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The Game Mechanics of The Crypto Prophecies


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The legendary Crypto Prophets of The Crypto World have been summoned by The Oracle to restore peace, prosperity and wealth to the Kingdom in the wake of the battle with the creatures from The Great Beyond. Using their Profit Magic, The Crypto Prophets contest each other, placing wagers and stimulating The Crypto World’s economy by trading with one another and buying items from various marketplaces. As a new player, it’s up to you to become victorious in the fabled Battle Arena so that you can discover your very own Crypto Prophecy. Here, we take a look at the game mechanics of battling so that you know how to wager, battle and cement your name as a legend of The Crypto World!

Entering The Battle Arena


Once you have summoned your first Crypto Prophet, you’re ready for battle in the Battle Arena! When going into battle, you’ll need to know which prophet you want to choose and how many TCP tokens you would like to wager. Our matching engine will then pair the size of your wager with a suitable opponent with the same wager request. Once this stage is complete, the battle can commence!

The Rules of Engagement and How To Win

Contests in the Battle Arena are decided on predicting where trading candlesticks will ‘close’ — whether up or down. By recognising trading candlestick patterns, players can put their cryptocurrency and trading knowledge to the test — the earlier a pattern is spotted and close position predicted, the more points are earned. Initially, battles will consist of 10 trading candlesticks. Whoever has earned the most points by the time the last candlestick is closed, wins the match.

Points are awarded — or lost — depending on the time taken to either correctly or incorrectly judge the closing position of a trading candlestick. Every candlestick starts with a maximum of 100 points, which goes down in value in line with the candle’s time. If a candlestick is correctly guessed when the timer is at 8 seconds, the player wins 80 points. If it is incorrectly guessed at the same time, they would lose 80 points.

Players with Prophets in a certain tier have access to items that significantly impact battles. Using staffs, wands, capes and pets, players can cast spells that can block their opponent from making a prediction, hide the candlesticks from sight completely, or twist their perception of the candlesticks. Buying and summoning items, and developing your Crypto Prophet through the tiers, can make a huge impact on your chances of winning.


Wagers and Winnings

Whoever has the most points at the end of a contest in the Battle Arena will take home the prize. Players may have predicted the outcome of more candles correctly but still lost the contest overall if their opponent predicted their candles’ closing positions earlier and, therefore, won more points!

The winner of each battle will collect the full wager minus the 3% Kingdom Fee. For example, if 100 fungible TCP tokens (which are standardised as per ERC-20) were wagered by each player, the total wager would be 200 tokens, 6 tokens would be taken for the kingdom fee and the winner would receive 194 tokens. The winner takes all in our zero-sum battling format. Start your own Crypto Prophecy to learn more and join our community!

Enter The Battle Arena and Begin Your Own Crypto Prophecy

If you’re excited about entering the Battle Arena and building your wealth, sign up with us today. You’ll receive $5 worth of bTCP tokens which you can use in the game!


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