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Professions gameplay thread

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Here you can post gameplay that explains a little bit how the professions are gonna work, to introduce some people to that professions' mechanics.


PvP ( Level around 65):

Gameplay above was done by TotalBiscuit ( http://www.youtube.com/totalhalibut ) and it's from Gamescom, if anyone has newer gameplay, post here please.

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Thank you for the useful links!I was wondering after you get max lvl what is left to do ?Because in a lot of MMO's after getting to max lvl all you could do was PVP.Which is getting boring after a while.I hope they have some plans for max lvl.Not only to wait for the next lvl cap.

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I wanna quote ArenaNet as they have mentioned that they wanted everything to be an end-game.

Q: Can you tell us what are your plans for PvE Endgame? More 5 mans dungeons only, Raids with 10 or more people, more Areas with Dynamics events like The Shatterer, a mix of those?

A: Endgame is such a dirty word. We want our game to be the endgame. We don't like the idea of a game that changes when you hit max level. As you level up you can play events, dungeons, WvW, or at anytime take a break and do some competitive PvP, and then hit a button and go back to PvE stuff.

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