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Guild Arena Policy

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Guild Arena is one of our Guild's main focus in terms of guild events in Dragon Nest M.

Teams will be led by SickSixtySix, Suejin & Gretz (Arranged according to Rounds)

If you wanna join the event, reach out to any of these team leads few hours before the event for a chance to be considered. Slots still depends on the team's composition and/or needs.

We'll do our best to accommodate and give chance to other members on a weekly rotation. 

Final Lineups will be announced by the team leads in the Guild Chat (FB Messenger) whenever it is available and/or few minutes before the event.

*If you've been assigned to a team, please be ON TIME. Try to login 5-10 mins before the event (9PM).

Random deployment will result into a WARNING. Guild Arena event will be filmed whenever possible so we'll remember if you have randomly deployed in a match.

All members are asked to Cheer, Like & Share the matches whenever they are not in the lineup or currently on a fight.

We highly advise that you test out your character in the Ladder first and see how you play against most of the classes.

If you have any history of recent in-game disconnection or latency issues, it would be better to not register at all as it may highly affect our guild's performance or feel free to let the team lead know for consideration.

For any questions or clarifications with Guild Arena, please reach out to our guild officers.

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Hey just wondering if any 3v3 or 5v5 teams can use a shadow priest. I also have a 2v2 team if anyone wants to join. Let me know

I would also be interested in started a team if needed.

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