Togekiss as a Raid Attacker, with and with out Neighborhood Day transfer Aura Sphere

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[KEY POINT] Sure, you DO need each Aura Sphere and Dazzling Gleam in your Togekiss for raids. However, it’s in the end not too huge of a deal, with or with out it.

Aura Sphere is a small improve in raids at any time when it may be used! Higher than Dazzling Gleam if boss is weak to each (Darkrai, Kyurem, Terrakion), and makes Togekiss higher than common Gardevoir in these circumstances.

Sadly, this solely occurs 25% of the time or much less. In any other case, common Gardevoir remains to be barely higher.

Greater drawback: Regardless that it’s among the many high non-shadow Fairy attackers, Togekiss (and Fairy sorts usually) can’t compete with different sorts.

  • Worse than Machamp in opposition to Darkish, a lot worse than Dragonite in opposition to Dragon.
  • Good to have 1, however not price constructing a full Fairy group, until you’re a brand new participant or need to solo Guzzlord.
  • Not price an ETM for raids.

Preserve studying for:

  • Charts: Fairy attackers, Fairy vs Combating attackers, Fairy vs Dragon attackers
  • Togekiss vs. Gardevoir
  • What if the CD transfer was Fairy Wind?
  • Record of my earlier analyses, in Appendix


Togetic Neighborhood Day occurs this Saturday, April 15, from 2pm to 5pm. In the event you evolve Togetic earlier than 10pm, you’ll get a Togekiss with its CD transfer, Aura Sphere.

Whereas the Togepi line is extremely in style and its CD is long-awaited, the selection of the CD transfer is… Fascinating. The truth is, so many people betted on Fairy Wind and so they aged like milk. Whereas Aura Sphere is an extremely robust transfer that gives some fascinating PvP implications, on the floor, its lack of Similar Sort Assault Bonus (STAB) on Togekiss means it appears to be ineffective in raids… Proper?


This text will inform you why you DO need an Aura Sphere Togekiss for raids – but in addition why Togekiss is in the end nonetheless not too huge of a deal, with or with out it. I’ll handle this with the next components:

  1. Togekiss amongst Fairy attackers, and in comparison with common Gardevoir
  2. Aura Sphere Togekiss in comparison with Combating attackers (anti-Darkish)
  3. Togekiss in comparison with Dragon attackers (anti-Dragon)
  4. The could-have-beens: What if Togekiss obtained Fairy Wind as an alternative?

In the event you’re on desktop and need to soar to a selected half, search “Half X”. There’s additionally a “Verdict” on the finish of the article, which is extra condensed however nonetheless considerably elaborate with extra recommendation.

Earlier than I neglect, a quick observe on Togekiss as a Flying attacker: Practical, however not nice, worse than Staraptor and Unfezant. For extra particulars, the newest plot of Flying attackers I’ve made is on this put up (seek for Shadow Rayquaza).

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Preliminaries: Stats, Strikes, Typing and DPS/ER Numbers

[Section TL;DR] Aura Sphere is so OP that its impartial DPS trumps Dazzling Gleam, regardless of no STAB. That is truly related in some circumstances the place each Fairy and Combating are tremendous efficient, particularly in opposition to Darkish-type bosses.

Aura Sphere is without doubt one of the most damaged PvE strikes within the recreation, because it was designed with the particular aim of elevating Lucario, with a reasonably mediocre 236 base assault, into relevance.

  • For many who have been following my articles, my “Arceus Test” has Aura Sphere because the #4 greatest charged transfer in the complete recreation (when paired with Sort out, excluding the +/++ strikes). It’s stronger than Hydro Cannon, miles forward of Psystrike and Meteor Mash, and higher than all of the unique strikes launched prior to now yr. (The one ones higher than it are much more OP strikes: Flying Press, V-Create and Doom Want.)
  • This has additionally been verified by others utilizing different methodologies, similar to this article.

The primary issues: not solely does Togekiss have an excellent decrease 225 base assault, however Aura Sphere, being a Combating-type transfer, lacks STAB for Togekiss’s function as both a Fairy– or Flying-type raid attacker. Nonetheless, because it seems… No STAB, no drawback! Aura Sphere is simply too robust.

In impartial situations – the place each Fairy and Combating have equal Tremendous Effectiveness to the raid boss – Togekiss’s ER and DPS appear to be this:

Impartial Equal Ranking (ER) and DPS of Togekiss and Gardevoir. Desk sorted by ER.

