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Maintenance - April 11th 2017

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Dear adventurer,

There will be a maintenance on April 11th 2017 at 5:00am to 8:00am. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players.


Friendship Support

Event Period: April 11th @ 5:00am - April 14th 5:00am

Event Description:

During the event, complete Cracks (5x a day) and players will receive additional rewards.

Activity Rewards:

1st Day -  B Type Food (No. 2) × 4, Mora coins × 2;
2nd Day - Chain × 2, Mora Coins × 2;
3rd Day - Field Supply Box (Support Pack) × 1, Mora coin × 2.

Content Update:

  • Updated a series of Easter based activities - Specific activities will be announced before the opening of the event
  • Expanded players pick-up distance to 12 meters, give priority to pick up their own items.
  • Monster resurrection time is adjusted to a minimum of 2 seconds.

Problem Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Boss monsters - their HP was decreasing automatically.
  • We've fixed a problem that private chat messages was not saving after re-entering the game.

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