Prime Dragon Sorts That Can Profit From Breaking Swipe

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The mighty Rayquaza has lastly gained mainstream relevance within the Grasp League meta! That is attributed to the introduction of a brand new charged transfer in its arsenal: Breaking Swipe.

The Dragon sort transfer has lastly given Rayquaza a definitive entry into PvP, significantly the Grasp League. Positive, Dragonite continues to be the higher Dragon/Flying monster on this format attributable to its higher bulk however that doesn’t change the truth that Rayquaza is now a formidable risk. Actually, as highlighted by my colleague Teban54 of their good article, Breaking Swipe may very well be higher than Outrage in PvE!

So with Breaking Swipe being such a welcome transfer, it makes us surprise in regards to the different Dragon sorts that may profit from having Breaking Swipe. It’s price mentioning that Breaking Swipe could be a boon to almost each Dragon sort. However the objective of this text is to not spotlight Pokémon that may go bonkers with this transfer (take Dialga or Garchomp). Relatively, the write-up would give attention to dragons that actually need Breaking Swipe to get higher.

Earlier than we begin off with the misplaced, let’s take a look at Breaking Swipe first:

Breaking Swipe Stats


Energy: 50

Power: -35

Impact: Debuffs opponent’s ATK by 1 stage


Energy: 35

Power: -33

Cooldown: 0.80 sec

Comparability with Dragon Claw


Whenever you have a look at the PvP stats, it’s simple to see that Breaking Swipe is actually a Dragon Claw clone stat-wise. The one distinction is the truth that Breaking Swipe is ready to debuff the opponent’s ATK by -1. This clearly makes Breaking Swipe the winner right here. 

Dragon Claw is an excellent transfer in itself however Breaking Swipe takes it a notch larger with the opponent’s ATK debuff. So even when your opponent shields, their ATK goes down. So it’s going to be simpler so that you can farm and/or survive longer until the opponent switches or is out of the bout. Large W right here for any mon that makes use of Breaking Swipe.


Whenever you take the PvE aspect of issues into consideration, it will get very fascinating as a result of Breaking Swipe and Dragon Claw aren’t clones right here. However let’s see which one’s higher, we could?

For that, take a look at Dragon Claw’s PvE stats:

Energy: 50

Power: -33

Cooldown: 1.70 sec

At first look, it seems like Dragon Claw is best. However wait… did you see the cooldown figures? Dragon Claw’s cooldown (1.70 sec) is greater than twice that of Breaking Swipe’s (0.80 sec). So when you think about a raid battle the place the clock is ticking, and DPS (Injury per second) is of utmost precedence, we get the next:

DPS (Breaking Swipe) = 43.75

DPS (Dragon Claw) = 29.41

So as soon as once more, Breaking Swipe is clearly the higher transfer. One other W right here.

Breaking Swipe or Dragon Claw?

Properly, now we have our reply! Be it PvP or PvE, Breaking Swipe is best than Dragon Claw

Prime 5 Dragons That Want Breaking Swipe

Now that we’re all conscious of Breaking Swipe’s shenanigans, listed below are the highest Dragon sorts (in no specific order) that may go a good distance with Breaking Swipe:

1. Haxorus


Although I discussed that the record doesn’t have an order per se, it goes with out saying that Haxorus is the primary identify that involves thoughts when one talks about different dragons receiving Breaking Swipe.

Haxorus’ ATK stat is similar as Rayquaza’s at a staggering 284. Clearly, Ray is bulkier than Hax. However then once more, Hax is pure Dragon and as such, Hax has a greater sort than Ray.

If Haxorus had been to obtain Breaking Swipe as its unique Neighborhood Day transfer, it could be glorious. 

  • In PvE, Breaking Swipe Haxorus would edge out the notorious Outrage Salamence! Whereas it nonetheless wouldn’t attain the heights of Outrage or Breaking Swipe Rayquaza, Hax would undoubtedly grow to be one of many go-to Dragon sorts for raids.
  • In PvP, Breaking Swipe Hax is deadly. It’s already a darkish horse in ML with its present moveset of Dragon Tail/Counter with Night time Slash and Dragon Claw. With Breaking Swipe within the combine, Hax would respect lesser harm being inflicted upon it after the ATK debuff of the opponent. Plus, it could grow to be harmful if Hax is ready to salvage each Night time Slash’s ATK self-buff and Breaking Swipe’s opponent ATB debuff. Name it Breaking Sweep, y’all!

Pricey Niantic, in the case of Haxorus Neighborhood Day…

No Outrage  

No protection transfer 😡 

Breaking Swipe, please! :mrgreen: 

2. Hydreigon


If Hydreigon can swing, why can’t it swipe?

As a result of it actually must!

The Gen 5 pseudo legendary is a fearsome Pokémon that earned some respect within the meta after gaining access to Brutal Swing. It’s certainly a top-tier Darkish sort attacker in raids in addition to the Grasp League.

However Hydreigon fanatics have a serious problem. You see, the three-headed dragon doesn’t have second charged transfer to rely on. In ML, Hydreigon suffers lots attributable to this. 

Whereas Hydreigon isn’t touted to achieve a lot in PvE as a result of absence of Dragon Tail, it could actually do nice in PvP with a dependable second charged transfer as a result of the present ones are… erm, unhealthy. 

Flash Cannon? Fairies would chew it alive in probably the most charming means attainable earlier than Hydra may even consider utilizing Flash Cannon. Fail Hydra!

Dragon Pulse? Oh please. The transfer has no pulse, it’s lifeless. 