That’s proper. When each are tremendous efficient, Aura Sphere is healthier than Togekiss’s Fairy charged transfer, Dazzling Gleam. 5% larger DPS, and truly overtakes Gardevoir (which has larger DPS than DG Togekiss however is glassier, leading to comparable ER).

However in observe, we’re not coping with impartial situations. After we use Togekiss, we use it in opposition to a boss that’s weak to Fairy, however it might not essentially be weak to Combating. Fortunately, there’s good synergy between Fairy and Combating sorts, particularly in opposition to Darkish-type bosses:

  • Fairy is tremendous efficient in opposition to: Darkish, Dragon and Combating.
  • Towards (typical) Darkish-type bosses, Togekiss prefers Aura Sphere over Dazzling Gleam, since each Fairy and Combating are tremendous efficient.
  • Towards Dragon and Combating bosses, you continue to need Dazzling Gleam. Tremendous effectiveness is a very powerful.
  • There are some exceptions:
    • Aura Sphere is most popular in opposition to Kyurem, Terrakion and Meloetta Pirouette (Elite raids?), since they occur to be weak to each Fairy and Combating.
    • Dazzling Gleam remains to be the selection in opposition to a number of Darkish-type bosses, as a result of they’re both not weak to Combating (Yveltal, Galarian Moltres) or double weak to Fairy (Guzzlord, Urshifu Single Strike).

Beneath, we’ll take a look at how nicely Togekiss performs with each Aura Sphere and Dazzling Gleam, and the way typically every transfer is used.

Half 1: Togekiss as a Fairy Attacker

[Part 1 TL;DR] One of many high non-shadow Fairy sorts, just like however barely under others on this tier, significantly Gardevoir. Additionally a lot worse than Shadow Gardevoir. However Aura Sphere lets Togekiss outperform Gardevoir within the 1/4 of circumstances when it may be used (primarily in opposition to Darkrai, Kyurem, Terrakion).

Fairy attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

Notes in regards to the chart:

  • There are two strains for Togekiss on this chart: The darkish blue one makes use of both Dazzling Gleam or Aura Sphere relying on which is healthier, and the sunshine blue one solely makes use of Dazzling Gleam.
  • This chart is averaged throughout all bosses that Fairy is nice in opposition to. These embrace extra dragons than the rest – actually, Dragon, Darkish and Psychic have a roughly 2-1-1 break up. So Togekiss solely will get to make use of Aura Sphere 1/4 of the time.



Togekiss, with Dazzling Gleam, was already one of many a number of high non-shadow non-mega Fairy attackers. It falls in the identical league as Zacian, Dazzling Gleam Xurkitree, and essentially the most well-known Gardevoir. Nonetheless, it’s the bottom amongst this tier, and it’s additionally nicely under Shadow Gardevoir (L30 S-Gardevoir > L40 Togekiss).

It’s troublesome to see precisely how a lot Aura Sphere helps, just because it may’t be used on a regular basis. So let’s do just a few extra detailed examinations.

Togekiss vs. (Common) Gardevoir

[Section TL;DR] Togekiss remains to be worse than Gardevoir as a rule. A lot of its “win” circumstances are when the boss can be weak to Combating (1/4 of the time), the place Aura Sphere lets it overtake Gardevoir. However in any other case, its major area of interest is simply being bulkier, and that usually doesn’t translate to raised efficiency. So Gardevoir remains to be higher.

Togekiss vs. Gardevoir (L40 greatest mates)

  • Togekiss


  • Gardevoir


On this comparability, we let Togekiss use both Aura Sphere or Dazzling Gleam as deemed match. Gardevoir has the selection between Allure and Confusion, however is locked with Dazzling Gleam because the charged transfer.

  • If the boss can be weak to Psychic, Confusion > Allure, however Psychic > Dazzling Gleam. So Gardevoir can be even higher than proven right here.

Even with the choice of Aura Sphere, Togekiss remains to be worse than Gardevoir nearly all of the time. Nonetheless, Aura Sphere helps Togekiss persistently overtake Gardevoir within the 1/4 of circumstances that it may be used (e.g. Darkrai, Kyurem, Terrakion).

The second chart, which breaks down all raid bosses by whether or not they’re additionally weak to Combating or Psychic, illustrates this clearly:

  • If the boss can be weak to Combating, Togekiss guidelines.
    • It’s possible you’ll assume these are Darkish-type bosses, however amongst Tier 5 raids, there are literally extra non-dark bosses than darkish bosses (Darkrai, Kyurem, Terrakion, as famous above).
    • 1/4 of the time.
  • If the boss can be weak to Psychic, Gardevoir guidelines (so long as it’s not additionally weak to Combating).
    • These are principally Combating-type bosses. 1/4 of the time.
  • If the boss is weak to neither, Gardevoir is often higher. Togekiss could enable you to keep away from a relobby, although.
    • Largely Dragon-type bosses. 1/2 of the time.

