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Black Desert - Guild System Breakdown

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Guilds can be upgraded from a full Clan

Requirements: Level 50 and 30k Silver.

Talk to a guild NPC in order to make your guild.

When you first make a guild, you will start with 200k in guild funds (the guild funds can only be taken out/controlled by the guild leader)

The clan members and the guild leader will be registered under the basic contract.

Basic contract: Duration - 0 days, Paycheck - 0 silver, contract fee - 0 silver

New contracts will be applied everyday at 12am, and upkeep fee won't be applied immediately. (meaning the upkeep fee will take effect the following day)

During guild wars, new recruitments and kicking members won't be possible.

Guild Karma

Karma can be built from doing guild quests.

Guild members earning contribution points will also have a part of that exp go towards guild karma.

You need 100000 karma to declare war against another guild.

If you kill someone while not in a war or siege, you will lose guild karma.

Guild member permissions

Guild leader: Guild emblem creation, recruitment/kicking, guild quest accept/turn-in, guild disband, promoting officers, declaring war, putting siege-related structures during sieges, opening castle doors, making guild announcements, guild upkeep payment (only if backed up), changing the level of contribution rewards given to members, able to use the guild shop.

Officers: recruitment/kicking, guild quest accept/turn-in, opening castle doors, making guild announcements, able to use the guild shop.

Regular members: none

Guild Emblems

Put the image under name Gmark.png (must be 60x60 pixels) in My Documents/Black Desert/. Then go to guild window and press the Apply Guild Emblem. (You need a guild emblem ticket from guild npc)

Guild Upkeep

Once a guild goes over 30 members, guild upkeep tax will be applied. This tax will be deducted every Monday at 12am.

Level 0 - 15 members - 0 upkeep costs

Level 1 - 30 members - 0 upkeep costs

Level 2 - 50 members - 100k silver

Level 3 - 75 members - 250k silver

Level 4 - 100 members - 500k silver

The upkeep will be automatically deducted from the guild bank every Monday. Failure to meet payments will disable guild features and get worse if consecutive payments are not met.

If payments are not met, the following changes will happen:

Guild chat still usable, can't accept guild quests, can't adjust contribution reward rate, can't distribute daily allowance/payments to members, can attend sieges but you can't attack opposing guild structures.

When guild payments are backed up, anyone in the guild can put in money into the guild bank (guild leaders can also press the pay backed up amount to pay from his own pocket)

Guild Funds

Not everyone has access to the guild funds

Daily allowance/paychecks can be distributed at 12am, and each member can directly accept them (I assume by clicking some button on the guild window - and you can only accept allowance/paychecks of that day's worth).

If the guild funds run out before all members are paid, the remaining members won't receive their paychecks. (If you leave the guild while in this state, you won't be charged the contract fee)

Guild upkeep payments will be automatically deducted (every Monday at 12am) before paycheck distribution becomes available.

Guild Quests

There are two types: Combat (hunting mobs), and Others (Gathering, trading, crafting).

Combat quests are first come, first serve (a quest taken by another guild cannot be accepted), Other quests can be done by all guilds.

Materials for Gathering/crafting/trading quests are only counted once the quests have been accepted. Any materials made ready prior won't be counted.

Upon successfully turning in a quest, Guild points, silver (which will automatically go to guild funds), and guild karma.

Guild points are used to obtain and level up guild skills (also needed to expand the size of the guild).

In order to accept a guild quest, a registration fee is needed, and if the quest was not completed within the same day, it will automatically be cancelled.

Higher level guilds will have access to higher tier of guild quests.

Blood Oath is an item sold on guild shop that is required to use certain guild skills. (purchasable using guild funds)

Guild Wars

Upon declaring war, pvp becomes open against the opposing guild (regardless of guild member levels)

You can declare war to up to 4 different guilds.

You need 100k silver and 100k karma to declare war.

Guild war information can be seen in the guild window and will show all the progress.

The guild leader can stop a war at any time by pressing the STOP button.

Guild Skills

Two types of guild skills - combat and other (like the quests)

There are passive skills that are applied immediately after putting points into, and active skills.

These active skills require the Blood Oath item that can only be used by the guild leader. All members no matter where they are will receive this skill buff when used. (Luck increase, increased exp gain, etc)

Guild Recruitment (contract)

In order to become a member of the guild, the new recruit must sign a contract.

The contracts are divided into durations:

0 days - 0 contract fee, 0 paycheck

1 day - 500 silver contract fee, 1000 silver paycheck

7 days - 3500 silver contract fee, 7000 silver paycheck

14 days - 7000 silver contract fee, 14000 silver paycheck

30 days - 15k silver contract fee, 30k silver paycheck

After 3 days in the contract, you can change the duration and paycheck through the guild window.

If a guild member is forcefully kicked from the guild while under contract, he/she will be paid 3x the paycheck amount as compensation. If the member decides to leave on his/her own, he/she will need to pay the contract fee.

Once a contract ends, the member becomes FA (Free Agent). The member will no longer receive paychecks, and the member can freely leave or be kicked from the guild.

Guild leader and officers can renew/adjust the paycheck amount and contract duration of each member - but must receive consent from the member.

A guild member's paycheck can change based on his/her activity and contribution towards the guild. (attending sieges, doing quests, etc)

Once a member leaves a guild, that person cannot join another guild for 1 day.

Guild Shop

Only the guild leader and officers can access the guild shop. Some of the items offered are: cannons, cannon balls, traps, outposts, command HQ (for sieges), Blood Oath, etc.

Upon successful capture of a castle, the guild owning the castle will receive funds from castle tax. A part of this tax will go towards the guild fund, and the remaining amount can be distributed by the guild leader as subsidies to guild members.

Guild leader can adjust the rate through the mayor of cities or the market npc (not auction house).

Once a guild has no members, the guild leader can disband the guild.


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