Actually, Hydreigon has an okayish win fee of round 40% with Brutal Swing and Flash Cannon in ML. With Breaking Swipe, the win fee shoots as much as round 62%! And whereas it nonetheless received’t scratch the Fairy sorts, Hydreigon would have an entire end-to-end workable moveset. The ATK debuff it creates would work as an enormous blessing for Hydreigon even in troublesome matchups. 

Hydreigon would justify its popularity with Breaking Swipe and grow to be extra of a risk in PvP.

3. Goodra


Some folks say Goodra is nice within the ML meta whereas some haven’t found its potential but. Certainly, Goodra isn’t a foul Pokémon by any means and has potential. Goodra’s stats received’t let it make a mark in PvE however with a transfer like Breaking Swipe, it could actually truly draw extra eyeballs. 

You’ll be stunned to notice that Goodra’s present ML win fee (with Muddy Water and Draco Meteor) is just like that of Hydreigon with Brutal Swing. Breaking Swipe paired with Muddy Water is a legit headache. Add the truth that Goodra is the bulkiest pseudo legendary with mono-dragon typing, it’s simple to see why the addition of Breaking Swipe would do it effectively. It’s nice to see your opponent’s ATK drop while you’re utilizing a glassy mon like Haxorus. However the satisfaction of seeing the identical while you use a cumbersome mon like Goodra is elegant!

Goodra will ultimately have a Neighborhood Day and nobody would complain about seeing Breaking Swipe because the unique transfer. Actually, it could truly find yourself being an occasion whereby the Pokémon would get extra meta related throughout all leagues for that matter!

4. Palkia


Palkia is a particularly underrated Pokémon because it tends to stay within the shadow of Dialga. However with Breaking Swipe, Palkia would make a distinct segment for itself. See, Dialga doesn’t want Breaking Swipe as a result of the Lord of Time would go tremendous saiyan with that transfer. With Breaking Swipe, Dialga clocks a 93%+ win fee and it’s almost unstoppable. So let’s give attention to Palkia.

The House Lord has a superb typing of Water and Dragon that leaves it with solely two weaknesses: Dragon and Fairy. Palkia can counter the dragons and with STAB Aqua Tail + excessive ATK of 280 (larger than Dialga), it could actually hit fairies fairly arduous. Furthermore, Palkia is among the few Dragon sorts to study each Dragon Tail and Dragon Breath.

With Breaking Swipe, Palkia can dominate each PvP and PvE, making it a welcome mon to study the transfer. In a nutshell, Dialga has all the time been considered the superior alternative (which it technically is) however it’s excessive time (pun meant) to present Palkia an area (pun meant once more) of its personal with Breaking Swipe!

5. Salamence


Good ol’ Salamence is a healthful PvE good friend. However in the case of PvP, it wears a dunce hat. You see, it has a 6.1% win fee in opposition to the ML meta. It may possibly reliably beat Swampert and Mud Shot Groudon, and that’s about it. 

However each dragon has its day. If Niantic lets it, clearly. As a result of if Salamence is supplied with the ‘fresh-as-hotcakes’ Breaking Swipe, it flies…. soars, truly…. to a win fee of 60.6%!! 😯 

Salamence has good stats however it all the time lacked a worthy charged transfer for PvP when you think about that Dragon Tail is its solely actually viable quick transfer. However that received’t matter while you give it Breaking Swipe. With this, Salamence begins getting wins in opposition to the likes of Girartina (each formes), Garchomp, Dragonite, Yveltal, Mewtwo, Mamoswine and Kyogre! Salemence would find yourself changing into a big impact on the ML meta. To not point out, it’s already a PvE beast. However Breaking Swipe would make Shadow Salamence deadlier than the Outrage counterpart. The prospects are superb! Niantic simply must make it occur. 

6. Kommo-o


Kommo-o is a particular case as a result of not like the dragons talked about on this record, the Gen 7 pseudo legendary is already fairly good in PvP. Actually, it’s viable in all three leagues. The addition of Breaking Swipe merely makes Kommo-o significantly better however the fighter dragon doesn’t want it direly. However nonetheless, the advance could be very considerable and is definitely worth the point out. So right here we’re!

Breaking Swipe is simply too good of a transfer in PvP in addition to PvE to a sure diploma! In PvP, it’s a Dragon Claw clone when it comes to stats however it additionally decreases the opponent’s ATK. This makes Breaking Swipe a transparent improve over Dragon Claw for Kommo-o. In all three leagues, Breaking Swipes helps shoot up Kommo-o’s win fee appreciably and makes it an even bigger risk (significantly within the Extremely League). Kommo-o has vital bulk and a transfer like Breaking Swipe would find yourself making the dragon a serious drawback to take out.

It’s price noting that Breaking Swipe Kommo-o may even beat the likes of:

  • Dialga, Plakia, Metagross and Melmetal in ML
  • Trevenant, Giratina (Altered), Dragon Breath Gyarados, Walrein, Charizard, Nidoqueen, Cofagrigus, Shadow Machamp, Aurorus and Umbreon in UL!!
  • Alolan Marowak, Cofagrigus and Mandibuzz in GL


The enjoyable of introducing a brand new transfer is giving it to extra Pokémon. Breaking Swipe isn’t an unique transfer and a great deal of Dragon and non-Dragon Pokémon study it. The transfer received an awesome intro within the sport, making it obtainable for the ever-popular Rayquaza whereas additionally making it viable within the Grasp League. Niantic can do the identical for the dragons listed on this write-up and make the meta extra enriching and enjoyable. 

For now, right here’s hoping that Haxorus will get Breaking Swipe in its Neighborhood Day and others as a part of a brand new GBL Season and corresponding transfer upgrades. 

Till then, I want you all get that tremendous shiny Rayquaza with Breaking Swipe and have a good time with it. 


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