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Ragnarok Mobile Planned to Launch on March 1st

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Dear players,

Since the launch of OBT, alots of player had joined us and actively tested the game. Under a heavy load, our server's condition has not been ideal, giving alots of problems such as friend, party, guild, auction system. Hence, giving you guys a bad impression about the game. Before the test, we have already gone through the [预言之地] CBT test for around 2 months and actually have solved alot of problems. Even we met a new problem, we will try to solve it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, on the current OBT test, we undertook the difficulty to host few millions of players at the same time, revealing more of our technical difficulties and the insufficient of our manpower. Even though during the Chinese festive period, we take OTs, through the sleepless night, but we still couldn't fix these problems. We feel utter mostly sorry and heart breaking for failing to provide a smooth experience to you guys.

So far, most of the server related problems has been resolved. We hereby thanks to all adventure for your participation by giving us a closer chance to officially launch at 1st of March, to go all out to solve the current known issue, to strengthen the server capabilities. With this chance, we could spend more time and effort on the game content instead during the official launch. Thank you very much for your support and forgiveness, all players who joined us during the OBT. To show our gratitude, we’ve prepared a gift [VIP Card] for everyone who joined before 8th February. The gift will be given on around 28th of February.

Next, the downtime of auction server has caused a large number of players unable to properly receive the correct amount of item or Zeny in return, forcing player to experience financial problems, we also feel sorry about this. We take this issue very importantly, we try very hard to resolve this issue but our previous trials has not shown any result. Until recently, it is finally fixed. We posted our resolution and compassion details into forums, Taptap, WeChat Support, WeChat page. Please so visit and understand the details.

Except returns and compensations, we will try to find the root of the auction problem and solve it to prevent this to happen again. We are currently preparing a rework for it and will be pushed to the live server during the following week’s maintenance. The new auction system will be a lot cleaner, the returning of Zeny and items method will require player to manually receive them.

We promises that if you have any issues about Zeny returning, or item is missing bugs, we will place our progress aside to solve this problem and we will return the lost belongings in double of the quantity.

From, ROMobile Dev Team

SOURCE: Asaka from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord

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