Total, Gardevoir is usually nonetheless the higher alternative. Togekiss has two niches: (1) Having Aura Sphere; (2) Being bulkier, thus sometimes having a greater Estimator. However contemplating most individuals will use Fairy sorts primarily as anti-Dragon counters, area of interest (2) is the extra, if not solely, related one right here.

Half 2: Fairy vs. Combating – The place Aura Sphere Togekiss stands amongst true fighters

[Part 2 TL;DR] Worse than common Machamp, similar tier as Hariyama. To not point out, such raid bosses are uncommon to start with, and most of them (besides Darkrai) even have a lot better counters elsewhere. You’ll not often discover a use for Aura Sphere Togekiss over what you’ve got, particularly your preventing group.

“What’s a better option than Shadow Gardevoir?”

“Not using fairies at all and instead resorting to dragon, ice or fighting types against dragons and dark types.”

In Half 1, we solely checked out how Aura Sphere Togekiss compares to fellow Fairy sorts. However at any time when Aura Sphere can be utilized in a raid, which means the “true” Combating sorts can be utilized too.

Sadly, the image isn’t almost as rosy after we add the fighters into the competitors…

Fairy and Combating attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

On this particular setup the place the boss is weak to each Fairy and Combating:

Aura Sphere Togekiss is worse than common Machamp, and just like common Hariyama. By extension, it’s additionally worse than all of the premium counters above them: Terrakion, Keldeo, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Hariyama, Conkeldurr, Lucario.

  • FYI, AS Togekiss solely outperforms Machamp when there’s a fairly important typing benefit, similar to a Dragon charged transfer.
  • This isn’t shocking given Machamp has a lot larger DPS and barely larger ER. (Table)

Sorry, however when it’s worse than even a “fundamental” fighter that almost all veteran gamers have constructed groups of… AS Togekiss merely received’t do a lot to your anti-Darkish raid squad. It’s even outdoors of Distinctive 6 vary.

The excellent news is that AS Togekiss is now the perfect of the bunch of non-shadow non-mega Fairy sorts, now surpassing common Gardevoir, Zacian, and usually Xurkitree. However that’s only a technical proven fact that has little sensible relevance.

How typically does this state of affairs occur, anyway?

What number of Tier 5 (or potential T5+) raid bosses are weak to each Fairy and Combating?

Reply: Kyurem, Darkrai, Terrakion, Arceus Darkish, Meloetta Pirouette, Ting-Lu. That’s it. A surprisingly quick listing.

  • It’s possible you’ll assume the complete Darkish sort falls underneath this class. Seems, not solely are Darkish-type legendaries not that widespread, however a number of will not be weak to Combating (Yveltal) or double weak to one thing (Hoopa Unbound, Guzzlord). Darkrai is the one one that matches.
  • Gen 9 provides 4 new Darkish-type legendaries, however Ting-Lu is the one one which qualifies for this listing. Similar for Paradox kinds even when they turn into raid-exclusive.

For megas, there are just a few extra that match the state of affairs. However Mega Sharpedo (and perhaps Mega Absol) are the one ones that almost all of you’ll nonetheless have any curiosity raiding.

So, TL;DR: It is a very area of interest state of affairs that sees little sensible use for AS Togekiss. Anybody with a considerably ready raid squad could have a lot better choices.

Half 3: Fairy vs. Dragon

[Part 3 TL;DR] Togekiss falls WAY under virtually all dragons (even an underleveled Dragonite is healthier). Even in cloudy climate or when the boss has a Dragon charged transfer, it nonetheless solely ties different dragons, not being higher than them. Can function an anchor or refill a group of 6, however not a must have.

A way more sensible use for Fairy attackers is as counters in opposition to Dragon-type bosses. That is each because of the (comparatively) excessive variety of Dragon-type legendaries, and since Fairy sort was mainly designed for this function, with a double resistance to Dragon strikes.

Nonetheless, Togekiss, in addition to different Fairy sorts, are nonetheless not so good as you’d anticipate…

Fairy and Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

Welp. On common, Degree 35 Dragonite >= Degree 50 Togekiss. So long as you’ve got any full group of dragons, non-shadow non-mega fairies are actually not of a lot use for you.

