechanic has turn out to be rather more accessible. Whereas it nonetheless requires quantity of stockpiled mega vitality, the grind is price it. The max stage mega bonuses can dramatically improve your Sweet XL yields.

Tip #6: Legendary Pokémon

A lot of the ideas listed above had been listed with primarily normal Pokémon catches in thoughts. Legendary Pokémon are a complete completely different beast. When Sweet XL had been first launched, the insane quantity of raids required to take a legendary to stage 50 had gamers rightfully outraged. As such, the sport was up to date to ensure a minimal of three Sweet XL when catching any legendary Pokémon. So uhh, a bit higher? I assume? No less than there's a finite, assured variety of legendary Pokémon caught (translation: raids accomplished) so as to max them out. Nonetheless, these equates to about 100 raids. Huge yikes. Moreover, with the brand new distant raiding system, this grind has turn out to be much more troublesome, particularly for these with out native communities to raid with. Nonetheless, there are some methods to reduce this grind, albeit marginally.

A number of of the beforehand talked about ideas can be utilized to assist lower down on the quantity of raids required to hit the 296 Sweet XL. First off, Mega Evolution is crucial. In case your raid group is massive sufficient, prioritize matching your mega with the kind of the raid boss reasonably than the kind finest suited to counter the boss. In some circumstances, you might be able to hit each of those standards, though it's uncommon. For instance, Primal Groudon could be the best mega to counter Registeel as a raid boss. Nonetheless, Mega Steelix will nonetheless enhance your teammates' Floor assaults whereas additionally giving Registeel an elevated likelihood of rewarding a Sweet XL.

Moreover, legendary Pokémon may be traded with the identical price for Sweet XL as some other Pokémon. This does require you to make use of your singular particular commerce for the day. Assuming that your buying and selling companion already has the legendary registered to their Pokédex, this commerce will value you 800 Stardust with a Finest Pal. Once more, some fairly steep necessities, however price it.

Each of those small optimizations could seem minor, however an XL right here and there'll in the end prevent raid passes sooner or later, and every of those optimizations are comparatively free-to-play pleasant.

Tip #7: Uncommon Sweet XL

Oh boy. Time to deal with one of the unique premium gadgets. Beforehand, these uncommon commodities had been solely obtainable as level-up rewards between ranges 41 and 50. Now they're a particularly uncommon drop from raids. That is the useful resource that's actually your name. Personally, I haven't spent a single one among these but. I simply can't deliver myself to do it. I can earn Sweet XL for each common Pokémon by buying and selling/strolling, and each legendary will ultimately return as a raid boss. If I had been to suggest you spend Uncommon Sweet XL on something, it might be a legendary Pokémon. Previous to the discharge of Uncommon Sweet XL, legendary Coach and Youtuber Brandon Tan showcased what is probably going one of the costly Pokémon within the recreation: a stage 50 Mew. You'll be able to take a look at his video under:

Evidently, this isn't doable for the overwhelming majority of gamers. Nonetheless, in case you are trying to max out one among these legendary Pokémon, Uncommon Sweet XL is the best way to go. All of them have a point of PVP/PVE viability at stage 50. That is undoubtedly not a purpose for the faint of coronary heart.

Which Pokémon Are Price Powering Up?

Now that we've coated some key ideas for maxing out your Pokémon to stage 50, it's time to decide on your first goal. I feel it goes with out saying that any Pokémon you're going to place this many assets into had higher be price it. There are a couple of completely different routes you may take to picking your targets, relying on which elements of the sport you get pleasure from most. It may very well be a Pokémon that persistently tops the raid counters listing, a beast in Grasp League PVP, a Pokémon able to Mega Evolution, or a private favourite that you simply need to deliver as much as its full potential. It's actually as much as you. Personally, I attempt to select Pokémon that match all 4 standards. Metagross is a private favourite of mine. I snagged a hundo Beldum from analysis and knew I might be maxing it out. Meteor Mash makes it a beast in each raids and PVP, and it has a Mega Evolution that may prime the Metal Pokémon charts as soon as launched. It was a simple alternative.

So far as some suggestions go, there are a couple of that are good for individuals who could merely be attempting to stage up previous 47 or are in search of a primary decide that's barely much less intensive.


Simply a few of the most recognizable Pokémon of every era, the starters are a simple alternative. They're amongst the fan favorites, however additionally they carry various levels of viability with their signature strikes of Frenzy Plant Grass, Hydro Cannon Water, or Blast Burn Fireplace. That mixed with the truth that they've/will every obtain their very own Group Day occasions make them prime targets. Serperior was one among my three stage 50 selections for my stage 47 job, maxing out a hundo I stumbled throughout throughout Group Day. Moreover, every season has featured one trio of starters because the featured spawns, making them simply accessible for XL trades. Seeing as the opposite two Kalos starters have already been featured this 12 months, it's cheap to imagine that Froakie's Group Day will probably be developing quickly. Greninja is well one of the widespread Pokémon on the market, so begin leveling up your Water megas now!


Group Day Pokémon

Equally to the starters, some other Group Day Pokémon are good targets for maxing out. Take Bewear, for instance. It was launched for the primary time on its Group Day, which means there was no manner anybody had any Sweet XL going into the occasion. I managed to simply rack up over 500 earlier than even I even started buying and selling to reroll IV's. There have been loads of excessive worth, meta related targets featured in Group Day occasions, resembling Axew just some months in the past. Preserve your eye out for a uncommon goal which may make a pleasant stage 50 goal.



Whoa, wait a sec! A legendary??

Earlier than you all begin typing out an offended remark, hear me out. Sure, Meltan and Melmetal are extraordinarily unique Pokémon, requiring exterior software program to amass. Nonetheless, should you do have entry to Pokémon HOME or one of many Let's Go! video games, these are literally a few of the best Pokémon to acquire Sweet XL for. As a legendary, each Meltan seize is assured to grant you a minimum of 3 Sweet XL. Moreover, the Meltan Field isn't affected by the identical motion restrictions as regular Incense, which means that you may farm these little guys from the consolation of your individual house. Melmetal is a staple of Grasp League PVP, so maxing out out is certainly a worthy funding.



Saying that stage 50 Pokémon are a particularly massive funding could be an understatement. The sheer quantity of assets which might be poured right into a single Pokémon could take weeks and even months to amass. Nonetheless, I can say from private expertise that the few stage 50 Pokémon in my assortment are a few of my greatest factors of pleasure in my time taking part in this recreation. Hopefully the following pointers and methods will aid you out should you're trying to tackle the problem. Combining every of the strategies listed will certainly yield outcomes. Completely satisfied searching!

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