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Revelation Online Founder Packs Now Available!

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Disclosing a free to play business model, Revelation Online’s beta for Europe and North America is planned for October 2016. Prepare to spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts by purchasing Revelation Online Founder Packs!


Founder Packs

Discover the lands of Nuanor with any of our three packs - Explorer Pack, Founder Pack, Deluxe Pack.
Purchasing any of the three packs will give you exclusive rewards up to and including; two exclusive costumes and titles, a unique war horse, a set of wings, several month of Premium and boost packs.
The most comprehensive pack will unlock you an exclusive Blue Cat able to fly with 5 people on its back!

For a full list of the rewards and early access details, visit the Revelation Online Founder Packs page!
Questions? Check out our Revelation Online Founder Packs FAQ for more details.

Beta Accesses
You’ll also gain access to the Open Beta several days in advance and be guaranteed access to all future Closed Betas!
Our first Closed Beta is planned for October 2016 encompassing the early stage of the game. Testers will get their first try at the rich character customization and experience what the early game has to offer in Revelation Online.
If you don’t feel like leaving things to chance though, you can guarantee your participation in the Closed Beta by purchasing Revelation Online Founder Packs!


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