Additionally observe that on this case, Gardevoir > Togekiss fairly persistently.

This plot is a rehash of a number of “Fairy vs Dragon” comparability plots I made in my Mega Gardevoir evaluation. That article reveals two extra comparability plots, the place Fairy attackers acquire extra benefit:

  • In cloudy climate: Togekiss ≈ all common dragons (Rayquaza, Salamence, Palkia, Dialga, Garchomp, Zekrom)
  • When the boss has a Dragon charged transfer: L40 Togekiss <= most L40 dragons, besides Salamence and Outrage Rayquaza. Distinction is far smaller than the overall plot.

Nonetheless, when neither happen, Togekiss does manner worse than different dragons.

To be clear, any Fairy attacker (all Gardevoir kinds, Togekiss, Zacian, Xurkitree) remains to be a great way to spherical out an anti-Dragon group of 6. They’re significantly good at being an “anchor”, the final Pokemon within the group, to delay or keep away from a relobby in worse-case situations. However they’re merely not top-tier anti-Dragon choices as an entire, besides Mega Gardevoir.

Half 4: The could-have-beens – What if Togekiss obtained Fairy Wind as an alternative?

[Part 4 TL;DR] Fairy Wind makes nearly ZERO distinction from Allure. The truth is, Aura Sphere could also be the perfect PvE CD transfer Niantic may have picked (on the Fairy entrance).

Setting apart inter-type comparisons for a bit, let’s return to simply Fairy attackers. I already coated potential future fairy choices totally within the Mega Gardevoir evaluation, however at the moment, I deliberately unnoticed one highly regarded query: What if Togekiss will get Fairy Wind?

As seen from how many individuals have been betting Fairy Wind to be the CD transfer, it’s actually a seemingly end result for the longer term. However I left it out as a result of… It’s not an impactful end result. Not even shut.

Speculative Fairy attackers (particularly Fairy Wind Togekiss) ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

Have enjoyable distinguishing the strains for Fairy Wind vs Allure on this chart!

That’s proper… Fairy Wind affords virtually ZERO improve from Allure. Extra precisely, 0.2% improve in my ASE metric, 0.8% in ER and DPS – each of that are nearly as good as nothing.

  • If something, it makes Togekiss carry out much less persistently and be extra reliant on charged strikes. Allure is a damage-oriented quick transfer, whereas Fairy Wind is the exact opposite and focuses on power technology (that is true in each PvE and PvP). So Fairy Wind Togekiss wants to succeed in that Dazzling Gleam for many of its harm output, one thing that Allure Togekiss doesn’t want to fret a lot about.

Observe that Fairy Wind can be a much bigger enchancment if paired with a extra highly effective charged transfer than Dazzling Gleam, particularly:

  • Fairy Wind/Aura Sphere is a extra important upgrade over Allure/Aura Sphere, now having 3% larger DPS. Nonetheless, it has few use circumstances to start with.
  • If a extra highly effective Fairy-type charged transfer will get created someday and is given to Togekiss, it would nearly actually need to pair it with Fairy Wind as an alternative of Allure. Nonetheless, no such choices exist. (Until Niantic turns one other fairy-type standing transfer right into a damage-dealing one in Go… Please don’t.)

Given the established order, it may even be argued that Aura Sphere could also be the perfect decide for a PvE CD transfer (as a Fairy sort), regardless of missing STAB. You’re confronted with two CD transfer choices:

  • A transfer that may solely be used 25% of the time, however is an improve
  • A transfer that can be utilized on a regular basis, however affords no upgrades (whereas additionally locking that particular Togekiss out of being a Flying-type attacker, and making it a a lot worse gymnasium defender and Rocket grunt counter)

Even with out contemplating PvP in any respect, the selection is fairly clear.

Fairy Wind would have had a lot larger implications for PvP, which I’ll depart to the PvP specialists (probably u/JRE47) to touch upon of their analyses.

One fast observe about one other could-have-been for the CD transfer: Sky Assault. It could have made Togekiss a a lot better Flying attacker than Aerial Ace does, however it might most likely find yourself being just like Honchkrow and Hurricane Rayquaza at greatest (comparable ER, decrease DPS). Nonetheless not a transformative improve, although it might even have had impacts for PvP.

Verdict: How good is it?

