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Black Desert Initial Plans for 2015

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Brief Summary:

  • *100-man Guild system content update will be released soon (no ETA)
  • *In light of this release, the first Castle Siege will also happen around mid-January

    • The castle sieges will be divided into 2 zones (The north, beginning zone, and the south end-level zone) and the fortress siege into the Calpheon zone.
    • [*]*New content update that will encourage grouping up for sandbox components (gathering, farming, fishing, etc) will be implemented soon.

      [*]Will work towards easing new players into understanding everything the game has to offer (Likely means more in-game tutorial and guides are on the way)

      [*]Recent patch for Warriors and Sorcerers caused uproar among the community (cough* Warrior I-frames cough) - We are working on improving the mechanics of the Warrior to be more versatile and better. Please be patient.

      [*]*In relation to character content, we plan to also release Tamer as the next class. Tamer will be released ahead of the major content update (which I assume is the siege update)

      [*]*Maedia Zone (Part of Season 2 Content Update) will be released in the first quarter of 2015.

      [*]*There were initially 4 channels to compensate for the amount of players clustered in specific zones on each server. However, now that most of the playerbase has spread out all over the game world, we found that the stress put on servers from 4 channels is bearable. Therefore, we will reduce the number of channels to 2 or 3 in the future.

To wrap it up, we express our utmost gratitude to the support and love of our players and fans. We will strive to bring even better service and entertainment and content to Black Desert. Happy New Year!


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