Summarizing what we’ve got, there are just a few positives for Togekiss and Aura Sphere:

  • Togekiss is among the many group of high non-shadow non-mega Fairy attackers (along with Zacian, DG Xurkitree and Gardevoir).
  • Aura Sphere is healthier than Dazzling Gleam when each are equally tremendous efficient. This enables Togekiss to situationally pull forward of others within the non-shadow group, particularly Gardevoir.

However there are extra negatives:

  • Togekiss (with both Dazzling Gleam or Aura Sphere) is a lot, a lot weaker than counters of different sorts. Particularly, Combating, Dragon and Psychic-type counters are all higher, together with even the “fundamental” ones like Machamp and Dragonite.
  • There are only a few use circumstances for Aura Sphere. Occurs solely about 1/4 of the time while you desire a Fairy, and the one sensible and notable raid boss is Darkrai.
  • Gardevoir remains to be typically higher than Togekiss, until Aura Sphere can be utilized.

My general judgment for Togekiss (and common Gardevoir to an enormous extent):

They’re nice funds choices for an inexpensive anti-Dragon group, that may additionally function anti-Darkish and anti-Combating. Nonetheless, for somebody with extra established and devoted groups (Dragon and Combating sorts), they’ve comparatively low sensible worth.

In different phrases… Good for freshmen. Maybe good if you happen to get cloudy climate typically. However don’t stress an excessive amount of about it.

Yet one more use case of Fairy attackers is in opposition to raid bosses which might be double weak to Fairy, together with:

  • Present: Guzzlord
  • Future: Urshifu Single Strike (Gen 8), Koraidon (Gen 9)
  • Potential future: Roaring Moon (Gen 9)

That is nonetheless a very quick listing, however apparently, a group of (Degree 35 or so) Gardevoir and Togekiss can solo Tier 5 Guzzlord. (I wrote a information on the solo, which is admittedly a bit too conservative). So there’s nonetheless some worth for a fairy group, however not a precedence.

In the event you do construct them, the very best Togekiss for raids ought to have Aura Sphere/Dazzling Gleam as two charged strikes, with the choice to TM to a double Flying moveset if wanted. Nonetheless, whereas Aura Sphere is an improve and I do advocate evolving good ones throughout CD, lacking out on Aura Sphere is not any huge deal. Positively not price an Elite TM, until for sentimental worth like a hundo.

Articles developing subsequent

  • Fast evaluation on Tsareena. Preliminary ideas here.
  • Mega Pinsir has been datamined not too long ago, so I’ll attempt to have an evaluation at any time when it and/or Mega Gallade are literally launched. Preliminary ideas on Mega Pinsir here.
  • Fast evaluation on Blast Burn Delphox in Might, assuming leaks are true.

Appendix: Previous analyses on different sorts

  • Bug: Bug Out
  • Darkish/Ghost: Gholdengo & DIB Melmetal
    • For Tyranitar speculations: Tyranitar CD Basic
    • For Giratina-O comparisons: Shadow Pressure Giratina-O
  • Dragon: Breaking Swipe Rayquaza
    • For full future attackers: Mega Salamence
  • Electrical: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Thunderbolt) knowledge is improper
    • For Xurkitree comparability: Bug Out
  • Fairy: This text
    • For full future attackers and detailed fairy-dragon comparisons: Mega Gardevoir
  • Combating: Shadow Mewtwo (Half 2 Terrakion part), with just a few future and speculative attackers
    • For future megas: September GBL replace (Mega Mewtwo X knowledge is improper)
    • Additionally Galarian birds, Extremely Beasts & Sneasler
  • Fireplace: Shadow Sceptile & Blaziken
    • For extra on Reshiram and Zekrom: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Flamethrower) knowledge is improper
    • For full future attackers: Gen 3 mega starters
  • Flying: Staraptor CD
  • Grass: Shadow Sceptile & Blaziken
    • For full future attackers: Kartana and Gen 3 mega starters
    • For Chesnaught-specific plots: Chesnaught CD
  • Floor: Primal Kyogre & Groudon
  • Ice: Kyurem & Mega Glalie
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Ice Beam) knowledge is improper
  • Psychic: Mega Gardevoir
    • For Shadow Mewtwo with IVs: Shadow Mewtwo
    • For full future attackers: September replace/Psychic Spectacular
    • Mega Mewtwo knowledge is improper
  • Rock: Tyranitar CD Basic
    • For full future attackers: Gigalith CD
  • Metal: Gholdengo & DIB Melmetal
    • For full future attackers: Mega Aggron
  • Water: Mega Slowbro CD
    • For extra on Primal Kyogre: Primal Kyogre & Groudon
    • For full future attackers: Gen 3 mega starters

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